The Emperor's New School

Season 1 Episode 6

Girls Behaving Oddly

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Feb 24, 2006 on Disney Channel



  • Quotes

    • Kuzco as Girl: Hi ya, I'm Kuzcolina.
      Kronk as Girl: And I'm Kronkcal.
      Kuzco: We're new here.
      Kronk: And we're girls! So we can be your friends because we're girls.
      Kuzco: Too much, ease up.
      Moxie: Newbies huh? (Kronk and Kuzco laugh) That wasn't a joke.
      Kuzco: Oh right, so we heard you're the coolest girl in school, and since we're the coolest girls in our old school, um uh, Uzook Academy, we figured we'd be friends with you.
      Kronk: Like Malina. She's another girl, like us.
      Moxie: Are you serious?
      Kronk: Yes. And we're girls.
      Moxie: Tell you what. If you can prove you're not as lame as you look, we can hang out.
      Kronk: She bought it pretty slick huh?
      Moxie: Uh, I can hear you. (Kuzco and Kronk laugh)