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  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

    I was a big fan of Ellen's sitcom when it was on the air, and I was sad to see that it was canceled after she came out of the closet. I so very excited to see that she came back to television with her own talk show! I love this show! No matter who the guest is on the show, it always looks like they are having loads of fun on the set. And not to mention, I would love to be in the audience one day. Who doesn't want to dance with Ellen?
  • I really enjoy the show, it is uplifting, natural and shows alot of Ellen's personality.

    Ellen you have alot of spirit, drive and you seem very down to earth. I watch the show every chance I get. Ellen if you could, it would be great, for you to give us your best wishes on Our 25Th wedding Ann. on April 3. I am not able to do what I have planed sooo we are going to have a nice dinner at home after work. Some day we might be able to celebrate it right.
    Thanks for your time
    darlene and tony
  • I have seen this show from the beginning and I would have to say Ellen is a genius. I love her way to take the simple things in life and confuse the hell outta herself.

    Ellen's daytime talkshow has once again wished I had a night job. I love the pilot show and have caught the show religiously ever since. Her way to tell stories in her life are hilarious and very spontaneous. You would have to admit her dancing is comical but hey who wouldn't cut a rug with Ellen. Her way to ease the audience to just sit back have a good time and laugh is great. Ellen's guests come onto the show knowing they are gonna laugh and be at ease is good. Ellen has definately created an award winning show and the awards have prove that. Keep up the good work.
  • Greatest talk show in history

    Sure, Oprah is good for more "serious" shows and such, and don't get me wrong I LOVE Regis & Kelly, but Ellen is just an absolutely amazing show. She mixes celebrity stuff with some ordinary people. The things she does for people is amazing. She's so giving and unselfish, I just love her. Everyday her show is unique and funny, I love watching Ellen at lunch time, it's one of the highlights of my day. I don't think anyone could ever go to the Ellen show, or even watch it on TV and say that it was a bad show, Ellen is one of those shows that no matter who her guest is, I'll watch the show. Other celebrity talk shows I usually only watch because I like the guest on the show for the particular day, but I watch Ellen 99% of the time to see Ellen. For example, tomorrow (Mar.14th/07) i'm tuning into Ellen to see Bob Barker, but also to see Ellen because she's amazing. I'd LOVE to see her in person at a taping of her show, there's never a dull moment when Ellen's around. Not only can she host a talk show, but CUDOS to Ellen on the Oscars, she should be the new permanent host to that show every year. I'd recommend everyone watches Ellen. (check your local listings)
  • OMG!!! one of the best shows ever...

    Ellen you are like my favorite female are are have this wit about you that is soooo funny and I have seen a couple of your stand up things and wow you have me on the floor rolling and dont tell anyone but you might have made me boo boo my pants cause I was laughing so hard....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep up the hilarious work...if you ever need someone to come on your show and just sit next to you and laugh all day...I will be more than happy to do so!!! Keep me in mind...
  • ellen is the bomb

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  • I havent watched this show much, but..

    may I say that Ellen Degeneres brings personality and humor into everything, which is what I like about her. She has down-to-earth humor, something you dont see much in people anymore. She makes everything fun, unlike other talk shows were they have the hosts just sit down babble about nothing. TV needs more shows like this!
  • Summary-?????

    Ellen, i tried to write you an E-mail, but i couldnt figure out how to fill in the summary, and the reveiw section! Whats a summary, and whats a reveiw, you should really make this page easier for people like me!

    Anywayz, your show is great, and you make me laugh lots! It would also be really cool if you did a show to show us some of your mad dancing skillz!

    A really big fan

    -Alexis Anderson
  • Funny. Very honest and caring about how she interacts with her guests. She says what she feel but is very tactful about it making sure not to make them feel uncomfortable.

    I love Ellen!!! She is a very down to earth girl and she is not ashamed to show that side to the world. She has many interests and has shared them without hesitation. I think she is the most interesting talk show host that has come along in a long time. She dosen't say things just to get ratings. I have watched her show for as long as it has been on and she hasn't changed in her honesty and caring for her guests. If there is a subject that is not comfortable to talk about she will dismiss it without making a big deal. I know she does not like to talk about her personal life with her partner and I commend her for that. Her show has very interesting people and stories we all can relate to. I love how she gets the viewing audience involved through her web site. I love to watch her dance and do all her crazy things. I don't think she is trying to be another Oprah but she has done some mighty big things on her show. Keep up the good work. I hope I have not offended anyone. This is just my opinion. Love you Ellen
  • The best talk show of all time!

    This show is great! there is definitely no show other talk show that is remotely like this! This show is so original and funny! The first time I watched this show I laughed so hard and I knew that my new daily fix would be to watch this show! She adds so much spunk and spark into this show! She is perfect to play this part because not only is she funny but everyone wants to be on her show! She has people ranging from little kids to acclaimed actors and actresses, She has really come from nothing and made herself something with her spunk and charisma! I love this show and I will never stop watching it!
  • I love Her!!

    My favorite Talk Show Ever!!! Ellen is so dang funny at what she does and is 100 times better than any other talk show host...including Ophra..I would so watch Ellen over anyday than Ophra. All of Ellen's guest look like they want to be on the show and talk..and she never cuts anyone off and I love that about her because so many other talk show host at night cut the celebrities off..that's not right!! Plus Lauren Graham is one of Ellen's favorite people to be on the show and I love both of them, they are great together. Everyday I watch Ellen @ 3pm...It is a great Talk Show!!
  • This show is absolutely fabulous. It is one of a kind and I love it!!

    I just wanted to let everyone know that this is the best show on television and that I absolutely love Ellen. She is so funny! I know everyone says this but I am her Number One Fan!! I just wish I would get a chance to be on her show and meet her. I think it would be so cool to get a chance to actually sit and talk with her for a while.

    Maybe Gladys could join us and we could all sit around loving Jesus and drinking a little! I think that would have to be a trip!
  • The Ellen DeGeneres show is a hilarious talk show presented by the wonderful Ellen DeGeneres. It brings celebrities, music and comedy together to make one of the best talk shows that I have ever seen.

    The Ellen DeGeneres show is presented by the wonderful Ellen DeGeneres. She really makes the show come alive and gets everyone involved and gives us a good laugh at the same time. I believe that with the comedy part of the show it brings something different to a talk show and that is what makes it so unique and great to watch. It has the usual celebrities and talking and music but it all comes across so differently with Ellen presenting the show. She brings something superb to the average talk show and you get The Ellen DeGeneres show. I absolutely love this show because it makes me laugh everytime I watch it without fail and it has interesting people on it as well as celebrities. There are other parts to the show like games and fun little things about what people have sent into the show and that doesn't happen in a lot of talk shows. It really makes this show one of the best and I hope it continues for a long time.
  • I miss the old time slot! Now it competes with Oprah and I get so conflicted I do not watch either anymore!

    Ellen is an original and proves sometimes one can be hysterically funny and still keep it clean. I think her stand up is no different from her daytime show -- Great! And when I think of the many others who have tried this talk show gig and failed miserably, even when they were successful in other venues (Megan Mullally...Carolin Rhea) it is clear this is no easy task.

    Thank the Goddess for these women (Ellen, Oprah, Rosie) who are not the main-stream white-bread hostesses of yesteryear because they help us all evolve into compassionate people less likely to judge -- all the while giving us a wonderful time. Now if they'd just move the show back to the morning so I can catch it....
  • :)

    one of the best shows out there !!!!!!!!!!!! super funny and always entertaining, Ellen definately beats out Oprah because she is funny and will never be boring. She is interactive with the audience, always has something great going on in her show and has such a great attitude. Its clear that she enjoys very much what she does and that brilliance transcends to the audience making it one of the best daytime shows out there!
  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show is not another one of those boring talk shows.

    The Ellen DeGeneres Show is not another one of those boring talk shows. Ellen DeGeneres is very hilarious and amusing. Her daily monologues are just outrageously comical. The show is just chopped-full of dancing and random-ness. She always goes into the audience and they're apart of the show too. She has interesting guests, which always end up getting into a conversation with Ellen DeGenereres, which ends up being funny and informative for the celebrity gossipers. The people Ellen DeGeneres has on her show, one has usually heard of them. She has things that you won't see on any other talk show. She has child guests that have some very cool talents. Let’s not forget the musical acts from hot artists, either. It's just really entertaining show and I love it!
  • I love Ellen DeGeneres!

    I'm not really a morning person, so watching her show really wakes me up and gives me a nice push into the rest of the day. Not only is she absolutely hilarious, but she's also smart with her material. Honestly, even if I just watched the first 10 minutes of her show, which I never do, I would be satisfied.
  • Great as always. With her caring personality, her genuine gift of self, Ellen can easily be named one of the top day time shows. From dancing to entertaining to warm welcomes to guests and her enthusiasm to please her audience - she never lets us down.

    Good Morning, I am an avid watcher of the Ellen Show. I am not writing this as a review but as a suggestion for future shows and locations. I can\\\'t seem to find a computer button to get me to the proper place - hope this still finds a way to the right location. My Husband and I have watched Ellen from the Bookstore onward and have found her to be very down to earth and someone you could count on. I watch her show now and find that Ellen is only one a few who truly wants to help her fellow human being. She gives so much to those who are in need and I thank her for it.

    I have been thinking for some time that maybe if you were looking for venues for her show that I have some very perfect ideas. One week (hopefully when the weather is warm) Ellen and crew could come to Canada and her shows could be in 5 different locations.
    1. I am a trailer-trash person during the summer and have a beautiful campground that we could shoot from. It has an acre size pool, splash park and pavillian with lots of green space.
    2. Travel down the Welland Canal on a ship - through the locks from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario or vise versa. A trip down the canal usually takes about 8 hours.
    3. Niagara Falls has a beautiful garden park for shows such as this - eg. Regis and Kelly have been there.
    4. Brock University has great theatres in which to have Ellen\\\'s show.
    5. Montebello Park in St. Catharines could be arranged. At the end of September there is the Grape and Wine Festival Parade which sees thousands and thousands of people coming from across Canada and some US bands and floats. The park is used during that time for various functions and can be fenced off and still a few thousand could attend. or we could mention other locations - but these might be the best choices.

    I would love to be part of this and help by inquiring if you think this just might work. I see no reason why we would not get sell-out crowds to any of these. A modest ticket price of just a few dollars each would help to feed so many families in the Niagara Pennisula or if not a fee each person is to bring food of the barrels to go to Community Care in the name of Ellen. Or it could be divided between Community Care and Out-of-the-Cold homeless Organization.

    I can even help in the housing of the staff through a very good friend who works for a hotel chain. We may live in a bungelow but we have room for Ellen and her partner if she would like to experience our retiree life. We live in an Adult Lifestyle Community with a great bunch of people. I know that sound crazy but we are crazy people. It is too bad that our community centre is not bigger - then I could see a show here but c\\\'est la vie.

    Anyways, we would love to see Ellen up here and would be willing to help out in any way possible. We think Ellen would love Canada and we are sure willing to do anything to get her here. If this seems like a bad idea - that\\\'s OK too - but one day I plan to come to California and attend one of her shows.

    What a wonderful lady she is. One of the best.

    Thanks for listening.


    Gale Meek
    83 Aaron Trail
    Welland, Ontario
    L3B 6G4
  • I love this show!

    The Ellen DeGeneres show is such a fun, light-hearted and entertaining show! Ellen is a great host that can make anyone feel good. She has great guests on her show and always finds a way to entertain her audience. This show has got to be one of the greatest talk shows ever. And who doesnt love her dancing?
  • The Ellen Degeneres Show is the best show of the day!

    I watch The Ellen Degeneres Show Everyday. It's they best talk show right now. I love the daily monologue and the interviews with the guests. She is one of the few people that always makes me laugh. When I am at work and watch her online videos I laugh really hard that people would think I'm crazy.
    Right now it's on the same timeslot as The Oprah Show and that's not that good, because I like the Oprah show too, but now I Tivo Oprah so I can watch Ellen. She has more priotity on my tv in that timeslot now. So Ellen keep up the good work!
  • Dear Ellen, I love watching your show and the way you interact with the audience. I find the guests you have on interesting and fun to watch.

    I really enjoyed your show today with Jennifer Beal and the Wayons brothers. The wayons are two funny guys and it's nice to see someone creating a show that is both educational and fun for children. Keep up the dancing!! I can only dream of being part of your audience but watching you and the way you interact with the audience and your guests is great.

    Wishing you a holiday filled with the love and laughter of friends and family and health and happiness now and throughout the new year!!

    Sandra Jameson

    Wallaceburg, Ont
  • I love Ellen.

    Ellen rules. She is one of the very best. A natural on stage & as a host. I love how she dances at the start of her shows. It always makes my day go better. Just watching her be carefree. It makes me get up and dance with her. She is too funny. I love the diversity on her show and how casual she is with everyone. Her smile is contagious!
  • Ellen has a knack with her guest. She knows how too make them feel comfortable and always sure to make us laugh. She knows how to earn MONEY for all good causes.She makes everyone comes in to help know matter how little or how big of a ontribution.

    Ellen is one of the most amazing talk show host on the air again this year. She is alive, kind hearted, and one of a kind. I love how even when she is not well she still comes on and gives us her all. She DANCES,and is always ready to make her guest laugh and time to talk. I love her and hope she stays on for a long time still. All the best to her and the gang.

    Every show has energy and meaning. not much gets by our Ellen her quick wit and often childish charm is better than any medicine a Doctor could prescribe. She is such a thoughtful compassionate person and it shines through when she talks about the not so funny problems people encounter in life. If only everyone saw the world through the eyes of Miss Degeneres, then maybe things would get done to improve our volitil World we live in or i should say for most of us it is "EXIST"

    My kind regards

  • your show's the best. i would like to talk to you or better yet meet you

    hi i\\\'ve been trying to get to you for a while. i love your show and watch it evertday. i am disabled and home all the time. i have multiple sclerosis. My birthday is same as ellen\\\'s. 1/26/59. my phone number is: 315-789-3679. my address is 76 N.Main St. Geneva,NY. email Let me know if you receiuved this. Thank you, Lu Bissell
  • I love your show, you never fail to put a smile on my face. I ecspecially luv it when you \"straddle the table\"...that\'s HOT!! u are a bright lite in the world today.

    I think I already said it in the summary.But I love \"Ellen\". Sometimes you just need too laugh, an dance. Ellen never fails. you are a bright light that will never stop shining. Please don\'t stop doing what you doo. To me I think you relate to everyone, they just don\"t know it yet.
  • Ellen has and always be hilarous!

    Ellen's show is so different from normal tv shows. She makes her show so exciting and so funny that I exactly wait during the commerical break. The things that Ellen talks about and discusses are always in season and always just right. She has a sense of humor that is unavoidable!! Many tv shows do not start out with their host dancing out onto the tv set. And I feel that she is genuine to everything she does and says. She has many opinions and she sticks to them. She has many great guests on the show and all of them seem like they loved it and her.
  • Very funny it\\\'s one of the best talk shows on tv

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  • This show is unpredictable!

    I love this show you never know what ellen's going to do. Ellen is so random that I never get tired of watching her. I haven't got to see any of her new season becasue of school but I bet its as graet as it was during the summer. I think Ellen should have animals every Friday. She could bring some werid animal on and interveiw it, like she did with the monkey. She hung upside down with it and talked to it, it was one of the funniest episods I think she has done. Ka Kwaaaaa ! ! !
  • Ellen is genuine, sweet,& giving. Her expresions and quick wit make her hiliarious. She makes me laugh out loud! She has a great time with her guests. I tape the show so I don\'t miss it.

    Ellen\'s show is so fun! She\'s always full of surprises and has the best time with her audience and her guests. I find myself laughing out loud a lot during her show. I like the dancing, but maybe it needs a new angle of some kind. It\'s just getting a little \"old\". Her recent show with Tiger Woods was great! I had to replay it several times, especially to watch him hit the ball into the hole. Wow!
    She has great shows.I tape it every day so I don\'t miss it.
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