The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Season 4 Episode 54

Snoop Dogg/Ashley Judd *12 days of giveaways begins*

Aired Weekdays Nov 30, 2006 on NBC

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  • we enjoy your show. it is lots of fun . you do great things for peoplewe watch your show keep people guessing what is going to happen next. have a great xmas and new years ellen will be watching you everyday .sharon genders and family

    we really enjoy your show.the guess are great and your candy cane dancer is fun to watch.watching you on your show i wonder were you get the energyou so full of fun.i like the way everyone joins in with you dancing . be very proud of yourself because you do make everyone very happy your lots of fun i hope your shows stays on tv for a long timeyou and just continue doing what you do best .we enjoy your show and always will bless you. merry christmas and happy new year sharon john and son dave genders
  • ellen is friendly kind warm to her guest as well as her audiance.she is like a jumping jack.she is got soul,rythem,and very funny. she is the best comidian i have ever seen. and avery fine talk show host.she must have a generous heart.

    the sow starts with her warm entrance.she looks so relaxed. she makes her gust relaxed. her interaction with the audiance was great. i liked it when she had the woman put the head phones on and the man hum the song ,rapper.hugh.i liked the reversal when the man put the head phones on and the woman and him hummed the songs. i liked the give away gifts. the towels and robe set. but i also liked yesturday\'s electronical giveway. but today was the best.i would be like the man in the robe and robe set.i liked his legs ha ha.