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  • The Emperor's New School is a Disney cartoon based off the Emperor's New Groove, a movie that did mediocre in the box office but well on DVD and VHS sales.

    Emperor's New School is an interesting premise for a show, or, rather, it would be if Disney hadn't based a lot of their cartoons off movies. (This seems to be the trend these days). Since it lacks that in the orginality department, perhaps it shall redeem itself in other ways. Unfortunately for it, ENS has not yet managed that feat. In fact, very little of it can be called original in any sense.

    For its own benefit, at least the jokes are amusing (when they're not stolen directly from the movie) and the characters not particularly bothersome. Like most cartoons, it falls flat on characterization, whereby the only character fleshed out fully is Kuzco. Since the story is based around him, one would only expect so much. However, it would be nice if the other characters were not written unevenly or, in the case of a few, having their back stories contradicted. Things stated a few episodes ago can be trashed later without the writers noting them in the least.

    Historical inaccuracies pepper ENS, too, and most of the time, they're either a minor annoyance- or a big problem. The writers don't seem to want to educate anyone about the Incas. They would rather take the easy way out.

    That being said, I'm not sure why I love Emperor's New School. Some episodes are literally the worst cartoon episodes I've seen, and I've watched Aladdin: The TV series, with its nonsensical plots and contraptions. The characters, particularly Malina, are inconsistent. Maybe I'm holding out for a really good episode or maybe ENS, like Kuzco, has a charm all its own.
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