The Emperor's New School

Season 1 Episode 14

Clash of the Families

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Jul 01, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Clash of the Families
The annual "Clash Of The Families" is set to start and Kuzco decides to compete with Pacha's family so he can dance with Malina at the dance at the end. However, when Pacha and his family go canoeing, there is no room for Kuzco which makes him feel like is is not wanted, so he tries to fit in with other families.moreless

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  • One of my favorite episodes of the Emperor's New School. I wish to see Kuzco and Malina interacting as they do in this episode, but I still did not get the "Clash of the Families" competition. It wasn't a great story for me.moreless

    I actually expected something more, but this episode was kinda okay with me. Here, Kuzco is eligible to compete against Kronk and Malina's families at the annual "Clash of the Families" sporting competition, since he is now staying with Pacha's family until he graduates.

    At least, unlike e.g. "Empress Malina", I was hooked up watching Kuzco and Malina interacting more often, and Kuzco wanting to dance with Malina if he wins (although he ends up losing and settling for a pity dance with Malina). That was cool for a change, and I wish I see something similar or better in the next two seasons - only if Kuzco changes and stops taking wrong turns, like he did when he abandoned Pacha's family for Kronk's family a day before the competition. That really made Malina angry when she saw him in Kronk's family uniform.

    Overall, it was an okay episode, but I was not hooked up with the competition that takes place in this episode. And I think there is something odd with Kronk's muscular family, and his father, unlike the movie, "Kronk's New Groove", looks darker - the same with his hair color.moreless
  • Kuzco fears he's not wanted. Malina promises to dance with Kuzco if he wins the Family olympics.

    This episode was unique in the fact that it wasn't about Yzma trying to get Kuzco expelled. Also, Kuzco shows real vulnerabilty in this episode, feeling unwanted by Pacha's family. Of course his fears are unfounded, but great comedy ensues in the meantime as Kuzco joins Kronk's family, who have never failed to win the family olympics. Kuzco wouldn't care about winning, except Malina promised to dance with him if he competes in and wins the family olympics!

    This show never fails to amuse me, and this episode was a great example of its silliness and wry humor. Kuzco acts like a normal human being for once, and Malina actually flirts with him! Wonders never cease. :) Even if you have found other episodes of this series to be lame, you gotta see this one. It won't disappoint.moreless
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Bob Bergen

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    • Kuzco: Wow, look at Kronk's family. If I'd been born bigger, stronger, and not so brighter, I could be one of them.

    • Kuzco: I wasn't spying. I was just watching your every move and making detailed mental notes.

    • (While drawing on the board, Mr. Moleguaco's chalk sratches the board) Mr. Moleguaco: (After drawing) Can anyone tell me what this means? Kuzco: You're trying to chalk us till death?

    • Pacha: You know, all that losing really works up my potato salad appetite.

    • (After seeing Malina jogging from a distance, Kuzco does one push-up)
      Kuzco: Annnd... 7000! (Pretends to gasp)
      Malina: Hey Kuzco!
      Kuzco: Malina! What a surprise! I'd been doing my warm-up there. 7000 push-up. (Pretends to gasp)
      Malina: You're sure you didn't just do one and said, "(impersonating tone) Annnd... 7000!"?

    • Malina: Hey! You know you're not supposed to stand in canoes, right?
      Kuzco: Yeah. Next time, let's do some volume safety tips, before I ruin it for everybody, okay?
      Malina: Sorry. Would a dance make up for it?
      Kuzco: But... I... didn't win.
      Malina: It's a pity dance.
      Kuzco: Hey, I don't do pity dances.
      Malina: Alright. Later.
      (Malina walks away)
      Kuzco: I mean I "do" do pity dances. I thought you said "pretty" dances. Those I don't do.
      (Malina returns and grabs Kuzco's arm)
      Malina: Whatever. come on!

    • (Malina puts her hands on Kuzco's Shoulders)
      Kuzco: Good Touchy

    • Kuzco: If you want to win, you have to train. We can't rely on our secret weapon for everything.
      (cut to Yupi balancing Chicha)
      Chicha: No! No! Yupi! Put Mommy down!

    • Chaca: Dad's always the team captain... until something goes wrong. Then mom's team captain.

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