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  • All i can ask is: WHY??? The first movie was so awesome and now they're continuously slamming it to the ground.

    I absolutely loved "The Emperor's New Groove" when it came out in theaters. I still love it in fact. But come on! This show is most definently not cutting it. Why disney ever thought they could make an entire show based off of the movie and have it be sucessful, I will never be able to guess. The show basically uses the exact same sort of humor and jokes as the movie, and in the movie they're great, but come on. DON'T push the lever thing!!!! That's just waaaay too classic to be messed with.
    You know what, that's my feeling about the whole thing. That movie was just too classic to be messed with. And disney messed with it. Great. Grade: C-
  • A show that makes you think twice about the movie

    The movie was great, funny and well done. The cartoon series, not so much. The voice change o nthe main star, and the animation loooks of that as a late 80s cartoon. It lacks deeply and is just not even good at making plots. I dislike giving bad ratings, but this show is another Disney flop that even movie fans will most likely turn down. Attempts at being funny, are not even smile-able.
  • Pushing it

    Sure the movie was funny and cute and a kind of classic. But a T.V show? psh! Lame! I watched it once and thought is was sort of... Cute... for a 3 year old. Disney channel haves some of my favorite shows on it for example The Suite life nof Zack and Cody or Hannah Montana. I do not like the Cartoons on disney channel. There meaning less plots and ideas. They shoud put it on toon Disney for the ones whok do like it.
  • Episode one might of been kinda slow but episode 2 and beyond are just great ^_^!

    If you seen Emperor's new groove(one of my favorite disney movies by the way)you can understand its almost like it.But this time Kuzco needs to pass school to be Emperor but Yzma is trying to make sher he doesnt pass school so she can be the ruler.But lucky for Kuzco he has Pacha and his family to help him out and the girl hes in love with
    Malina to help him out.This series has most of the funny stuff from the movie(not all the time though) but also Yzma has help from Kronk to but he doesnt really help her very much he actually helps Kuzco more now.The show is good and I hope it has more then 2 seasons ^_^.
  • I just like to watch Kuzco and Kronk Polka at the end of the show. They be gettin' it.

    The movie was fine, but I don't think they needed to come out with a tv series. First of all, they kinda ran the movie into the ground. Now they've come out with the tv series that should have been presented years ago. The show is bearable, but it doesn't catch my interest. I don't hate the show, but I don't seem to really care for it. If it would have aired right after the movie went to DVD, then I might have wanted to watch it. The show itself isn't half bad, but it missed it's date 4 to 5 years ago. The llama stuff is now in the past and it's time to come out with something new.
  • The emperor's new groove went too far!

    This started as a terrific movie... Then came the mediocre sequel... and now they've reduced themselves to this. There are some mildly funny parts, but all the episodes are based on the same premise! It seems a little redundant, and quickly gets old and annoying. Do not waste your time with this show. Watch one episode, and you'll pretty much know what all the others are about.
  • Take a gander at the main page!

    I\'m surprised at how much I like this show. Usually a movie (no matter how good) made into a show where most of the cast does not return just sucks. But this show is actually rather enjoyable. They have managed to stay true to the characters and follow a very believable plot line for the entire concept. Nice job!
  • Good Show With Potential!

    I missed the premiere, but I watched it at midnight. Overall, it was very good. Funny jokes and everything. The animation was pretty good, and it was alot like the movie. I definately think it will get better with time, but overall, I would definately watch it again. Good job Disney Channel!
  • Kuzco Must Graduate School to Get his Throne Back

    Kuzco Goes to School and Yzma will do anything to be Ruler of the Land in School Kuzco with the Help of Malina and Pacha's Family Kuzco could Tackle Obsticles Like Triathlon,Potion Mixups and Babysitting of Course Kuzco is a Little Selfish and Rude he Might Change Plus This Show is Good and Kudos to Disney
  • Quite funny

    This show is funny. When I watch it I want to LOL. My favorite episode is "Empress Malina." Malina is one of my favorite characters. To me, she is like a combination of Kim Possible,Penny Proud, and Maddie from "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody." Anyone who enjoyed the movies will enjoy this show.
  • Of course, if Disney makes a movie, they always have to turn it into a series.

    The Emperors New Groove was a great movie. I haven't watched Krunks new grrove (Disney ALWAYS, either makes a sequel or a series. Unfortunately, they did both this time), and i probably never will. But a series, is much worse than a sequel.
    The series brings out a horrible side to the movie. Kuzco is a foolish adolescent teenager, with a crush on the cheerleader (cliche'). For the most part the series is revolved around him trying to get her to date him. And Kuzco's teenage voice is all scratchy and messed up.
    I only watched one episode (and it was tortue enough), so I at least know the jist of it, and I am offended, that Disney would put so littl eeffort into this series. Most of Disney Channel's "original" series, aren't that good in the first place, but I mean really, it was such a good movie that a series revolved around it had potetntial. Thanks a lot disney.
  • Emperor Kuzco goes to school to become the emperor. And the only thing standing in his way is Yzma and Kronk.

    I think that this is a funny show. I love to watch it every friday. It is a great sequal to "The Emperor's New Groove." When I first heard about this new show, I thought that it was a good idea for disney. This is the best thing since Lilo and Stitch.
  • Not Bad

    When I first saw the previews of this show I thought it looked really stupid. But before I make up my mind I always watch the first two episodes to see if I do or don't like it. After watching a couple of episodes this show turned out to really good. Before you watch it you should watch the movie The Emperor's New Groove to get to know the main characters first. This isn't that bad of a show and I think it has potential.
  • u know u shuoldent judge a book by its cover yeah so wat it seemed pretty lame on the commercail but when i was over my cousins he forced me to watch it cause he liked it and it was cool

    i hated the show once i heard of it and i was mad cause phil of the future was canceling cause of it (hakket from phil of the futere plays the emperor and who would really do two shows at once) but when i watched i liked it and yes i still dont like the movie but its a good show not the greatest but not the worst
  • This so doesn't look good...

    Among my friends, it's known that I won't judge a book by it's cover, but that doesn't mean I won't judge a cartoon by it's previews. 'The Emperor's New School' looks completely unoriginal. A series about Lilo & Stitch was one thing, but this might be going too far. I'm starting to think Disney has finally hit rock-bottom.
  • The Emperor's New School is decent, but it reused way too many jokes from the movie, "The Emperor's New Groove."

    Kuzco has to graduate school to become the emperor, but Yzma is trying to stop him. If Kuzco fails, Yzma becomes empress.

    The first movie was great and the second one was good, but not as good as the first.
    I'd give the first movie a 9.1, the second an 8.3. About the show:
    This show has some potential, but I think it reuses too many jokes from the movie(the gag with Yzma asking Kronk to pull the lever, and he pulls the wrong one, Kuzco being turned into another animal, etc.)The plot is good, but it seems to me like I've seen this plot somewhere else, but I can't remember. I like the plot, though. I got a few laughs out of the pilot episode, but like I said, it copied too many jokes from the movie. I hate that they changed the voice actors for Kuzco and Pacha. Overall, The Emperor's New School is decent, but it copies from the movie too much. If they stopped copying the movie so much, this show could be better.
  • An emporer goes to school to become emporer and a woman named Yzma tries to take the crown away from him.

    This show is perfect and is funny. This is a great new TV series. The jokes are funny the whole thing is just full of laughs and stuff that you would really like to watch over and over again. If you like the movies you will really like this new Disney channel series.
  • Kinda a dissapointment but not all is lost!

    I have to admit. I had great expectations for this show but they sure won't forfilled. It doesn't have great quality and not yet a great story line. But I'm really impressed that they have Patrick Warburton as Kronk and Eartha Kitt and Yzma. It makes it all the better! I think it would be better if they didn't have that Melina girl that he like but that's just me. It it keeps on going and going like this though, I don't think it was last very much longer!
  • Give it a chance.

    It's interesting to see Kuzco's hilarious adventures to become Emperor and to see his outrages attempts to get with Malina; his new found love interest. This show is a great family show because it teaches morals and values. There is a lesson learned at the end of each episode, which is influential on our youth. Although this show does need a lot of improvement, it is no doubt a personal favorite of mines. This show is definitely a trend setter and overall, a decent show.
  • Its okay . . . not my favorite show but not horrible either

    Well, I wasnt expecting much from this show. It looked like a stupid play off the Emperor's New Groove (which is a great movie) which would be degrading to the movie. And it is. But so far, its actually been . . funny. Okay, the jokes are so stupid and I have a feeling they will get old pretty fast, but the first time one sees the episode they will make you laugh. So just watch the episodes of this show ONCE and preferably when you are really high on coffee. That is the only way they are really good. The show in general is stupid, but it has potenical and because its new it will be interesting to see where it goes.
  • Good. Confusing, but good.

    This is a pretty good series, I'll admit. I like Yzma and Kronk, the similarities between Kuzco's new voice and its movie one. It would've been great if David Spade played the voice, but the new voice is good. I see they tried to find a similar-enough voice. And I liked the jokes most of the time.

    But one character I didn't like was Malina. Mostly because of the movie when Kuzco was choosing his bride. He didn't settle for anyone. And it's, in my opinion, a little bit obvious that Disney didn't use Kuzco's personality from the ending of The Emperor's New Groove.

    And the plot is a little confusing, "Kuzco has to go to school before he becomes emperor. And if he fails school, Yzma becomes empress." It seemed to me that in the movie, Kuzco was surely the official emperor and that Yzma didn't have a job in the palace anymore, being a scout. But, then again, most Disney Channel shows include school in one way or another.

    But I'm not that concerned about Malina or the confusement of the school plot. This is a really good show. I'll give the show a chance.
  • Horrible spin-off of \"The Emporer\'s New Groove\".

    Reasons I hate this show:

    1) Unoriginal: Disney has done a show plot line where the main character of a movie returns in a TV show to go to school.

    2) Unbearable to watch: The movie was so funny. It was one of my favorite Disney movies. But they had to ruin my love for it by making a boring sequel and this horrible spin-off. Aren\'t there enough bad shows on Disney already?

    3) Unwanted: Disney has been going downhill. With shows like \"Naturally Sadie\", \"Life With Derek\", and now this I would turn away from Disney Channel if it weren\'t for a few good shows.

    4) Unfunny: The sad thing is it tries really hard to be funny. By making references to other movies. Most of them ones I liked. But the way they but them in they just aren\'t funny.

    I am rating it a 1 because I liked the original movie.
  • I dig it!

    I really love this show! The premiere episode was too much like the movie, but was still really funny. The second episode showed that they won't follow the same formula all the time. The characters are great and the jokes play for my whole family. That's not easy to do.
  • This show doesn't even make sense. Maybe it's just me but I am not clear on a few things. It does not tie in with the film well and there seems to be many errors.

    This show looked stupid from the commercials and I just saw it today and I must say, it hasn't outlived that "rating" yet. One thing? Is this before Kuzco is emperor or after? The theme suggests it is before he is emperor but he told Melina he was emperor and he bought the school. In the latter case, why would he lose his emperor-ship because he didn't attend school? In the former case (i.e. if this show is before he was emperor), why didn't he know Patcha in the film? Maybe I am over thinking it but you know these questions are pretty important and without clear cut answers the show has some real problems.

    On another note, I am glad most of the actors and actresses are the same, I love Patrick Warburton, but it is a shame they could not get David Spade. J.P. Manoux isn't a bad substitute but he is no David Spade. He is good as Vice-Principal Hackett on Phil of the Future though. Who is John Goodman's replacement as Patcha? Who ever he is...he is awful! Completely awful!

    I foresee a short end for this show. This is not a show I want to see day after day after day on Disney Channel.
  • I knew it would be bad, but I did not expect it to be unbearable to watch. PU Disney. I wish the ratings scale had negative values.

    Our family really enjoyed the first movie so we were disappointed that Disney decided to make a cheap TV show to keep the money rolling in. The animation is so unimpressive that even my 7 year old took note and made comments. This show is a poorly executed recap of all the good jokes from the first movie, but this time around they fall short. The shows premise makes no sense because Kuzco IS the Emporer and should not have to earn the throne. I hope that this show is cancelled very soon.
    Shame on those responsible for this mess.
  • Wasn't that great.

    I have only seen the first movie, I thought it was okay. I did not even bother to see the second one. I just watch the show because I had extra time. I do not get why he has to go back to school. It sounds like he does not even care. So why does he even bother doing it? Its not that good, its not worth watching at all.
  • this is what they put on in place of the Buzz on Maggie?

    i don't get it. no I really really don't get it. why would they cancell the Buzz on Maggie which was a funny show and replace it with something that is so unoriginal. the movie was sort of funny and good, but this is nowhere like the movie and i think they should change back. i was looking foward to what they were going to put on becuase I liked the Buzz on Maggie a lot so I though it would be extra good, but I guess not. the voices don't sound like the movie either. dont bother with it is what i say.
  • Don't like it, don't hate it. It's a bit corny and is really predictable. I liked the original movie, so it kind of upsets me to see them make another show from a movie like they did on lilo and stitch...

    It needs a lot of work. It could be better if it was less predictable... I mean, we don't really need to see them restate the obvious, like the part about the rabbit-feet...

    But it's not bad. The plot's ok, with the whole school thing, but overall, just make it a bit more interesting for us older people...
  • Well, I don\'t love it, but I don\'t hate it either. A few touch-ups and this has the potential to be a half-way decent show.

    "The Emperors New Groove" is one of my favorites of the newer animated Disney movies- imagine my horror when I saw the commercial for this show. But upon watching the first episode, it didn't turn out NEARLY as bad as some series based off of hit movies.

    That's not to say it's perfect- For one thing, they probably killed 90% of the most hilarious jokes in the movie (Seriously- leave the "pull the lever, Kronk", joke ALONE.) I trust that if they had enough creativity to come up with gags like that in the first place, they should have enough to come up with NEW gags for the SHOW. Kick it into gear, people!

    The second thing that REALLY bothers me are the new voices- seriously, I know that there was no way in a billion years that they could have gotten David Spade to voice Cuzco for the series, but I would think they could find someone a LITTLE bit closer to the original. And what's with Pacha? He has like, a Brooklyn accent or something now.

    Other than that, the animation, while not as nice as the movie, is pretty smooth, and enjoyable to look at. (the scenes and backgrounds are always the best points.)

    I think if they work on the bad points a little more and improve upon the points that are already good, this show *may* have a chance.
  • His Name is Kuzco and Welcome to His School!

    For all those who loved “The Emperor’s New Groove,” the endearing and funny 2000 classic, Disney is introducing another take-off of the movie. Beginning January 20, Disney will air the new TV show “The Emperor’s New School.” Coming just after the release of the direct to DVD sequel "Kronk’s New Groove" (which was less than worthy of the original), the show is produced in 2D animation and carries a TV-G parental guideline.

    The action-packed comedy series is set in an Incan empire and follows the slightly conceited smart aleck teenager, Kuzco, as he tries to graduate school. Although he’s first in line to be emperor, he cannot claim the throne without that diploma. Even worse, he has been banned from the palace and is forced to live with commoner Pacha, his wife Chicha and their family while he struggles to graduate despite the interference of the evil Yzma and her dimwitted yet loveable sidekick Kronk. He doesn’t struggle alone, though. Pacha is always there to guide Kuzco despite his sometimes disrespectful attitude, and he also has a school “friend” named Malina to rely on. Of course, the stories are narrated by the only one who really matters, Kuzco.

    JP Manoux ("Phil of the Future") stars as Kuzco; Patrick Warburton ("Seinfeld") as Kronk; Eartha Kitt as Yzma; Jessica DiCicco ("The Buzz on Maggie") as Malina; Wendie Malick ("Just Shoot Me") as Chicha and Fred Tatasciore as Pacha, comedian Rip Taylor as Royal Records Keeper and Curtis Armstrong ("Moonlighting") as Mr. Moleguaco.
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