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  • One of the better talk shows.

    I think most talk shows are annoying but this show is annoying but in a good way. Ellen has some really good guests on this show. I dont think this is anything like any talk show I've ever seen before. I like Ellen (no matter whose shes dating). This show made me like talk shows.
  • Funniest talk show ever!

    I'm not the kind of person that laughs out loud while watching a show. But this show makes me laugh everytime. I love Ellen she is just so funny and I love how she dances at the beggining of every show. How cool is that.

    I also like how she invites other clebrities onto the show. It makes it really fun to watch.

    I love the episode that was on Columbus Day. Ellen called a guy in the phonebook name Christopher Columbus to tell him happy Columbus day. It was so funny and that poor guy seemed like he thought she was crazy. Well I guess she pretty much is.
  • Ellen DeGeneres is hilarious!

    I always thought talk shows were stupid, but then I saw The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen is fantastic as a talk show host. She doesn't just talk to the stars, she has contests, and she does random stuff, dances, and has fun with the stars. She really showed me that celebrities are just regular people. She has had many funny things on her show as well. I really enjoyed her 'I like it' show. I couldn't stop laughing when she took over a Driver's Ed teacher's car. She taught the kids to drive. It was hilarious. She talks to the stars and makes Talk Show TV entertaining.
  • The best talk show.

    What other talk show has moves like this one. I would say none. Ellen puts together a great show. She makes people laugh and laughs when she thinks somethings funny. Oprah may have a good talk show but Ellen has a great talk show. Everything she does you can not help but watch. It's like you can not turn your head or you will miss something good. She may dance kinda silly, but hey most of us do anyways. Ellen so deserves this show. I hope it stays on at least 10 more years. Ellen really knows how to make show.
  • A very funny talk show. Ellen gets a lot of stars that other peole can not get just because she is so good and such a nice person.

    A very funny talk show. Ellen gets a lot of stars that other peole can not get just because she is so good and such a nice person. Some of the stuff she comes up with is just classic. I love her laid-back approach and her silly dancing. She has a very unique style of comedy. I'm glad to see the success of this show because I feel like her sit coms got a raw deal. Who cares if she is gay or not. She is funny. Funny makes comedies, not sexual orientation. I would suggest watching this show to anybody that like to laugh.
  • The Ellen Degeneres Show is an excelent show for everyone, is really fun and u don't get boring, there's always something new, is my favorite show I can't live without it! she always make me laugh and her smile makes me smile, I love her very much! Ellen

    The Ellen Degeneres Show is the best talk show ever! I love her very much!!. Ellen is very funny and a really good person, she help people, make people happy, make people dreams come true, she is so nice and real,that's why she always win the awards, she is the best!!!

  • Ellen is harilous, and this show shows how funny she is..


    I think by far this is the best talk show on television. It has everything; humour, freestuff, entertainmant, news, etc. I think bringing this show on air was awsome for ellens career.

    From the first episode, it's apparent Ellen is working hard to make her show more than just a pleasant afternoon diversion. While The Ellen DeGeneres Show may not break any new ground, it is still rooted in a type of quirky, good-natured fun that is befitting its host. The first week of shows was packed with A-list stars, quirky taped segments, live music, and interactions with everyday people (a second grade yo-yo champion, a seven-year-old lemonade stand entrepreneur). This makes for a lively, fast-paced hour that feels more like a variety show than your standard chat-fest, and DeGeneres pulls out all the stops to make sure her audience is having fun.

    All the emmys the show has won shows that the show is great!

  • I am so glad they have started playing this in Australia!

    I love Ellen she is a very funny lady who always makes me laugh. She is not affraid to laugh at herself either which is something I really admire.
    I love the show because you never know who will be on and what will happen.
    I love the dancing and often find myself dancing along with her.

    I also admire that she bring up issues and causes that she supports to make viewers aware and to try and get support for them.

    One thing I do get a bit disappointed about is that some of the celebrity guests are not on for very long. I would like Ellen to chat with them for a bit longer.
  • this show is another talk show, but unlike others it is really fun and exciting.

    This is one of my favorite talk shows. It is really fun and exciting. At the beginning of every show ellen degeneres dances in the audience. This show is also really funny because of Ellen Degeneres. Even when the celebrities come out to talk with Ellen they dance to their seat. This show also has really exciting things happen througout. There are also some really good guests like ray romano to elton john to jennifer aniston. I think the one thing that makes this show a hit is Ellen because she is SOOOOOOOOOO funny with her jokes and all the things she says throughout each show.
  • Excellent show. Her smile can really cheers me up, and you'll never feel you waste your time with her.

    The show is unique, she is very warm, make all her guest feel they are really welcome, and the nice thing about her is she often give gifts to the celebrity, we all know they can have anything they want, but Ellen still want show them that she cares~in a good way. I found her dress become softer color now days, which really fits her very well, and she veryyyyy funny ALL TIME. Personally I think she is the only female in this bussiness who can compete with Letterman or Jay Leno. We shoule definitely keep the positive image about the show, and focus less on her personal life. Overall, this is the best daily talk show!!! Ellen, you are the ROCK.
  • I used to watch this show which is embarrassing enough

    Ellen had Kanye West on, and then totally contradicted herself. She agreed with Kayne West\\\\\\\'s ignorant statements, but then said nobody she be blaming anyone, after he was off stage. I stopped watching the show after that for the most par. It\\\\\\\'s totally a chick show but she is really funny. I again for the most part don\\\\\\\'t watch it anymore though because I want funny not your political opinions.
  • the funniest thing on tv!

    I love the Ellen show, its funny, entertaining and something enjoyable I could watch when my parents are around lol. The interviews are different from when the guests are on other shows, Elle finds a way to get the "dirt" out of them, and she always gets the inside scoop. I love when the musical guests and her sort of "collaborate". The show is so unpredictable, you never know what to expect and when stuff is going to happen. Randomness is always a plus. I love how she's so generous, she's always giving away stuff, the show is just overall so interesting.
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    When writing your review, remember to keep the language clean. Reviews must be 100 words minimum. We encourage you to try to get your review right the first time--you may choose to edit it later on, but by doing so, you will lose any positive feedback associated with the review. We encourage you to write your review in a word processor or text editor, save

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    When writing your review, remember to keep the language clean. Reviews must be 100 words minimum. We encourage you to try to get your review right the first time--you may choose to edit it later on, but by doing so, you will lose any positive feedback associated with the review. We encourage you to write your review in a word processor or text editor, save it to your local disk, then copy and paste it in the box below.
  • I don't have a good day unless I watch Ellen. Best show on TV.

    The Ellen DeGeneres show is WONDERFUL because it's different than other talk shows. she talks about things that aren't being talked about to the guests, and the show is just so creative. everyday there is something big and exciting. They also REALLY get the "normal" ppl involved too. i LOVE how she really interacts with the audience, instead of just ignoring them like lots of other talk show hosts. she will sometimes invite ppl down to sit with her on stage, so she can jus chat. and there's always games that she's playing with the audience, and they're always having a BLAST and dancing! everyone says how it's like a big party on her set. she's very welcoming. and her show is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO unpredictable. i LOVE it!! recently she tried eating and last week they went to orlando and played the video of her riding te hulk. and at the daytime emmys when she won her award she brought a camera up on stage to show the "normal" ppl what it's like to be there and what it's like to be in her shoes and to win an award, and see what she sees. so then she played the video on her show. i remember when she was saying how she was gonna film it, but i didn't really believe she actually wou8ld. but sure enough, when i was watching the awards, she was carrying the camera up with her filmimng everything when she recieved the Celebrities are always saying how they want to be on ellen's show so bad cuz it's so fun.

  • this tv show is the best!

    this tv show is the best! I like when ellen dance before her show. she's very dinamic and energic! she's so cool! The persons invited are always interresting! It's a great show! her telephones with her mother are very funny to! it's very original! I'm honnest,it's the best tv show!
  • I am writing to ask Ms.Ellen if she could do me a favor.I know New Orleans is her home town but we in southwest Louisiana sure need some help too.The media is putting all their time into New Orleans and would just like her to here me about us.

    WE have lost 2 towns here in Cameron Parish.The little resort town of Holly Beach is complely gone.It was home to alot of people who fish,shrimp,do crabbing and oystering.Their is nothing left of their town and no one wants to help us.Cameron,lost every building,in their little town and all that is standing is the courthouse.Please,please,please,can you see it in your heart to at least come and look at what Rita has done to our gulf coast.Even Hackberry a little fish commercial town above Holly Beach is hurting and is not getting help either.FEMA is seeing the destruction but when they send reports in they put minor damages.Why are they doing this?This was an interview of a sheriff of Cameron who is wanting his house replaced because his is not livable.He is driving 11/2 hrs to work.Their is still no power no clean water down their for people to live.Please check into this and see if they can get some help from someone.I am in need of help,but they are worse off than me.Please, MS.
    ELLEN,see it in your heart to do something for these people,just go and review the area and see what I am talking about,PLease!!!!!
    GOD BLESS you and you are in my prayers,please if you can go see this area and help those that need help.

    207 DUBY LANE
  • Happy go Lucky! she is always smiling and funny too.

    Every time I watch this show, I find myself laughing. I love to laugh! but it takes alot. Ellen seems like such a fun person and the celebrities are great too! Like Madonna & Steve Harvey were great on the show. The only thing I hate are her sneakers! how about some funky boots?
  • It is on at 10am everyweekday.

    This is my favorite talk show. it is histerical. I think my favorite episode or episodes is when Ellen was doing the Ellympics. My favorite person is the lady who could sing with her mouth tottally closed. I watch the show whenever i have off of school. I give this show a rating of 9.2 .
  • Before you know it, your smiling, laughing, dancing...It's a "make ya feel good" show.

    Ellen is Great! Always funny and upbeat. I look forward to that hour of laughter and dance. After housework all day, it's my calm before the storm. When she goes off air, the quiet, calm day resorts back to reality as the children start coming in one by one from school, and the noise level begins to rise. I'll be laughing and dancing around the house. They just look at me, and my daughter ask.."Been watching Ellen agian Mom"...Yep, You betcha!
  • Hilarious.

    This show is fantastic. I love the dancing that starts the show. Its just a whole lot of fun to watch. I was watching the other day and Ellen was talking about how her show is shown in Australia now, (self confessed Australian...) and it was so funny just watching her try and talk Aussie Slang.. She used words ive never even heard before. I was laughing out loud the whole time.
    I love the set and the audience interaction, its so modern and fun. Its like Rove, but for Day Time, and American. The monolouge and the Dj are so much fun to watch, and so is this whole show.
  • A funny, upbeat, refreshing change of pace. Not too serious ala Oprah. Not too redundant, ala Maury. Not too egotistical, ala tyra. Not too holy, ala Montell. Not too trashy, ala Jerry. A class all of her own.

    The in-house d.j spins some dance music, and out bounds a smiling ball of fire...Greeting the crowd, with a "right back at ya" for the applause they are bestowing upon her. After her monologue about life in general, she strikes up the d.j once more, and dances her way through the audience, high fiving, and random hugging the participants. Occaionally, she will grab a purse, and empty out the contents on stage, pretty funny, unless it is YOUR purse. A welcome replacement for Rosies departure, one that I thought could be filled. Rosie broke my heart when she walked off the show, and let caroline rhea sink it in a matter of a YEAR. Not that she didnt try, but I dont think she tried hard enough. Too much whining abd crying about how she had no children, or comitted relationship. Justa boring crush on that chris botti fellow, yawnfest...No wonder it drowned. Ellen lets you in on a few little secrets, not every time she gets a hangnail it is a half hour topic. She raises money for those in need, and donates on her own. Her interviews are not intrusive, so that the guest isnt uncomfortable, and therefore, they do not clam up, and refuse to answer any thing, instead they warm right up, and chat away. If you havent tuned in, try it out, well worth your hour.
  • She always give me a laugh.

    I love that Ellen does the most mundane things and makes them hilarious. She really knows how to get her audience going and into the show as well. I sent her a couple of pictures for the Pet Photo and terrible class photo. I didn't catch them on the air which makes me think there were some ridiculous entries. My wife and I spend our days at home working from our home office and any chance we get, we'll switch Ellen on in the morning. I've got to say we're big fans and wish her all the success in the world. Keep up the great work, Ellen.
  • The Ellen show is laugh-out-loud funny! Ellen takes comedy to a personal level. Absolutely irresistable fun everytime I watch the show. I would imagine everyone in the world wants Ellen for a next-door neighbor!

    Ellen Degeneres is quite possibly the funniest woman on the planet. Her show captures audiences with its off-the-wall humor, blended nicely with her down to earth funny style. She exposes everyday things that happen to all of us as the truly humorous material that it is. Aside from her way of making us all realize that we should absolutely laugh at ourselves every chance we get, her girl-next-door nature is a step toward the open mindedness that we all need to acquire. Ellen, if it weren't for this country's misgivings...would be the next "America's Sweetheart". Just as a last tidbit..."Finding Nemo" never would have been a funny movie without her voice as one of the main characters. She's a genius...and Fox is lucky to have her.
  • Eleen is such a good laugh!!!!

    This is such a great show!!!! I never knew she was so funny!! Nothing like getting a really good laugh first thing in the morning. I never knew what I was missing. I can't wait to watch more of her shows. Not only is she funny but seems to be a loving caring lady. She really seems to reach out to help others. We need more people in this world like her.
  • I love Ellens Show She's quick and witty. I live in Detroit and as you know the Superbowl is in Feb. I would love to be a special reporter for the Ellen Show. Let me know !

    I love the Ellen Show it's really great. Ellen seems like a down to earth person that you could talk to. Like a best friend. My dog's curl up in front of the tv everyday at 4:00 and can't wait till it comes on. I also like her Mother, I think that it"s great that she has been albe to be part of her Daughters show.
  • Thank goodness for Ellen... my new best friend.

    Ok, I admit it. I used to be addicted to Oprah. But have you noticed that most of Oprahs shows now are total downers or repeats of total downers. In a world full of negativity in the news and on most talk shows ELLEN is a breath of fresh air. Ellen gives us a reason to smile and of course, to dance. Now, when I used to flip to Oprah I swing on over to Ellen. Her show is always upbeat even when she is introducing us to a new cause. She may not have been around as long as Oprah or have her jounalism background but Ellen got it right. She is my new best friend!
  • The queen of talk show hosts.

    Ellen is one of the most likeable women on daytime television. She appears "real," engaging, innovative and always very funny. Her interaction with the audience is marvelous and the unpredictability adds to the fun.

    Where Oprah's interactions with her audience, while no doubt sincere, come off as self-aggrandizing, Ellen's seem to have more sincere, less irritating motives.

    Her guests are funny and there seems to be a real warmth and friendship between her and many of them.

    The phone to the audience are wonderful and I love how she truly engages everyone in the show. You truly never know when Ellen is going to turn up on your doorstep or call you on the telephone.

    I have been watching daytime talk shows for decades and Ellen is the freshest, most likeable show I've ever seen.
  • Ellen is the most funniest talk show on daytime t.v. She is great.

    I love the Ellen show. The dancing is fun to watch and she keeps me laughing.I never miss an episode. I love her sense of humor. Ellen also has great guests and her show is never boring.This show is one of the best. I hope her show never gets cancelled.
  • Trying to find specific information. Please read review as I could not find an email address.

    Hello, My aunt has been recently been diagnosed with liver cancer that is invading the main artery to her heart. She has been told the only option at this point is to have radiation seeds implanted. The problem is my aunt worked for Burger King and has no insurance. She has gone to our state for medical assistance and been told in will take at least 90 days before approval. She does not have 90 days. We have been in contact with all of the hospitals in our area and they will not allow the treatment to be done with out a guarantee of payment. We have called and gone to everyone we can think of for assistance and have gotten no where. I was wondering if with all your contacts you have any suggestions for my aunt before it is too late? I would appreciate any information and direction you can give me.

  • ellen keeps you on your toes.

    Today day show was the 9th in the 12 days giveaway. Ellen always has great guest. She alway making you laugh. Today she has had Jim Cary, the Snowman with gifts, And Bo Bise. He is so fine. With Ellen you never know what will happen next. After watching her show you always end up with a up beat attitude, it away make my day better. She always popular stars. And with the music and seeing her dancing, it make you want to get up and dance with her. I watch her every day and will keep watching her every day. If I am in the middle of house work I will stop cleaning to watch her.

    Thank you very much,
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