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The Emperor's New School

Season 2 Episode 20

Guaca Rules

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM May 05, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Guaca Rules
When Kuzco's class visits the museum, an ancient tablet reveals that Kuzco is not the true heir to the throne, Guaca is! Guaca immediately takes over the palace and starts to treat even Kuzco unfairly. Yzma decides to take advantage of this and trick him into hiring her as his adviser, however none of her old tricks work on Guaca due to his obsession with Kuzco. Then he demands that Malina become his empress or he will build a store over her house. Kuzco and Malina then decide to seek out a special chalice that will reveal the true heir to the throne.moreless

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      • Malina: There is no way I'm going to be Empress Guaca.
        Kuzco: And there is no way I'm letting him run my empire. But let's hurry, we only got eight minutes left in the episode.

      • Kuzco: (to Guaca) You can't do this. The last thing this empire needs is a self-centered jerk for an emperor.
        Malina: Uh, Kuzco, maybe you should rephrase that.
        Kuzco: Yeah, that's actually the first thing this empire needs.

      • Royal Chalice Keeper: Who goes there?
        Kuzco: No one here but us looters.

      • (Yzma is typying on a computer when Kronk rushes in)
        Kronk: Yzma! Yzma! Did you hear?
        Yzma: Yes I heard Emperor Guaca. Now all I need to do is get the job as his adviser. Then I'll be able to...
        Kronk: Squash him with a hammer and become Empress?
        Yzma: Exactly. But first I have to polish up my resume. How do you spell gorgeous?
        Kronk: (after a long pause) Yeah, you don't spell that with a, uh, clear conscience. (looks at what Yzma's writing) Works well with others? Team Player? Good listener?
        Yzma: Quiet, Kronk! Every one lies on their resume. I remember a geeky young assistant who claimed he could type three-hundred words a minute.
        Kronk: Yeah, it was five-hundred. I didn't want to seem overqualified. (looks at the resume) Brain surgeon!?

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