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    Ellen, I want to thank you for inspiring me to never give up hopes and dreams. I am transgender male to female. im 26, living alone, a student and I do what I can to get by. I drive a car with no air condition in the middle of a 90 degree day to get to work. I have hospital bills that im having a hard time paying due to a staph infection I caught. But my worst issue was my mother's acceptance of me changing my gender. At the beginning my mother did not accept me wanting to become female. I had to move out of her house and try to make it on my own. I prayed so hard that my mother would come around and accept me. My mother is a hardworking person who was strict on us coming up. She raised me and my brothers and sisters and now raising my nieces alone. But despite all of the issues there was a silver lining. this year at the family reunion I came as the trans woman that I am and instead of my mother becoming angry and embarrassed, she hugged me and embraced me. Ellen I was the first time that she accepted me for who I really am! Even though I drive a beat down car and struggling with my bills that moment of my mother accepting me was priceless. Ellen, you and this show inspired me to keep prayer and don't let anyone put you down because of who you are! Ellen I would love to get to meet you and to tell my story to never give up hope and stay strong and humble. I love you Ellen! im so excited about season 11!! I pray for you and this show daily. this is my favorite show and the only talk show i watch. Ive watch you since your tv series Ellen when i was a kid. The fact that you open your heart to everyone and dont discriminate inspires me to to never give up on paying my bills off. I will never give up on college because i cant pay for it right now. I will continue to pray and hopefully will get into nursing school and break new boundaries! I love you Ellen!

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