The Emperor's New School

Disney Channel (ended 2008)



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  • Disney's The Emperor's New School is a Disney series based on a movie, The Emperor's New Groove

    This show is based on the movie, The Emperor's New Groove and succeeded by The Emperor's New Groove 2: Kronk's New Groove. This is about an emperor named Kuzco who needs to graduate first to claim his position again. Although he always act as if he is still an emperor, his friends accept him. Malina, one of the school cheerleader and the smartest student in the school always help Kuzco accomplishing his school tasks and help him graduate. Kuzco thinks she's a hottie hot hottie.

    Pacha and Chicha's family treat Kuzco as a part of their family. This show is really funny. Yzma always try to fail Kuzco. She even disguises as Principal Amzy in Kuzco's school. She always end up failing. The part called Kuzco's doodle sometimes makes me laugh because his drawings are like drawings of a 4 year old. He always think like a kid. The best part I like in this show is when Kuzco or sometimes other characters pause the show for the reason that Kuzco notices something from a stuck spinach in Yzma's teeth and revealing a hair on Yzma's armpit and sometimes flashing back what happened earlier. This January 2008, Disney Channel Asia will air the Season 2 of this show. I can't wait for more stopping of show and what Kuzco will be transformed to.
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