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  • Invitation to South Africa

    Hi Ellen I am celebrating my 60th birthday in South Africa (my birth country) in August and we are going on a safari the week before the party. You and Porcia are invited to join me. By the way the birthday party is a birthday weekend as we start on the Friday and end on Sunday!! If you up to celebrating with me please let me know. Love your show Rene
  • Just a thought!

    Hey Ellen! I was watching one of your episodes on YouTube(I was bored of watching Any way I just wanted to say hi. I was reading what some of the notes on here were. I feel so bad for the people on here. Some have had cancer, or just don't have the money. It makes me feel sad. Sometimes I wish I was in your shoes so I could help people like you do. It's just so cool that you're able to help someone in need, but hey I will be like that someday, just not in the way you do. One day I will be in the Air force and I will be just another American help this great nation(even though not all are wall are sturdy yet, but we are getting there!). I am going into the Air Force because I feel I have to, even if I really don't want to leave my mom. She means the world to me. She works hard all day at Walmart. Some times it just hurts me, seeing her stressed and tired from her job. I just sometimes wish that she could get away from it and never have to work again. That's why I am going into the Air Force, so I can get my education as a orthodontist and I can have her live in my house and never have to work again.
  • widow sister her no have a chides 60 years over

    HI Ellen i write you do you have a human kinds any $ half kindly half my sister now thy lived Bangladesh

    i was half her now i no have a job my family lived Ottawa . my son a last year Carlton Universality Have a bachelor

    of low digress he got . but no have a job . my wife she new comer ESL - Learning . My request i want to

    go Bangladesh i see him . 20 years over didn't see her long time

    Because We r a BURMA'S Dispute nation Ottawa no have a my origin - community all Canada in facet

    immigration Canada didn't care her event UNHCR don't care MY Sister ! problem Bangladesh no have a family & relative only have possibly i go to there keep theme some humanitarian - or fined some real

    person thy take care her we r apply humanizing if you can thanks

    my name MONG Yousug Aung

    1065 Ramsey cr

    Ottawa ON k28a1

    cal - 613 890 6664



  • Hi Ellen Please Read Me

    Hi Ellen,

    My name is Bek Im a single mum from Corio Geelong Vic. Im a big fan and would love to come to your show, but cant aford it , im on the DSP because i have menital health prombiles as well as learning prombales. my kids dad moved my boys an hour away from me and i am should have them every second weekend and half off every hoildays, but i cant get them. Im sugging with money need a hoilday, but cant aford one. I have always wonted to come to your show and hang out with you for a day. i admyer what you do for people, and i do the same i have not got alot but i help others all the time from your insrearations. you are a great person and i think you are amazing. i would love to here back from you. i watch your show all the email address is . My boys are my world i dont have any family to turn to for help and i have stuggled with a drug additcon and i have been clean 1 year next mouth, i had to pull my life together for my wonderful sons Hunter & Harley. i live week to week and cant save any money, my bills are on top off me. But i get ahead slowey, thanks for reading this Bek Sherratt. my address is Unit 5/ 156 Cox Road Corio Geelong Vic 3214, my phone number is 0401565175.
  • Babies need a new ride!

    Hi Ellen,

    Watched your show yesterday when you gave away a car to a very deserving gal. She was going to school, working, and helping her family financially. Wow! I know you hear from many people that touch your heart with their stories. You understand the struggles of those that reach out to you, and you really care. Here is my real "brady bunch" story. About 6 years ago, my son was married with 4 children (6 months, 3 yr old, 4 yr old, and 8 yr old) his then wife decided that wasn't the life for her, and she left. It was a struggle for all of us babysitting, laundry, household chores), not to mention the pain the children and my son were enduring due to being abandoned. Several years passed, and in stepped a 'fair lady' with 2 children of her own. They fell in love, and eventually moved in together. They've since added a new addition of their own - a baby girl! That makes 7 children! My son and his 'fair lady' both work retail, and struggle to make ends meet. They live in a 3 bedroom rental, and it is very cozy, to say the least. But they are a very happy family, that works hard, and they truly love each other. My son drives an old Ford explorer, and the 'fair lady' drives a small chevy. They could really use a car that would hold the whole family. When they travel, they have to take 2 cars, or pile the kids wherever they'll fit. They hope to marry one day, own a home . . . you get it, the American Dream. You are always so kind, and generous, and have helped so many people that have a hard time making it. Thanks for all you do, and I will close with your always inspiring words - be kind to one another (it means so much). Love ya Ellen. Sincerely, Teresa (grandma :)
  • Kermit the frog NEEDS you 604306326330283&set=vb.432625703498347&type=3&permPage=1

    You are absolutely amazing!! I watch your show all the time and when I see the things that you do for people I always find myself with a smile on my face, and seeing you help these regular everyday people who are having troubles, made me think of this poor homeless guy with two children in need Im in Canada Ontario, I dont know who or where this guy is but once you see what he does to fend for his family. You will see the effort and heart he puts into his act for just a little coin for his children i hope this link work to show you its heart keep up the great shows


    copy paste in browser
  • ellen gets to Africa!

    Watching you show where you talked about customer service. This fan wants you to make your dream to come true!! Go to Africa!! It is your dream. You give us so much!! I want you to make the trip you want!!

    I'm a huge that is what I want to make me happy :-) Have fun in Africa!!!

    Love you for giving me reasons to smile :-)
  • Love U Ellen de Degeneres ( Ellen d generous)

    Ellen I can't tell u how much I love u and Ur show. I live in India and keep sending you jokes, riddles etc on email. Not too sure if you read all the mails and entertain mails received from India. I wud love to meet u in know how and when but is my desire. I enjoy every minute of Ur show and never miss it. But from yesterday it's not being telecasted at 3pm. And I missed 2 shows. Ur the best, Ur program is the best and Ur works are the best. Keep up the good work of making everyone laugh.

    Ur program score is rated >10 by me

    Love you


    Hey Ellen !! Before I tell you my story I just want to say that you are absolutely amazing!! I watch your show all the time and when I see the things that you do for people I always find myself with a smile on my face, and seeing you help these regular everyday people who are having troubles made me realize that maybe you could help my mother. My name is Kristy Sharp and I am 16 and I live in The Central Coast, New south Wales in Australia. Ever since I was born my mum (Cindy Morris), has been a single parent. She has raised my brother (Dale Sharp), and I all alone and has always had money troubles. But the past few years her world has just been turned upside down. On the 19/9/2011, she lost the love of her life and I lost my step-dad. He was such an amazing man, they met when they were only 16 and we're completely head over heels in love with one another right up until the day he died. She has never been the same since, she is grieving so much and can't seem to get over it at all, its two years later and she's the way she is, makes it feel like it happened last week. She puts a smile on for us but I can see right through it. She was slowly getting herself back on her feet when she lost her father, she was absolutely heartbroken and a week after that she lost her grandfather and that just pushed her down and she isn't coping at all. She is a nurse and has to do overnight just to make enough money to pay the bills and even that's not enough, she struggles with money so much and is very stressed out. She can't sleep so she's tired all the time which puts her in a worse mood. And to top it all off her confidence in herself is below 0. She doesn't see what I see, I think she is the most beautiful person in this world, one problem and the main reason she has no confidence is her teeth. Earlier in 2013, my dog was playing around with her and accidently knocked a lot of her teeth out and she has no money to go and get them fixed and it has been affecting her so much she refuses to go out cause she's worried what people think and every time we go out she stresses out on how she looks even though she always looks amazing to me and my brother. She can't eat either with her teeth because it hurts her so much. Ellen you don't understand how heartbreaking it is to see her like this, struggling with money troubles, having no confidence, in pain due to her teeth, constantly drained from working too much and all that happening whilst she's grieving so much she shouldn't have to be going through this. I'm so worried that one day its all going to get too much for her and one day she may not be around and I couldn't handle that. She is the most amazing woman you'll ever meet and for her to meet you would make her so happy! She loves you so much and so do I. I don't know if there's any way in the world you can help my mum get back on her feet and make her stress go away so she can focus on getting her life together again, I just want to make her happy. She doesn't know that I'm asking you for help and I think it would be the most amazing thing to tell her that she gets to meet Ellen ! And also just a little fun fact, I wouldn't mind meeting Harry Styles HAHAHAHA!! Haha na I'm just joking around (kind of hahaha). Please read this Ellen I would be so thankful if you could do this for her I just want her to be happy again. Thank you Ellen xx
  • From Germany

    Hi Ellen, the world need much more people like you. I watch your shows on YouTube in Germany and it is fantastic to see how you colaborate with people who need realy wish there would be more people like you . Have a fantastic Christmas and all the best for 2014.

    Kind regards

  • Kind Ellen

    I have been a constant fan of you and your tv show for many years now.. I am glad we are watching the same episodes that you have on Live there but just one day after.... As long as I get to watch your show I am happy.

    I live in a city called Mumbai in India.. Wish you could make a trip down here.. You must have heard alot of stories about this place but its a place to see... I am a stay at home mom, married to a wonderful man who is retired at the moment.. We have 3 wonderful sons.. All grown up. But life is not the same as it used to be since my husband had to retire 5 years ago due to health issues.. We were from rags to riches to rags.. Unfortunately... He used to work on an oil rig for 32 years.. We had it good then, made a couple of bad investments which led us to what we are today.. But by the grace of God we are okay... There are alot of people worse off than us so I cannot complain..

    I was watching the last show where you gave your audience tickets to the 12 days of giveaways.. And that was truly that old lady how wonderful... Wow! I kept telling my husband if only we were there can you imagine it would have been a dream come true.... Unfortunately we are so far away and cannot really afford to come to the United States of America.. I have my mom-in-law who by the way is 93 years old living with her daughter in Houston.. I have been there on tickets paid by them of course. The last time my husband and I visited Houston was in 2010 and he wanted to surprise me by taking me to see your show but my sis-in-law said it was too expensive so he dropped the idea... Oh well, it was just not meant to be....

    But I just love your show and never miss an episode and if I do, I record it and watch it later on... God Bless you Ellen, you are truly and inspiration to one and all and you are so true to your words at the end of every show.. Be kind to one another .. And that is just what you are.... Love you.... My fingers crossed that the coming year will be a good year for us.. As this year 2013 has been a terrible one for us. From beginning to can't say what is instore for us as we haven't reached the end as yet... If you do get this may you truly have a wonderful Thanksgiving with all your loved ones... God Bless once again....

    Sincerely yours,

    Dallas deMello

  • The world should be full of more "Ellens"

    It's hard to find a more compassionate, kind hearted, generous person, who can also make you laugh. I love everything about Ellen and we can all learn something from her. The world would be a more wonderful place if there were more people like her.
  • Mykail's Story

    I hope yll will follow baby mykail -You can go to facebook and find mykail's story
  • She has it...

  • Best Husband Ever!!

    Dear Ellen,

    Hello Ellen! I am writing to give a shout out to my husband. I see so many people on your show for so much but what about those awesome husbands and what you give to those people makes you an amazing person and so here I am to tell you about him and hope you read this. His name is Tom Musselman and he is a truck driver. He puts in many many hours a week and he works so hard to try to make ends meet. He can get up as early as 2am to start work and not get done until 8pm. He tries so hard but we still cant get ahead. He wears himself out but still he does so much, on weekends he does all the cleaning and he asks me to leave it for him. All he wants from me is to keep the dishes up and cook his meals. We are trying so hard to get a home so he goes out there and puts more hours in. I love him so much and he desirves a shout out for all the hard work he does and never asks for anything for himself. So if some day on your show you can give Tom a shout out he would know how much his effort is appreciated more than he realizes.

    Thank You,

    Kris Musselman (adoring wife)
  • Piano Talent Child - Tsung Tsung inspire me at your show

    Dear Ellen,

    After watching the show you invited Piano Talented Child Tsung Tsung, Ricky Yau, tsung tsung's PIANO TEACHER asked me to share with you about Hong Kong Celine Dion, Celine Tam. He said you are so kind to discover talented child and give them a chance to show for sharing. Thank you for your time and all your fans time to listen and give chance to this Celine. Please kindly take few minutes to listen her song, lots of audiences cry about her song "My Heart Will Go On" You will like this kid and hope she will have chance to come to your show like Tsung Tsung


    Best regards,

    Dr. Steve

    Ellen, I want to thank you for inspiring me to never give up hopes and dreams. I am transgender male to female. im 26, living alone, a student and I do what I can to get by. I drive a car with no air condition in the middle of a 90 degree day to get to work. I have hospital bills that im having a hard time paying due to a staph infection I caught. But my worst issue was my mother's acceptance of me changing my gender. At the beginning my mother did not accept me wanting to become female. I had to move out of her house and try to make it on my own. I prayed so hard that my mother would come around and accept me. My mother is a hardworking person who was strict on us coming up. She raised me and my brothers and sisters and now raising my nieces alone. But despite all of the issues there was a silver lining. this year at the family reunion I came as the trans woman that I am and instead of my mother becoming angry and embarrassed, she hugged me and embraced me. Ellen I was the first time that she accepted me for who I really am! Even though I drive a beat down car and struggling with my bills that moment of my mother accepting me was priceless. Ellen, you and this show inspired me to keep prayer and don't let anyone put you down because of who you are! Ellen I would love to get to meet you and to tell my story to never give up hope and stay strong and humble. I love you Ellen! im so excited about season 11!! I pray for you and this show daily. this is my favorite show and the only talk show i watch. Ive watch you since your tv series Ellen when i was a kid. The fact that you open your heart to everyone and dont discriminate inspires me to to never give up on paying my bills off. I will never give up on college because i cant pay for it right now. I will continue to pray and hopefully will get into nursing school and break new boundaries! I love you Ellen!


    I think you are great lady with a giant heart. You have open many great thought in mini closed minded people, young and old. People don't all have to be afraid to speck there peace and that is a blessing in itself. I am from a college town and to me you will see anything. That is great as long as no body get hurt. I think we should make it a way to have one day to be kind to one person or maybe three and help them to get better and call it (pay anyway) like the movie. You are the one to start it ,they will listen!!!!! thank you Jody from IOWA CITY IOWA
  • HEY ellen!!!

    hey my name is Courtney im 14 I watch your show all the time you realy make me laugh the 3rd time I watched your show I went to the mental health doctors and I got dignoesed with depression I just want to thank you for bringing a smile to my ellen

    hi my name is debbie im a mother of 2 i have alot of medical issues i'll be 49 on wednesday 14th my husband is disanled i've been in and out of hospital for kidney problems i'm diabetic severly my car quit and we had filed bankruptcy 3 yrs ago because of a major surgery i had got us way behind noone would finance us we finally got a car and now we are gonna loose it because of more medical bills we go to court for bills on the 27th and many more to follow i have insurance thru my work but its not enough but my biggest problem is letting my girls down they are 17 and 14 i desperately need to get them clothes and shoes for school and cannot i even had to borrow money for my daughters b-day just to have few friends over and get pizza for them. my oldest has gotten a job at arbys just to keep her car going and pay for all the senior stuff for school so she doesnt have to ask me and she is a honors student and juggles work and school just for me so i will stress less. I JUST CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE ELLEN!!! i cannot find a way out i'm so ready to give up i had total knee replacement 2 yrs ago so between that and my diabetes my debt never ends !!!! my kidneys are failing urine spilling into them cannot get weight off i lost aprox 100 pounds after my youngest was born now gaining it back skin hangs over causing raw painful irritation i just am at my end of the rope ready to tell all of them come get everything and stop seeing doctors i have been to probly 10 different doctors specialist in the last yr. THANKS FOR LISTENING YOU HAVE MADE ME SMILE MANY TIMES B4 THANKS AGIN

  • Hello Ellen

    I just want to tell your that I just Love your show im disable and all I do is plays games on my computer,well im not smart at all on this computer but I finnaly founf your sight im so happy Bless you Ellen you a
  • RIP Thailia

    Dear Ellen, I just wanted to give you and your staff my condolences on the passing of this beautiful angel. I saw her many times on your show and how you made her so happy. Thank you over and over again for giving that joy. Pat
  • to ellen for help

    i am watching your show 6-27-13 and I seen where you had helped a family that had sent a video about needing help. I am a 54 old grandma that is trying to keep her grandson and her from being homeless. His mother left him on May 27th due to drug addiction. and I have went to court and got tempary cousty but now my son who has been trying to help is unable. i get food stamps and i am unemployed and i am just trying to get help on my back rent of $1700.00 and my july bills that total about $650.00 so we are not on the street. I am sure you get this every day,but i thought i would give it a shot. thanks if you do read this
  • I love you :)

    I love Ellen. I watch her show every single day! She is so funny, kind and caring. The way she helps those in need totally melts my heart. She plays the most creative games as well. She seems like such a fun person to be around. Definitely feel very entertained while watching the show. 10 seasons! Keep it up Ellen :)
  • Ellen's awesome

    I lobe the show I've always been a fan
  • Hey Ellen just wondering if number 5 pic is you (lol)

    20-horrible-prom-dresses-3692/20-horrible-prom-dresses/. sincerely a true fan.
  • my 4 yrs old kid

    Good day ms. ELLEN this is my son NHIKZY VHEENCH CALMA & he is 4 yrs old and he really wants to show his talent on your thank you so much.....



  • Make my dream come true

    Ellen I want to be in your show, help me to be THERE!! Your show it's so unbelievable
  • Hello a heart for a lovely single mother of three!!

    Gosh Ellen, there wouldn't be anymore home makeovers. I have a medical condition called Spinal Stenios, along with what a super car wreck did to me. Oh and I can't forget that sweat, oops meant sweet post-menopause, blah. It's been two years since my car accident, so between the pain meds and the pain and side effects from the lookin up. Until Saturday and realized it was a dream, I had won some of the lottery. Just enough to do a little fixing up. Nothing fancy. But the real true reason is that I will have to lease my house(which needs the three boys tracks removed), in order to be forced to leave the area for any hope of a life again, which I have so much to give and desire to help those less fortunately than even myself.

    Just another reason I love ya so helping others!! You Go girl!!


    Joretta Fullington
  • Clementine2, DUH! & Zoomies!!!

    Clementine2, you do realize the woman she did that 2 was not really is part of her crew that does goofy stuff for her. Also i am new & can't find how to post here's a link if some1 knows how to & thx 5jos0fsg
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