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  • this thing was a wash from the start.

    think about it, at the end of the movie, Kuzco became a nice guy, but now he has this sudden relaps and for what reason?

    Also, if he's in school, who runs the empire while he's in school?

    all I have to say is that this show is the latest example of how Disney jumps all up and down the conept of continuity in favor of an attempt to make money, not to mention that this show has veared so far from it's original plotline, you begin to question the purpose of the show entirely, and if he was already the emperor, why does he need to go BACK to school?

    in short, this show should make like the residents of Machu-Pichu and disappear mysteriously and without a trace
  • An insult to the emperor's new groove

    This show is boring and distasteful, the first time i saw this Show I hated it. I thought " why did they make a show, it's bad enough they made a second movie". When kuzco stops in the starting of the show he tries to be funny but he isn't. It's disney's downfall. I liked kuzco back in the old movie the emperor's new groove, where kuzco was funny and not so boring. now all his lines in the show is repetitive and now cliche. Same with kronk or however you spell his name. boring dumb and disappointing repetitive show. But the new episodes there making in season 2 are pretty good.
  • Some wierdo named Kuzco has to go back to school. And he has these no brain friends.

    This show is a complete waiste of my valuaable time. I watched the first few and hated it. I really don't care for shows this dense. Its for the level of an infant and I wouldn't be surprised if one episode was about that character has to learn how to take a nap! It is a very not funny show and those pathetic characters a seem stupid. Even the supposely smart Melina is stupid I hate it so so much. Sometimes I don't know if the writers for this show are old ebough to drive! I flat out hate this show more than anything!!!
  • Just another chance to bring back Kuzco.

    To bad they couldn't even get David Spade, like he's doing anything.I'm gonna be blunt and not beat around the bush, this show sucks so friggin hard!I mean every episode is warped around the intricate main plot from the movie.I mean gosh a majority of the jokes are from the movie,for example the overplayed "whats with the monkey and bug" crack.Kuzco couldn't break 100 mil in the box office since the good 'ol family values was hidden a little more than the other sickening Disney spew fests.The show is about Kuzco having to past a never ending loop of classes to save his throne.But, like in the movie, Yzma and Kronk turn him into animals so he can't achieve his goal.Did the producers even watch the friggin movie, Kuzco wasn't purposely turned into a llama, but was turned into one due to a potion mistake.A majority of people return to do their voices but the two main characters,played by Spade and Goodman,for some reason couldn't reprise their roles?The show is awful.PERIOD.
  • A continuation of The Emperor's New School, we did not need to take it to a tv show level. I can't believe people actually watch this.

    This show is also on my TV shows that should be canceled but aren't. A complete waste of time and money also. This show is so lame, it doesn't even deserve my review time and energy. It's just as bad as The Replacements, Phil of the Future, Jimmy Neutron, and all of those other pathetic excuses of public television shows. I mean, did the writer's actually think people would watch it and think it was COOL? Well, news flash, it's not. It bores me to tears every time it's on, and I don't even leave it on longer than this...
  • Is I see one more disneychannel show based off a movie, I swear I will never watch DisneyChannel again! This is too unorignal for many good resons.

    I'm getting tired of this. Disney Channel is running out of ideas for shows, so it's making cruddy shows that are based off movies! They might as well make Incredibles and Finding Nemo a cartoon! The show is completely focused on school. That's been used a billion times! People always make shows that have a lot to do with school! This show teaches life-lessons, why did they put that on disneychannel? it should be on playhouse disney! The fact that there is an enemy who hates the main charcter, and that the show is focused on school a lot, and that the main character has a crush on a girl, and the fact that he is a total doofus makes it way too unoriginal. This stuff has been used before! I know you can do better Disney Channel. Stop making this poo! It is way too childish like how Kuzco doodles at certain parts in the cartoon, how this show teaches life lessons, and how the dialog is like they're trying to teach you a lesson(i.e. in the episode where there is a family competition, Kuzco: Winning? Is that all you think about?). The theme song is okay i guess, but I don't like how Kuzco says: I thought this was supposed to be about me, (sudden mood change) Spell my name again! I could go on longer on talking about this show's stupidity, but I'd rather stop here since I have better things to do.
  • I can\\\'t believe this show is even on the air.

    Really, I can't believe it. I absolutely loved the Emperor's New Groove, so why did Disney have to go and ruin it with a TV series? They sort of ruined Lilo and Stitch the same way, although that show is a lot less annoying. In this one, you don't even have David Spade as Emperor Kuzco anymore, and I can understand that's because he's younger and in school, but his new actor just doesn't fit into the role. And this is what happens to Disney now: they get a hit movie, and then ruin it with a series. I surely hope they don't come out with a Finding Nemo or The Incredibles show soon. And I tried giving this show a 0.5, but the meter wouldn't let me.
  • When Looking at something this bad, you know that the people who made this destroyed Walt Disney\\\\\\\'s Legacy.

    This is the Emperor\\\'s New School, a spin-off of the cult-favorite Emperor\\\'s New Groove and Kronk\\\'s New Groove, we thought this was gonna be a good show about Kuzco and Kronk being teachers at a school, but no they destroyed what could have been a great franchise. You see because of this bad North American Cartoon, and Disney Channel\\\'s way to not show anime, Disney Channel has become a poison on the Entertainment business. Other Poisons include Cartoon Network\\\'s non-anime shows[Adultswim Is Better],Nickelodeon\\\'s Live Action Programs[Just for Kicks sucks], and Kim Possible[So Bad At Being Naive]. Plus to make matters worst on the Emperor\\\'s New School, a new character named Malina makes things become worse, no wait she\\\'s the reason things on the show are really really bad.
    Dear Disney Channel, Emperor\\\'s New School Gets A 1.0 Out Of 10 on TV.COM, plus what\\\'s better than this is Programs on Toonami, Jetix, And Yes 4Kids TV.

    P.S. I can\\\'t wait for Bleach to come to Adultswim.
  • Borefest!

    It just makes me sad when great movies like this get screwed in the end.The only thing different than the movie are the stories and kuzco,played respectfully by J.P. Manoux though.Every joke has been in the movie before it.The thing that is even more pathetic than that is the fact that they can get the entire main cast execpt for the two main characters,john goodman and david spade.I mean seriously,the only thing Goodman wants is a gigantic dinner and Spade,deprived of his own title in Kronk's new groove cuz he only had like what five lines, would probl'y do it for the fun of it,and a couple g's.The thing that makes this god-awful is that other disney animations,the proud family for one,got canned just to make room for crap like this and hannah montanna.Destroy this before it gets too out of control!
  • Horrible spin-off of \"The Emporer\'s New Groove\".

    Reasons I hate this show:

    1) Unoriginal: Disney has done a show plot line where the main character of a movie returns in a TV show to go to school.

    2) Unbearable to watch: The movie was so funny. It was one of my favorite Disney movies. But they had to ruin my love for it by making a boring sequel and this horrible spin-off. Aren\'t there enough bad shows on Disney already?

    3) Unwanted: Disney has been going downhill. With shows like \"Naturally Sadie\", \"Life With Derek\", and now this I would turn away from Disney Channel if it weren\'t for a few good shows.

    4) Unfunny: The sad thing is it tries really hard to be funny. By making references to other movies. Most of them ones I liked. But the way they but them in they just aren\'t funny.

    I am rating it a 1 because I liked the original movie.
  • I knew it would be bad, but I did not expect it to be unbearable to watch. PU Disney. I wish the ratings scale had negative values.

    Our family really enjoyed the first movie so we were disappointed that Disney decided to make a cheap TV show to keep the money rolling in. The animation is so unimpressive that even my 7 year old took note and made comments. This show is a poorly executed recap of all the good jokes from the first movie, but this time around they fall short. The shows premise makes no sense because Kuzco IS the Emporer and should not have to earn the throne. I hope that this show is cancelled very soon.
    Shame on those responsible for this mess.
  • they made 2 movies alredy get over it!

    Omg as if it isnt bad enough with shows like Romeo! , Life with Derek , and all the other disney dum-dums and now this! I mean they shouldnt have made a second movie and now this. It makes me sick to my stomach disney is wasting money on this garbage
  • The Emperor's New School isn't all that cool.

    Why? Oh why do they have to make a series out off this movie? They had The Emperor's New Groove and the sequel Kronk's New Groove and they had to make a freaking series out of it! Lilo and Stitch the series is better than this piece of junk. It might get cancelled easliy like the other disney series after the other disney movies and complete waste of time.
  • Boring and not funny

    The Emperor's New School is a boring and unfunny show. Kinda stupid too. I was watching one episode one day because there was nothing else on. To me, they were trying so hard to be funny that the jokes just came out lame. Seriously who thought of this? First they made the movie, The Emperor's New Groove, and that movie was just ok, nothing great but is was not bad. Then they made Kronk's New Groove or whatever its called and that movie was kinda pointless. Now they make this show. They should have stop at The Emperor's New Groove.
  • This show doesn't even make sense. Maybe it's just me but I am not clear on a few things. It does not tie in with the film well and there seems to be many errors.

    This show looked stupid from the commercials and I just saw it today and I must say, it hasn't outlived that "rating" yet. One thing? Is this before Kuzco is emperor or after? The theme suggests it is before he is emperor but he told Melina he was emperor and he bought the school. In the latter case, why would he lose his emperor-ship because he didn't attend school? In the former case (i.e. if this show is before he was emperor), why didn't he know Patcha in the film? Maybe I am over thinking it but you know these questions are pretty important and without clear cut answers the show has some real problems.

    On another note, I am glad most of the actors and actresses are the same, I love Patrick Warburton, but it is a shame they could not get David Spade. J.P. Manoux isn't a bad substitute but he is no David Spade. He is good as Vice-Principal Hackett on Phil of the Future though. Who is John Goodman's replacement as Patcha? Who ever he is...he is awful! Completely awful!

    I foresee a short end for this show. This is not a show I want to see day after day after day on Disney Channel.
  • this sohw sucks

    Disney Channel keeps on making the stupiest cartoons. Their better shows are like The Suite life and Thats so Raven. They should just keep making those shows. This show is so horrible and awful that you should just change the channel! Its a complete waste of time and you I strongly suggest that you should never watch it.
  • Of course, if Disney makes a movie, they always have to turn it into a series.

    The Emperors New Groove was a great movie. I haven't watched Krunks new grrove (Disney ALWAYS, either makes a sequel or a series. Unfortunately, they did both this time), and i probably never will. But a series, is much worse than a sequel.
    The series brings out a horrible side to the movie. Kuzco is a foolish adolescent teenager, with a crush on the cheerleader (cliche'). For the most part the series is revolved around him trying to get her to date him. And Kuzco's teenage voice is all scratchy and messed up.
    I only watched one episode (and it was tortue enough), so I at least know the jist of it, and I am offended, that Disney would put so littl eeffort into this series. Most of Disney Channel's "original" series, aren't that good in the first place, but I mean really, it was such a good movie that a series revolved around it had potetntial. Thanks a lot disney.
  • This so doesn't look good...

    Among my friends, it's known that I won't judge a book by it's cover, but that doesn't mean I won't judge a cartoon by it's previews. 'The Emperor's New School' looks completely unoriginal. A series about Lilo & Stitch was one thing, but this might be going too far. I'm starting to think Disney has finally hit rock-bottom.
  • It is a show that is trying way too hard.

    Hottie Hot Hottie? What is this show talking abot. Little kids are watching this and they are hearing thease wierd slang words abd evenully going to say it to their teachers. I've watched this show and some episodes actully okay. But Enporer Kuzco is really trying too hard!! Bad Show!
  • I don't really like it...

    I don't really know what to say. The animation is good. One thing I can say about this show is that, Kuzco, shut the h*ll up, and stop. Just stop. You're not cool, you're not handsome (but who am I to judge boys), you're not funny, just stop. Also, there are NO memorable characters. No one to look up to. Kuzco's a d*ck, Malina is a dits, Kronk, a durrr, a dumbass, Yzma is a gold digger. This is one of many shows where it was done for the heck of it, for money. The main plot gets old from time to time, the sub-plots can get boring and unoriginal; and I just can't see the magic or the purpose in this show. 3:10.
  • you put it on,think to ur self "maybe i should give it a chance".you finish watching it then think to your self "i wasted 13 mintues of tv time"

    when i look at this show i say "it's a waste of paper"

    you ask me why paper?

    waste of script,drawings,paint,adds in the 'Disney Adventures' comics,if they hadn't made this show we could have saved a forest.

    this show is boring,dull,over-used info from the movie-0H and the movie,

    it was a good funny movie,one you'd probally say "sure let's rent it,i was ok" but making this series was a stupid idea!

    when i watch Kuzkco i think of Hacket from 'Phil of the Future',not someone i really like watching play this guy.
    and what with the real guy who played him?

    las i saw he was on '8 Simple Rules',when did that end?
    the No commericals

    all in all,this is a bad Disney show

    *and it shouldn't be on ITunes*
  • This show is W A Y past it's prime.

    The movie of the Emperors New Groove was great. It was hilarious and unlike any disney movie I had ever seen. No musicals, no loveable main character, just pure comedy.
    So, Disney decided to use the same formula again with Kronks New Groove. Obviously it wasn't as good and the first one and it didn't get released in theaters but it was still a decent movie.
    Now Disney took the Emperor out of his grave and put him in a new show, but it is not what it used to be! Think, the movie came out in 2000 and only a few thousand people bought Kronks new Groove. So, how many people, fans or not, would even remember the Emperor, let alone watch his new show.
    Now abou the show, it stinks no questions asked! The plot always seems to be a simple one that would be one 5 minute event in other shows. They stretch it, and stretch it, until it fits in the 24 minute time slot. The jokes that were once funny have now become stale. The Emperors New School is a horrid show and Do Not Watch It!
  • Needed more development

    I enjoyed the film the Emperor's New Groove, but this show seems to undo the film's originality and storyline. I mean shouldn't Kuzco go to school before becoming emperor or at least be tutored in private? It hardly makes sense even for a cartoon not depending on logic. It's not as funny, sort of out of character, uninteresting characters, dull, repetitive, and just overall nothing special. If you're going to make a show about a film (whether or not it was a hit) please do it some justice. There are plenty of examples of such but this is not one of them. Kusco's New School needs improvement because it isn't fun to watch. I kept finding myself changing the channel. Disney has failed once again. It must be because they are either running out of ideas or don't allow it the time or creativity it needs to be a fun show
  • A terrible cartoon that's nowhere as good as the original movie.

    Disney decides to create a sequel to the awesome movie, "The Emperor's New Groove." It sucks. They then create a spin-off series. That sucks too. Won't Disney ever learn?

    I remember seeing the original movie in theaters for my birthday one year. I thought it was hillarious; a change in pace from the current Disney films. Then, a few years later, Disney churns out none other than a dreaded direct-to-video sequel. Oh snap.

    First off, David Spade isn't in this. He was funny, and gave Kuzco his charm. They replace him with a crap voice actor. (Probably because David refused to provide Kuzco's voice for a direct-to-video movie. Smart move, Spade.)

    Second, the plot is Godawful. School? No. It doesn't work.

    The Disney Channel sucks.
  • this is what they put on in place of the Buzz on Maggie?

    i don't get it. no I really really don't get it. why would they cancell the Buzz on Maggie which was a funny show and replace it with something that is so unoriginal. the movie was sort of funny and good, but this is nowhere like the movie and i think they should change back. i was looking foward to what they were going to put on becuase I liked the Buzz on Maggie a lot so I though it would be extra good, but I guess not. the voices don't sound like the movie either. dont bother with it is what i say.
  • I don't understand

    I'll admit, when I first saw the commercials for this show, I actually thought it would be good. I liked the original movie, but Disney just keeps pushing it. This show sucks! And it doesn't make any sense! Am I missing something, or did Kuzco not meet Pacha until after he was emperor? And why does he have to pass high school to be emperor? And Yzma, it's so easy to just kill Kuzco. Um... Kronk's stupidity just reaches a new level of annoying. Malina: I hate her character so much! She's supposed to be smart and "nice," but she comes off as a snobby, uptight, talkative, stereotyped cheerleader. Kuzco's selfishness is seriously overdone with the whole "all about me" speeches. The only good thing about this show is that some of the jokes are kind of funny, but that won't help the show much. Disney should seriously just stop before they ruin something originally good.
  • All i can ask is: WHY??? The first movie was so awesome and now they're continuously slamming it to the ground.

    I absolutely loved "The Emperor's New Groove" when it came out in theaters. I still love it in fact. But come on! This show is most definently not cutting it. Why disney ever thought they could make an entire show based off of the movie and have it be sucessful, I will never be able to guess. The show basically uses the exact same sort of humor and jokes as the movie, and in the movie they're great, but come on. DON'T push the lever thing!!!! That's just waaaay too classic to be messed with.
    You know what, that's my feeling about the whole thing. That movie was just too classic to be messed with. And disney messed with it. Great. Grade: C-
  • I just like to watch Kuzco and Kronk Polka at the end of the show. They be gettin' it.

    The movie was fine, but I don't think they needed to come out with a tv series. First of all, they kinda ran the movie into the ground. Now they've come out with the tv series that should have been presented years ago. The show is bearable, but it doesn't catch my interest. I don't hate the show, but I don't seem to really care for it. If it would have aired right after the movie went to DVD, then I might have wanted to watch it. The show itself isn't half bad, but it missed it's date 4 to 5 years ago. The llama stuff is now in the past and it's time to come out with something new.
  • The emperor's new groove went too far!

    This started as a terrific movie... Then came the mediocre sequel... and now they've reduced themselves to this. There are some mildly funny parts, but all the episodes are based on the same premise! It seems a little redundant, and quickly gets old and annoying. Do not waste your time with this show. Watch one episode, and you'll pretty much know what all the others are about.
  • Wasn't that great.

    I have only seen the first movie, I thought it was okay. I did not even bother to see the second one. I just watch the show because I had extra time. I do not get why he has to go back to school. It sounds like he does not even care. So why does he even bother doing it? Its not that good, its not worth watching at all.
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