The Emperor's New School

Season 1 Episode 6

Girls Behaving Oddly

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Feb 24, 2006 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

It's time for mid-term reports. Kuzco has a C average, Kronk has B average, and Malina has an A+ average except for one A-. Malina cannot believe she got an A- in gym class. To make matters even worse, she is kicked off the cheerleading squad because of her A-. Malina wants to see if Mr. Purutu, the school councilor, can change her grade, as she knows it is wrong. While talking to Mr. Purutu, he says that she should try new hobbies or get new friends. Malina begins to question her identity and who she really is. Kuzco and Kronk try to get Malina involved in other extracurricular activities, like dancing, the debate team, or even singing. This makes matters even worse when Malina can't find anything else she enjoys or is good at. So, Malina turns to the school's "bad girl", Moxie and turns into a rebel. Moxie takes notice of Malina, and dares Malina to steal Mr. Purutu's wind chimes in order to hang with her. When Kuzco and Kronk see Malina as a rebel, they know they want Malina back to the old Malina, so they steal Yzma's "girl" potion and transform themselves into girls, so they think they can solve the problem. When Malina hears that Moxie wants her to steal Mr. Purutu's wind chimes, she knows she isn't cut out to be a rebel either and discovers that it's better to be herself. After learning about Kuzco and Kronk, now called Kuzcolina, and Kronkcal, Malina must stop Kuzco and Kronk before they get themselves into trouble with Moxie. It turns out that Moxie had a "Plan B," which involved Kuzco and Kronk to steal the wind chimes. Malina stops them, but Mr. Purutu is quickly approaching knowing something is wrong. He informs Malina that Coach Sweaty made a mistake on Malina's grade, and put A- because her pen ran out of ink, and therefore Malina really has an A+. When Mr. Purutu questions them about being in his office, Moxie gets their backs and covers for them. It turns out Moxie is also one of the best students in Kuzco Academy; she just likes to keep it a secret. Now Malina has a friendship with Moxie and Moxie might become her true self one-day.