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Season 15 : Episode 115

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  • Noah Wyle/Kelly Clarkson *Season Premiere*
    Ellen's back for a Second HUGE season of celebrity fun and it's time for the fun to begin again! Kicking off Ellen's Second Premiere Week, will be Tv superstar NOAH WYLE, from the long-running hit NBC Thursday night series "ER." Chatting about his series' upcoming 11th season opener. Plus, this season's 1st musical performer is herself a first. The 1st winner of the smash hit FOX series "American Idol," KELLY CLARKSON. She drops by to chat and performs her new single, "Break Away," from "The Princess Diaries 2 soundtrack."moreless
  • Reese Witherspoon/Brandy Norwood
    One of Hollywood's hardest working moms, REESE WITHERSPOON chats about her new movie, "Vanity Fair," and how she manages a family and film career. Pop sensation BRANDY chats about her engagement and performs "Who Is She 2 You" from her new album "Afrodisiac." Plus, keep a close eye on quick-change artists DAVID & DANIA MAAS.moreless
  • Pamela Anderson/Tim McGraw
    Actress, model, producer PAM ANDERSON talks about the new title in her resume: author of her first book, "Star: A Novel." Plus, one of today's hottest country stars, TIM McGRAW, performs his new #1 single "Live Like You Were Dying."
  • Matt LeBlanc/Nelly/Paul Hamm
    Former star of NBC's Thursday night mega-hit "Friends", MATT LEBLANC talks about leaving his "Friends" and heading west to star in his new spin-off "Joey." Later, Hip-hop sensation and platinum selling artist NELLY performs "My Place" from his new double CD "Sweat/Suit." Plus, the United States 1st ever Men's All Around, Olympic Champion PAUL HAMM, drops by to discuss the controversy surrounding that win.moreless
  • Brad Garrett/U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team
    Everybody loves him too, actor BRAD GARRETT, co-star of the CBS Monday night mega-hit "Everybody Loves Raymond" stops by for a chat. Plus, Ellen welcomes America's New 'Mary Lou', Olympic Women's All Around gold medalist CARLY PATTERSON. She'll give Ellen some training tips on the balance beam and chat about life after her Olympic win. Later, the other members of THE UNITED STATES WOMEN'S OLYMPIC GYMNASTIC TEAM (Courtney Kupets, Courtney McCool, Mohini Bhardwaj, Annia Hatch and Terin Humphrey) are back from Athens and chatting with Ellen about their future plans.moreless
  • Josh Duhamel/Ken Jennings/Jason Mraz
    JOSH DUHAMEL drops in to chat about his hit NBC Monday night drama, "Las Vegas" and about going back to his modeling roots. Singer/songwriter JASON MRAZ (originally scheduled to appear on Friday) performs "You and I Both" from his new live CD "Tonight, Not Again." Plus, he's "Jeopardy's" all time money winner…who is KEN JENNINGS stops by to discuss the rumors of his reported loss on the hit game show.moreless
  • Paris Hilton/Jill Scott
    Tabloid diva, porn star and millionaire, Paris Hilton drops by. Jill Scott performs.
  • Farrah Fawcett/Andy Richter
    Former "10" star and legendary actress FARRAH FAWCETT visits to talk about her new film, "The Cookout." Ellen checks out the inventions of the three finalists in the "Craftsman/NSTA Young Inventors Contest." Also, funnyman ANDY RICHTER chats about his new Wednesday night FOX sitcom "Quintuplets."
  • Kirsten Dunst/Anita Baker/Scott Wolf
    Former child star and current Hollywood A-lister KIRSTEN DUNST is off the court and in our studio to talk about her new film exploring the world of Tennis, intitled "Wimbledon." Plus, SCOTT WOLF chats about joining the cast of the WB's 'Heavenly' Monday night hit "Everwood" and what he's been up to since Fox's "Party of Five" left the air. Later, The sensational ANITA BAKER performs "You're My Everything" from her new CD, "My Everything."moreless
  • Jude Law/Edie Falco
    Jude Law/Edie Falco
    Episode 10
    High-flying Hollywood heartthrob JUDE LAW ("Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow") drops by. Also, everyone's favorite mafia wife, EDIE FALCO chats about the upcoming season of "The Sopranos."
  • Charlie Sheen/Jennifer Coolidge/Hazel Smith
    Former "Spin City" star, CHARLIE SHEEN drops to discuss the upcoming Second season of his hit CBS Monday night comedy "Two and a half Men." Also, from the big screen to the guest chair goes the former co-star of "American Pie" and "Legally Blonde", JENNIFER COOLIDGE, dropping by to chat about her new role on the Matt LaBlanc led NBC Thursday night sitcom "Joey." Plus, Nashville chef HAZEL SMITH is back for another visit and cooking up her latest recipe.moreless
  • Jon Stewart/Oliver Hudson
    Host of Comedy Central's "Daily Show," JON STEWART stops by for a chat. Later, Oliver Hudson.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow/Mark McGrath/Brian Wilson
    Gwyneth Paltrow/Mark McGrath/Brian Wilson
  • David Spade/Laura Dern/Ricky Fante
    David Spade/Laura Dern/Ricky Fante
  • Naomi Watts/Angela Bassett
    Naomi Watts/Angela Bassett
  • Lauren Graham/PeterBoyle/Patti Scialfa
    Lauren Graham/PeterBoyle/Patti Scialfa
  • Amy Brenneman/Keith Urban
    Amy Brenneman/Keith Urban
  • Donald Trump/LL Cool J
    Donald Trump/LL Cool J
  • Lance Armstrong/K.D. Lang
    Lance Armstrong/K.D. Lang
  • Rob Lowe/Fran Drescher
    Rob Lowe and Ellen go sledding and Fran Dresher celebrates her birthday.
  • John Travolta/Mase
    John Travolta/Mase
    Episode 21
    JOHN TRAVOLTA flies in to tell Ellen about his movie "Ladder 49." Plus, after a long break, MASE is here to perform his single "Breathe, Stretch, Shake" from his CD "Welcome Back."
  • Leah Remini/Heart
    Leah Remini/Heart
    Episode 22
    LEAH REMINI fills Ellen in on becoming a mom and this season of "The King of Queens." Also, the legendary rock group HEART performs "Make Me" from their CD "Jupiters Darling," and one of their classic hits!
  • Martin Short/Tyra Banks/Aron Ralston
    Martin Short/Tyra Banks/Aron Ralston
  • Anthony LaPaglia/Joss Stone
    Anthony LaPaglia/Joss Stone
  • Wanda Sykes/Carl Reiner
    Wanda Sykes/Carl Reiner
  • Ray Romano/Kaley Cuoco
    Everybody loves him and now RAY ROMANO visits Ellen to chat about his movie, "Eulogy." Also, from the hit TV show "8 Simple Rules," KALEY CUOCO.
  • Hilary Duff/Taye Diggs
    In a fun packed episode of Ellen, she first welcomes former star of the Disney Channel's "Lizzie McGuire", actress and pop sensation HILARY DUFF to talk about her new movie, "Raise Your Voice." Hilary will also show off her athletic skills when her and Ellen visit the 'riff-raff' room and have some fun on a trampoline. Later, she performs "Fly" from her brand new album, "Hilary". Plus, the incredibly sexy star of UPN's new Wednesday night sitcom/drama, "Kevin Hill," TAYE DIGGS is on the case, as he tells Ellen about playing a hotshot lawyer and single dad and later gives the host some dance tips.moreless
  • Jimmy Fallon/Kyra Sedgwick
    Jimmy Fallon/Kyra Sedgwick
  • Annette Bening/Richard Marx/Nick Lachey
    Annette Bening/Richard Marx/Nick Lachey
  • Robin Williams/Tears For Fears
    You never know what's going to happen when ROBIN WILLIAMS ("The Final Cut") visits with Ellen. Also, the one-and-only TEARS FOR FEARS performs from their CD, "Everybody Loves A Happy Ending."
  • Kelly Preston/Drew Carey
    The lovely KELLY PRESTON is here talking about her new comedy "Eulogy." Plus, the hysterical DREW CAREY stops by to chat about his new show, "Drew Carey's Green Screen Show."
  • Queen Latifah/Rupert Everett
    The multi-talented QUEEN LATIFAH is in the house talking about her new movie "Taxi" and performs "Hard Times" from "The Dana Owens Album". Also, actor RUPERT EVERETT visits with Ellen to talk about his film, "Stage Beauty."
  • Martin Sheen/Drea DeMatteo
    Hail to the chief: MARTIN SHEEN is here to chat about the new season of the hit drama "The West Wing." Plus, Emmy winner DREA DE MATTEO talks about going from "The Sopranos" to co-starring in one of this season's best new sitcoms "Joey."
  • Susan Sarandon/Dermot Mulroney
    The amazing SUSAN SARANDON takes off her dancing shoes and talks about her new movie "Shall We Dance." Also, Ellen chats with actor DERMOT MULRONEY ("Undertow").
  • Rod Stewart/Christina Applegate
    Legendary rocker-turned-crooner ROD STEWART visits with Ellen and performs a song from "Stardust...The Great American Songbook: Volume III." Plus, CHRISTINA APPLEGATE talks about working with Ben Affleck and James Gandolfini in the new holiday movie "Surviving Christmas."
  • Jason Alexander/Serena Williams
    The hilarious JASON ALEXANDER visits to chat about his new TV show, "Listen Up." Also, it's HOUSTON'S birthday and Ellen celebrates by making one of his dreams come true! Plus, Ellen gets some court tips from tennis ace SERENA WILLIAMS.
  • Courtney Thorne-Simtih/Jimmy Kimmel
    "According to Jim" star, COURTNEY THORNE-SMITH drops by. Plus, Ellen talks with JIMMY KIMMEL about how he's doubling up on hosting jobs on his late night show and the American Music Awards.
  • Anthony Lapaglia/Alanis Morissetter/Amanda Bynes
    Without a doubt, ANTHONY LAPAGLIA from "Without a Trace" will be here. Superstar ALANIS MORISSETTE performs "Eight Easy Steps" from her CD "So-Called Chaos." Also, teen-star AMANDA BYNES ("What I Like About You").
  • James Spader/Debbie Reynolds
    The man who started our eBay craze, JAMES SPADER, is here talking about his new hit show, "Boston Legal." And Ellen welcomes the legendary DEBBIE REYNOLDS ("Halloweentown").
  • Alyssa Milano/David Copperfield/Elizabeth Mule (Halloween Show)
    Ellen celebrates Halloween with the bewitching ALYSSA MILANO ("Charmed") and an amazing illusion by master of magic, DAVID COPPERFIELD. Ten year-old spider expert, ELIZABETH MULE shows off her eight legged friends. Plus, it's time for trick or treating -- what will Ellen and Tony go as? Tune in to find out (and bring candy)!moreless
  • Roseanne Barr/Orlando Jones
    You never know what will happen when ROSEANNE BARR drops by. From the new animated sitcom "Father of the Pride," ORLANDO JONES. Plus, the amazing story of a Los Angeles firefighter who rescued a dog from the L.A. River.
  • Kevin James/Shannen Doherty
    KEVIN JAMES, "The King of Queens," joins Ellen, the queen of Burbank. SHANNEN DOHERTY talks about her new role on the TV show, "North Shore." And, Ellen calls a viewer in response to their "Let Us Host Your Next Event" email.
  • Teri Hatcher/Shane West
    She plays Dr. Marlena Evans on "Days of our Lives," actress DEIDRE HALL joins Ellen. Plus, from the sitcom "Less Than Perfect," SHERRI SHEPHERD.
  • Will & Grace Cast
    Will & Grace Cast
    Episode 44
    Join Ellen as she welcomes the cast of the hit comedy "Will & Grace." DEBRA MESSING, ERIC McCORMACK, MEGAN MULLALLY, and SEAN HAYES will all be here!
  • Samuel L. Jackson/David Ortiz/Rachel Bilson
    The talented SAMUEL L. JACKSON talks about becoming a super-hero in the new animated film "The Incredibles." Here to celebrate his team winning the World Series after 86 years, DAVID ORTIZ from the Boston Red Sox joins Ellen. Plus, from the hit show "The O.C.," actress RACHEL BILSON.
  • Sir Elton John
    Sir Elton John
    Episode 46
    The one-and-only Sir ELTON JOHN is back, to perform "Answers In The Sky" from his new CD "Peachtree Road" and to chat with Ellen about his recent headline-making comments. Also, Ellen goes bowling with 79 year-old LOIS MORGAN, the oldest woman ever to bowl a perfect game.
  • Jamie Foxx/Jeffrey Tambor
    The multi-talented JAMIE FOXX visits with Ellen to chat about his portrayal of Ray Charles in the new movie "Ray." Jamie also sings and plays the piano for Ellen. Plus, from the Emmy award winning show "Arrested Development," JEFFREY TAMBOR.
  • Ashley Judd/Ruben Studdard
    The charming ASHLEY JUDD stops by. "Finding Nemo On Ice" will perform on our very own ice rink in the "Riff Raff Room." The soulful RUBEN STUDDARD performs his new song "I Need An Angel." Plus, we check in on new Mom Ashleigh Carroll (the viewer who wrote in to "RSVP Ellen" wanting Ellen to be her birth coach).moreless
  • Kate Winslet/Chad Michael Murray/Thom Filicia
    It's a visit from the ever-winsome KATE WINSLET, who tells Ellen about her new movie "Finding Neverland" and working with her co-star Johnny Depp. From the WB's "One Tree Hill," CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY visits. Plus, THOM FILICIA ("Queer Eye For The Straight Guy") reveals his make-over on our "Luxury Box."
  • Teri Hatcher/Freddy Adu/Maroon 5
    Straight from Wisteria Lane, TERI HATCHER is here and talking about her new hit show, "Desperate Housewives." Fifteen year-old U.S. soccer phenomenon FREDDY ADU shows Ellen some of his moves. MAROON 5 perform "Sunday Morning" from their CD "Songs About Jane." Plus, Ellen's video from her trip to New York City!moreless
  • Woody Harrelson/Venus Williams/Jamie Oliver
    WOODY HARRELSON stops by to talk about his new movie "After the Sunset." Tennis champ VENUS WILLIAMS drops by. Also, someone's in the kitchen with Ellen -- it's one of her favorite chefs, JAMIE OLIVER, author of "Jamie's Dinners: The Essential Family Cookbook.
  • Pierce Bronson/Matthew Fox
    The charming PIERCE BROSNAN ("After The Sunset") visits. Also, he starred in the popular TV show "Party of Five," now he's marooned on a strange island in the new hit TV show "Lost," it's actor MATTHEW FOX.
  • Allison Janney/Alicia Keys
    She's back! The last time ALLISON JANNEY ("The West Wing") was here, she beat Ellen in a ping-pong match. What will their challenge be this time? Five-time Grammy winner ALICIA KEYS performs her new single "Karma," from her CD, "The Diary Of Alicia Keys." And, Ellen's first "Roving Reporter," Tony Synder is our "Luxury Box."moreless
  • John Goodman/Marcia Cross/Nigella Lawson
    The hilarious JOHN GOODMAN ("Center Of The Universe") drops by. From the hot new show "Desperate Housewives," it's a neighborly visit from MARCIA CROSS! Plus, Ellen gets cooking with TV chef NIGELLA LAWSON.
  • Matt Leblanc/Denise Richards
    MATT LEBLANC from TV's "Joey" will be here! Ellen and Houston's visit with "The Donald" in New York City for their "Apprentice" like task! Also, actress and new mom DENISE RICHARDS chats with Ellen about her guest appearance on "Two And A Half Men."
  • Jamie Lee Curtis/Fantasia
    JAMIE LEE CURTIS puts us in the holiday spirit with her new movie "Christmas with the Kranks." Also, "American Idol" winner FANTASIA is back and performing "Truth Is" from her first CD, "Free Yourself."
  • Tim Allen/Eva Longoria/Chingy
    The holiday ho ho hos continue with hilarious TIM ALLEN ("Christmas with the Kranks"). Also, actress EVA LONGORIA discusses how she's heating up Sunday nights on "Desperate Housewives." Plus, one of Ellen's favorite rappers, CHINGY, is in the house and performing "Balla Baby" off his latest CD "Powerballin'."
  • America's Soldier Tribute/Tom Hanks/Gwen Stefani
    This show is devoted to America's soldiers serving our country. The studio audience will be entirely filled with spouses and family members of deployed military personnel. See what big surprise Ellen has for the entire studio audience! Plus, Ellen welcomes TOM HANKS ("The Polar Express") and making her daytime talk show debut, GWEN STEFANI performs "What Are You Waiting For?" from her new solo CD.moreless
  • John Goodman/Nigella Lawson/Marcia Cross
    John Goodman, Nigella Lawson, Marcia Cross
  • Jude Law/Ty Pennington
    Just voted People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive," JUDE LAW is here and chatting with Ellen about his new movie "Closer!" Plus, he's America's favorite carpenter, TY PENNINGTON from "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" stops by and redesigns the "Luxury Box!"
  • Colin Farrell/Lenny Kravitz
    He's here! COLIN FARRELL stops by to tell Ellen about his wild life, fatherhood and his new movie "Alexander." Also, charismatic rocker LENNY KRAVITZ chats with Ellen and performs "Lady" from his new CD, "Baptism," along with one of his classic hits!
  • Robert Downey Jr./Christine Lahti
    Actor and now singer, ROBERT DOWNEY JR. is back. Robert chats with Ellen and performs "Man Like Me" off his debut CD, "The Futurist." Actress CHRISTINE LAHTI tells Ellen about her new TV show "Jack & Bobby." Plus, the cast of the new reality show, "The Real Gilligan's Island."
  • Angelina Jolie/Snoop Dogg/Pharrell Williams
    Ellen welcomes the sizzling ANGELINA JOLIE to talk about her new movie ("Alexander") and her new hobby! Also, the Dogg is in the hizz-ouse! That's right, SNOOP DOGG is here to perform "Drop It Like It's Hot" with special guest PHARRELL WILLIAMS.
  • Hilary Swank/Jason Randal
    Oscar winner HILARY SWANK is here to chat about her new movie "Million Dollar Baby." Plus, don't take your eyes off him -- sleight-of-hand magician JASON RANDAL will amaze you with his talents!
  • Julia Louis Dreyfuss/William H. Macy/Tatiana Totmianina/Maxim Marinin
    The hilarious JULIA LOUIS DREYFUSS ("Seinfeld") joins Ellen. Actor WILLIAM H. MACY ("The Wool Cap") drops by. Plus, World Champion pairs skater TATIANA TOTMIANINA and her partner MAXIM MARININ, and Tatiana discusses her comeback after suffering a concussion during a recent performance.
  • Kevin Kline/Amy Poehler
    The talented and charming KEVIN KLINE visits with Ellen. Also, "Saturday Night Live" star, the hilarious AMY POEHLER talks about her new assignment as co-host of "Weekend Update."
  • Liam Nesson/George Lopez
    Irish import LIAM NEESON is here chatting about his new movie, "Kinsey." Plus, GEORGE LOPEZ is back to talk about his hit sitcom ("George Lopez") and his new TV movie, "Naughty or Nice."
  • Natalie Portman/Gary Marshall
    The lovely NATALIE PORTMAN tells Ellen about working with Julia Roberts and Jude Law in her intriguing new movie, "Closer." Also, actor/director GARRY MARSHALL ("Princess Diaries 2") stops by!
  • Zach Braff/Parker Posey
    ZACH BRAFF ("Scrubs" and "Garden State") joins Ellen. Actress PARKER POSEY talks about her new movie "Blade: Trinity." Plus, tune in to see what gifts the Gingerbread man will bring by for the "12 Days of Giveaways."
  • Jane Kaczmarek/Jesse Metcalfe
    From the hit sitcom "Malcolm In The Middle," actress JANE KACZMAREK. Also, he's heating up Sunday nights as the young gardener on "Desperate Housewives," actor JESSE METCALFE.
  • Jon Cryer/Jessica Biel
    From the hit sitcom "Two and a Half Men," Ellen welcomes JON CRYER. Actress JESSICA BIEL ("7th Heaven") talks about her new movie "Blade: Trinity." Also, he's here! Eighty-three year old viewer JERRY GORDON performs the song he wrote for Ellen!
  • Stevie Wonder/Andy Dick
    The legendary STEVIE WONDER stops by! Stevie performs some of his classic hits and chats with Ellen. Plus, Ellen welcomes the hysterical ANDY DICK ("Less Than Perfect").
  • Melina Kanakaredes/Mekhi Phiffer/Jem
    Actress MELINA KANAKAREDES chats with Ellen about her new drama "CSI: NY." Ellen welcomes back MEKHI PHIFER ("ER"). Plus, her fans include Madonna and Dave Matthews, singer/songwriter JEM performs "Just A Ride" from her debut CD "Finally Woken."
  • Jeff Bridges/Lindsay Lohan
    Actor JEFF BRIDGES ("Door in the Floor") visits with Ellen. She's the girl of the moment: teen-sensation LINDSAY LOHAN visits to chat and perform "Over" from her new CD "Speak!" Also, Scotch Brand's "Most Gifted Wrapper" winner, HOLLY KAROLKOWSKI will teach Ellen some of her gift wrapping techniques!
  • Celine Dion/Freddie Highmore
    A visit by one of the leading ladies in music today -- that's right, CELINE DION's heart will go on, right here, as she performs "Miracle." Also, FREDDIE HIGHMORE is only 12 years old but he's co-starring opposite Johnny Depp in the new movie "Finding Neverland."
  • Ben Stiller/Sara Rue/Sarah McLachlan
    The hilarious BEN STILLER is back and chatting with Ellen about his new movie "Meet the Fockers." From the TV show "Less Than Perfect," actress SARA RUE. Plus, SARAH McLACHLAN performs "Push" from her new CD "Afterglow."
  • Dustin Hoffman/Carmen Electra
    Oscar winner DUSTIN HOFFMAN ("Meet the Fockers") is here. Tune in to see Ellen make one of Dustin's dreams come true! Also, CARMEN ELECTRA stops by to talk about her new role on the WB show "Summerland."
  • Bradley Whitford/Laura Prepon
    Bradley Whitford/Laura Prepon
  • Jeff Goldblum/Kimberley Locke/Emma Roberts
    From the new film "The Life Aquatic," actor JEFF GOLDBLUM. Former "American Idol" star KIMBERLEY LOCKE performs "You've Changed" from her CD "One Love." And, the star of the new Nickelodeon show "Unfabulous," 13 year-old actress EMMA ROBERTS.
  • Dennis Quaid/Jill Hennessy
    DENNIS QUAID ("Flight of the Phoenix") chats with Ellen. The star of the NBC drama "Crossing Jordan," actress JILL HENNESSY. Plus, the band KEANE will be here and performing "Somewhere Only We Know" from their CD "Hopes and Fears."
  • Nicole Kidman/Jimmy Buffett
    Glamour alert! It's a visit from Oscar winner NICOLE KIDMAN. Plus, calling all Parrot-heads, the one-and-only JIMMY BUFFETT sails in to perform his hit "Margaritaville" and chat about his new book "A Salty Piece of Land." Plus, more celebrity baby look-a likes!
  • Don Cheadle/Betty White/Kratt Brothers
    Golden Globe nominee DON CHEADLE talks about his bold new movie, "Hotel Rwanda." Ellen welcomes back the legendary BETTY WHITE ("Boston Legal"). Also, from National Geographic's "Be The Creature," the KRATT BROTHERS stop by and bring Ellen some exotic animals.
  • Scarlett Johansson/Carl Reiner
    Actress SCARLETT JOHANSSON chats with Ellen about her two new films ("A Love Song For Bobby Long" & "In Good Company"). The always-delightful comedy icon CARL REINER chats about teaming up again with George Clooney and Brad Pitt to make "Ocean's 12."
  • Steve Harvey/Jennifer Lopez
    The hilarious STEVE HARVEY ("Steve Harvey's Big Time") drops by. And Ellen dances with JENNIFER LOPEZ on the set of her new video. Plus, more "celebrity confessionals" all week long!
  • Michael Keaton/Oliver Platt/John Legend
    MICHAEL KEATON stops by to tell Ellen all about his scary new movie "White Noise." OLIVER PLATT tells Ellen about his new TV show "Huff." Plus, up-and-coming singer/songwriter JOHN LEGEND performs "Used To Love U" from his debut CD "Get Lifted."
  • Ryan Seacrest/JoJo/James Denton
    RYAN SEACREST is here to talk about the twists for the new season of "American Idol." Teenage pop sensation JOJO drops by to perform her new single, "Baby It's You" and her #1 hit, "Leave (Get Out)." Plus, a house call from the "Desperate Housewives'" favorite plumber, JAMES DENTON!
  • Topher Grace/Evangeline Lilly
    From "That ‘70s Show," TOPHER GRACE visits to chat about his new movie "In Good Company." We've got the Golden Globes red carpet report from our own Charlotte "KITTY" Pope. Also, she plays "Kate" on the hit TV show "Lost," actress EVANGELINE LILLY.
  • Susan Sarahdon/Wyclef Jean/Enrique Murciano
    Academy award winner SUSAN SARANDON is here. Also, an amazing performance from WYCLEF JEAN and the AFRICAN CHILDREN'S CHOIR, singing their Golden Globe-nominated theme song, "Million Voices" from the movie "Hotel Rwanda." Plus, from "Without a Trace," actor ENRIQUE MURCIANO.
  • Minnie Driver/Treat Williams
    The multi-talented MINNIE DRIVER visits. Minnie chats about her new movie ("Phantom of the Opera") and performs "Invisible Girl" from her debut album, "Everything I've Got In My Pocket." Plus, from the WB show "Everwood," actor TREAT WILLIAMS.
  • Jimmy Smits/Joan Lunden
    From NYPD Blue to 1616 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington,DC, JIMMY SMITS talks about joining the cast of "The West Wing." JOAN LUNDEN gives Ellen the scoop on her new reality show, "Wickedly Perfect." Plus, an amazing 12 year old boy who promptly returned $9,000 he found in a parking lot!
  • Ice Cube/Jen Schefft/Diana DeGarmo
    Ice Cube stops by. Later, "American Idol" runner up, Diana DeGarmo performs.
  • Paris Hilton/Ciara
    Paris Hilton/Ciara
    Episode 93
    The ultimate party-girl, PARIS HILTON, is here to help Ellen celebrate. Then CIARA keeps the party going with a performance of her #1 hit single, "1, 2, Step." Plus, tune in for many more birthday surprises!
  • Paul Reiser/Helen Hunt/Elisabeth Shue
    Former "Mad About You" stars, Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt are in for a visit. Later, Elisabeth Shue.
  • Bonnie Hunt/Kelly Clarkson
    The hilarious BONNIE HUNT is back. America's first "American Idol," KELLY CLARKSON, performs "Since U Been Gone" from her new hit album "Breakaway." Plus, Houston goes to Wisconsin to pick up Morgan ( our "Roving Reporter") to start their road trip to the Super Bowl.
  • Susan Lucci/Tara Reid
    From Pine Valley, Ellen welcomes daytime diva SUSAN LUCCI ("All My Children"). TARA REID chats about her new thriller, "Alone in the Dark." Also, the heroic 5-year-old boy who saved his father by calling 911.
  • Amy Brenneman/Faith Ford
    All rise, the honorable AMY BRENNEMAN ("Judging Amy") is here. From "Hope & Faith," actress FAITH FORD. Plus, all the way from Minnesota, Ellen welcomes BETTY ERICKSON, the "Mostly Moose" Lady!
  • Garry Shandling/Aisha Tyler
    The hilarious GARRY SHANDLING joins Ellen. From "CSI" and "24," AISHA TYLER drops by. And we check in with HOUSTON and our Roving Reporter MORGAN, who are on the road headed to the Super Bowl.
  • Kiefer Sutherland/Vanessa Marcil/Wilma McNabb
    KIEFER SUTHERLAND visits to reveal secrets about the new season of his hit drama "24." From NBC's "Las Vegas," actress VANESSA MARCIL. Also, Campbell's soup spokesperson and mom of Super Bowl-bound Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, WILMA McNABB is in the house.
  • Cate Blanchett
    Cate Blanchett
    Episode 100
    Academy Award nominee CATE BLANCHETT is here to talk about her high-flying movie, "The Aviator." Plus, more "Celebrity Babies!"
  • Leah Remini/Ashanti
    Leah Remini/Ashanti
    Episode 101
    LEAH REMINI ("The King of Queens") is here and ready to take on Ellen in a karaoke battle of the stars! R&B superstar ASHANTI sings her new hit song "Only U." Plus, the heartwarming reunion of a service member who recently returned from Iraq and his new wife.
  • Lauren Graham/Alex Trebek/Christian Delpech
    It's a Mardi Gras celebration! LAUREN GRAHAM ("Gilmore Girls") stops by. Ellen phrases her questions in the form of an answer for "Jeopardy!" host ALEX TREBEK. MORGAN (our "Roving Reporter") gives us her Super Bowl report! Plus, Ellen keeps the party going with the World Champion of Flair Bartending and HOUSTON reports from New Orleans!moreless
  • Tina Turner/Martin Sheen
    She's simply the best, and she's here! TINA TURNER talks to Ellen about her legendary career and performs "Proud Mary" and her new single "Open Arms." Also, from "The West Wing," actor MARTIN SHEEN.
  • Debra Messing/Rod Stewart/Jeffrey Tambor
    DEBRA MESSING ("Will & Grace") drops in to talk about her new movie, "The Wedding Date." Ellen and ROD STEWART fill in for "Have Houston Do It For Someone You Love" and surprise a viewer! Plus, the hilarious JEFFREY TAMBOR stops by to discuss the second season of "Arrested Development."
  • William Shatner/Avril Lavigne/Rosie Perez
    The one-and-only WILLIAM SHATNER ("Boston Legal") joins Ellen for a chat. Later, musical guest AVRIL LAVIGNE performs a hit song from her CD "Under My Skin." Also, the hilarious ROSIE PEREZ stops by.
  • Allison Janney/Laura Linney/Loretta Lynn
    ALLISON JANNEY ("The West Wing") is back -- so what will she do this time? Also, Ellen's in the kitchen with country superstar LORETTA LYNN. Plus, from the movie "Kinsey", LAURA LINNEY, and HOUSTON helps a viewer fulfill a Valentine's Day surprise you won't want to miss!
  • Dennis Franz/Mo'Nique
    Dennis Franz/Mo'Nique
    Episode 107
    He's been playing Det. Sipowicz for 12 years, and now DENNIS FRANZ talks about the last year of "NYPD Blue." The always-entertaining MO'NIQUE ("Showtime at the Apollo") is in the house. A 12 year old girl nominates her mom for our next "Who's Your Hero." Plus, Ellen takes the LAKER GIRLS to Dance Court and keep an eye out for our surprise guest!moreless
  • Simon Cowell/Emily Procter
    You never know what he's going to say! SIMON COWELL ("American Idol") visits with Ellen and shares his feelings about this season's contestants. SEAN ASTIN talks about his new movie "Bigger Than The Sky." Tara Reid's search for love continues as Ellen shares some possible suitors. Also, if you're looking for skill and speed, don't miss the Sport Stacking Champions.moreless
  • Noah Wylie/Sean Astin
    Noah Wylie/Sean Astin
    Episode 109
    Is there a doctor in the house? Maybe not, but NOAH WYLE plays one on the hit show "ER.' HOUSTON continues his travels and is live from the Chicago Auto Show. From "CSI: Miami," actress EMILY PROCTER. And we have a 10 year old girl who was nominated for "Who's Your Hero."moreless
  • Nicolette Sheridan/Jamie Kennedy
    She keeps the women of Wisteria Lane on their toes, and now actress NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN ("Desperate Housewives") is making her first neighborly visit to Ellen. The hilarious JAMIE KENNEDY talks about his new movie, "The Son of the Mask." Plus, a kid inventor who helped his 5 year old sister becomes our next "Who's Your Hero." And see which monologue the home viewers picked for Ellen.moreless
  • Ray Romano/Nicole Richie/Jesse McCartney
    Ellen loves Raymond! RAY ROMANO ("Everybody Loves Raymond") asks the audience to vote: keep the beard or shave it? NICOLE RICHIE ("The Simple Life") talks about her engagement and shows her ring! Teen sensation JESSE McCARTNEY performs "Beautiful Soul." And to celebrate President's Day, an amazing 8-year-old presidential expert tries to stump Ellen.moreless
  • Chris Rock/Peter Boyle
    Ellen helps CHRIS ROCK prepare for his big night hosting the Oscars! PETER BOYLE shows us hilarious outtakes from "Everybody Loves Raymond." And the eight students from Lima, Montana, who donated their vacation savings to help their sick teacher are here. Ellen takes them to the beach, where they see the ocean for the first time!moreless
  • Patricia Heaton/Benjamin McKenzie
    PATRICIA HEATON brings us even more embarrassing outtakes from "Everybody Loves Raymond." Resident heartthrob BENJAMIN MCKENZIE tells us what life is really like in "The O.C." Ellen gets down with RIVERDANCE. And a Valentine's update as we check in with our recently engaged couple, live from Sardi's in New York City.moreless
  • Bob Newhart/Sean Hayes
    It's Chicago in LA!! Houston brings a whole audience of Chicagoans to Ellen! Joining the fun are Chicago's favorite sons BOB NEWHART and SEAN HAYES ("Will and Grace"), who'll talk about Chicago foods and why the windy city's his favorite city. Plus, the Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team will amaze you with their performance.moreless
  • Brad Garrett/Luke Perry/Jennie Garth
    BRAD GARRETT provides the funny finale to "Everybody Loves Raymond" week. Also, it's a "Beverly Hills 90210" reunion with LUKE PERRY and JENNIE GARTH ("What I Like About You"). Ellen challenges them on classic "90210" trivia.
  • Diane Sawyer/Jeffrey Tambor
    DIANE SAWYER reveals embarrassing old photos and you will not believe her hair! Ellen surprises JEFFREY TAMBOR ("Arrested Development") with a new place to live… backstage at the show! Plus, hip-hop violin duo Nuttin' But Stringz plays Usher, and it's like nuttin' you've ever seen.
  • Vince Vaughn/Missy Elliott
    VINCE VAUGHN ("Be Cool") and Ellen host a Dance-Off between two audience members! Hip-hop star MISSY ELLIOTT talks about her "Road To Stardom" and Ellen reveals her different looks along the way! And, nine-year old cancer survivor DAVID DINGMAN-GROVER get the surprise of his life – hint: it involves some music legends!moreless
  • John Travolta/Faye Dunaway
    JOHN TRAVOLTA ("Be Cool") and Ellen challenge three audience members to "Dance like John Travolta." The TODAY SHOW thinks they've found a man for TARA REID from their staff. And screen legend FAYE DUNAWAY ("The Starlet") tells Ellen about the search for the next big star.
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt/Gerard Butler/Austin Preiss
    JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT ("Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber") plays Mystery Word with Ellen. The Phantom of the Opera, GERARD BUTLER ("Dear Frankie") is here. BRIAN McKNIGHT performs "She" from his new CD "Gemini." Plus, he's only 10 years old, AUSTIN PREISS the #1 ranked table Tennis player is here and 9 year old Roving Reporter Sara Grace Womack finally meets Ellen.moreless
  • Vin Diesel/3 Doors Down/Annasophia Robb
    VIN DIESEL ("The Pacifier") shows Ellen how to be a bouncer in New York City. 3 DOORS DOWN plays their latest hit "Let Me Go" from their #1 CD "Seventeen Days." And 11-year-old, ANNASOPHIA ROBB ("Because of Winn Dixie") shares her fresh perspective on Hollywood.
  • The Rock/Vanessa Marcil
    Former WWE superstar turned action film star, DWAYNE "THE ROCK" JOHNSON, ("Be Cool") stuffs his face when Ellen flies in his favorite dessert. VANESSA MARCIL ("Las Vegas") surprises her co-star James Caan by calling him at home. Never have we received so many emails about a guest! So, Ellen calls to check in with 10 year-old cancer survivor DAVID DINGMAN-GROVER and takes a look at his backstage photos with KISS!.moreless
  • Bruce Willis/Constance Marie
    BRUCE WILLIS opens up about his family (including ex-wife Demi Moore and daughters Rumor and Scout) and his relationship with Demi's current, Ashton Kutcher. He and Ellen then play the "BRUCE WILLIS TRIVIA" game with the audience! CONSTANCE MARIE ("George Lopez") dances to her favorite song from the 80s. "TARA REID'S SEARCH FOR LOVE" continues. Also Ellen answers audience questions!moreless
  • Penelope Cruz/Carson Daly/Chelsea Dock
    PENELOPE CRUZ ("Don't Move") visits and shares her Oscar story. CARSON DALY ("Last Call with Carson Daly") compares notes on hosting with Ellen. Plus, 9 year old musical prodigy CHELSEA DOCK performs and Ellen shares her latest "Dance With Me" tapes!
  • Mel Gibson/Joan Allen
    Mel Gibson/Joan Allen
    Episode 124
    MEL GIBSON ("The Passion Recut") talks about buying an entire island for himself in Fiji, then tests audience members on their "MEL I.Q." Three-time Oscar nominee JOAN ALLEN ("The Upside of Anger") talks about co-starring opposite Kevin Costner. Plus, Ellen reveals her latest ROVING REPORTER.
  • Barry Manilow/Maria Bello
    BARRY MANILOW performs "Could this be Magic" and "Sweet Heaven." Then, for "HAVE HOUSTON DO IT FOR SOMEONE YOU LOVE," Barry plays as Houston sings Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" (while dressed as a ladybug!) Also, MARIA BELLO ("Assault on Precinct 13") brings Ellen a homemade gift.
  • Michael Chiklis/Gavin DeGraw/Kristin Bell
    MICHAEL CHIKLIS ("The Shield") joins Ellen and plays "Just The Facts Ma'am" with a lucky audience member. Actress KRISTEN BELL ("Veronica Mars") has some Polish words with Ellen and brings her family to the show. Plus, GAVIN DEGRAW performs his hit single, "Chariot."
  • Glenn Close/Kevin Pollak/Tori Amos
    The one and only GLENN CLOSE is here! Actor KEVIN POLLAK ("Hostage") teaches Ellen some of his best impersonations. Six time Grammy nominee TORI AMOS performs "Sleeps With Butterflies" from her new CD, "The Beekeeper." Also, the miraculous story of DIRK HOEKSTRA, who survived a 60-foot fall when his boat was crushed through a dam on Lake Austin.moreless
  • Kelsey Grammer/Brian Williams
    KELSEY GRAMMER ("The Sketch Show") did a headstand last time he was here. How will he top that? Anchorman BRIAN WILLIAMS ("NBC Nightly News") reveals his lighter side and plays a game in the audience. And some ingenious KID INVENTORS. Plus, more "Dance With Me" tapes!
  • John Stamos/Christina Milian
    JOHN STAMOS ("Jake in Progress") and CHRISTINA MILIAN ("Be Cool") will be here to help us celebrate. The award winning Irish Chef PAUL RANKIN is in the kitchen with Ellen cooking up some Irish treats! And, hysterical clips of our in-studio audience dancing!
  • Adrien Brody/Sherri Shepherd
    Academy Award winner ADRIEN BRODY ("The Jacket") brings his very own "celebrity pet," Ceelo. The hilarious SHERRI SHEPHERD ("Beauty Shop") is here. Plus, Ellen shows off the latest "Celebrity Pets."
  • Andie MacDowell/Mike O'Malley
    ANDIE MACDOWELL ("Beauty Shop") tries harder than any guest to play "MYSTERY WORD" with Ellen! MIKE O'MALLEY ("Yes, Dear") makes good on his promise and comes clean about one of his most embarrassing moments. Ellen surprises eight year-old cancer survivor KASSANDRA OKVATH, whose amazing story was featured on "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." Plus, another highlight from our past 300 shows, CELEBRITY BABIES, and our latest "DANCE WITH ME" tape!moreless
  • Ashton Kutcher/Julie Bowen/Fantasia Burino/Fan Yang
    ASHTON KUTCHER ("Guess Who") talks about the rumor that Demi Moore is pregnant and his relationship with Bruce Willis. "American Idol" winner, FANTASIA performs her latest single "Baby Mama," and from the new ABC series "Jake in Progress," JULIE BOWEN stops by. Nine-time Guinness World Record Holder and bubble performer, FAN YANG, will "blow" your mind. Don't miss what he does to Ellen and Ashton!moreless
  • Elijah Wood/Florence Henderson
    ELIJAH WOOD ("Sin City") is here and gives us a look as his early acting days! Ellen gives TV icon FLORENCE HENDERSON a dancing tour of the studio. Award-winning CHEF ERIC RIPERT (Le Bernadin Restaurant, NYC) is in the kitchen with Ellen! The world premiere of Ellen's "REENACTORS" trailer. And, it's your last chance to submit your favorite moment from the first 300 shows!moreless
  • Sandra Bullock/Chris Kattan *300th Episode*
    See our best highlights and our viewers' choice of favorite moments! SANDRA BULLOCK brings Ellen a 300th show surprise and CHRIS KATTAN stops by! Plus, we fly in our two biggest fans to face off in a game of "Ellen Trivia!"
  • Bernie Mac/Reba McEntire/Sum 41
    The hilarious BERNIE MAC chats with Ellen. REBA McENTIRE ("Reba") gives Ellen a makeover. SUM 41 performs "Pieces" from their new CD "Chuck," and our latest "CELEBRITY PETS." Plus, Ellen's "REENACTORS" reenact a viewer's most embarrassing story -- could it be yours?
  • Queen Latifah/Tim Daly
    Former star "Wings," Tim Daly stops by. Later, Queen Latifah.
  • Kenneth Branagh/Lisa Marie Presley
    Actor KENNETH BRANAGH ("Warm Springs") joins Ellen and plays a game in our audience. LISA MARIE PRESLEY clears the air about the future of Graceland and performs "Dirty Laundry," from her new CD, "Now What." From Philadelphia, three-year-old golf prodigy JOHN BIGELOW IV shows off his skills to Ellen! Plus, more "DANCE WITH ME" tapes and the latest submission in our "BAD SCHOOL PHOTO TOURNAMENT!"moreless
  • Cynthia Nixon/John Spencer/Al Green
    CYNTHIA NIXON ("Warm Springs") talks about life after "Sex and the City." JOHN SPENCER gives us the scoop on the season finale of "The West Wing." The legendary Rev. AL GREEN performs "Everything's OK" from his new CD. Also, Ellen calls the four-year-old boy who wanted an "Ellen" birthday party!
  • Kevin Costner/Michael Clarke Duncan
    Actor/director KEVIN COSTNER ("The Upside of Anger") visits with Ellen for the first time. MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN talks about teaming up again with Bruce Willis in his new movie "Sin City." Plus, more "CELEBRITY BABIES" and "EMBARRASING MOMENTS!"
  • Whoopi Goldberg/Regina King
    The hilarious WHOOPI GOLDBERG ("Back to Broadway -- The 20th Anniversary") is here! REGINA KING ("Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous") talks about working with Jamie Foxx and Sandra Bullock. Also, more "CELEBRITY OBJECTS."
  • Brittany Murphy/Eric Idle/Ringside
    Last time BRITTANY MURPHY said she started talking at four-and-a-half months old -- now she's back and taking the witness stand (with the help of her Mom and Aunt) to defend her claim. "Monty Python's" ERIC IDLE ("Spamalot") confesses how he forgets everyone's name. Plus, a performance by one of Ellen's favorite new bands, RINGSIDE.moreless
  • Tom Selleck/Wendie Malick/Hall & Oates
    Ellen tests TOM SELLECK'S memory of "Magnum P.I." with a game of "What's My Next Line?" WENDIE MALICK talks about her new show, "Jake In Progress." The legendary duo HALL & OATES perform their hit, "Rich Girl" and their new song, "I Can Dream About You." And, the latest installment of "CELEBRITY PETS."moreless
  • Pamela Anderson/Anthony Anderson
    PAMELA ANDERSON ("Stacked") and Ellen play "COSMO OR NOT?" in our audience! ANTHONY ANDERSON ("The Shield") enters our "BAD SCHOOL PHOTO TOURNAMENT." Plus, the four-year-old boy who wanted an "Ellen" birthday party.
  • Anthony Anderson/Maura Tierney
    MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY ("Sahara") gives Ellen a taste of his dancing and BBQ-ing skills! Actress MAURA TIERNEY talks about the season finale of "ER." And, you won't want to miss our latest "AUDIENCE DANCERS!"
  • Ryan Seacrest/Fran Drescher
    RYAN SEACREST gives us the scoop on the remaining "American Idol" finalists and a look at his early years! The hilarious FRAN DRESCHER ("Living with Fran") is back! Also, Ellen unveils more "CELEBRITY OBJECTS!"
  • Anjelica Huston/Rob Thomas/Nadia Turner
    ANJELICA HUSTON shows her early modeling photos and you won't "Believe" what music icon she looks like. ROB THOMAS performs his new hit single "Lonely No More" and Ellen fulfills his dream of becoming a sushi chef. Plus, a performance by "American Idol" cast-off NADIA TURNER and more "CELEBRITY OBJECTS."
  • Jason Alexander/Amy Yasbeck/Kenny Loggins/Jim Messina
    Actor JASON ALEXANDER and Ellen take a dip in our new Jacuzzi! After 25 years, KENNY LOGGINS and JIM MESSINA reunite to perform their legendary song "Your Mama Don't Dance," plus they make a surprise announcement. AMY YASBECK talks about her new TV show, "Life On A Stick!" And, the lucky 10-year-old basketball kid ANDRE BRUNO is back with footage of his dream encounter with SHAQ!moreless
  • Penny Marshall/Rob Morrow/Ellie Lawson/John Moceo
    PENNY MARSHALL sings! Watch her rerecord our theme song! The star of the new TV show, "Numb3rs," ROB MORROW is here. Ellen's favorite new singer, ELLIE LAWSON performs. And, you won't believe the performance of 12-year-old JOHN MOCEO as he rocks "Green Day" on his accordion!
  • Owen Wilson/Vince Vaughn
    Two shows in 1 hour -- we do one show, then start all over again and do a second show! That means 2 monologues, 2 dances, and 2 big stars: VINCE VAUGHN & OWEN WILSON! Plus, halfway through the hour go backstage as Ellen prepares for the second show.
  • Eric McCormack/Ty Pennington
    "Will & Grace" star ERIC McCORMACK pops by for a visit. TY PENNINGTON ("Extreme Makeover: Home Edition") and Ellen reveal her new Riff-Raff room and invite the audience to check it out! And, Ellen honors the first of your favorite TEACHERS!
  • Eric McCormack/Constantine Maroulis
    ERIC McCORMACK ("Will & Grace") arrives wearing only his underwear, shows a BAD ACTING CLIP, and plays badminton in our backyard against Ellen. Where does our mail come from? Ellen takes a funny tour of our local post office. CONSTANTINE, the latest cast-off from "American Idol" performs! And, Ellen makes a lucky viewer's dream come true!moreless
  • Jay Leno/Jamie Lynn Spears
    JAY LENO drops by and shows Ellen his BAD ACTING CLIP. Jamie Lynn Spears talks about her sister, Britney, and shows off her gymnastic skills in the backyard. Ellen ADOPTS A PLATOON IN IRAQ! Plus, he's here--the original "BAD SCHOOL PHOTO" boy, seven-year-old JOSEPH GRUTTADAURIA stops by!
  • Matt Dillon/Betty White
    MATT DILLON and BETTY WHITE are here! Ellen tests Betty's "Golden Girls" memory with "WHAT'S MY NEXT LINE." Our latest batch of KID INVENTORS is here. Plus, for the first time ever, an audience member interviews ELLEN!
  • Brendan Fraser
    Brendan Fraser
    Episode 154
    We celebrate CINCO DE MAYO in our backyard! BRENDAN FRASER shows his BAD ACTING CLIP and heads to the backyard and dives on our slip 'n slide. CARMEN ELECTRA stops by to join in on the fun! Ellen calls the couple (ALECIA & JERROD) who got engaged on our show and helps plan their engagement party! And, Ellen honors another inspirational TEACHER!moreless
  • Paris Hilton/Kathy Hilton/Mekhi Phifer/ Rhoda Phifer
    One of our biggest shows ever!! Ellen surprises an audience full of Moms with a huge gift! PARIS HILTON and her Mom play a game against Ellen and her Mama! From "ER," MEKHI PHIFER and his Mom are here! And HOUSTON is live at a gas station giving out free tanks of gas to moms!moreless
  • Felicity Huffman/Neil Diamond
    NEIL DIAMOND receives custom underwear from Ellen and sings "Coming to America" and "Cherry Cherry." FELICITY HUFFMAN ("Desperate Housewives") joins Ellen in the audience and tests fans on their "Desperate Housewives" knowledge. Ellen is the commencement speaker at an unusual graduation! Plus, our good friend and audience member CARL (JAMES BURKE) visits and gets in the hot tub!moreless
  • Martin Short/Ellen Pompeo/Scott Savol
    MARTIN SHORT brings a "Bad Acting Clip" and a "Bad School Photo!" Then, he and Ellen go to the backyard and chat in the hammock. Ellen delivers a Vegas themed stunt monologue. ELLEN POMPEO ("Grey's Anatomy") explains how she knows Tony from years ago. Ellen welcomes back Fallon Childs and "Nana" and looks at clips from their Mother's Day trip to Vegas! SCOTT SAVOL, the latest cast-off from "American Idol", performs! Ellen goes to the backyard to play horseshoes with a world champion horseshoe pitcher. And, highlights from the Mother's Day VEGAS TRIP!moreless
  • Simon Cowell/Jane Kaczmarek
    SIMON COWELL ("American Idol") gives us the inside scoop on "Idol" and plays "Celebrity" with Ellen. JANE KACZMAREK ("Malcolm in the Middle") checks out our backyard. Ellen welcomes back the couple (ALECIA & JERROD) who got engaged on our show and looks at clips of their engagement party from the weekend --Tony was the DJ! Plus, it's a western barbeque in the backyard with a mechanical bull!moreless
  • Matt LeBlanc/Doug Savant
    MATT LEBLANC ("Joey") races Ellen on lawnmowers in the backyard! Will he play Mystery Word? DOUG SAVANT ("DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES") joins in the fun.
  • Mariah Carey/Taye Diggs
    MARIAH CAREY is here for the first time, talking with Ellen and singing her new hit! TAYE DIGGS ("Kevin Hill") joins the fun. And Ellen reunites with her prom date!!!
  • Jennifer Lopez/Anthony Fedorov/Omar Epps
    JENNIFER LOPEZ is in our studio for the first time! She talks about her husband, Marc Anthony and cooks her favorite dish for Ellen! OMAR EPPS talks about his favorite teacher, his Mom. ANTHONY FEDOROV talks about his experience on "American Idol" and gets a surprise message from a major recording star!moreless
  • Britney Spears & Kevin Federline/The Backstreet Boys
    An Ellen exclusive! Pop star BRITNEY SPEARS and husband KEVIN FEDERLINE give their first TV interview together! And, THE BACKSTREET BOYS are here -- watch them perform their new single, "Incomplete" and their classic hit, "I Want It That Way."
  • Gwen Stefani/Eve/Wanda Sykes/Kirstie Alley
    "Wednesday in the Park with Ellen" courtesy of our friends at Old Navy! Our biggest show yet -- and it's all outside! GWEN STEFANI rocks the park with performances of "Hollaback" and "Rich Girl" featuring a special guest appearance by EVE. Plus, KIRSTIE ALLEY and WANDA SYKES join in on the fun!moreless
  • Ray Romano/James Denton
    RAY ROMANO gives us a peek at his adolescent years and his twin boys show off their acting talents! From "Desperate Housewives," actor JAMES DENTON talks about the recent rumors from the set. And, you'll be amazed by five-year-old anatomy expert, MATTHEW SAWCHUK.
  • Marcia Cross/Carson Daly
    MARCIA CROSS sings and talks about how she almost ended up with a different role on "Desperate Housewives." TV host CARSON DALY is back. Plus, don't miss Ellen fulfilling a viewers latest "Oh! Yes You Can" dream! It's a big one!
  • Goldie Hawn/Jimmy Smits/Gretchen Wilson
    Featuring Goldie Hawn, Jimmy Smits & Gretchen Wilson.
  • Matthew Fox/Jenny McCarthy
    Featuring Matthew Fox and Jenny McCarthy.
  • Peter Krause/Alanis Morrissette/Jada Pinkett Smith/Ben Stiller
    Featuring Peter Krause, Alanis Morrissette, Jada Pinkett Smith and Ben Stiller.
  • Il Divo/Lisa Kudrow/Linda Ellerbee
    Featuring Il Divo, Lisa Kudrow and Linda Ellerbee.
  • Helen Hunt/Nelly
    Helen Hunt/Nelly
    Episode 170
    Featuring Helen Hunt and Nelly.
  • Matt Lauer/Lee Ann Womack/Ludacris
    Matt Lauer makes his first appearance and plays "Where in L.A. are Matt and Ellen?" Lee Ann Womack performs "He Oughta Know By Now". Rapper/actor Ludacris talks about his new movie, "Crash." Plus, Ellen's in the kitchen with Carol Fay, the Biscuit Lady!