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  • Disney's The Emperor's New School is a Disney series based on a movie, The Emperor's New Groove

    This show is based on the movie, The Emperor's New Groove and succeeded by The Emperor's New Groove 2: Kronk's New Groove. This is about an emperor named Kuzco who needs to graduate first to claim his position again. Although he always act as if he is still an emperor, his friends accept him. Malina, one of the school cheerleader and the smartest student in the school always help Kuzco accomplishing his school tasks and help him graduate. Kuzco thinks she's a hottie hot hottie.

    Pacha and Chicha's family treat Kuzco as a part of their family. This show is really funny. Yzma always try to fail Kuzco. She even disguises as Principal Amzy in Kuzco's school. She always end up failing. The part called Kuzco's doodle sometimes makes me laugh because his drawings are like drawings of a 4 year old. He always think like a kid. The best part I like in this show is when Kuzco or sometimes other characters pause the show for the reason that Kuzco notices something from a stuck spinach in Yzma's teeth and revealing a hair on Yzma's armpit and sometimes flashing back what happened earlier. This January 2008, Disney Channel Asia will air the Season 2 of this show. I can't wait for more stopping of show and what Kuzco will be transformed to.
  • This series tells the story of Kuzco, the emperor who must pass school before becoming emperor again. However, Yzma and her sidekick, Kronk, will plan to fail him to make Yzma empress.

    This series of one of the shows I watch in Disney Channel. The first episode of the show, Rabbit face, is the first episode I watched.

    Here's something interesting: Kuzco has a crush on his classmate, Malina. He always think something about her in his mind. Yzma and Kronk makes attempts to make Kuzco fails school in order for Yzma to become empress.

    Here's a running gag: Kronk becomes forgetful because he doesn't know that Amzy, principal of Kuzco Academy, is really Yzma in disguise. I like in episode Cart Wash where Kronk is saying "Amzy's Yzma" over and over again to remember it.
  • The Emperor's New School is about Kuzo going to school so he can remain the emperor.

    I have no problem with a spin-off show from a movie. I liked Timon and Pumbaa and I thought The Emperor's New Groove was o so I thought I would check it out for the heck of it. I didn't like it. Mianly because the new voices. The only voice that sounded the same from the movies was Küzo's voice. I don't like the new ones so much so they made a horrible mistake with that. Another issue I had was the plots. I watched a few different episodes so I know what I'm talking about. In every episode Küzo gets changed into another animal and somehow the evil people end up losers. It trenchantly isn't a classic Disney Channel feel good how but it almost is. Every episode teaches a lesson to five year old kids. Disney needs to understand that we aren't five year olds kids and make decent shows that people like us will actually watch and enjoy. Nothing was wrong with the movie but a lot is wrong with the show. The comedy was ok for this type of show. I expected a little more because this is a cartoon and cartoons are meant to be funny, right? Well it isn't so funny. It isn't laugh out loud funny but you'll hear yourself chuckle a few times through it.

    I suppose people that like shows like this would watch it. Five year olds would enjoy it… I didn't like it and a lot of other people don't like it so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone for the most part. I give it a 6 out of 10 because it is a little funny and the movie was ok. It really is not the best cartoon or animation (whatever you call it) Disney has ever made.

    I LOVE this show sooo much, I love Kuzco hes sooo cute and funny!!! This a such a funny show and I never miss an episode of it. If Disney Channel cancels this show, they're an idiot! Because this is my favorite show ever. My favorite episode is How Now Sea Cow and A Fair To Remember! Ramon and Malina make a cute couple too I am not a Kuzlina supporter though cause I am in love with Kuzco!I always loved this show and i hope it gets five seasons, this show cheers me up whenever I'm sad and always makes me laugh
  • its okay

    so basicly this show is about kuzco from the emporers new groove only he has to go to school so he can become empoer again only yzma trys to stop him (in every episode). so really what can i say about this show well to start off i have actully seen every episode of this show because it come on before amdrag and i don't want to miss amdrag. it is something to watch nothing really spical here. i like the recurring jokes on when yzma goes down to the seceret lab there is always something wrong with the ride. i saw empoers new groove years ago and completly forgot about it until this show came on. i like the way kuzco always stops the show for no importent reason just to talk about whats going on. this show can be funny at times like the secert lab ride. one thing i don't like about this show is that the plat is not so good i mean its okay but its nothing speical (wait am i repeating mysel). to end this off i'm gonna say y it got a 7 insted of a 10. 1 point off because its not amdrag, 3 points off because the plot outline isn't good plus .5 point because its something to watch when there really is nothing on and plus. 5 because of the recurring jokes which are funny .... kuzco's butt is in the urn
  • theres an emperor who has to go to high school befor being a proper emperor

    The main person i Kuzco the emperor but befor he becums emperor he has to go to school and not get an F in any class.His abused secutary Ezma discises herself as the pricable of the school and trys to make Kuzco get a F!!! But her plans never work. Kronk (Ezmas assistant) carys out all Ezmas plots most of her plots are using potions to turn him into animals and get an F

    Kuzco's girle is Malena Shes smart (A+ student) who acording to Kuzco is a hotty hot hotty. In some episodes Malena likes Kuzco but in some he dosen't
  • just like if Walt Disney made it funny but no gross jokes the characters ome alive not all these outright funny but the plot make up for it one of the best cartoons ever love the kuzco Malina. romance

    just like if Walt Disney made it funny but no gross jokes the characters come alive

    not all these outright funny but the plot make up for it

    one of the best cartoons ever

    love the kuzco malina romance

    ktonk and yzma are great villains.and serect lab joke never git joke stinks the the bug bug and the monkey monkey monkey eat the bug character said what up with the bug and monkey boring but but but but but walt disney would like think series a lot plus they dump over used storylines

    season 2 off and off and running and it is great
  • The original 'The Emperor's New Groove' is my favourite film of all time. This outstanding series is JUST as good.

    Groove..was an outstanding film. Kronk's New Groove was..average (Although he's an awesome character, It just shows that Kronk in large doses, doesn't work..)

    This show continues off from where Groove.. ended.
    The humour is so crazy and wild, similar to stuff seen in Family Guy (or possibly, very possibly Drawn Together..
    except of course this show is rated G).

    Most of the original voice-actors are back: Kronk (Patrick Warburton), and Yzma (Eartha Kitt).

    It took me a while to get used to the absence of David Spade as Kuzco, but this new guy works JUST as well.
    If Eartha Kitt was absent, this show wouldn't be one of my favourites. She add SO much excitement to the show, that's really entertaining and funny.

    It's animation is a bit more simple than any of the movies. It's more..cartoony. But that's exactly what it is, so it's forgiven. To me, this gem is like a TV series of Groove..and I'm so happy about that.
  • I'm so sick and tired of so many people bad mouthing this show...

    I don't get why this show is so underappreciated. It's actually a really good show, you just gotta pay attention to it. The jokes are funny, (and I DO understand that they were repetitive in season 1) but now that show has upgrated itself overall, and is a fun show to watch. The characters are cool and I think that it has maintained its TENG essence still. I think, the reason why so many people dislike it is because that it's different from the regular junk they show on DC. I hope that this show will continue on for many more episodes because it definately deserves it!
  • This show needs help. Nevertheless, I appreciate it.

    I first started watching this show when I saw the commercials first on DC. I was kinda shocked because I had been used to seeing The Emperor's New Groove and Kronk's New Groove had just come out. I thought "Oh, no, just another Disney crappy series based on a movie" (With the exception of Lilo and Stitch) I started watching it and I actually thought it was kinda amusing, with comedy that was different, comedy that meant you actually had to pay attention to the show. The characters were cool and Malina is pretty darn good looking. I agree with some of the haters that TENS has had the fault of using jokes over again but hey, it's just a show and it doesn't take away the show's high value.
  • Some wierdo named Kuzco has to go back to school. And he has these no brain friends.

    This show is a complete waiste of my valuaable time. I watched the first few and hated it. I really don't care for shows this dense. Its for the level of an infant and I wouldn't be surprised if one episode was about that character has to learn how to take a nap! It is a very not funny show and those pathetic characters a seem stupid. Even the supposely smart Melina is stupid I hate it so so much. Sometimes I don't know if the writers for this show are old ebough to drive! I flat out hate this show more than anything!!!
  • This show is just getting better and better...

    This show started out in a rocky begining, from what I thought were unexperienced writers and overused lines and jokes. As the show progressed you got to know more about the characters and the story line, and it seemed to be pretty darn interesting. You negan to develop a love for the loveable characters. You also began to slowly adapt to its sense of humor, and let me tell you it's probably one of the funniest shows on TV today....Kuzco and Malina's affection is just amusing and exciting to follow. Now that season 2 is out it just keeps gettong better and better with every episode and I believe will succesfully recuperate this show.
  • Good show but could be better.

    The show can't compare to the movie in my book,but its still enjoyable to watch! The only real problems with it are the continuity errors with both films and the fact that there is NO David Spade. ;.; But other then that its pretty good. And it can get random at times. Randomness=Good. o.o
  • Boring and not funny

    The Emperor's New School is a boring and unfunny show. Kinda stupid too. I was watching one episode one day because there was nothing else on. To me, they were trying so hard to be funny that the jokes just came out lame. Seriously who thought of this? First they made the movie, The Emperor's New Groove, and that movie was just ok, nothing great but is was not bad. Then they made Kronk's New Groove or whatever its called and that movie was kinda pointless. Now they make this show. They should have stop at The Emperor's New Groove.
  • Just another chance to bring back Kuzco.

    To bad they couldn't even get David Spade, like he's doing anything.I'm gonna be blunt and not beat around the bush, this show sucks so friggin hard!I mean every episode is warped around the intricate main plot from the movie.I mean gosh a majority of the jokes are from the movie,for example the overplayed "whats with the monkey and bug" crack.Kuzco couldn't break 100 mil in the box office since the good 'ol family values was hidden a little more than the other sickening Disney spew fests.The show is about Kuzco having to past a never ending loop of classes to save his throne.But, like in the movie, Yzma and Kronk turn him into animals so he can't achieve his goal.Did the producers even watch the friggin movie, Kuzco wasn't purposely turned into a llama, but was turned into one due to a potion mistake.A majority of people return to do their voices but the two main characters,played by Spade and Goodman,for some reason couldn't reprise their roles?The show is awful.PERIOD.
  • A new law orders Kuzco to pass all of his school tests to become emperor... and he created that law

    The Emperor's New School offers the comedic relief that the first film brought us. Now a new changed emperor has become more human but still has his arrogant self that brings humor into the cartoon. The many gags that happen throughout each episode dont ever get old, and sometimes they remind us about the first film. This show has a lot of potential, but maybe due to the lack of original voice actors of some of the main cast and the changes in some of the main character's personalities have made some people to dislike the show. In any way, this show will bring laughs.
  • My view on how the Emperor's New School is loosing its groove (or rather - connection) to "Kronk's New Groove", the previous Emperor sequel released back in 2005. Other minor criticisms are followed.

    This TV series doesn't seem to flow with the second movie. Kronk got married and quit working for Yzma. But in the series, he's still single and works for Yzma. If Walt Disney needs to produce a newer sequel in the future based on any of the series' characters, e.g. "Malina's New Groove", it might have problems linking it to the TV show and Kronk's movie.

    Moreover, David Spade and John Goodman aren't voicemakers of Kuzco and Pacha respectively, and the show needs a few more good stories to tell as to shape up.
  • Everything seems to be OK. The only problem is how did all this happen?

    I like the TV much better then the 2 movies. The only problem with this show is that they did not tell us how this story started. So many questions, Like why did Kuzco build Kuzco Academy? Why does the law say Kuzco can't be Emperor anymore until he finishes school? How did Yzma become the principal of Kuzco Academy? How did Kronk get into Kuzco Academy as a student? How did Kuzco first meet Malina? They should make a episode or two of how all this had happen.
  • the evil yzma wants to be emperoress but kusco is the heir to the throne but first he must graduate from kusco academy. in every epesode he gets into a situation and yzma tries to use it to get kuzco expelled.

    the evil yzma wants to be emperoress but kusco is the heir to the throne but first he must graduate from kusco academy. in every epesode he gets into a situation and yzma tries to use it to get kuzco expelled (she always involves poitions that turn people into animal on kuzco in her plans) so that he can't be emperor
  • This is just ehh!

    It's an OK show. It is sort of over funny. Not really, but sort of. But at least its better than Mr. Meaty or the X's. The movie was okay. This show should get canceled but at the same time i don't want it to get canceled. I do two sides to my OK reviews. I dont care what anybody else says. This show is just plain okay. If you like this show, tell it to the whole world, i don't care. This show will never be perfect, though, it'll probably stay okay. Well at least it's always going to stay okay in my opinion. But always remember! This is my opinion. And in my opinion, this show is nothing special.
  • A continuation of The Emperor's New School, we did not need to take it to a tv show level. I can't believe people actually watch this.

    This show is also on my TV shows that should be canceled but aren't. A complete waste of time and money also. This show is so lame, it doesn't even deserve my review time and energy. It's just as bad as The Replacements, Phil of the Future, Jimmy Neutron, and all of those other pathetic excuses of public television shows. I mean, did the writer's actually think people would watch it and think it was COOL? Well, news flash, it's not. It bores me to tears every time it's on, and I don't even leave it on longer than this...
  • Kuzco was the last emperor of their kingdom. Now there is no emperor, the only way to get a new emperor is for Kuzco to pass school. If he doesn't the evil Yzma will take over the kingdom.

    Kuzco was the last emperor of their village. Now if he doesn't pass school the kingdom will be taken over by a evil woman named Yzma. Now his friends Malina and Kronk will help him pass school. While actually Kronk is working with Yzma. Their princible is Amzy, who is actually Yzma in disguise. Kuzco has a huge crush on Malina and she just likes him as a friend. Kuzco lives with Paca and Chija and three of their kids. Now Yzma will try to get him sick, steal his projects, or do what ever it takes to make him fail.
  • IT'S AN OK show to watch!!

    It's all about an emperor that goes to school and wants to deal with teenage stuff!! One of their episodes is when Pacha and Chicha decide to go to a spa for their wedding anniversary. Since no one else is able to babysit they ask Kuzco. Kuzco agrees, but only because he wants alone time with Malina. Then, while Kuzco thinks they are sleeping they disappear! They have gone off to find the spa and give their parents their gift. Kuzco and Malina search for them, but the kids end up in Yzma’s lab!
  • Show's already about to get canceled,... wow, that was quick.

    When the show came out and I watched it and how jokes and gags always seemed to repeat themselves and how nothing seemed to linked with the movie at all, (ex. Kronk's in his early 30's, what is he doing in high school?) I had a feeling it was eventually going to get cancelled, I just didn't think it was going to be this quick. The show is okay and can be funny, it just tends to "repeat" and if you've seen the movie its hard not to get a little fustrated at times.
  • uh??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Disney's The Emperor's New School , is basically a television series companion to the movies The Emperor's New Groove and Kronk's New Groove . This time, Kuzco must graduate school before he can claim the throne and become the official emperor. Besides passing all his classes, he has to keep thwarting attempts by the infamous Yzma and Kronk to stop him. Yzma is now disguised as the principal and Kronk is disguised as a student. The Emperor's New School stars Wendie Malick (Fillmore! and Jake In Progress) as Chicha; Jessica Dicicco (The Buzz On Maggie) as Malina; J.P. Manoux (Phil of the Future) as Kuzco; and Patrick Warburton (Kim Possible and Less Than Perfect) as Kronk. The only returning stars from the original movies are Eartha Kitt as Yzma; Patrick Warburton as Kronk; Wendie Malick as Chicha; and Bob Bergen as Bucky. You can catch The Emperor's New School every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on Disney Channel. It also airs on ABC Kids every Saturday morning at 9:30AM ET. You can also watch it on Toon Disney at 3:00PM ET. The show is currently airing in the UK also. This is the first Disney Channel original series to make it onto three stations in less than a week's time, making it a monumental record-holder. The theme song for the series is a reminiscent of the tune from YMCA including the disco style tempo. Below are the lyrics. He's on his way to the throne, he's on his way to success. But he has to go to school, he has to ace that test. He's an emperor to be and he's totally. Kuzco : You know it's all about me! Palace Guards : Exactly! He's goin' to Kuzco Academy. He has to learn his ABC's. Don't try to stop him, To top him. Yzma : To destroy him right? Kronk : Uh... K-U-Z-C-O! Kuzco! Kuzco! Go, Go! He's got the cool. He's got the charm and the looks. And the hottie that can help him read that thing called book. He's going to Kuzco Academy. Come on, Kuzco. Got to fulfill his destiny. His friends are loyal. It's royal. They'll help against the foil. Kuzco : Friends? I thought this was all about me? Heh, Heh! Spell my name again! K-U-Z-C-O! Kuzco! Kuzco! Go, Go!
  • I really have no idea whats really with the bad ratings, I mean its has Zippy zany humor like the movie. But I do think its not perfect, and could have been alot better

    The Show its self maintain its clever crazy sense of Humor, but its written a some what poorly way. The actor who play Kuzko was very convincing to believe its David Spade. I just dont understand u people, u give a 8.5 for One Piece 4-Kid translation. and you call this mediocre. Breaking the 4th wall, modern popculture reference, and alot of good things. But its not very perfect and can be distracting to see the same jokes over and over again. Its begin to be trite for a while, and then there are morals which we seen for over a million times. Still some kids may like it
  • I love emperor's new school.

    The Emperor's New School is a funny kids show from disney about a emperor named kuzco and his freinds(says it's all about him) but he needs to go to school to get back his status as
    emperor and get's help from his freind krunk and malina to keep the evil yzma from being empress but somthing always goes wrong with her plans. yzma who pretends to be amzy the school principal whick kuzco knows it's her the first time he see's her and for kuzco to become emperor again he has to pass all his classes or yzma becomes empress.
  • I don't really like it...

    I don't really know what to say. The animation is good. One thing I can say about this show is that, Kuzco, shut the h*ll up, and stop. Just stop. You're not cool, you're not handsome (but who am I to judge boys), you're not funny, just stop. Also, there are NO memorable characters. No one to look up to. Kuzco's a d*ck, Malina is a dits, Kronk, a durrr, a dumbass, Yzma is a gold digger. This is one of many shows where it was done for the heck of it, for money. The main plot gets old from time to time, the sub-plots can get boring and unoriginal; and I just can't see the magic or the purpose in this show. 3:10.
  • I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!

    The Emperor's New School is a very funny show which I like alot. It's a disney show which happens right after the movie Emperor's New Groove. In Emperor's New School, Kuzco has to go to shool and has to pass in order to become the Emperor again. He says that when he is emperorhe'll make Malina his emperess. If Kuzco fails Yzma becomes Emperess so Yzma is always trying to fail Kuzco. She has Kronk disguised as a student to help her. Kronk is also one of Kuzco's friends and he is very forgetful. He seems dumber than Kuzco. Kuzco is the emperor-to-be. He bought the school nad he has a crush on Malina. He is extemely self-centered and can be naive. He also talks too much. Malina is one of Kuzco's best friends. She is a really popular A+ average cheerleader. She likes to be perfect and she helps Kuzco out and tries to help him pass. Other characters are Pacha, Kavo, Mr. Mologuaco, Bucky, Chicha,Yupi, Tipa and Chaca. I like Emperor's New School because it is funny. My favourite character is Malina but i also like Kronk and Kuzco because they're funny.
  • Pretty decent spinoff to the Awesome 2000 hit movie!

    I saw the Emperor's new Groove in the theaters as a Xmas gift from my uncle, and found it hilarious. Whenever it comes on TV, I watch it. I never saw the sequel though.

    But more about the show. It's pretty good. Dating back to the premiere in January, I watch it only when I can. Me and my mom both love the movie, and she definetly loves the show. She'll go out of her way to watch it.

    Though the animation looks slightly cheaper than the movie's, I'm just glad I have another show to watch on my free time. Kuzco's crazy, but hilarious! Yzma and Kronk are my faves as well.
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