The Emperor's New School - Season 1

Disney Channel (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • Yzmopolis
    Episode 21
    Kuzco starts to feel that everyone is annoyed by him and wishes that he wasn't there. He journeys to an ancient temple and wishes that he had never been emperor! After making the wish, the entire kingdom is now ruled by Yzma, under the title of "Yzmopolis" and no one remembers him. However, this was all a trick by Yzma who still has her memory of Kuzco. Will Kuzco regret this decision? Or will he sit back and let Yzma rule the kingdom?moreless
  • The Yzma That Stole Kuzcoween: In her latest attempt to take over the empire, Yzma decides to make herself the new face of the ancient Halloween...with spooky results.
    Monster Masquerade: Kuzco and Kronk debate over who gets to take Malina to the Masquerade Ball. But, Malina gets gifts and an invitation note from her "Secret crush", and both Kuzco and Kronk are determined to find out who that person is.moreless
  • 8/19/06
    U.F.kuzcO.: Yzma tries to trick Kuzco into thinking he saw a U.F.O.
    Attack Sub: When Kuzco's teacher goes on vacation, he thinks he has it made until he meets the substitute teacher.
  • The Bride of Kuzco
    Episode 18
    After many attempts, Kuzco finally gets a real date with Malina. Then, after years of searching the Royal Matchmaker returns with a princess for Kuzco to marry. When Kuzco finds out that he can be emperor again if he marries her he agrees to marry her and blows off Malina, who doesn't take it well. After the princess rearranges the throne room and forces Kuzco to take a bunch of lessons, he decides he doesn't want to marry her. He then strikes up with a deal with Yzma, she'll turn the princess into a frog, and then she gets to be empress for a day in order to impress her visiting mom. However, Yzma has tricked Kuzco and she ends up empress for life. Then the princess turns back to a human negating the deal, however, Kuzco still has the ultimate decision, marry the princess, or go back to living with Pacha and go to school.moreless
  • 8/5/06
    Kuzcogarten: Kuzco must go back to Kindergarten in order to get his credits to graduate. However, Yzma turns herself into a kid so she can join the class and get Kuzco kicked out.

    Evil and Eviler: Yzma hires an evil consultant. However, she ends up kicking Yzma out of her own offices and takes on her "duties". Meanwhile, Kuzco starts to go "bad" and not listen to anyone.moreless
  • Kronk Moves In
    Episode 16
    After Yzma fires Kronk, he moves into Pacha's house. The entire family warms up to Kronk, which makes Kuzco jealous. So he tries to get the family's attention back on him.
  • 7/8/06
    The New Kid: A new kid arrives at the academy. His name is Ozker and claims that he is an emperor. He adores Kuzco which makes Kuzco believe that he is Amzy in disguise, so he goes and tries to prove it.

    Officer Kronk: Yzma finds out that when a student gets in trouble they get a ticket. If they have three then they are expelled. Knowing that Kuzco breaks a lot of rules, she makes Kronk an officer in order to expel Kuzco. However tables take a turn when Kronk breaks three rules and must know do what Kuzco wants or get expelled.moreless
  • 7/1/06
    The annual "Clash Of The Families" is set to start and Kuzco decides to compete with Pacha's family so he can dance with Malina at the dance at the end. However, when Pacha and his family go canoeing, there is no room for Kuzco which makes him feel like is is not wanted, so he tries to fit in with other families.moreless
  • 6/24/06
    Oops, All Doodles: After a mask is stolen, Yzma wants to blame Kuzco for taking it. In order to find out who really did it, Kuzco, Malina, Kronk, Yzma, and Pacha all tell their versions of the story, via their own doodles.

    Chipmunky Business: For Kuzclub Week, everybody has to join a club for a week or they will fail. Kuzco joins the Jr. Chipmunks, thinking it will be an easy week. However, Yzma's nephews, Zim and Zam, try to make sure Kuzco doesn't get a badge so he can't pass.moreless
  • 5/12/06
    Kuzco and his class visit the ruins of Micchu Pachu. Kuzco is scared but doesn't show it, he wants to go home but if he does he will fail, and thus won't become emperor. Things get worse for Kuzco when an anteater skeleton appears and begins to terrorize everyone.
  • 5/5/06
    Fortune Cookie Day: After being introduced to fortune cookies, Kuzco starts to believe them and begins to follow everything they say. Yzma tries to trick Kuzco into turning over the kingdom to her by placing fake fortunes into fortune cookies; one of which that states that if he doesn't turn over the kingdom by 5:00 PM he will turn into a hairless sloth.
    Gold Fools: When Kuzco's attempts to earn money for the cartcycle that he wants to buy fail miserably, he turns to an old legend about magical creatures that are supposed to hand over their gold to you if you catch them.moreless
  • Peasant for a Day
    Episode 10
    When Kuzco creates Kuzco Allegiance Day, Mr. Moleguaco assigns a class project where one student is emperor for a day. So Malina is chosen to randomly draw who will be the emperor. When Kronk is chosen as the emperor for a day, it teaches Kuzco that being a peasant is harder than it looks. But when Yzma finds out that Kronk is emperor, she has Kronk tell Kuzco and the rest of the students that they have to bow down to him. However, Kronk fires Yzma. So she helps Kuzco and Malina wear down Kronk with the one thing an emperor hates the most.moreless
  • Unfit to Print: When Kuzco gets bored with the school paper that Malina helps to make, he replaces her and makes his own, all about him, stories as well as fake ones, turning it into a tabloid. However, when Kuzco brags about being the first person on the sun, he winds up in a sticky situation.

    The Emperor's New Pet: In Home Economics class, everyone is given a kitten to take care of for a week. Once again, Yzma tries to make Kuzco fail and turns his kitten into a jaguar.moreless
  • Kuzclone
    Episode 8
    Everyone is told to write a paper on their best friends. Kuzco, who doesn't have any real friends, makes his person up. Then, when everyone is told to bring this person in, someone exactly like Kuzco's made up friend shows up! What Kuzco doesn't know though, is that it is a clone made by Yzma, and he's going to make things even worse for Kuzco.moreless
  • 3/3/06
    The Lost Kids: Pacha and Chicha decide to go to a spa for their wedding anniversary. Since no one else is able to babysit they ask Kuzco. Kuzco agrees, but only because he wants alone time with Malina. Then, while Kuzco thinks they are sleeping they disappear! They have gone off to find the spa and give their parents their gift. Kuzco and Malina search for them, but the kids end up in Yzma’s lab!

    The Big Fight: Kuzco teases a student named Kavo thinking he is just joking around. Kavo, who gets mad about it, decides to beat Kuzco up. Kuzco then hides all over the school and even turns himself into a cat to avoid Kavo.
  • 2/24/06
    Everybody at school gets their grades. At lunch, Kuzco, Kronk, and Malina share there grades. Malina finds out that she got an A- and freaks out. Then, because of that she gets kicked off of the cheerleading squad. Malina starts to have an identity crisis and decides to act like school baddie Roxy. Then, Kuzco and Kronk drink a magic potion that turns them into girls in order to get their friend back.moreless
  • 2/17/06
    Cart Wash: Kuzco struggles with a school fundraiser of having to wash carts for 100 KuzCoins. Then, Yzma turns him into an Elephant making matters worse!

    Battle of the Bots: Kuzco resorts to cheating and stealing Yzma's "inventions" during a required invention fair. He steals her Woodbot and it begins rampaging around the kingdom and it heads towards the school!moreless
  • Hungry, Hungry Llama: Kuzco is having trouble with his knot tying homework. He decides to steal Chaca's. Meanwhile, Yzma turns Kronk into a Llama, who takes the homework and runs off.

    Only the Wrong Survive: Kuzco, Kronk and Malina are given a class assignment that involves their survival skills. They are forced to stay overnight in the wilderness without anyone or anything. Just when they finally get there camp set up, Kuzco accidentally destroys it, leaving them with nothing.moreless
  • Empress Malina: Malina is supposed to be Kuzco's date for the Kuzcoteque, but he can't get past a tiny zit on her nose. When he tries to use one of Yzma’s potions to get rid of the zit, it ends up giving her the beak of a bird!
    Red-Eyed Tree Frog Man: Yzma’s science class is dissecting frogs, so she turns Kuzco into one so he can be dissected! Instead, he becomes a “hero” known as the Red-Eyed Tree Frog Man.moreless
  • 1/28/06
    Squeakend at Bucky's: Kuzco doesn't see the point in learning a second language so he doesn't take time to pay attention in Squirrel Squeak Class and he is about to fail. In order to ensure he passes, he is assigned a tutor who just happens to be Bucky the Squirrel.

    Kuzco Fever: Kuzco is getting fed up of his new peasant lifestyle However, he learns that he can gain access to the Royal Funds and palace properties only if he's sick, so he decides to fake his illness by coloring orange spots on his face with an orange crayon. However, Yzma plans to have turn the tables by impersonating a doctor and giving him a bubble bath that will give him a real disease.moreless
  • Rabbit Face
    Episode 1
    Kuzco faces his first threat of losing his position as Emperor when he struggles in P.E. and his teacher threatens to flunk him if he can't win a race with Kronk. However, Principal Amzy (who is really Yzma) tells Kronk to turn Kuzco into a turtle so he has no chance of beating Kronk, but instead, Kronk gives Kuzco the wrong potion and he ends up as a rabbit.moreless