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  • Well, I don\'t love it, but I don\'t hate it either. A few touch-ups and this has the potential to be a half-way decent show.

    "The Emperors New Groove" is one of my favorites of the newer animated Disney movies- imagine my horror when I saw the commercial for this show. But upon watching the first episode, it didn't turn out NEARLY as bad as some series based off of hit movies.

    That's not to say it's perfect- For one thing, they probably killed 90% of the most hilarious jokes in the movie (Seriously- leave the "pull the lever, Kronk", joke ALONE.) I trust that if they had enough creativity to come up with gags like that in the first place, they should have enough to come up with NEW gags for the SHOW. Kick it into gear, people!

    The second thing that REALLY bothers me are the new voices- seriously, I know that there was no way in a billion years that they could have gotten David Spade to voice Cuzco for the series, but I would think they could find someone a LITTLE bit closer to the original. And what's with Pacha? He has like, a Brooklyn accent or something now.

    Other than that, the animation, while not as nice as the movie, is pretty smooth, and enjoyable to look at. (the scenes and backgrounds are always the best points.)

    I think if they work on the bad points a little more and improve upon the points that are already good, this show *may* have a chance.
  • His Name is Kuzco and Welcome to His School!

    For all those who loved “The Emperor’s New Groove,” the endearing and funny 2000 classic, Disney is introducing another take-off of the movie. Beginning January 20, Disney will air the new TV show “The Emperor’s New School.” Coming just after the release of the direct to DVD sequel "Kronk’s New Groove" (which was less than worthy of the original), the show is produced in 2D animation and carries a TV-G parental guideline.

    The action-packed comedy series is set in an Incan empire and follows the slightly conceited smart aleck teenager, Kuzco, as he tries to graduate school. Although he’s first in line to be emperor, he cannot claim the throne without that diploma. Even worse, he has been banned from the palace and is forced to live with commoner Pacha, his wife Chicha and their family while he struggles to graduate despite the interference of the evil Yzma and her dimwitted yet loveable sidekick Kronk. He doesn’t struggle alone, though. Pacha is always there to guide Kuzco despite his sometimes disrespectful attitude, and he also has a school “friend” named Malina to rely on. Of course, the stories are narrated by the only one who really matters, Kuzco.

    JP Manoux ("Phil of the Future") stars as Kuzco; Patrick Warburton ("Seinfeld") as Kronk; Eartha Kitt as Yzma; Jessica DiCicco ("The Buzz on Maggie") as Malina; Wendie Malick ("Just Shoot Me") as Chicha and Fred Tatasciore as Pacha, comedian Rip Taylor as Royal Records Keeper and Curtis Armstrong ("Moonlighting") as Mr. Moleguaco.
  • The Emperor's New School needs fine-tuning...

    The Emperor's New School needs fine-tuning as soon as possible! I mean yeah its funny and everything but its like the same plot as the movie, and Ive seen the movie a whole bunch of time and it gets board, so thats how the show is going. The people that make the voices in this show are no good either! They should haved hired the same people they did for the movie. It would have been better, way better!
  • Kusco needs to graduate to stay emperor... and Yzma wants stop him from doing that. If Kuzco fails, Yzma becomes emperess... Yikes!!!

    Kusco needs to graduate to stay emperor...
    and Yzma wants stop him from doing that.
    If Kuzco fails, Yzma becomes emperess... Yikes!!!
    If you are a kid who liked the movies, Emperor's New Groove and Kronk's New Groove you should definitely give this a try!
    You'll notice alot of similar lines (from the movie) in this show.
    I hope this show gets funnier!!
    I'm done.
  • "The Emperor's New School" is a fairly decent animated show; better than some; worse than some; has okay graphics; needs new, un-copied jokes from the movie; and may get only one season.

    "The Emperor's New School" is a fairly decent animated show that Disney has. It is far better than "The Buzz On Maggie" or "Dave the Barbarian," but it needs a few more touch-ups to meet the "Brandy & Mr. Whiskers" and 'American Dragon: Jake Long" standards. The series is somewhat similar to the movie its based on, "The Emperor's New Groove". They use a lot of the same jokes, which is a ultimate turn down. Come on and create some new and original jokes! The animation is better than I thought it would be, but it could be improved. I will definitely watch the show, but I'm not sure it will have a second season as I don't know how the ratings will be, and if they're already using stuff from the movie in the first episode than their already out of ideas.
  • I'll watch it when I'm bored. But it's better then most animated series on Disney.

    It must've taken a long time to think up and draw out all these episodes. You can see the work that they've put into it. But it just doesn't intrest me as much. The previews weren't so good, but I thought that I should give it a try. It turned out to be pretty good.
  • It's better than i thought...

    Okay i thought this show would really, really scuk because most shows based on movies SUCK [Jimmy Neutron, Lilo and Stich] But this was pretty good. I hate the Disney Channel but i was watching Monsters INC. and i saw the commercial. I love the "Emporers New Groove" and i had to see how they were going to kill the movie. I'm suprised they didn't. Not my favorite but i am going to track it. It was funny, although it does have some of those obvious, overused shows. Bottom line, don't judge a book by it's cover.

  • this sohw sucks

    Disney Channel keeps on making the stupiest cartoons. Their better shows are like The Suite life and Thats so Raven. They should just keep making those shows. This show is so horrible and awful that you should just change the channel! Its a complete waste of time and you I strongly suggest that you should never watch it.
  • Kuzco can't become the emperor unless he passes school!

    This show is actually pretty original. It made me laugh out loud a lot! The characters are really great. I had my doubts, because the commercials disney showed were pretty bad, but it turned out awesome! This show will definately become one of my favorites. The animation is interesting as well.
  • This is a really good show in my opinion. It is like the original movie.

    This show is like the original movies, The Emperor's New Groove and Kronk's New Groove. They do a lot of things similar to the first movie. I think it is original. It is now one of my favorite shows. I can't wait until new episodes come on. If you haven't seen it be sure to watch it.
  • This show is W A Y past it's prime.

    The movie of the Emperors New Groove was great. It was hilarious and unlike any disney movie I had ever seen. No musicals, no loveable main character, just pure comedy.
    So, Disney decided to use the same formula again with Kronks New Groove. Obviously it wasn't as good and the first one and it didn't get released in theaters but it was still a decent movie.
    Now Disney took the Emperor out of his grave and put him in a new show, but it is not what it used to be! Think, the movie came out in 2000 and only a few thousand people bought Kronks new Groove. So, how many people, fans or not, would even remember the Emperor, let alone watch his new show.
    Now abou the show, it stinks no questions asked! The plot always seems to be a simple one that would be one 5 minute event in other shows. They stretch it, and stretch it, until it fits in the 24 minute time slot. The jokes that were once funny have now become stale. The Emperors New School is a horrid show and Do Not Watch It!
  • they made 2 movies alredy get over it!

    Omg as if it isnt bad enough with shows like Romeo! , Life with Derek , and all the other disney dum-dums and now this! I mean they shouldnt have made a second movie and now this. It makes me sick to my stomach disney is wasting money on this garbage
  • what the heck? this show is so weird and total crap....

    This may be the strangest show on Disney. A show about the emperor of The Emperor's new Groove attending school and meeting the girl of his dreams is strange! The susess of the movie Kronk's New Groove has made the producers create a new show made from crap. Also, after the release of Stich The Movie!, the creators thought they'd make a tv show form Lilo and Stich (by the way isn't a bad show.) This show will not last long or get good ratings. It looks like it will not even last a year. This show is absolute crap I would not recommend this show because its weird, dumb, and has bad amamation. Don't watch this show...
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