The Emperor's New School

Season 1 Episode 6

Girls Behaving Oddly

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Feb 24, 2006 on Disney Channel



  • Quotes

    • Mr. Purutu: My chimes.
      Malina: Fan.
      Kuzco: (in Mr. Purutu's office) He'll never find us in here.
      Malina: Oh great.
      Mr. Purutu: Well, well, well.
      Moxie: Oh no, Mr. Purutu. You ruined it!
      Mr. Purutu: Ruined what?
      Moxie: My friends and I are total wind chime fans, we wanted to surprise you by polishing your collection. Uh, guess he's too sharp for us, huh guys?
      Mr. Purutu: No, no its just I thought something funny was going on, but how can I get a Moxie, one of the best students in school. What a kind and thoughtful gesture. Oh, by the way, Malina, good news. You got an A+ instead of an A- in gym. You're back on the cheerleading squad. Coach Sweaty told me she made a clerical error.