The Emperor's New School

Season 1 Episode 11

Fortune Cookie Day/Gold Fool's

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM May 05, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Fortune Cookie Day/Gold Fool's
Fortune Cookie Day: After being introduced to fortune cookies, Kuzco starts to believe them and begins to follow everything they say. Yzma tries to trick Kuzco into turning over the kingdom to her by placing fake fortunes into fortune cookies; one of which that states that if he doesn't turn over the kingdom by 5:00 PM he will turn into a hairless sloth.
Gold Fools: When Kuzco's attempts to earn money for the cartcycle that he wants to buy fail miserably, he turns to an old legend about magical creatures that are supposed to hand over their gold to you if you catch them.moreless

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  • Kuzco is easily duped by Yzma (again) but at the last minute is saved by Malina.

    One of Yzma's lines in "Fortune Cookie Day" bears a striking resemblance to a line from the popular flash video "The End of the World." I'm curious as to whether this would be classified as coincidence, homage, or just plain plagiarism. Maybe I'm reading too deeply into this, but I don't even typically watch "Emperor's New School," I just caught it while channel surfing, and this line jumped right out at me. Yzma says to Kronk (and I don't have an exact quote here, but it should be close), "Go give Kuzco the cookie with the fake fortune in it." And Kronk replies, "Can I get somethign to eat first, I haven't had anything except cookies all day." Yzma then says, "Well alright, get yourself something to eat, and then give him the fake fortune cookie!" The line in "The End of the World" is: Man:"Fire the missiles!" Woman:"But I am le tired." Man:"Well, have a nap. And then fire the missiles!" A bit too close for comfort, in my mind.moreless
  • Very, Very, Good Episode!

    I loved both of these episodes! They were probably my favorite so far. Actually, I think that I would say that they were my favorite. They were well written, funny, fast paced, and entertaining. Fortune Cookie Day was a fantastic episode. I loved Yzma in this episode, and Malina and Kronk were hilarious also. Of course, Kuzco was funny, as usual. As this episode is close to the season finale, I can only imagine great things in this show's future. This is definately one of the episodes that I will strongly recommend for anyone at all. I know that I loved them!moreless
Maurice LaMarche

Maurice LaMarche

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Bob Bergen

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Rip Taylor

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  • QUOTES (3)

    • Malina: Your fortune said you're going to turn into a sloth at five o' clock, unless you turn over your kingdom to Yzma?
      Kuzco: "Hairless" sloth!
      Malina: And you believed it? (Malina sighs.) Talk about gullible!
      Kuzco: (In his mind) Yes! She called me "Gullible".
      Kuzco: (To Malina) Thanks.
      Malina: Kuzco?
      Kuzco: Mmm?
      (Malina shows him a dictionary)
      Malina: Read this.
      Kuzco: Gullible...adjective... easily deceived... foolish.
      (Kuzco throws in an indifferent face expression)
      Kuzco: You know, you shouldn't believe everything you read, Malina.

    • Mr. Moleguaco: I'm not sure why though you can't afford to buy a cartcycle.
      Kuzco: What do you mean? I'm rich.
      (The Royal Record Keeper shows up)
      Royal Record Keeper: Until you graduate, you cannot accept Royal funds. Which means, you are currently worthless as I am. Ha!
      (The Royal Record Keeper runs off)
      Kuzco: Hmm...okay. And, I just need a loan. How about it, Mr. M?
      Mr. Moleguaco: Me, loan money to you?
      (Mr. Moleguaco laughs out loud)
      Kuzco: Fine. Then, I'll just get it from Malina.
      Malina: Me? Money?
      (Malina laughs out loud)
      Kuzco: Okay. Kronk?
      Kronk: Uh? Right....
      (Kronk laughs out loud)

    • Kuzco: Hey looky! Another cookie! (Reading the fortune from the cookie) At the end of today's episode, you will be seen reading this fortune. (Stops reading) Uh, wait a minute. I'm reading this fortune now but... ah, it must be the end of the episode. This guys a genius! (The fortune flips down) Oh wait. There's more. (Reading Fortune) And then, you will give a great big kiss to... Yzma?!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Melina: stares
      (suspenful music plays)
      Kronk:Oh no, the stare!

      The suspenful music is similar to the famous music from the "Shower Scene" of the 1960 film Psycho. The music's name is "Murder", who's sound is of screeching violins. The stare is also a reference of the film, which was one of the film's thematical motif

    • Gold Fool's is a rearrangement of the term "Fool's Gold", aka pyrite, a mineral noted for its similarity in appearance to genuine gold.

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