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  • Best Husband Ever!!

    Dear Ellen,

    Hello Ellen! I am writing to give a shout out to my husband. I see so many people on your show for so much but what about those awesome husbands and what you give to those people makes you an amazing person and so here I am to tell you about him and hope you read this. His name is Tom Musselman and he is a truck driver. He puts in many many hours a week and he works so hard to try to make ends meet. He can get up as early as 2am to start work and not get done until 8pm. He tries so hard but we still cant get ahead. He wears himself out but still he does so much, on weekends he does all the cleaning and he asks me to leave it for him. All he wants from me is to keep the dishes up and cook his meals. We are trying so hard to get a home so he goes out there and puts more hours in. I love him so much and he desirves a shout out for all the hard work he does and never asks for anything for himself. So if some day on your show you can give Tom a shout out he would know how much his effort is appreciated more than he realizes.

    Thank You,

    Kris Musselman (adoring wife)