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  • Horrible spin-off of \"The Emporer\'s New Groove\".

    Reasons I hate this show:

    1) Unoriginal: Disney has done a show plot line where the main character of a movie returns in a TV show to go to school.

    2) Unbearable to watch: The movie was so funny. It was one of my favorite Disney movies. But they had to ruin my love for it by making a boring sequel and this horrible spin-off. Aren\'t there enough bad shows on Disney already?

    3) Unwanted: Disney has been going downhill. With shows like \"Naturally Sadie\", \"Life With Derek\", and now this I would turn away from Disney Channel if it weren\'t for a few good shows.

    4) Unfunny: The sad thing is it tries really hard to be funny. By making references to other movies. Most of them ones I liked. But the way they but them in they just aren\'t funny.

    I am rating it a 1 because I liked the original movie.
  • I'm so sick and tired of so many people bad mouthing this show...

    I don't get why this show is so underappreciated. It's actually a really good show, you just gotta pay attention to it. The jokes are funny, (and I DO understand that they were repetitive in season 1) but now that show has upgrated itself overall, and is a fun show to watch. The characters are cool and I think that it has maintained its TENG essence still. I think, the reason why so many people dislike it is because that it's different from the regular junk they show on DC. I hope that this show will continue on for many more episodes because it definately deserves it!
  • Sad to see it end.

    It seems that today's show was the last of the series. Kuzco graduates and becomes emperor. I just started getting into this show late and now I miss it already. Knowing that Disney are d*cks about putting shows on DVDs, if you didn't record it then you, like me are out of luck. This is why people buy bootleg stuff knowing that Disney doesn't listen to the fans that watch and demand to have the shows like this that they enjoy to watch on TV be put on DVD. Just look what they did to Gargoyles release it late and having poor sales instead of doing it earlier like WB did for Batman:TAS. If it's released in the UK, I will definitely buy it there.

  • I knew it would be bad, but I did not expect it to be unbearable to watch. PU Disney. I wish the ratings scale had negative values.

    Our family really enjoyed the first movie so we were disappointed that Disney decided to make a cheap TV show to keep the money rolling in. The animation is so unimpressive that even my 7 year old took note and made comments. This show is a poorly executed recap of all the good jokes from the first movie, but this time around they fall short. The shows premise makes no sense because Kuzco IS the Emporer and should not have to earn the throne. I hope that this show is cancelled very soon.
    Shame on those responsible for this mess.
  • This show needs help. Nevertheless, I appreciate it.

    I first started watching this show when I saw the commercials first on DC. I was kinda shocked because I had been used to seeing The Emperor's New Groove and Kronk's New Groove had just come out. I thought "Oh, no, just another Disney crappy series based on a movie" (With the exception of Lilo and Stitch) I started watching it and I actually thought it was kinda amusing, with comedy that was different, comedy that meant you actually had to pay attention to the show. The characters were cool and Malina is pretty darn good looking. I agree with some of the haters that TENS has had the fault of using jokes over again but hey, it's just a show and it doesn't take away the show's high value.
  • One of the more underrated shows on Disney

    Seriously why didn't get the ratings it deserved. I mean sure Disney had its phase where it went through like a bazillion movies turned into tv shows, but where this show excelled where others failed was in that it was genuinely funny. Maybe its because of my sense of humor is very sarcastic like the show itself.

    One of the things I didn't like was how it was a school based setting. I mean do I actually believe that Kronk who was in his late 20s in the movie, is a high schooler like the show insisted.

    That's the only gripe I had. Otherwise, its a darn shame that this show didn't excel because it was one of the better Disney shows this decade
  • Underappreciated.

    Underappreciated. People Don't Know How Funny This Show Can Get If They Don't Watch The Show Like I Do. They're Just Immature Little Brats That Can't Get A Life. Well, I Personally LOVE This Show!! It's Just TOO Funny! If I Had A Nickel For Every Time I Laughed At This Show, I'd Be Rich, And Buy This From Disney!
  • It's one of the best Disney movie shows.

    The show is definitely not as good as the first movie, but it is still a great show. The first season steals a lot of the gags from the original movie, but I personally did not mind seeing that stuff again. The second season has been much better about coming up with new material. Some of the episodes are absolutely hilarious. Not all of the episodes are great, but the show is still worth watching. I personally don't care much for the new characters, but Kronk makes up for this. I absolutely love the guy. He makes the show worth watching.

    I LOVE this show sooo much, I love Kuzco hes sooo cute and funny!!! This a such a funny show and I never miss an episode of it. If Disney Channel cancels this show, they're an idiot! Because this is my favorite show ever. My favorite episode is How Now Sea Cow and A Fair To Remember! Ramon and Malina make a cute couple too I am not a Kuzlina supporter though cause I am in love with Kuzco!I always loved this show and i hope it gets five seasons, this show cheers me up whenever I'm sad and always makes me laugh
  • Awesome show!

    "The Emperor's New School" is the best Disney Channel Original Animated Series. It's really hilarious! I admit, when I first saw the commercial, I was like: "Boring! Another movie ruined with a show". I guess I was dead wrong. All in all, this is one of Disney Channel's best series.
  • No Touchie!

    The first movie, The emperor's new groove was awsome. Kronk's? Not so well...Then, they brought a use a TV show that was great! The same gags from the Movie were in here. And, the best thing about this show is Kuzco's doodles! In fact, there was an episode based off it. That was one of the best episodes in this series! So, everyone does jokes which are good so ends, another one of my review. Thank you for reading it.

    Animation: 8; Just is.
    Humor: 10; Greatness!
    Plot: 8; oK.
    Theme Song: 7; No thank you.
    Voices: 9; Kuzco's voice is a legend.

    Final score: 8.4
  • This show doesn't even make sense. Maybe it's just me but I am not clear on a few things. It does not tie in with the film well and there seems to be many errors.

    This show looked stupid from the commercials and I just saw it today and I must say, it hasn't outlived that "rating" yet. One thing? Is this before Kuzco is emperor or after? The theme suggests it is before he is emperor but he told Melina he was emperor and he bought the school. In the latter case, why would he lose his emperor-ship because he didn't attend school? In the former case (i.e. if this show is before he was emperor), why didn't he know Patcha in the film? Maybe I am over thinking it but you know these questions are pretty important and without clear cut answers the show has some real problems.

    On another note, I am glad most of the actors and actresses are the same, I love Patrick Warburton, but it is a shame they could not get David Spade. J.P. Manoux isn't a bad substitute but he is no David Spade. He is good as Vice-Principal Hackett on Phil of the Future though. Who is John Goodman's replacement as Patcha? Who ever he is...he is awful! Completely awful!

    I foresee a short end for this show. This is not a show I want to see day after day after day on Disney Channel.
  • An underrated gem.

    I think this show really needs to be appreciated more. Since I'm a big fan of The Emperor's New Groove, Kronk's New Groove, and just Disney in general, this show has probably become my favourite cartoon.

    I'll admit that a couple of episode plots can be somewhat lacking, but it's still got a great soundtrack, clever humour, and it's an interesting idea; it takes place after The Emperor's New Groove. Kuzco must graduate from Kuzco Academy (a school which he paid for - hence the name) in order to be Emperor again. Sounds simple enough, right? That's where you're wrong - this show is crazy, hilarious, and just downright random. I'll always watch it whenever I want a good laugh.

    Overall, this show is great. In fact, it's probably the only good cartoon Disney will air nowadays. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys comedy.
    10/10 from me.
  • kuzco goes to school

    kuzco goes to school why i don't kno

    kuzco an emperor goes to school(i don't kno why)is selfish childish yzma a really old women if u can consider her to be that try to try make kuzco fail and become empress why would she become empress i don't kno malina a new could be considered kuzco only real friend

    kronk is like 24-28 in a high school well i think it's a high school and tryes 2 help yzma half the time and kuzco the other half sorry for the bad Review oh well this show rules thanks for reading and bad spelling
  • Disney's The Emperor's New School is a Disney series based on a movie, The Emperor's New Groove

    This show is based on the movie, The Emperor's New Groove and succeeded by The Emperor's New Groove 2: Kronk's New Groove. This is about an emperor named Kuzco who needs to graduate first to claim his position again. Although he always act as if he is still an emperor, his friends accept him. Malina, one of the school cheerleader and the smartest student in the school always help Kuzco accomplishing his school tasks and help him graduate. Kuzco thinks she's a hottie hot hottie.

    Pacha and Chicha's family treat Kuzco as a part of their family. This show is really funny. Yzma always try to fail Kuzco. She even disguises as Principal Amzy in Kuzco's school. She always end up failing. The part called Kuzco's doodle sometimes makes me laugh because his drawings are like drawings of a 4 year old. He always think like a kid. The best part I like in this show is when Kuzco or sometimes other characters pause the show for the reason that Kuzco notices something from a stuck spinach in Yzma's teeth and revealing a hair on Yzma's armpit and sometimes flashing back what happened earlier. This January 2008, Disney Channel Asia will air the Season 2 of this show. I can't wait for more stopping of show and what Kuzco will be transformed to.
  • just like if Walt Disney made it funny but no gross jokes the characters ome alive not all these outright funny but the plot make up for it one of the best cartoons ever love the kuzco Malina. romance

    just like if Walt Disney made it funny but no gross jokes the characters come alive

    not all these outright funny but the plot make up for it

    one of the best cartoons ever

    love the kuzco malina romance

    ktonk and yzma are great villains.and serect lab joke never git joke stinks the the bug bug and the monkey monkey monkey eat the bug character said what up with the bug and monkey boring but but but but but walt disney would like think series a lot plus they dump over used storylines

    season 2 off and off and running and it is great
  • u know u shuoldent judge a book by its cover yeah so wat it seemed pretty lame on the commercail but when i was over my cousins he forced me to watch it cause he liked it and it was cool

    i hated the show once i heard of it and i was mad cause phil of the future was canceling cause of it (hakket from phil of the futere plays the emperor and who would really do two shows at once) but when i watched i liked it and yes i still dont like the movie but its a good show not the greatest but not the worst
  • An emporer goes to school to become emporer and a woman named Yzma tries to take the crown away from him.

    This show is perfect and is funny. This is a great new TV series. The jokes are funny the whole thing is just full of laughs and stuff that you would really like to watch over and over again. If you like the movies you will really like this new Disney channel series.
  • Kuzco can't become the emperor unless he passes school!

    This show is actually pretty original. It made me laugh out loud a lot! The characters are really great. I had my doubts, because the commercials disney showed were pretty bad, but it turned out awesome! This show will definately become one of my favorites. The animation is interesting as well.
  • This is a really good show in my opinion. It is like the original movie.

    This show is like the original movies, The Emperor's New Groove and Kronk's New Groove. They do a lot of things similar to the first movie. I think it is original. It is now one of my favorite shows. I can't wait until new episodes come on. If you haven't seen it be sure to watch it.
  • The original 'The Emperor's New Groove' is my favourite film of all time. This outstanding series is JUST as good.

    Groove..was an outstanding film. Kronk's New Groove was..average (Although he's an awesome character, It just shows that Kronk in large doses, doesn't work..)

    This show continues off from where Groove.. ended.
    The humour is so crazy and wild, similar to stuff seen in Family Guy (or possibly, very possibly Drawn Together..
    except of course this show is rated G).

    Most of the original voice-actors are back: Kronk (Patrick Warburton), and Yzma (Eartha Kitt).

    It took me a while to get used to the absence of David Spade as Kuzco, but this new guy works JUST as well.
    If Eartha Kitt was absent, this show wouldn't be one of my favourites. She add SO much excitement to the show, that's really entertaining and funny.

    It's animation is a bit more simple than any of the movies. It's more..cartoony. But that's exactly what it is, so it's forgiven. To me, this gem is like a TV series of Groove..and I'm so happy about that.
  • I dunno why people are all "This show is stupid".

    This show is perfectly fine, and who cares if it's a spin-off from the movie? Stop whining how this show has ruined the movie! I watch the show every time it's on and I don't think it was a waste of TV time and I'm very smart. I thought that if somebody didn't like a show, then they would chat on some other show's post. it just seems wierd to me that anybody would want to talk abuot a show that they hate. Maybe that's just me. Look, nobody really cares if you don't like the show. STOP IT!
  • The only good cartoon left on Disney channel.

    Although I never got to watch the movie I love the show. It has witty humor and is the only thing keeping the animation on Disney Channel alive. The theme song is great and the main charatcer is original. The show shows life lessons each episode while still keeping to the point of the plot line. The newer episodes however seem to be bringing the show down hill but it still is an okay show. Overall it is worth the watch but isnt the best cartoon shows around, just on Disney Channel it is. Also the voice acting is well done.
  • A new law orders Kuzco to pass all of his school tests to become emperor... and he created that law

    The Emperor's New School offers the comedic relief that the first film brought us. Now a new changed emperor has become more human but still has his arrogant self that brings humor into the cartoon. The many gags that happen throughout each episode dont ever get old, and sometimes they remind us about the first film. This show has a lot of potential, but maybe due to the lack of original voice actors of some of the main cast and the changes in some of the main character's personalities have made some people to dislike the show. In any way, this show will bring laughs.
  • I really have no idea whats really with the bad ratings, I mean its has Zippy zany humor like the movie. But I do think its not perfect, and could have been alot better

    The Show its self maintain its clever crazy sense of Humor, but its written a some what poorly way. The actor who play Kuzko was very convincing to believe its David Spade. I just dont understand u people, u give a 8.5 for One Piece 4-Kid translation. and you call this mediocre. Breaking the 4th wall, modern popculture reference, and alot of good things. But its not very perfect and can be distracting to see the same jokes over and over again. Its begin to be trite for a while, and then there are morals which we seen for over a million times. Still some kids may like it
  • It's better than i thought...

    Okay i thought this show would really, really scuk because most shows based on movies SUCK [Jimmy Neutron, Lilo and Stich] But this was pretty good. I hate the Disney Channel but i was watching Monsters INC. and i saw the commercial. I love the "Emporers New Groove" and i had to see how they were going to kill the movie. I'm suprised they didn't. Not my favorite but i am going to track it. It was funny, although it does have some of those obvious, overused shows. Bottom line, don't judge a book by it's cover.

  • Not One Of My Top Two Favorite Disney Animated Series.

    When I first got into checking out this Walt Disney Television Animation/Disney channel original production, I thought it was fine. But then, after deciding to read mostly the lower rated reviews of this to see what I had been missing and why some others weren't feeling it as much as others, I contemplated on re-evaluating my original thoughts on it. I mean, I still find it to be just fine, but not as great as some certain, other Disney animated t.v. programs.

    First of all, what got me to rethink about this is the fact that it's not a completely original series, as it was spun off of the original movie and sequel. Now most viewers tend to dislike most shows spun off of movies and I presently I can understand or see why. All the Disney t.v. cartoons that were spun off from some of the movies often are not as great in most eyes. I think that the completely original programs by Disney are better. There's less problems of not being consistent for one thing with those. Secondly, most of the Disney cartoon series that originated on the Disney channel, I agree just aren't as great as those that originated on other channels before it. It makes me wonder if whether there had been more up-to-par shows and they never initiated on that channel, would it had mattered if their quality would've been marred. I wonder if that may have played a part as the problem and not just the company/studio/network choosing less than superb projects on which to take. Most of those I find to be unimpressive from some of the reviews I've read. I never thought I'd ever see the day that Disney, Nick and Cartoon Network would sell out, I never thought it would ever come to this. If they continue to be too much about business and not enough about other important things in addition to it as well, then I'm sorry and I hate to say it as much as it pains me, but then to the nether-world with them. I'm just not feeling what all those three have become in recent years for the most part. By the way, my two most favorite, Disney animated series are House of Mouse and Fillmore, both of which I put ahead of this and especially some certain, other shows coming out of WDTA.

    I'm not quite sure what other reasons why aside from what I just mentioned I'm not into this one as much as certain others. Things that others have pointed out that they find wrong with this show are the jokes from the original movie being overused. I didn't see that as a problem when watching episodes that involved them, maybe due to not watching the movie enough times to become well familiar with and remember them all. Somebody pointed out that he or she thought/presumed that this series was going to have Kuzco as one of the faculty rather than having to be a student and attend in order to regain his status as emperor and the throne. Now that never even crossed may mind as a possible/probable premise, that sounds much better of what could've been instead. Another flaw that some may find is Kuzco having revert to his old ways and personality. There are more that others have already brought up, except for probably the odd-for-Disney out-there moments.

    Anybody who hasn't already seen this is free to be my guest and check it out anyway if anybody likes, and play judge or critic. Let's just hope that the next, new series, Gravity Falls, will be better than a number of past shows by WDTA/the Disney channel. But knowing how they practice currently, I doubt it. I hope I come across some future program by Disney that will impress and grab me as much as Fillmore again.

  • its okay

    so basicly this show is about kuzco from the emporers new groove only he has to go to school so he can become empoer again only yzma trys to stop him (in every episode). so really what can i say about this show well to start off i have actully seen every episode of this show because it come on before amdrag and i don't want to miss amdrag. it is something to watch nothing really spical here. i like the recurring jokes on when yzma goes down to the seceret lab there is always something wrong with the ride. i saw empoers new groove years ago and completly forgot about it until this show came on. i like the way kuzco always stops the show for no importent reason just to talk about whats going on. this show can be funny at times like the secert lab ride. one thing i don't like about this show is that the plat is not so good i mean its okay but its nothing speical (wait am i repeating mysel). to end this off i'm gonna say y it got a 7 insted of a 10. 1 point off because its not amdrag, 3 points off because the plot outline isn't good plus .5 point because its something to watch when there really is nothing on and plus. 5 because of the recurring jokes which are funny .... kuzco's butt is in the urn
  • Good show but could be better.

    The show can't compare to the movie in my book,but its still enjoyable to watch! The only real problems with it are the continuity errors with both films and the fact that there is NO David Spade. ;.; But other then that its pretty good. And it can get random at times. Randomness=Good. o.o
  • Of course, if Disney makes a movie, they always have to turn it into a series.

    The Emperors New Groove was a great movie. I haven't watched Krunks new grrove (Disney ALWAYS, either makes a sequel or a series. Unfortunately, they did both this time), and i probably never will. But a series, is much worse than a sequel.
    The series brings out a horrible side to the movie. Kuzco is a foolish adolescent teenager, with a crush on the cheerleader (cliche'). For the most part the series is revolved around him trying to get her to date him. And Kuzco's teenage voice is all scratchy and messed up.
    I only watched one episode (and it was tortue enough), so I at least know the jist of it, and I am offended, that Disney would put so littl eeffort into this series. Most of Disney Channel's "original" series, aren't that good in the first place, but I mean really, it was such a good movie that a series revolved around it had potetntial. Thanks a lot disney.
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