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    Hi Ellen, I work a lot so I don't get to see your show as much as I would like too, you are too funny! (hence you having a show, hehe) Anyway, you are always giving away money, so I have an idea to help you decide on who the next person is that you can give money :D!!! OK, so here's why; I have a business in a mall and it has been very successful. We recently increased our business by 151% in 24 months. But, we have had to move twice in 9 months and close for 6 weeks due to mall changes. It has been rough. Each time we have built our business back up to the peak of our company and then we are interrupted again! We have great and loyal clients so they just keep following us around. The last time we were asked to move we installed a $65,000 kiosk that was custom built and 4 days later we were told we needed to move again. It cost another $11,000. To say the least I am broke and trying to start over. Again! I am really just being comical here but thought if you do a show that helps out small businesses, please keep me in mind. Rhonda S. 405-317-1720, theBACKstop Massage & Oxygen Bar, it's a $1 per minute walk-up service company located in Oklahoma City. Thanks for the laughs!
  • frozen over global warming

    I love your show Ellen, but you've been duped. Al Gore has no other agenda but to make money with his global warming issue. Please read the book Climategate by Brian Sussman for the truth. I can't believe he is now blaming global warming for the soil drying out during this summer's drought. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!!
  • LL COOL J , very far past cool

    I watched the show today , if the entire show IS scripted Ellen pulls off a adlib show with ease. I wish you could put a show on with the enitre cast. (with NCIS LOS ANGELOUS ) there are 8 cast member . I suggest this because many of these member are rarely sight. Seeing you interview the group would be so exciting . Also what ever happened to the Highlander, Adrain Paul, PLEASE put him on your show . I'd like to know why he felt he failed to get the 007 title. ONe more thing. If you could ask for help with out farm totally geared to help chirldren learn about farm life. Ellen when they think a sheep is a milk cow, and eggs grow in their fridge + all Turkeys end up on the ThankGiving table after they've been grown in three freezer. My little sister and I would love to help eduacate them. Schools don't allow us to give education of the Farm life in schools because of the Ecoli risk. Teaching them to wash there hands could solve SO MANY worries. Thanks for Your Time Katherine and Joyce
  • Frustrated and Stressed

    Aloha Ellen and Ohana (family), my name is Sue Lynn. It's been a couple of years since I have entered the work field due to the fact that our economy is such in the dumps, we have been struggling living off of my fianc income which is really difficult. The State of Hawaii told us that a family of 4 makes too much money to qualify for food stamps or even assistance with housing. Both my daughter and I are disabled, but I try not to treat her like she's or I have a disability. We call them "abilities" because if you can go to sleep with a roof over your head, some food in your stomach, and rise the next day, then it's going to be a good day. We don't have much to give our children but time and knowledge. I am currently attending community college and looking for scholarships and grants because it's so expensive here. Pomai who is 19 attend a special program until she is 20 years old because of her disability (MR/DD) She is my Angel with always have to keep an eye on her because her age maybe 19, but her developmental age is right before preteen, socially, she is 25, and cognitively she is at prekindergarten. so talk about having eyes on her all the time and little sleep.

    I understand that you must get many request for help, but this past Christmas, we couldn't afford to get anything for anybody anything, so we put our heads together and came up with an idea that would not only help out our little family, but help out the community. We always wanted a pet and we know that pets help bring down blood pressure, brings happiness and people together, well while Pomai was in the hospital we saw a cat in the thrift store and got it for her she was so happy and excited and said that she wished it was we left her, we went straight to the Hawaiian Humane Society to adopt a 5 month old cat and set her up at the house so when she came home we could forget about all about Christmas. I think this was one of our best Christmas' ever even without the clothes, a computer that we need for homework, because the kids have to submit their work their work on the Internet. So do I it's looking for computers to borrow or staying late at school and having less Ohana time.

    Ellen and Ohana, if there is any small way to make a difference in my life just a little easier so I can stop to smell the roses for at least 5 minutes or even watch a sunset. I would really appreciate it. I live in the most beautiful place in the world and I haven't had the time to watch a sunset in years . I havent had time or means to leave this island and show my children what the mainland see it on the map, they see the Hollywood sign, they watch Disneyland commercials, but the closests they will ever get is videos.

    Thank you for making my family and I laugh. We love your show.

    Aloha Pume Hana

    (With All Our Love)

    Sue Lynn Ah Yuen
  • Please help !

    Hi Ellen , I'm a 13 year old girl my name is Bethany Taylor , My mom struggles with money. She feels like she doesn't do her best , we are struggling to pay for things . We need a new house but she can't afford it she is a waitress and her boss always under pays her. Sometimes she breaks down cause she wants us out of the place where we live , the neighborhood is a very unsafe place. I want to help her , I cry because I don't have money I just want her to not be stressed , please help me it would mean the world to me to see her smile .
  • young author Renae Green

    Hi, Ellen my name is Renae Green and I'm a 16 year old author who had written a book for the first time called ''The True Survivors ". In which I talk about my life and what I've been through as a teenager, and also includes adults and teenagers who had been through abuse. I've decided to share my inspiring story with you and the world, because I would like to teach others who had been through struggles and abuse how to face there challenges without giving up no matter how terrible the situation may seem. And also would like to see how many would honor my advice, so if what I'm saying sound interested to you Ellen I would like for you to contact me at 3472826607 or email me at please and thank you.
  • plz help

    dear ellen my dsd and i have been watching you for years im 49 tuning 50 in april my dad is 70 and i just got him back out of hosp he has so much wrong with him but you make him laugh im probly wasting my time and youres or who ever reads this for you but ive seen you help so many folks well dad and i never ask for any help but im at my ends and dont have a lot of time left im dying of liver cancer and im my das POA and we are looseing all we have we both draw disabilaty but it aint enough the van we have to get him to the dr with the lift for his chair is tareing up and we are broke all im asking for is 5000 dollars and we can get our bills cought up so we can make our check work and pay our bill but that means alot to him to pay his bills and hes been in the hosp 23 out of 30 days and i cant do my kemo cause if im sick i cant take care of him and he is all ive got and im all hes got ive never done anything like this but i love him so much and want his last days be nice the doctors told me a year ago i had 2 and a half left and its been a year and i can tell im geting worse thx and sorry if ive wasted your time sincerly quinn lawson maryville tn 37801
  • Laughing Out Of My Depression

    Dear Ellen, I hae been depressed all week. I watched your show today with the girls having the polo match to win the suprbowl tickets. I laughed so hard I literally forgot I was depressed. Thank you for an hour of laughter and fun.

    Janice Speiden
  • Happy Birthday Ellen

    May you find joy in the quietness you spend with loved ones on your birthday. Many blessings in return for all you do.

    Florencia Chang-Ageda
  • Happy Birthday Ellen

    Happy Birthday Ellen , Its My Birthday today too .. wishing you the best birthday every ... many hugs to you and all your staff love your show ...

    Hair by Luke

    Luke loy

    Charles Town
  • My daughters BIG heart

    Helllooo Ellen,My name is vanessa,i am a mother of 8 children,oldest 25and younges11, i'm not writing for me it's for my daughter. she have the biggest heart listen,since my daughter was old enough to work she help took care of her syblings,never missed a birthday or chriatmas, this christmas as usual i coudn't afford anything for them and she couldn't either plus she have 3 kids of her own, but she did. i'm tearing up as i type, she also bought me a pair of sneakers, and i felt so bad cuz no one could get her anything even though she said it's ok, I FEEL SO BAD, CAN U HELP ME HELP HER, I luv ur show & i luv you Yours Truly vanessa
  • Please help!

    Hi, Ellen, I have notice you have help people with needs, by getting them in touch with someone like me with a situation. It's been going on for years. My teeth are failing it seems to be getting worse I have always wish a had a nice smile I could be proud of and to never have another toothache again.. but as most bills,,'rent' food and family comes you know of any dentist that would help me I would feel so,so bless................. Marilyn Wisdom 479 365-2862
  • Ellen heres a girl you must me! :D

    Lindsey shay Atkinson is her name. And i could literally go on and on about her but ill keep it short and sweet for ya. haha

    shes an amazing amazing ASL interpreter and a great Roll model for the young kids in the LGBT community. And if you or anybody ever really gets bored one day and happen to be on youtube, you should look this girl up!

    I swear you wont regret it :) Shes a mega star.

    thanks guys for taking the time to read this. <3
  • australia

    hey ellen, welcoming you to OZ.

    we watch the show literally everyday coz we're a dental surgery and have the TV on all the time. its supposed to be for patients but who are we kidding?

    if u ever come down to melbourne come visit us in Narre Warren, Melbourne: www.

    don't be like Oprah and visit supposedly "normal aussie families" - normal aussie families don't have 6 bedroom mansions by the harbour with views of the opera house.

    the team at narre warren dental ;)

    we gave u a 9.5/10 - coz nobody's perfect
  • I love Ellen!!!!!

    I love Ellen!!!!!
  • Ellen, Dance, long lines first 2 years:-) and at First showing.

    Hi I have been watching Ellen eversince I went to her first show that aired with Jennifer . I live in N. County SD and got a call, asking if I could come early. I did:-) I am in PA, near will find my way back to live again. However I would love to go to Australia!! I am a Para Equestrian since 2000. I still hope to go for some national and international shows even though my body is getting tired and I have been at this since 2000 when I became ill while working at Children's Hospital in San Diego. I was back on West Coast. Please bring me back to the West thanks you lost but still trying to make a GREAT life like Ellen did with her new show. I saw that and many Elton John on for the first time. I cried and laughed. My friends/Fmaily are back there. I am now finishing up some family work with attornies. I lovethe work I do, caring for Dogs, Cats, horses and many little animals. I draw the line at hermit crabs. My car won't make the 4th trip back to I CROSSED 3 TIMES SINCE THE HOSES AND MY HOPE TO KEEP A LIFE GOING AND GIVE BACK. pa, nj AND ny ARE HELP WITH CHANGES IN MY LIFE THAT ARE ALREADY bEING IN LA IS JUST AS GOOD AS aUSTRALIA. :-)
  • So, she thinks she can dance?

    Ellen is awful. The only thing worse than her dancing is her comedy and interview skills. Watching her soak her chair whenever Jennifer Aniston comes on to pimp her newest box office failure is just embarassing. That fat little english girl talks to much and needs medication. How is Ellen, someone with the sex appeal of a dead kitten, on television and her hottie wife Portia is not?
  • Most watch jean walker

    Please search for jean walker you wouldn't be sorry
  • what a wonderful woman

    Ellen I have been watching your show since you've aired and you amaze me. First it is your dancing, every time you dance I laugh until I about pee in my pants you are funny to me. Now serious talk I had no idea you have such big heart, you are so giving to the public and we thank God for you and your kind too would like to get in on some of that blessing, can't I. I can really use it like yesterday. I have a credit card balance that I have been paying on for ever, everytime I send a payment when I get the next bill it still show the same balance as if I am not paying on it at all. I have a balance of a little over $14000. You know what I do not have to have the cash if I can just get it paid to zero that would be find by me It has been more than eight years paying on this credit card with boa and it looks as if they are going to make sure that I pay another eight years plus. I would like to be happy for chance and love to feel you think you can help me here. It may not sound like a lot but it is a heavy burden to me.
  • BEST talk show ever .

    ELLEN the best ever so funny . love her show . don't love all the time her jokes specially when she scare her guests . don't like to be scared . love love the show .
  • Best Mentor , host and Person on Earth

    Ellen you are my mentor for rest of my life.
  • 12 Days Laugh , Love , Cure , Ellen . Selina Dawn Beck my Beutiful Wife

    Ellen make my Beutiful Wifes Holiday , Selina Dawn Beck Is A Stage 4 cancer serviver and Angel . We are in our 6th round of Radiation for Pain . and 63rd round of Chemo . Six years and not a day goeos by we dont ask WWED . You are and have been her and my insparation . Please Ellen Make My Beutiful Wifes Holiday. She Has Not Had One In Years Stress Free For 2013 . Live ,Learn , Laugh, Love Ya Ellen . Lubbock , Texas
  • All I Want for Christmas

    Dear Ellen, I am 62 years young and found my biological father a year and a half ago he is 86 and was in the State legislature for several years in Tennesee. I live on a limited income and would love to meet him in person,but i can barely make it now. He is almost completly blind and can't hear and is paralized from the war. I truly love your show and love your soul,an angel is what you are!! Thanks for being you!
  • all i wamt for christmas

    Dear Ellen all I want for Christmas is for my brother to stop breaking my stuff or else he's not going to have anymore top seceret

    LOVE this hour in daytime TV. She is so generous and funny. She is not full of herself and is a very classy lady! KEEP UP THE AMAZING work on the show and what you do for your guests and your fans. WE LOVE YOU ELLEN!!!
  • The tenth day of Christmas

    Ellen pick Me to be, to be, to be,Merry Christmas Eleen and Staff
  • Good Show!

    I watch your show and find it to be very enjoyable. Also, maybe you can teach me your dance move ondeday! Ellen you have a heart of gold, may God bless you!!!
  • A friend in need!!

    I have a very dear friend that is having a very hard time this year and is upset with herself because she cant get presents for her 5 children. I know that you have done shows that have helped people before and she one that could really use this. Please email me at for the details. Thank you and God bless!!

  • A Partridge in A Pair Tree

    I just wanted to let you know how much you mean to me and my daughters. We never miss your show, thank the good Lord for DVR's" . ANYWAY, since you are such an animal lover, I just had to tell you about my girls. Between me and my two daughters we have our own little zoo. 16 Snakes, 6 fish tanks, 3 lizards, 1 rat with a new one on the way, (cuz u cant have just one rat, right?), 7 cats, 10 dogs and a partridge in a pear tree. Well actually, its a dove in a big beautiful bird home. One of my daughters husband works at a pet store, my other daughter works as a canine beautician, and her girlfriend is a dog trainer and dog sitter. So, who needs grandchildren, I have grandanimals and I love them all, well, some more than others, the snakes kinda freak me out a bit. Just had to share, God Bless you Ellen, you are a wonderful human being.
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