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  • I dunno why people are all "This show is stupid".

    This show is perfectly fine, and who cares if it's a spin-off from the movie? Stop whining how this show has ruined the movie! I watch the show every time it's on and I don't think it was a waste of TV time and I'm very smart. I thought that if somebody didn't like a show, then they would chat on some other show's post. it just seems wierd to me that anybody would want to talk abuot a show that they hate. Maybe that's just me. Look, nobody really cares if you don't like the show. STOP IT!
  • This is a bad show. Keep on reading to know why.

    Everyone know's this show is based on a movie called The Emperor's New Groove. Which was a good movie. First, this show comes after the movie. And Kuzco is still selfish. Did he learn anything after the movie? The movie is about him changing and giving a huge effect on his life. Kuzco should have a different personality in the show. Second, Yzma want to be Empress and all she has to do is to get Kuzco to fail school. The show makes i seem hard but it isn't. Kuzco gets bad grades so he will fail school easily! Plus, even if he got the best grades in the school Yzma is the principal! She can x-pell him! All what happens is Yzma making a potion to stop Kuzco and Kronk gets the wrong one and she fails. So, that is the whole show for you. However, I have seen worse.
  • Kuzco the supposed emperor must pass school to claim back his throne.

    My first when hearing about this show and from hearing about the direct to video movies that followed the Emperor\'s new Groove, I was expecting to hate this show. But the weird thing is, I don\'t mind it. It is mildly funny and even manages to add a little adult humor to the mix. This is show you want to watch when your bored and want to be entertained for a little while.
  • Well...

    I think this show is okay, but I've seen a lot better. It was based on the previous movie "The Emperor's New Groove". That film was pretty good, but the series, not so much. Not terrible IMO since it did have some film references and a little of the feel. But I still don't consider this such a great series. Don't get me wrong, I've seen a hell of a lot worse but I'm pretty so-so on this show. At least it had a few entertaining moments even if not much.

    I'd only watch this show if I was very bored
  • Is I see one more disneychannel show based off a movie, I swear I will never watch DisneyChannel again! This is too unorignal for many good resons.

    I'm getting tired of this. Disney Channel is running out of ideas for shows, so it's making cruddy shows that are based off movies! They might as well make Incredibles and Finding Nemo a cartoon! The show is completely focused on school. That's been used a billion times! People always make shows that have a lot to do with school! This show teaches life-lessons, why did they put that on disneychannel? it should be on playhouse disney! The fact that there is an enemy who hates the main charcter, and that the show is focused on school a lot, and that the main character has a crush on a girl, and the fact that he is a total doofus makes it way too unoriginal. This stuff has been used before! I know you can do better Disney Channel. Stop making this poo! It is way too childish like how Kuzco doodles at certain parts in the cartoon, how this show teaches life lessons, and how the dialog is like they're trying to teach you a lesson(i.e. in the episode where there is a family competition, Kuzco: Winning? Is that all you think about?). The theme song is okay i guess, but I don't like how Kuzco says: I thought this was supposed to be about me, (sudden mood change) Spell my name again! I could go on longer on talking about this show's stupidity, but I'd rather stop here since I have better things to do.
  • Underappreciated.

    Underappreciated. People Don't Know How Funny This Show Can Get If They Don't Watch The Show Like I Do. They're Just Immature Little Brats That Can't Get A Life. Well, I Personally LOVE This Show!! It's Just TOO Funny! If I Had A Nickel For Every Time I Laughed At This Show, I'd Be Rich, And Buy This From Disney!
  • this show is O.K. the first episode I acctalluy watched was O.K.,but I didnt get it. it takes place in so many places, like the school, house, or any where else in the city, and the city is HUGE!

    I like it but I hate it at the same time, just like the Fairly Oddparents, some parts I enjoy, and other parts are just plain boring, but I have to watch them to get the enjoyable parts... and I still dont get it!!!!!!!!!! right now, I am so confused just writing a rewiew about this confusing show! When there in the house i think there in the school! I just dont get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A rip-off of a 10.0 movie

    this show is unoriginal, and uses the excact same repetitive humor exploited in cartoon's since the 80's that they think kids love......

    The movi ewas great, and now they overuse the whole theme, and I think some of the voices are different (which I don't really like). I've taken the time to watch thsi a few times, but it's not the best at all, and I coudl not stand to watch the entire 30 minutes.

    It's not entirely bad, though. That's what saved me from giving it something like a 0.1.... the animation is good compared to other shows, so that's what saved it.
  • Bride of Kuzco

    I think this episode was good because it proves malina actually likes kuzco. Malina didnt act like she wanted to go on the date but then you see her working hard to make a nice date.Then you see her get upset that he was getting married. At the end he apologizes after not going with the wedding.So this episode proves Malina likes Kuzco
  • I can\\\'t believe this show is even on the air.

    Really, I can't believe it. I absolutely loved the Emperor's New Groove, so why did Disney have to go and ruin it with a TV series? They sort of ruined Lilo and Stitch the same way, although that show is a lot less annoying. In this one, you don't even have David Spade as Emperor Kuzco anymore, and I can understand that's because he's younger and in school, but his new actor just doesn't fit into the role. And this is what happens to Disney now: they get a hit movie, and then ruin it with a series. I surely hope they don't come out with a Finding Nemo or The Incredibles show soon. And I tried giving this show a 0.5, but the meter wouldn't let me.
  • This show is really good!

    I don\'t see how you can\'t like it. Sure, the first few episodes were really similar, and they use the same jokes the original movie did, but it is really good. The movie came out in, like 2000, and I thought that would be it. I was really happy that they made a new movie and a series. I wish David Spade would have kept doing Kuzco\'s voice, but I still think it is a great show and underappreciated. If you don\'t like it, you just don\'t like kid\'s shows. There\'s no point in making bad reviews for shows unless it truly is very bad and has a low score. Or if it had to cancel a good show to bring it on.
  • The only decent cartoon Disney has left (not counting Jetix)

    I liked the movie and I'm glad this show stayed to it's roots. It's a shame David Spade and John Goodman couldn't do their characters again but they're busy, I can understand that. At least Patrick Warburton stayed as did Eartha Kitt (I think). This show remains faithful to the films and is pretty funny at points although the plot may need working on. Still, it's a bit much that they had to make the show about going to school! I mean, it almost destroyed the films and the fact that emperors didn't have to pass school (let alone there was hardly anything like school back then) is a bit too Disneyish. Still, they don't make this as kiddie and abysmally different from the film (unlike Buzz Lightyear and Tarzan did). Still, I thought Kuzco was nice now, that or this really must take place before the film, despite what they say. I mean, he quite often acts like the person Yzma wanted dead and the film was supposed to fix.
    Still, it's a good thing Disney stayed to the roots of where this show came from overall. Since this is a film adopted series and well, you know Disney these days, this may not end up so great but it can still be pretty good.
  • When Looking at something this bad, you know that the people who made this destroyed Walt Disney\\\\\\\'s Legacy.

    This is the Emperor\\\'s New School, a spin-off of the cult-favorite Emperor\\\'s New Groove and Kronk\\\'s New Groove, we thought this was gonna be a good show about Kuzco and Kronk being teachers at a school, but no they destroyed what could have been a great franchise. You see because of this bad North American Cartoon, and Disney Channel\\\'s way to not show anime, Disney Channel has become a poison on the Entertainment business. Other Poisons include Cartoon Network\\\'s non-anime shows[Adultswim Is Better],Nickelodeon\\\'s Live Action Programs[Just for Kicks sucks], and Kim Possible[So Bad At Being Naive]. Plus to make matters worst on the Emperor\\\'s New School, a new character named Malina makes things become worse, no wait she\\\'s the reason things on the show are really really bad.
    Dear Disney Channel, Emperor\\\'s New School Gets A 1.0 Out Of 10 on TV.COM, plus what\\\'s better than this is Programs on Toonami, Jetix, And Yes 4Kids TV.

    P.S. I can\\\'t wait for Bleach to come to Adultswim.
  • Awesome show!

    "The Emperor's New School" is the best Disney Channel Original Animated Series. It's really hilarious! I admit, when I first saw the commercial, I was like: "Boring! Another movie ruined with a show". I guess I was dead wrong. All in all, this is one of Disney Channel's best series.
  • The Emperor's New School isn't all that cool.

    Why? Oh why do they have to make a series out off this movie? They had The Emperor's New Groove and the sequel Kronk's New Groove and they had to make a freaking series out of it! Lilo and Stitch the series is better than this piece of junk. It might get cancelled easliy like the other disney series after the other disney movies and complete waste of time.
  • Borefest!

    It just makes me sad when great movies like this get screwed in the end.The only thing different than the movie are the stories and kuzco,played respectfully by J.P. Manoux though.Every joke has been in the movie before it.The thing that is even more pathetic than that is the fact that they can get the entire main cast execpt for the two main characters,john goodman and david spade.I mean seriously,the only thing Goodman wants is a gigantic dinner and Spade,deprived of his own title in Kronk's new groove cuz he only had like what five lines, would probl'y do it for the fun of it,and a couple g's.The thing that makes this god-awful is that other disney animations,the proud family for one,got canned just to make room for crap like this and hannah montanna.Destroy this before it gets too out of control!
  • This is a good show

    The Emperor's New School is about Emperor Kuzco going to school so he can become Emperor. It is based on the movies The Emperor's New Groove and Kronk's New Groove. He has some very weird classes, like learning to speak squirrel. While he is there, Yzma and Kronk try to make him fail so Yzma can become Empress. Kuzco also has a group of friends to help him, Malina, Pacha, and Chicha. Overall this show is very good, excellent voice acting, a lot of funny of moments, and some nice family moments. Thank you for reading my review of The Emperor's New School.
  • A terrible cartoon that's nowhere as good as the original movie.

    Disney decides to create a sequel to the awesome movie, "The Emperor's New Groove." It sucks. They then create a spin-off series. That sucks too. Won't Disney ever learn?

    I remember seeing the original movie in theaters for my birthday one year. I thought it was hillarious; a change in pace from the current Disney films. Then, a few years later, Disney churns out none other than a dreaded direct-to-video sequel. Oh snap.

    First off, David Spade isn't in this. He was funny, and gave Kuzco his charm. They replace him with a crap voice actor. (Probably because David refused to provide Kuzco's voice for a direct-to-video movie. Smart move, Spade.)

    Second, the plot is Godawful. School? No. It doesn't work.

    The Disney Channel sucks.
  • One of the best shows on Disney.

    The Emperor's New School is about Kuzco going to school so that he can pass his test and become emperor. The evil Yzma is the principal of Kuzco Academy. SHe teams up with Kronk to try and get rid of Kuzco. I love the show because it is hilarious and really amazing. I watch it everytime it comes on.
  • It's like watching mini clips from the film... and the film was great!

    I've only seen this a few times, and everytime it has me laughing, mainly because of Kuzco's sarcasm and dry wit. It's exactly like the much loved film, another reason I like the show. I think this show is rather childish sometimes, but you can't go wrong with Disney, so if you liked the film then this is for you...
  • 4 Words- \"Just Like The Movie\"

    I\'m still not sure what I Like about this series, except the humor that Kuzco, Kronk and Yzma provide when talking to the side, pausing the episode, or just mentioning the production line of the episode. It\'s nice to remember The Emperor\'s New Groove, which was a great movie. I guess this delivers, but I sometimes feel it lacks.
  • You guys should really give this show a chance its pretty good-not the best and not the worst of disney channel

    This show is based on the two movies.I've only seen The emperor's new groove and I very much enjoyed the movie. This is a good show that shouldn't be hated (at least not that much).Its funny but not all the time though. The animation is pretty good and so is the plot though it is a bit confusing considering he was the emperor in the movie but i get it now. I think if people stopped judging this show with the movie, it would be liked more. Plus, there is Melina and other people to help move the plot along.You people should give this show a chance.

    I think this show has the possiblitity of being a really good show but there are some things that I think that are keeping this show down.

    First, the plot gets a little boring after a while
    Second, its not really that funny sometimes
    Third, The Kuzco Doodles what a good idea but after a while its gets a little annoying
    Fourth, the whole "pull the [ ]" gets a little annoying too

    But still this show has its good points too.
    -Its pretty funny most of the time
    -Kronk and Yzma and pretty funny and their plots are weird which makes the show more funny
    -All the different characters make up for the show "lack of creativity" or so to so

    Overall=decent show-give it a chance
  • Disney's The Emperor's New School is a TV extension of The Emperor's New Groove and Kronk's New Groove. Kuzco must now graduate from Kuzco Academy (Kuzco's self-named, self-created school) before he can become Emperor. To graduate, he must pass all his cl

    The Emperor's New School is an instant classic due to it's lovable characters, and witty, off the wall humor that isn't stale, dull, or stupid. The show is entertaining in a way that many other animated shows today lack.

    Granted, it is not a show that keeps you tied to your seat and makes you keep coming back, but rather gives you a light-hearted feeling that lets you come back whenever you need a good laugh.

    My only complaint is that I think that the plot needs a little bit more work. The series only barely explains how Kuzco Academy was created, and why Kuzco needs to graduate from it to become Emperor. Also, the whole idea that if Kuzco fails one assignment, he doesn't graduate is not realistic. These things, along with the sudden, unexplained appearance of new characters, such as Malina and Kavo the bully, would distract fans of the two films away from the series.

    However, if you look at the show as a whole, rather than as a continuation of the movies, you will see a show that gives you a humorous escape that is well-deserved of the recognition it has achieved thus far.

    Disney's The Emperor's New School, is basically a television series companion to the movies The Emperor's New Groove and Kronk's New Groove. This time, Kuzco must graduate school before he can claim the throne and become the official emperor. Besides passing all his classes, he has to keep thwarting attempts by the infamous Yzma and Kronk to stop him. Yzma is now disguised as the principal and Kronk is disguised as a student.

    The Emperor's New School stars Wendie Malick (Fillmore! and Jake In Progress) as Chicha; Jessica Dicicco (The Buzz On Maggie) as Malina; J.P. Manoux (Phil of the Future) as Kuzco; and Patrick Warburton (Kim Possible and Less Than Perfect) as Kronk.

    The only returning stars from the original movies are Eartha Kitt as Yzma; Patrick Warburton as Kronk; Wendie
    Malick as Chicha; and Bob Bergen as Bucky.

    You can catch The Emperor's New School every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on Disney Channel. It also airs on ABC Kids every Saturday morning at 9:30AM ET. You can also watch it on Toon Disney at 3:00PM ET. The show is currently airing in the UK also.

    This is the first Disney Channel original series to make it onto three stations in less than a week's time, making
  • It is a show that is trying way too hard.

    Hottie Hot Hottie? What is this show talking abot. Little kids are watching this and they are hearing thease wierd slang words abd evenully going to say it to their teachers. I've watched this show and some episodes actully okay. But Enporer Kuzco is really trying too hard!! Bad Show!
  • This show is okay. I don\\\'t like how people are using good movies to make pretty decent shows.

    Emperor\\\'s New School, sounds sorta familiar right? Well if it doesn\\\'t it comes from the movie The Emperor\\\'s New Groove. Watch this movie first before I can tell you why this show might be stinking. Okay for those of you that have heard of it and seen it, this show is about Kuzco going to school to stay emperor. First, may I say how many things does Kuzco have to go for to stay emperor?!?! So after that Kronk, his sorta friend, is there. I thought that this was going to be a emperor\\\'s school. So this school is a regular high school? Besides that, Yzma is once again ruining Kuzco\\\'s life.

    So now that\\\'s over, this show is pretty funny. They bring back all the hilarios parts from the original movie and more. So maybe it\\\'s okay. But next time Disney takes a great movie and turns it into a show, let\\\'s hope that it can make a better grade.
  • Let's hope that they won't abuse their potential like the X\'s.

    The Emperor's New School is a show that is a misfortune to be ever made. Lacking sense of humor, although they can have funny moments, style and the most important thing of all, a well written plot, this show really shouldn't have been made for the 1st movie was very good and I do not know about the second one. The episodes are gonna have to be better, and another thing I know is that it has a lot of potential. The X's had a lot of potential, but they wasted it and never changed, so there is no hope of the X's being saved from the ax but this still has hope.
  • you put it on,think to ur self "maybe i should give it a chance".you finish watching it then think to your self "i wasted 13 mintues of tv time"

    when i look at this show i say "it's a waste of paper"

    you ask me why paper?

    waste of script,drawings,paint,adds in the 'Disney Adventures' comics,if they hadn't made this show we could have saved a forest.

    this show is boring,dull,over-used info from the movie-0H and the movie,

    it was a good funny movie,one you'd probally say "sure let's rent it,i was ok" but making this series was a stupid idea!

    when i watch Kuzkco i think of Hacket from 'Phil of the Future',not someone i really like watching play this guy.
    and what with the real guy who played him?

    las i saw he was on '8 Simple Rules',when did that end?
    the No commericals

    all in all,this is a bad Disney show

    *and it shouldn't be on ITunes*
  • It is a okay show.

    This is a good show not bad. I think that some of the episodes are boring and some can be worth watching. I saw that if it was funnier than maybe more people will watch this show but this show is okay. Over all this show could be more funnier.
  • Recycles too much, but is still funny.


    Kuzco can't rule again until he goes back to school, so he goes to the kuzco academy. And Kronk and Yzma and there to try to fail him so Yzma can take over. This show is just about as funny as The Emporer's New Groove, but they spoof The Emporer's New Groove and Krunk's New Groove A LOT. They recycle the episodes a lot too. But this show is good.

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