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The Emperor's New School

Season 1 Episode 5

Cart Wash/Battle of the Bots

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Feb 17, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Cart Wash/Battle of the Bots
Cart Wash: Kuzco struggles with a school fundraiser of having to wash carts for 100 KuzCoins. Then, Yzma turns him into an Elephant making matters worse!

Battle of the Bots: Kuzco resorts to cheating and stealing Yzma's "inventions" during a required invention fair. He steals her Woodbot and it begins rampaging around the kingdom and it heads towards the school!moreless

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  • Kuzco washes some carts and, battles a Wood Bot

    Cart wash

    Kuzco must get 100 me-coins and, finds 95. But, over hears Malina lost 95 Kuzco coins. So, Kronk turns him into an elephant. So, Kuzco must find a way to get more coins for him and Malina, why'll he's an elephant!

    Final grade: B

    Battle of the bots

    Kuzco trys to cheat durning a science fair using Ysma's Wood Bot. So he creates Rock Bot. It's exsactly like Wood Bot. Only a rock. So, they got into a fight. But, Rock Bot wins. That had to be the shortest fight ever! So, at the end. Kuzco gets a new butler...for 10 mintues.

    Final Grade: B

    Final Grade: B, 8moreless
  • Some of the best episodes yet!

    First, I'll start off with Cart Wash. I liked the humor, more particularly Kuzco's "It's all for charity." part. I also liked the story and how it veered us off into the wrong direction and have us thinking that Kuzco found Malina and her friends' 95 KuzCoins. It remimds me of all the times I've found something cool and had to give it back to someone. But I never got to keep it since somebody else found the same thing.

    Next, there's the episode Battle of the Bots. Good humor there, as well, especially the "nobody" joke. It reminds me of those times when I try to tell a joke that nobody gets.

    Well, overall, I gave this half hour a 9.0.moreless
  • WoW! The best episode so far.

    This episode is by far the best episode to be aired yet. If only TV.com had the classification "Amazing" or "Awesome," I would award this episode that. This episode had very good character developments, amazing storyline, and a good meaning to both stories. You can definitely tell that the writers and directors spent a lot of time on this particular episode. If all of the episodes were like this, the series would be 100% better than it is now. The episode taught a lot of different things that I already knew, but they came off as being interesting. This episode definitely deserves an A+, a round a applause, and an encore applause. I recommend you watch this episode.moreless

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  • QUOTES (34)

    • Kuzco: What an annoying little man. And what's up with that hat?

    • Kronk's Shoulder Demon: Two words: Finders-keepers, losers-weepers!
      Kronk's Shoulder Angel: That's four words.
      Kronk's Shoulder Demon: They're hyphonated.

    • (Episode is closing and Kronk is still thanking all the people he's ever met, by name)
      Kronk: Thanks Mrs. Peterson, you made those years in high school... so magical. I really think I got off to a good start. Now, um, Mr. Pedro, kindergarten, the time we made turkeys out of our hands.

    • (Kuzco summarizes episode)
      Kuzco: So, it all worked out. I learned my lesson, Kronk won first prize for his "Bucket Handle" and Malina fell madly in love with me. Okay, maybe that last part isn't true.

    • (Kronk wins the invention fair)
      Kronk: I want to thank everyone I've ever met, by name, let's get started. Thanks mom, thanks popie, thanks-

    • (Ending credits when Kuzco hires, but then fires his chart keeper)
      Kuzco: Yup! That's the royal chart maker. I'm not completely heartless, so I hired the little guy back. See, I got this important chart I need made, sort of "Kuzco's the greatest and no one can ever compare to me" kind of chart. Then again, doesn't everyone already know that?! In which case, what do I even need a chart maker for? Sir, I don't.
      Employee: You're fired.

    • ("Rockbot" feeds Kuzco grapes)
      Kuzco: But I did get a cool new butler.
      ("Rockbot" collapses) For about eight minutes.

    • Mr. Moleguaco: And that means first prize now goes to.. Kronk for his invention, the "Bucket Handle."

    • Mr. Moleguaco: No, you can't. But since you confessed on your own, which is more surprising than the fact that you actually invented something, I'm not going to fail you. Provided, you write an essay on the consequences of cheating. 1,000 words.
      Kuzco: Can we make it 500?
      Mr. Moleguaco: 1,000.
      Kuzco: 750.
      Mr. Moleguaco: 1,000.
      Kuzco: Deal. 1,000 it is.

    • Mr. Moleguaco: And the winner of this year's invention fair is... Kuzco's "Rockbot".
      Kuzco: Thank you. This ribbony thing means a lot to me, and as a-
      Mr. Moleguaco: No need for an acceptance speech, Kuzco.

    • Yzma: Go "Woodbot". What? Am I not supposed to cheer?

    • Malina: Sorry, exact change only.
      (The "Woodbot" crashes through the toll gate)
      Kronk: You know the supervisor is going to dock your pay for that gate.

    • Kuzco: I've been reading comic scrolls for years. To stop the "Woodbot" I'll build something even bigger and stronger. I'll build a "Leafbot".
      Malina: Try again!
      Kuzco: "Featherbot".
      Malina: (makes no sound)
      Kuzco: "Rockbot"?
      Malina: Perfect!

    • Kuzco: He's heading for the school. Someone has to stop it.
      Malina: I nominate you.
      Kuzco: I second that. Wait, it's you, is me. I can't stop that thing.
      Malina: That thing wouldn't be out there if you hadn't tried to cheat. Besides, you started the "Woodbot". If anyone can stop it, it's you.

    • (Yzma discovers someone is in her lab)
      Yzma: Is nothing secret anymore? (she goes to lab) You!
      Malina: And here I thought this couldn't get any worse.
      Yzma: How did you get down here?!

    • (Kuzco starts the "Woodbot " up)
      Kuzco: That should do it. I think.
      ("Woodbot" destroys lab)
      Kuzco: You know what? I'm starting to think cheating might be a bad idea.

    • Malina: Here's an idea, why don't you ignore me, and do whatever you want.
      Kuzco: Sounds great, be right with you.

    • Kuzco: Fortunately, I'm not cheating. I'm borrowing.

    • Kronk: You know Yzma has a secret lab and it's filled with inventions, maybe you should build yourself a secret lab.
      Kuzco: That's it!
      Kronk: Really? You're going to build a secret lab. Is it practical?
      Kuzco: No. I'll just borrow one of Yzma's inventions. No one will know.
      Malina: Hi! I'm no one. Have we met? (pause) You said no one would know. So if I'm no one, I will know. Come on, work with me guys.

    • Mr. Moleguaco: That's right class. The annual invention fair is almost here. As I said, participation is mandatory for anyone who wants to graduate. Or become emperor. (Kuzco reading comic scroll) Enjoying your comic scroll, Kuzco?!
      Kuzco: Why yes, Mr. M. Thanks for asking.
      Mr. Moleguaco: Kuzco!
      Kuzco: What? I already have my invention. It's called the "no-talkie machine". Allow me to demonstrate. Kronk, what's your favorite food?
      Kronk: Oh boy, tough one. Spinach puffs a favorite, hazel nut sulflay, oh rib roast with mango chunky droo. (Kuzco covers his mouth)
      Kuzco: Eureka! It works!
      Malina: Cool invention. Can I try it?(Malina covers Kuzco's mouth)

    • Yzma: I knew I should have given him that bubble gum. By the way, what happened to that 95 KuzCoins I gave you for my chin wax. (shows Yzma's hairy chin)
      Kronk: Uh... right.

    • (After Kuzco passes his class in Cart Wash, he does a dance)
      Kuzco: Oo yeah! Pass 'in the class 'in. Umh, Umh. Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh. (hits Malina) Oops, sorry, forgot about the elephant thing.

    • Kuzco: Okay, so you don't want it?
      Malina: You needed five more KuzCoins right? Keep it.
      Kuzco: Really?
      Malina: You earned it.
      Kuzco: Yeah I did, didn't I? I earned it.
      Mr. Moleguaco: That makes 100 KuzCoins. I declare this assignment... passed.

    • Pacha: Uh? Wha?
      Kuzco as Elephant: I don't know. I was having a decilous lemon-lime sode, and next thing I know I'm a big stinky elephant. How's an elephant supposed to wash carts? No hands!

    • Yzma: Let's see, what can we use to make sure Kuzco doesn't wash one more cart? Ah-ha. (evil laugh) How about this? If Kuzco chews just one of these, he'll blow a pink slitical bubble that will explode and cause his face to get all sticky. Um.. It's brilliant!
      Kronk: Well, isn't that bubble gum? (Yzma looks at it, throws it, and takes out a new bottle)
      Yzma: Then we'll use this! To turn him into an elephant... they don't have hands so there is no way he can wash a cart. (evil laugh)

    • Kuzco: Charity. Uh. Can't believe I'm going to loose my entire kingdom over 100 lousy KuzCoins. (trips over money) Ah. Why don't you watch we're your going. (notices money) You bag of shiny KuzCoins.

    • Yzma: Making Kuzco work for charity is brilliant! There's no way in easy bonds Kuzco will be able to earn 100 KuzCoins. Soon I will be empress. (evil laugh)

    • Kuzco: (at ATM machine) Kuzco Federal, Kuzco Savings & Loan, Kuzco Mail Bonds. Ahh. Bank of Kuzco.
      The Royal Record Keeper: Access to royal funds is denied!! (cuts bank card) You must pass all school assignments without royal help.
      Kuzco: What an annoying little man. And what's up with that hat?

    • Malina: Kuzco all you have to do for the assignment is raise 100 KuzCoins.
      Kuzco: That's it? A hundred me coins?

    • Yzma: We're going to pay our failing friend, Kuzco, a visit.
      Kronk: You guys are getting along now. That's great.
      Yzma: No, no he's not our friend.
      Kronk: But you just said he was.
      Yzma: But he's not.
      Kronk: Then why are paying him a visit if we don't like him.
      Yzma: It's an expression.

    • Kuzco: (talking about sponge) What's with this stale bread?
      Malina: That's a sponge.

    • Kuzco: He didn't have to throw the dictionary at me.
      Malina: Helping others may be something an emperor doesn't understand, but the academy does this every year.
      Kuzco: You work, then you, give, the money away? Uh. No wonder people are peasants. (Malina looks at him) I mean pleasant, you people are pleasant. Because...
      Malina: I'd rather be a selfless peasant than a selfish empress.
      Kuzco: Www. You want to be my empress.
      (Malina glares at Kuzco, and then she pushes him aside)
      Malina: Back off!

    • Mr. Moleguaco: This weekend is the annual cart wash fundraiser, for charity. Each student must operate a cart washing stand, where he or she, will work! Any questions? (Kuzco raises his hand) Kuzco, of course.
      Kuzco: You said I should ask when you use words I don't understand.
      Mr. Moleguaco: Uh, what are they this time?
      Kuzco: Charity and work?

    • Kuzco: Show time! How many Kronk's does it take to screw in a light bulb? Ten. One to screw in the bulb, and nine to do the catering. (laughs) That's a good one. Theme music...

  • NOTES (0)


    • Kuzco is always reading comic scrolls, which is an obvious allusion to present day comic books.

    • When Kuzco passes in Cart Wash he says, "Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh". That is a line from the original movie, The Emperor's New Groove.

    • Title Puns: Car Wash & Battle of the Bulge
      Cart Wash is a title pun to the expression car wash. Battle of the Bots is a title pun to the expression of battle of the bulge.