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Disney's The Emperor's New School, is a television series companion to the movies The Emperor's New Groove and Kronk's New Groove. This time, Kuzco must graduate school before he can claim the throne and become the official emperor. Besides passing all his classes, he has to keep thwarting attempts by the infamous Yzma and Kronk to stop him. Yzma is now disguised as the principal and Kronk is disguised as a student. The series won 2 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program - Eartha Kitt of 2006-2007.

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  • Needed more development

    I enjoyed the film the Emperor's New Groove, but this show seems to undo the film's originality and storyline. I mean shouldn't Kuzco go to school before becoming emperor or at least be tutored in private? It hardly makes sense even for a cartoon not depending on logic. It's not as funny, sort of out of character, uninteresting characters, dull, repetitive, and just overall nothing special. If you're going to make a show about a film (whether or not it was a hit) please do it some justice. There are plenty of examples of such but this is not one of them. Kusco's New School needs improvement because it isn't fun to watch. I kept finding myself changing the channel. Disney has failed once again. It must be because they are either running out of ideas or don't allow it the time or creativity it needs to be a fun showmoreless
  • This Is A Very Great cartoon, RIP Yzma, She Died At 81 From Cancer Ending The Show

    This was a very popular show in my opinion. I can still talk about this show too. Its SO Nostalgic. Sadly ended when the voice of Yzma passed away, so the show did have a short life span and its a gem in my personal Disney animation vault.
  • As much as I love The Emperor's New Groove I just don't like this show

    This show seems pretty bad the plots are dumb and just don't make much sense why does Kuzco have to go back to school? him being in school that would make more sense if this took place before the movie wasn't Kuzco supposed to go through character development at the end of the first movie? why is he still selfish? he was supposed to learn a lesson in that movie having him be selfish again ruins it Kronk working with Yzma again after he turned against her and started working with squirrel scout troops doesn't make any sense either not to mention they keep reusing jokes from the movie and it gets old I know that tv shows based on movies use jokes from the movie sometimes but this show overdoes it sure there are some funny parts and I kinda like the Kuzco's doodles thing and I don't mind the new character Malina the "hotty hot hotty" according to Kuzco but most of this show is pretty bad in my opinion I know there are some people that like this show and I respect their opinion but I'd rather stick with the original movie but I guess this is better than the land before time and all dogs go to heaven tv shows but it's still not goodmoreless
  • Why?!

    just don't get it! I mean, it's fine I guess, Who thought that this would be a good idea?! Okay, I digress. As a huge fan of the movie this show was based off of, I suppose it's not doing anything terrible, but it's just not as good as the movie, not even remotely close! All right, let's talk about the characters. Kuzco is still the same old asshole he was in the movie, so I guess he's fine. Yzma is still the scheming, hilarious villain, so she's fine. But with the other characters, what the hell happened?! Pacha's trying to act like Kuzco's dad now, and honestly, he's even more boring and one-dimensional than he was in the movie! The leading girl and Kronk, I swear, they suffer from schizophrenia or something. One minute the girl likes Kuzco, the next she hates his guts, then she like him again, what?! And Kronk kind of switches between Yzma's henchman and Kuzco's friend and even sometimes the main focus of the episode? There's not an explanation for it, like the explanation they gave him in the film for his reasoning to spare Kuzco, he's I don't get it. And the next problem I have with the show is that, the running gags are fucking annoying! The jokes in the film were really funny in moderation, but when you shove it down our throats like they do in the show, it's just not that funny! The lever gag is tired, the secret lab roller coaster is tired, Kronk always forgetting who Principal Amzy really is gets really, REALLY tired, and why the hell do they have this random section in the middle called Kuzco's Doodles? It's fucking stupid! In fact, why the hell didn't they bring back Kronk's conscience as a running gag, at least that could be funny EVEN if you shoved it down our throats. Bottom line is, I guess I just don't like the show, nor the concept for that matter. It's stupid, it's tired, it's cliched, it's just plain STUPID!moreless
  • Great show.

    I loved this show.

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