The Emperor's New School

Disney Channel (ended 2008)


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  • I love THIS Incan "Nestor" :D :D :D :D

    Title: good.

    Theme song: also good.

    Voices: well, it's a shame that D.Spade(Kuzco in the movies) didn't voiced Kuzko, yet all voices are good.

    Characters: that lovable rude, heartless and spoilt emperor guy (Why do ALL cartoon monarchs are like that - Tutenstein, Nestor... Neverless, I love them all *hugs Nestor*) Krunk who is neither good nor bad, cause he works for Yzmasaurus and a cocky bratz girl who I dislike much (Probably because Kuzko loves her and she doesn't give him a blink)

    Story: An ex-emperor(Or should that be future emperor?) has to face going to akademy. The story is pretty good.

    Humour: OH YEAH! It's even better than that %&*%"! "class of 3000" and that ^$"!%*! "Best ed" I watch that last TV cartoon garbage just for it's good(sometimes) humour. Yet, this show has the five star humour. And it's jokes are pretty simple too - like in the first episode when "rabbit face" flew through the air "Ha, my butt's in the fountain" and then BOOM! Yzma: "You have to be kidding!" That part was hillarious! *sigh* why can't my WoQ have this funny stuff?

    Art: The only bad side. To make the drawing easier, everything was made to look "simpler". And by the way, Kuzko probably suffers from anorexia, because he looks REALLY skinny.

    In conclusion: I think I see cupids in the air, because I'm starting to look at Kuzko, no offence, Nestor :)