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  • Having a Bah Humbug life....

    Ellen, I am a 61 year old grandmother. I have been a widow for 11 years and now am unable to do anything fun with my even have to decide if I want to buy any groceries or my about stress!!!! My grandaughters are 14 and 7.. The 14 year old kind of understands my lack of money ,but the 7 year old begs me all the time to take them too Disney World in breaks my heart that I can't even honor one wish for parents are divorced and it has been messy and a lot of hate that the girls have to deal I could have one wish for Christmas it would be to have the funds to fly them to Florida and spend a few days on the 7 year olds has been short changed on everythiing all her Dad is in a relationship that doesn't include much for my granddaughters but everything is for his stepson to the golden try to tell him he is missing out on doing things with his girls. My daughter is in a relationship but, her priorty is not the girls, its all about watch your show everyday and see the wonderful things you do for people and admire the fact you are so know there are people with greater needs than me and I am thankful for what God has given me, but if at any time you could make my dream come true for my granddaughters I would be eternally grateful to you and your am sincerely grateful if you read this message and hate to feel like a beggar, but I will do anything for my granddaughters Morgan 14 and Madalyn 7. I saw Howie Mandell on your show today and I love him too death. Even if you can't help me I understand. By the way both of my granddaughters have seizures and Morgan has a disease Ehlers DanLos which is a life long illness. My credit card debt is $10,000 for trips to Vanderbilt hospital/ That takes up a lot of my finances but, I will do anything for my You for letting me your show Ellen...

    A True Fan,

    Sandra Dodson

    504 Lanetown Rd

    Nancy, KY 42544


  • A show with you please <3 ellen :* big kiss from ur fans :)

    hello ellen i am valencia i love dancing doing jokes and singing sister's names is delia (dabydin) and we are your greatest fan we want to do one show with you :) we are just so excited 3 we want you to say yes please give us a chance to show people our talents especially you... *_* me and my sister just want one show pleaseee ellen :) :D if you want any videO jus tell us ;) so.... we are waiting for you answer plzzz we are soo impatient just sending you this message *_* <3 ohh pleasee say us yes :').....
  • Shoes, Shoes very Clever Shoes

    Ellen I have been a fan for a long time, but I need to know something where did you get the shoes you have been recently wearing on your show, they are a suede looking slip on, I really need to know. Thank you

  • What happens when u have a late doctor appointment the patient before u is late so that make me late now i am up set

    HI Ellen I wont be tuned in to day because i was on time for a afternoon appointment with my doc but the patient before me was late so i will miss my happy hour for the day:( not only that I will miss out on trying out for my 12 days of Christmas didn't set the :( so when i get home phone gose off no for me because my fam and friends are going to brag about whow i miss the show and how much fun the show was O and i am not going on facebook u know they are chatting about the show so off to bed I go. Will tune in tomorrow to see the show just in case i will set MY :( :(...... good night to u all at Ellen t,v
  • Ellen Your My Inspiration

    Hi Ellen, my name is cami, and im 16. Sense i started to watch your show i could never stop, i would get home from school every day and tune in to watch your show. ive been your fan for so long, but i the one show that i was screaming sense it begun was the one direction one! when i heard you say you were going to have one direction on your show i almost died. i Seriously have every single song they had ive been their fan sense they were in the x factor, im like the biggest fan but i will never be able to see them in real person, but i guess it really wouldnt make a difference to them,if you ever have tcontact with them tell them that they have THE BIGGEST FAN living in florida. lol but away from that at times i just wish i lived in california so i could go to your show every day! I really love your show, your my insparation, everytime someone tells me i cant do something i always think many people said ellen wouldnt make it to her 3 season but look to where she is now! WOW . all i have to say is NEVER EVER STOP doing your show, I LOVE ELLEN DEGENERES! <3

    -Cami C.

    Hi Ellen...... I know there are so many people who are reaching out to you for more significant things but I have to write this any way. I first want to say that I LOVE your show like lots of people do. My issue is that I no longer have access top your show. I either have to look it up on YOU TUBE, go to a friend's house or any way I can get my Ellen fix. I am no longer impressed with TV so i do not have cable, however, what I miss most about TV is your show and admittingly, Food Network...... lol. I do have a tv probably older than you (not saying that you are old but my TV is OLD and possibly haunted.... I know TMI..... ANY-HOO, my wish is just to be able to watch your show so I am asking if you would be able to send me DVDs of your show. I do have Hulu but it only gives me clips of your show so I am only entertained minutes at a time which is not enough. HELP ME... I am having serious Ellen withdrawals!

    Love you - you are the bestest!

    Ellen, I have had 5 back surgeries, and a hip surgery!! Thanks to your show, I made it through!! I look forward every day to watching your show! During my back surgery I had 27 staples, and it HURT so bad to laugh at you and yet you cheered me up each day and still do!! You are so generous and caring! Maybe that's why your name is De - (Generous!!)
  • 17, Works, Enrolled in College and a wonderful Christian !!!


    I reach out to you Ellen, You crack me up day after day! And I want to make someone special to me have tht laughter. As I see how you reach out to those who are trying to help them selfs I think of my besttie & her daughter Beth. Beth is 17 will be finfishing High School in Dec of this year 2011. She want turn18 till middle of next year. Her credits were earned early. (BETH'S) goal was to got to college, but finace isn't availiable. Then it was to join Air Force, she's under weight, they said to come back later. Then her goal was to work and go to a local college until something worked out, so she could get more work ( but being only 17 about out of school, it isn't looking good). Tonight my heart broke! I went to see besttie. Her daughter (Beth) a wonderful devoted Christian, was not her self. When she busted out crying ( I have nerver seen her cry or get upset about anythng, ever. ) saying dad doesn't care, he want help pay for half my college (speaking to her mother). My heart sunk, this child works so hard and many hours, goes to school makes great grades, Graduate in Dec (but walks with class in May), goes to Church regular and doesn't get in trouble. her mother is just as wonderul. For over a year and half, me having multiple of major surgerys and health issues. When I haven't a way to Hospitals and to Church ( as well as family not to help) Ann ( my besttie) she jumps right in. Ann is an Occupaitenal Thyerpist Asst ( for over 24 year). She would get me home from Hospital, make sure I was feed, bathed and had meds. I know she has alot of pain physically but never complains. She is so strong in her faith and believes with God all things are possiable! I've been so blessed for her to be put in my life. I've never have had a friend to be as devoted and a spiritual in all my life. She is an Angel! She is involved with a Womens Shelter, for Women and Children in need, as well as serving our Church. I feel Ann needs an uplift, to be rewarded for all her devotions as well as her beautiful daughter. I wish I would had, had the wise words she keeps to mentor my daughters as she has. That it will always work out, have faith. I have Faith and I know she needs encouragement to help get her daughter not to stress about being a young lady, thrieving to go to College! I only want them to know that their hard work can be rewarded. I know that God rewards people back for their hard work, but you do as well ELLEN!


    I BELIEVE IN YOU AND HOW YOU HAVE AN IMPACT ON PEOPLES LIVES THAT ARE TRYING TO HELP THEM SELVES! IS THER ANYWAY YOU CAN HELP BRING MORE JOY, AND LAUGHTER WITH THEM STRESSING. IT isn't right that a child has to worry about an education in this Country today. Especially when they have worked there tush off to get his far in such a small amount of time! I have thought about writting you for a long while pertaining to Ann and her work. But TONIGHT TRUELY MADE ME CRY! Seeing Beth break down.. I know life isn't about everyone having certain things, but an education, for real!!!!!!!!! On black Friday Beth went out with friends to shop. I asked her a couple of days later, girls what did y'all do while out to entertain, lol it was standing behind people danicing and doing ( ghosting ) what they were doing. She is a sweet pea...... Ann and her daughter are form Iowa, relocating to Alabama. They both have been through enough!!!!!!

    YES I"M PLEAING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yea you're funny but:

    Ya gotta quit making me cry Ellen....actually no please don't. Thank you. Re: Jodi, sWitch and many others. Just make me feel good...Thank you.
  • A clever title goes here!

    Hi Ellen my name is Tina DeBaud and I live in Dallas, Texas, just a short view about me. I lost my husband 5 years ago by a very rare blood disease which is mainly found in animals. Unfortunately the doctors had never heard of this disease and didn't know how to treat it either, so he lost his battle after fighting that disease for 4 months. It is something I'm having a very hard time getting over and knowing I'm going to spend of what I have left on this earth all alone, but I have accept what god has giving me. I had a stroke a year after he died, which was on Dec. 21, 2009, that was the most scariest

    thing ever went through and I pray I would never have that ever happen again, but I'm a fighter and I knew I didn't want to spend the rest of my life in a bed. Two weeks on Jan. 2, 2010 I had my stroke and being paralyzed on my left side and lost the ability to walk, I was telling the doctors to send me to rehab, so I could start on my rehabilitation as soon as possible. When I was released, I was walking out of the rehab with a walker on Jan. 13, 2010 on my way to a full recovery thank the good lord above. The reason I'm sharing my story with you is because I'm the kind of person that likes to help others people in need and need help even though I'm on disability and social security it makes me feel good to help someone that is in worse need than myself. I just wish I could do more than I can do, but on a limited income it is what I can do. I just want to tell you how much your kind generous heart to all the people in need you have helped today, how it makes me feel so good about humane nature that a lot of people just don't have these days accept you. I love everything about you, your wonderful sense of humor your Big Big heart and your down to earth personality you have. I can't say enough about you, I just love all the help you have done to so many people in the world. If I ever had a chance to meet a star it would be Ellen Degeneres. Thank you Ellen many many more years to come. Love you, from Tina

  • Thank you ELLEN!!!

    Your show is FUNNY INSPIRING SPONTANEOUS and PROVIDES so much LOVE to EVERYONE WATCHING!! You are sooo THOUGHTFUL, GENEROUS (hence your name Degenerous!! LOL) and ACCOMODATING...your sincere LOVE and COMPASSION for the WORLD and others is AMAZING!! I just LOVE you and APPRECIATE what you do...Thank you!! By the way...I love how you go thru FB pages and YouTubes finding funny videos and pictures...and I LOVE your ELLEN daycare bringing on all the kids...that's one of my favorites...Keep up the GREAT WORK!! and Happy 10th Year Anniversary!!
  • THe Best Daytime talk show of all time.

    LOve her. Funny as hell.
  • The Best Show Ever!!

    Everytime I watch The Ellen Show I can't help but Laugh and Smile. If I have a bad day, I put Ellen on and everything's alright again. I don't care that she's gay, she's a kind person and she treats how they should be treated; like they're special.
  • Dysautonomia!

    Hi Ellen, I have to thank you for your show for my daughter. She is 13 yrs old and last year has been sick with POTS, (posterial orthostatic tachicardia syndrome), a form of dysautonomia. She has not been able to go to school and had to quite dance. every day Jenna watches your show, and especially loves it when you have all the teen hear throbs. One direction, Justin Bieber, ect. At least I know she will smile even on bad days when she watches your show. So again, thank you for bringing a smile to my daughters face every day, even when she is not felling good. Even just a little smile helps.

    Keep up the good work!!

  • Need help, but hate to ask...pride is in the way



    Dear Ellen,

    it is so hard to ask for help and not sure where to start. My wife is the most wonderful beautiful person on this earth. I just wish she wasn't put through the pain and suffering she has and is enduring.

    She has had mobility issues, lost weight but still needs to lose. In 2001 for her birthday I took her to Los Angeles to meet Richard Simmons and she writes him all the time. She has lost over 200 pounds but with not being mobile still has a way to go to her goal.

    We have been doing ok until this year, just finally was getting unburied from bills etc and we were hit head on. Roberta took the brunt of the wreck and it has let her in worse condition than prior to accident.

    She can hardly walk with a walker now, both hands numb, severe knee pain and neck pain .So now we need a power chair and we have no way to go anywhere as we need a van for transportation. We van not afford to buy an van, we are behind on space rent (we live in mobile home park) light bill needs catching up etc. And medical bills not coveredI feel bad as she cries not being able to help more even folding laundry hurts her hands, pulling up blankets, writing and typing.

    I know you help thousands but we could use help and it would be awesome since it is difficult for her to fly to have you and Richard Simmons come visit her.

    Hope to hear from you soon but if not thank you so much for listening.

    Gary Lanphear


    Please write me for phone number and other information

  • Vote for SeaBass

    Ellen, I want nothing for myself but a family here in Muskingum County has a little boy, Sebastian Longstreth. He was born in January this year with downs syndrome and had to have heart surgery before he was very old. He has spent more time in the hospital than at home because they are not equipped for handling all his medical equipment. His Mommy has started a Facebook page, Sebastian's Journey. She shares his pictures with about a 1000 people who don't even know him. He has a smile all the time. Is there any way that you can help these lovely folks make their home adequate to bring Sebastian home? Thank you ever so much. Mary Ann Paynter
  • Breast Cancer birthday wish stories


    I usually don't do this, but I have to share some of the family stories being told of my sister-in-law Irasema; aka Samie, Sam, Ira. Regrettably, she passed away almost 2 years ago after losing her battle with breast cancer. Her daughter's Facebook birthday wish was to hear some memorable stories of her mother while she was alive. Here are a few of them:

    My apologies for some of the off-beat language

    Amanda wrote: "There are so many memories I have of my aunt but one special one comes to mind! We were having a barbecue at the house in edinburg and we all kept talking about the house next door and how we wanted to see it so badly, well the house wasnt finished so the owners werent there and Alex, and Aunt Samie and a few of us snuck in, I kept screaming we should go guys! Samie said ay Amanda stop being such a P@#@@!!! ha ha needless to say we were on the second floor of the house and the alarm goes off!!! We all start scrambling Alex and whoever else ran to the backyard and left Sam and I upstairs so we hid in the closet for a bit because the security guard came!!! Finally he left and we just laughed the whole way back to the house...ha ha Samie acted like nothing happened... that was 8 years ago... seems like just yesterday"

    Ellie wrote: "One day me and Sam were shopping in Walmart in Houston she saw a piggy bank, it was painted very bright in color, anyway she liked it and asked me if I would buy it for her, so I did. As we spent more time together the coming weeks I would always put my dimes in her piggy bank, I faithfully would save my dimes, sometimes even ask for dimes in lieu of quarters, nickels etc......Anyway when she became cancer free and was able to return to her home in Austin, I remember Sam putting her pig in her purse. When I would go to Austin and visit i would make it a point to take my dimes I had saved and put them in the pig. When Sam was dignosed a second time with Cancer, she stayed with me and I took care of her. We would get up early Mon-Fri and go to M.D. Anderson for her treatments. On one of her good days I remember her saying that she had the urge for baked Salmon, asparagus, a salad that she had created, and she was going to the store to buy these groceries for dinner. When she got ready to pay at the grocery store she couldnt find her wallet. She went home and still couldnt find it but she remembered the piggy bank half way full of dimes. She returned to the grocery store with her piggy bank and paid for the groceries using the dimes. That was the the best salmon, asparagus and salad Ive ever had....On one of my last visits with her, she gave me the pig, and told me to hold on to it for her. I still have that pig,?s overflowing with dimes, it sits on my dresser and its a constant reminder of that salmon dinner....."

    Lonnie wrote: "I remember so much but one of my favorites was the time she got drunk and said that little people did not like to be called that or midgets. She said they now like to be called "minions." which if you follow horror and witchcraft you'll know that minions are little demon servants lol. God I miss her she was and I'm sure still is awesome"

    Erica wrote: "Lol...she was having a family get together at y'alls house. She, for whatever reason, needed a get away from everyone so she convinced me to go with her. We told the family we were going for ice at the corner store. We went for a "fun ride" and came back and hid in the tree house. We hid for about 2 hrs. And because we couldn't control our laughing we got busted and into lots of trouble :/

    After that we were never allowed to go for ice the next few times she tried saying we were going for, yeah, that didn't work either! "

    Louie wrote: "What can I say about my Angel??? Well I was raised by my sisters, because my mother owned a second hand store .. but as a child I spent more time with Ira because she was the oldest., in fact everyone thought she was my mother. so as adults we had a very strong bond. Evey time she came down from Austin we would get away to the Island (her favorite place on earth ) Well this one time we stopped for some gas and provisions and she tells me you pump the gas and I'll go pay, so I did when we get to the beach she insisted on me driving down the beach access, which I did. As we were driving along I kept hearing DAMN, HOLY SHIT, I think I even heard HIJO DE LA CHINGADA she turns around and she's wearing Bubba teeth she bought from the counter at the store,, I tell Samie what's wrong wrong with you? and she says pull over right here and asked a guy hey baby what's your number, of course still wearing these horrendous set of gingivitis stricken set of teeth the whole time . the poor guy says no miss its OK I'm married and my wife is coming!!! we laughed our asses off and as I was driving off the guy yells LLEVA TE LA PA LA CASA VATO!!!! damn Ira you were crazy alright. ILOVEYOU!!!!!!!!!! My Angel"

    Ellie wrote: "I still have her last voice mail message to me on my phone, I play it from time to time just to hear her voice....."

    We will miss you Samie.

    Juan Nava

    8410 Littleport

    San Antonio, TX 78239

    (210) 231-0785
  • Someone who is struggling.

    Hi Ellen. Am Caroline from Kenya. Won't keep on insisting that am a big fan of your show. For me, as much as i would love to watch it everyday, i just cant. I watch it when i have the chance. Anyway, where do i even start? Ok, am a 22yr old girl/lady who's kinda hanging on the edge of a cliff. My family and most of my friends have turned their backs against me for one reason, am pregnant and the guy responsible run off or else wants nothing to do with me since i refused to abort. Unbelievably even my folks wanted me to abort. At the same time, am jobless. I used to model but the agencies were not paying us for the jobs we did. right now I have only 60Kshs. i live with my elder sister who apparently ain't ok with me in her house. I was to move in with a friend whom right now has told me she can't help me. Everything has changed. May end up in the streets soon. Ellen please help me, Av not been to a hospital for check ups since i don't have the money for payments. I will clean your floors to get money for my coming baby, anything! Dishes! I don't know what to do. Am due early next year. So far, I've only been able to buy two hats and two pairs of socks for the baby. Help me Ellen. Please help me. Be blessed

  • hi ellen

    how are u doing today do u like the arizona cards
  • Need a vechicle Please

    Dearest Ellen,

    My name is Timothy Carpenter. I'm an Iraq Veteran who is in need of a car for my family. I am engaged to the love of my life Kimberly. We have a 4 yr. old son named Allen, a baby girl due on Nov. 6. I ask not for myself but for them so we will have a vechicle with heat this winter and ac this coming summer. Thx fir your consideration. With our love,

    The Carpenter Family
  • If you know someone who needs a Car.

    Dear Ellen, My daughter is in need of a car, she works a split shift and doesnt get paid enough to get a new car or to get the one she has fixed, her car is a 94 Buick Century and is in real bad shape, my 8 year old grandaughter calls it a grandpa car. I cant help her and i wish I could. iyou could find it in your heart to help her that would be wonderful.

    Thank you

  • ellen i need a car

    I love your show I watch everyday plus I dance. Ellen I basically need a car to call my own. I am co-owner of a car my boyfriend is the owner of the car plus he has another car that is in his daughter name. I pay the carnote on the car that I'm co-owner. I have no driving record. He has two dui and a device in the car that we have to blow in and he should be the one to drive this car. I go to school and I work parttime I pay both car insurrence both inspections.

    I'm also on disability.I feel it is not fair to me to pay for what is not what I can call my own can you please help me. Thank you Diane
  • Do you know someone who is struggling?

    I saw that while watching your show today. I picked up my daughter to give her a ride to my granddaughter's school. She volunteers in her classroom on Fridays. My grandson was on the floor having a tantrum, my granddaughter was not listening to her mommy. As we were driving to school my daughter started crying. She is such a beautiful girl. She was a young mother and now she has two. She says she only has one pair of jeans and pair of ugly sweats. It broke my heart. I'm an currently looking for work and can't do a lot to help her. I thought, maybe Ellen could help her and then I saw the question, Do you know someone who is struggling. My baby!!!!!!!!!! Her name is Samantha and she is awesome! Maybe you can do something to help her that I can't.
  • IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO NEEDS A CAR..../ Husband & Family

    Hi Ellen you and your show. I watch you all the time. You are truly a blessing to a lot of people..not just because of the generous things you do but just by being you. I'm writing because my husband and my family need a car. My husband is a hard working man. He is not healthy either he has type 2 diabetes, chronic kidney disease (not a drinker either) he keeps trying to get ahead and well it never quite works. Our car which the entire family chipped in on to purchase is on its last leg. I have a severe lung disease, our daughter has a neurological brain illness and the car is the only means we have to get around. My husband who happens to be the only driver of the family uses the car to get back and forth to work and to take us to our hospital appointments...traveling further then those places is just not a wise thing to do. Winter will be coming soon and I just don't know what we will do without our car to help us get around. We can't afford another used car...with our other bills and medical finances. I sure would appreciate it if you gave him a break. Well thanks for listening. Your Mom is in our prayers..I know what she is going through my only Aunt in Philadelphia is still recovering from a broken back as well. She just got her cast taken off. Take care of you and yours Ellen.
  • Can I be on your show

    I will love to see you in person because you are very beautiful in the inside and outside. I watch your show everyday. I love watching you dance because it takes my stress away but after the show is over I go back to my depression. Please Ellen help me with my stress and bills. I am in bad shape with my life. I'm trapped with a bad mortgage and I will love you to help me with my family in Haiti especially my little brother Harry Delva.
  • Mckenzie smart, Justin Bieber's greatest fan,

    Hi, Ellen! I didn't t know how to contact you other than Facebook, My name is Loretta Chandler and I am a great fan of you and your show. Entertainment plus! I have a little friend ( 4 years old) , McKenzie Smart that is absolutely in love with Justin Bieber's! She wants a Justin Bieber's birthday party. See' all about Justin. She tells everyone he is her boyfriend .Last November her baby brother was born with a omphalocele. Some of his organs were outside his belly button covered only by a thin layer of tissue. He required many corrective surgical proceedures and was hospitalized for weeks. McKenzie's Christmas was at the hospital in New Orleans (oschners) inthe lobby. Since then her little life has been put aside because of Zach's medical condition. She adores her brother is very protective of him. I am happy to say he has had corrective surgery and is doing great! Now, maybe her life will take a brighter path! Justin has a concert in New Orleans soon but is sold out. It would be her dream come true to see him in concert. She watches his videos constantly and wants to play his. Usicall the time. It would be wonderful if by some miracle tickets could be found for this concert! Thanks Ellen for all you do. You are one amazing woman!

  • Ellen

    Woman Amen to you!
  • A Show you might be interested in maybe doing...Seen this on facebook and was applaud by it



    Susana GomezAntelope Valley GLBT Community Center

    Yesterday, my 17 year old niece, who attends Lancaster High School, was beaten by a football player, named Kyle, on school grounds, for being gay. After receiving over a dozen blows to her jaw, eye and head, all he received was a 5 day suspension by the Lancaster School District. She suffered from a fractured jaw and multiple concussions to the head and the Deputy Sheriff advised her mother to re-think her wanting to file charges against the football player because her daughter pushed him back. The school ended up documenting "assault" charges on my nieces file, NOT the football players! To make things worse, the Deputy Sheriff on site warned my niece, by saying,"Just so you know, if you file charges against him, I'm taking his side." Oh, and the icing on the cake was when the football player came up to my niece after school and said, "Sorry, but you had it coming!" We're attempting to raise awareness and bring this story to light because Lancaster High School is trying to sweep this "Hate Crime" under the rug! Like if you care and please forward to everyone you know.

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