The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Season 4 Episode 12

Sir Elton John/Rainn Wilson

Aired Weekdays Sep 19, 2006 on NBC

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  • That\'s why the call him Sir!

    That\'s why the call him Sir! Ellen is the greatest talk show host out there today save OPRAH. She is fun and really cool therefore her guest take on her vibe. Sir Elston John is a rock legend and icons. When he performs he gives it his all with a panache\'. I find his music still kicking and his show manship as one who really wants to give the audience a really good show for their \'Money\". even if it is for daytime talk TV. I would have liked to see something most out there as far as his costume goes but when you can play and perform like that just keep doing that!
    Thanks Sir Elton