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  • i love ellen

    i love watching the show because it is so funny , my favorite thing about the show is the dancing i get a good laugh at everyone.i wish that i could be there to trip out like everyone else.but hey what can i say i am from a small town called coward s.c but when i take my little boy to school i come back home and clean up so i can chill and watch the show man it was funny when yall was playing musical chair and that women fell it wasent funny that sjhe fell but it was funny lol im still laughing right know about how about you.
  • I love Ellen, she's fun, entertaining and has caught my attention. I watch her show almost daily. Keep on keeping on girl, your alot of fun thanks

    I love the way that ellen interacts with her audience. She makes you feel comfortable and makes me laugh. I like her , David Letterman and dude who's on after Letterman. She has interesting guests and makes her show fun to watch with some of the games that I have seen. She speaks her mind, I like that in a person. I love watching her dance because you can tell that she digs dancing. I watched her on To deal or not to deal. I loved it. I like the fact that she stands up for what she believes in. And with that said and done I will always be a fan of ellens
  • Ellen DeGeneres is the most comical, witty talk show host around

    Ellen DeGeneres is the most comical, witty talk show host around. Winner of 9 Emmy awards for her talk show. Something funny and interesting happens every single episode! It's a much-needed breath of fresh air. Ellen DeGeneres has a wide range of guests on her show from household name musical performers to the newest actors and actresses, all the way to small town people. She's a very giving person, always helping others in their endeavors. Not to mention the gifts she gives away to her audience. It puts a smile on your face every single time you watch it. Plus…it makes you dance!
  • Not that interesting!!!!!

    I think this show is one of the most boring shows on tv. I think that they could have found a more positive show to fill the air time. Theres more important things going on in life. I'd rather watch a game show or even more soaps even though I dont think there should be anymore of them either. I'd watch the show if they had more interesting things or more family friendly things. Then again most talk shows dont think about how people have kids and how they like to spend time with each other, they lost site of that fact.
  • Ellen is the most original host on television

    Ellen's humor is often so funny and easy to relate to. I love the dancing during the beginning of her show, it adds a lax atmosphere and she comes off as an extremely warm and caring person (on television at least). She is open about her life without giving too much information, crying on the show because of her dog showed that extremely real side to her by showing that just like everyone there are days when you can't keep it together. She also interacts very well with her guests, she can be extrememly funny and joke with them without being condescending in anyway, I would def want to go on her show if I had to choose.
  • The Reason that Ellen DeGeneres Show is ahead of The Tonight Show With Jay Leno in the ratings is because Ellen gives away stuff almost every episode but Jay Leno he does not even give away a book. Ellen is Generous and Jay is Cheep but I love both shows.

    The Ellen DeGeneres Show makes be laugh because Ellen is just talented. So do you agree that The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Tonight Show With Jay Leno are in competition? because I'm not quite sure if they are or not. The reason that Ellen is throwing out her back all the time is because she is always dancing on her show because they were a lot of times that she came out on stage with, Crutches, Hospital Beds, Wheelchairs, ETC. I like the music selections that Ellen's DJ plays when it's time for a dance number. Keep up the good work Ellen!.
  • OMG What a show.

    Wow. This show is the most the best talk show i have ever seen. Ellen starts off dancing. She dances with the crowd and sometimes dances over the table. Seriously the show starts off amazing. She has amazing segments and amazing guests. She has this new game called "Through the Wall or Take a Fall". That game is amazing. Ellen gives away a bunch of stuff. She lets us know what she has for lunch on her website. Seriously this show is a most see for people with a sense of humor and a tivo if you are not at home.
  • amazing talent throughout all age-groups

    The Ellen DeGeneres Show is a talk show in its fifth season, approaching it's 700th episode. Hosted by star of Ellen and The Ellen Show, Ellen Degeneres. Featuring a unique mix of celebrity interviews, chart-topping and up-and-coming musical performances, audience participation games, and segments spotlighting real life stories, and amazing talent throughout all age-groups.

    Ellen encourages a "negative-free zone", and trys to make everybody feel as if they are in the studio, even if they're sat at home. She regularily rings viewers and throughout regular segments within the show encourages people at home to send in videos, letters and even leave voicemail messages.

    Unlike other ta lk-shows were the host is accompanied by a houseband, Ellen is joined by a in-house DJ. Since the start of the series, their has being four DJ's. Scotty K appeared in the first month of the show, Tony Okungbowa was the resident DJ from October in series 1 through to May in 2006 (Series 3), as Tony left Jonny Abrahams (Series 4) took over. With the new series, the new DJ Stryker is playing the music. What is a huge part of the show, as at the start of each programme, after delivering her opening monologue, Ellen dances with the audience, following on from this she does her signature dance across her coffee table.
  • Oprah....

    this show beats yours so be scared. Ellen Degeneres is a cool person, she is a very fun host. She gives away a lot of stuff and dances on the show when the show opens and randomly in the middle. Ellen DeGeneres is very generous ha ha. Ellen also plays games, shares pictures and Internet video like some other talk shows do but Ellen DeGeneres just does it better somehow. Ellen's guest are also very cool they aren't always normal guest like celebrities.
    This is a great show and i will continue to watch it, i give this show a 10!
  • Its great

    Well, I live in the UK so its not on much but when I do get to watch it I always love it! Although the ones that show in the UK are something like 2 months behind but that doesn't matter. The reason I love the show so much is because:

    1. Ellen is actually so hilarious! She has a great personality and always seems to make me laugh =D

    2. It always has amazing guest stars on. Older people and younger people like from the Disney Channel. She always knows the right paople to have on the show at the right time.

    3. There is good music. There is usually a good performer at the end of the show, plus, I like the background music between scenes when they show the audience. Its really groovy =P

    This show has everything and I think if you have never seen it you should devinitly give it a chance! 10/10. Way to go Ellen!!!
  • A talk show host.

    Ellen is there, and Ellen is everywhere. Where ever I search "ellen" on, I find Ellen, I find the Ellen Show and I find the Ellen Degeneres Show. She is a very lucky role model, talking to famous celebrities, I think her dream came true. Capturing a dream is more than anything. Ellen is so hilarious, after watching clips on and watching at 5pm on TV, I really got the hang of Ellen Degeneres Show. It's like Ellen and the Ellen Show. Keep up your excellence Ellen, and keep up the great laughter. -peace out, from Halo ~Review out!
  • 9.9
    I think Ellen's show is the best. I love her wacky sense of humor and all the music and dancing- she's so Ellen! This is as good as it gets when it comes to entertaining day time TV talk shows. Her show is always a joy to watch- easily one the brightest spots in my day when it comes to TV viewing. She's great with her guests be they celeb's or real people and she never fails to deliver something funny several times over with each show. She makes me laugh and smile on a daily basis- what more could you ask for? With laughter being the best medicine-Ellen must have one of the healthiest audiences out there.
  • Only talk show i watch!

    Now I usually don't watch talk show, and am not into them. But i love The Ellen Degeneres Show! It is the one and only talk show that I will watch. It's funny and creative and has some good information in it! I love most of the actors that she brings on the show too!

    If I had to recommend one talk show to someone this would definately be it. It's definately and attractive talk show to younger audiences (excluding children.) Don't get to watch The Ellen Degeneres show much becuase of school, but on my days off you better bet I will be watching it!
  • Read the review.

    this show is absolutely my favorite show it makes me like jump the ellen show is something i can watch in the morning when im not in school its just wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow lol anyways i think thAt the show
    is funny it gives touch of cool with a touch of witty the jokes arent about people i think the like factor about the show is that people can watch and not here about celebrities constantly and not have to listen to jokes about the celeb's it realy is amazing it will probably never get cancelled theres nothing bad to say about this show and thats about it

    watch this show every day!
    AGENT_P Out
  • I have always liked talk shows, and this is by far one of my favorites, I can't get enought of it.

    On a 1 to 10 scale I would without a doubt give this show a 10, it is funny, fun to watch, good for the whole family, and always has something to catch your attention.

    I watch it with my parents, my fiance, and my nieces, and nephews, and never one has there been an episode that was unsuitable for children.

    This is the first show I have found that is like that, can make adults, and children laugh, nothing dirty, or foul.

    I have loved her since she did stand up, and in my opinion there is no reason not to love this show.
  • even throgh its a talk show, ellen humor enjoys her aduience and viewers at home, everyone tune in at nbc 4pm to watch herzoey 101 is at their best, the gurl from malcom and the middle show her courage and pe rsonality on this hit show

    even throgh its a talk show, ellen humor enjoys her aduience and viewers at home, everyone tune in at nbc 4pm to watch herzoey 101 is at their best, the gurl from malcom and the middle show her courage and personality on this hit show.------------even throgh its a talk show, ellen humor enjoys her aduience and viewers at home, everyone tune in at nbc 4pm to watch herzoey 101 is at their best, the gurl from malcom and the middle show her courage and personality on this hit show.------------even throgh its a talk show, ellen humor enjoys her aduience and viewers at home, everyone tune in at nbc 4pm to watch herzoey 101 is at their best, the gurl from malcom and the middle show her courage and personality on this hit show.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • She rock, she rule, Ellen degeneres ladies and gentelmen .. The Ellen degeneres show had it all .

    She rock, she rule, Ellen degeneres ladies and gentelmen .. The Ellen degeneres show had it all. The way she handle the show is absoultly amazing. The Ellen degeneres show is brilliant. She's a role model for everyone when I say everyone I mean it because she's a great person with a great soul and for sure a great smile! Who doesnt love her, that attitude ladies and gentelmen got her 7 emmys and lots of love and respect. She saved lots of things days and lives . What can I say we adore her and cherish her. Ellen degerenes we love ya.
  • This Talk Show comes out of the studio of "a Very Good" Production" Studio in Burbank powered by Warner Bros. Television sent to Stations "NBC 6" in Miami, FL, "CBS 58" in Milwaukee, and NBC "4 New York," NY just to tease the a

    The Ellen Degeneres Show comes out an extravaganza of
    monologues from her own mouth before Ellen Dances to the
    line of her middle audience to let the ladies dance with her,
    too! The special guest talks about her latest movie, TV
    episode, or guessing game. Next some kids make inventions or play games then Music by your singer, Country or Pop
    superstars one weekend at a time at the end of another "Ellen Degeneres Show taped in Los Angeles' WB Television
    Studio. This Entertainment Talk show is being seen on
    Stations like WHIO-TV7 in Dayton, OH, WDJT-TV, "CBS 58"
    in Milwaukee, WNBC-TV/DT, "NBC 4 New York," NY, and
    WESH-2 TV in Orlando-Winter Park, FL just to dance shortly
    and watch Ellen talk to a superstar like you!
  • The show is the greatest. I am a single mother who has a son who loves basketball. I told him I would write you one day and see if you would give my son the chance to meet his favorite basketball star, which is Kevin Garnett. So let me know your answer.ok

    Hello Ellen, you have the best daytime talkshow I ever watched. Not only do you have celebrities on your show, you have those average joe's like me on your show. your jokes and dancing are the bomb, and I always dance with you when I watch the show. You keep it real and kick it at the same time. Keep up the good work, and tell your sexxy d j I said HI. I hope your back is fine so you can keep dancing. Be careful when you dance in the audience so you do not fall. t m
  • So funny

    I love this show you never know what ellen's going to do. Ellen is so random that I never get tired of watching her. I haven't got to see any of her new season becasue of school but I bet its as graet as it was during the summer. I think Ellen should have animals every Friday. She could bring some werid animal on and interveiw it, like she did with the monkey. She hung upside down with it and talked to it, it was one of the funniest episods I think she has done. Ka Kwaaaaa ! ! !
  • Hilarious in her own kind of way.

    I love the ways she dances and how the way she doesn't care if she looks ridiculous. She's the kind of person I could picture myself being a close friend with. Humorous, but still capable of being serious. She could make nothing into something. Hum, I don't know what to say... a decent talk show.. if there was something else on, I would probably watch the other thing. But her cheerfulness and senseless humour makes you feel good.
  • Best talk show out there.

    This show is the best talk show out there. It's funny and it has all of my favorite celebrities. Ellen is so funny. I love all of her different segments. Like Best Photo Ever, Wednesdays Wonderful World of Web Videos, and my favorite she doesn't do any more was the Fat Cat one. Ellen's show gets better and better every year. That's why she has won 6 daytime emmys. I am so happy that I found this show. I watch it everyday when I come home from school. It helps me relax. I love the Ellen DeGeneres Show and I hope it continues for a long time.
  • it ownz

    i watch your show alot and im glad you like to dance and interact with your audience. i like how you call people and they go wild.u have a great have all the right stars on ur show. its so funny i give it at least a 2 thumbs up.i love ur comercials with the animals. and i like how you work with animals.i like it most when you go around town and interview someone. i like the songs you dance to and the bands that preform. i will probly watch it for a very long time and will buy all the seasons(if they come out that is...)GREAT SHOW!
  • It's hilarious, in my country they dont air the show because I live in a far arabic country I watch her her daily monologue on her website.

    It's hilarious, in my country they dont air the show because I live in a far muslim country I watch her daily monologue on her website. she's funny make me laugh and brighten our day with her positive energy . she's fabulous she had her own way to make anything is funny and special, and always draw a smile on our faces. the show is so positive and talented . Creative idea's and genuinely funny. We need more shows like The Ellen Degeneres show to spread love and peace. That shows there's no difference between people because they share the smile. And that what Ellen degeneres doing to us. Uniting us by her laughter. Keep up the Good job Ellen. God bless you.
  • Ellen Degeneres hosts with jokes, celebrity guests and everyday people.

    Ellen Degeneres is the funniest person on the planet period. No matter if you like the guests or not watch the show the comedy will have you laughing all day her jokes are original and in my opinion her dancing is the best. Have Ellen read the phone book it would be funny!
  • It is a talk show with ellen degenerous and is very funny.

    The ellen show is one of the funniest shows that you will ever watch. Ellen is so funny and she loves doing this show. I watch it everyday and always laugh while i watch it. It is one of the best talk shows and is extremly funny. I also like this show because of the people that come on it. Ellen is always giving things away to the fans in every episode which is good. The ellen show is like oprah but with ellen degenerous. She is so hillarious sometimes and is always happy so it is a great show.
  • Ellen has guests on her show big or small

    The premise of Ellen is similar to other daytime television talk shows, such as its supposed predecessors The Rosie O'Donnell Show and The Caroline Rhea Show. The program combines comedy, celebrity and musical guests, and human-interest stories. Unlike most talk shows, the show uses a disc jockey to supply music rather than a band. The program is not characterized as a tabloid talk show, nor does it give advice.[1]

    Ellen is known for its use of recurring sarcastic jokes and gags, some of which have eventually petered out. Since the show's debut, DeGeneres has segued from her opening monologue by doing a dance. The dancing proved to be extremely popular with viewers, and has since progressed to a segment where DeGeneres dances into the audience, sometimes borrowing a coat or purse from someone's chair, and taking it with her. She has also featured a segment in which people teach her new dance moves.

    Early popularity of the show resulted from DeGeneres making viewers feel as though they were a part of the family of crew and employees on the show itself. A popular staff member, aspiring stunt man Houston Rose (pronounced "How-Ston"), frequently featured during the first broadcast year. In a segment called "Have Houston Do It For You," he was sent to people's homes to help with tasks like putting up Christmas decorations or remodeling a bathroom. Other staff members included Jeff Cosgrave, who was set up on a variety of blind dates, and Nate Larson, who did the worm and played different characters.

    As in The Rosie O'Donnell Show, DeGeneres often has audience participation games where prizes are awarded. During her Twelve Days of Giveaways promotion, she gives about $1,000 worth of prizes to the entire studio audience (and a handful of home viewers as well) for 12 days in a row leading up to Christmas. Because the show has become so popular, not all who arrive hoping to see a taping can fit into the studio, so an off-shoot space referred to as "The Riff Raff Room" was created. Persons seated here are often referenced and shown briefly on camera but watch the taping from off-stage.

    DeGeneres's mother Betty DeGeneres regularly attended the show and was frequently featured on camera, but she stopped appearing regularly early in 2006 because she moved. Her chair was designated the Mama chair and special privileges are given to the audience member who sits in it.

    Ellen has also helped many non-famous people attain their 15 minutes of fame by having them as guests on the show. Guests in this role have included intelligent children, the owner of a small shop called "Mostly Moose and More", a flea market owner who raps in his commercials, and a male audience member who refused to dance, named Carl by Ellen based on the way he looks, while his real name is Jim.

    In the show's third season, a new part of the format was added, in which Ellen surprised fans by introducing them to their favorite celebrities. On May 18, 2006, the show celebrated its 500th episode.

    Ellen premiered its fourth season on September 4, 2006 with a new set and on-screen graphics. Jon Abrahams replaced Tony Okungbowa as the DJ, as Okungbowa left on May 22, 2006 to advance his acting career in Hollywood. [1]

    The show was featured in an episode on the NBC sitcom Joey, with the main character (Joey Tribbiani) as a guest star. It was also featured on an episode of the series Six Feet Under and The Bernie Mac Show, with Bernie Mac appearing as a guest. Still later, it was featured on an episode of the ABC show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition; while the Holmes family of Altamonte Springs, Florida was receiving a new home, they were in the audience during an episode of the show, and saw the unveiling of a secondary project of Ty Pennington's team, a turtle habitat, while there.
  • too funny!!

    I think Ellen is one of the most funnest people i know. SHe can make you smile without even really haveing to try. I love how every show she comes out dancing to a song and the music does not stop till she sits down. She always has great actors and guests on her show. Her guest even get in on her goofyness sometimes. there was one episdoe I saw where she was dance through the audience and was picking up items that belonged to people in the crowd. When she sat back down she opened up a woman's purse and found her book in it. SHe signed it for her and then gave it back. She's great.
  • Ellen is amazing

    Ellen Degeneres is amazing!!! I just finished reading one of her books and she writes exactly the way that she speaks, it's hilarious.
    I love how Ellen dances all the time on her show and is never in a bad mood. She's amazing, I love everything about her. I can never stop laughing when i watch it because she tends to look so serious when she jokes around and her facial expressions are what basically make the jokes as well. i also love how Ellen doesn't really wear girly clothing, she isn't afraid of wearing what she wants when she wants.
  • I love Ellen.

    She has the best guests and when she doesn't know what to do she makes a joke or a silly sound.. and it absolutely works. She yodels. She yells gaaaaaah. I don't know of any other talk show host that has her energy. She's truly one of a kind. What other talk show host dances at the beginning of every episode? Her guests are light hearted and funny - she usally makes them play a game or do trivia with them. I'm not sure if it 's scripted but, it seems pretty realistic. She's come a long way since her earlier days in t and the talk show biz is really her nitch.
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