The Emperor's New School

Season 1 Episode 2

Squeakend At Bucky's/Kuzco Fever

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Jan 28, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Squeakend At Bucky's/Kuzco Fever
Squeakend at Bucky's: Kuzco doesn't see the point in learning a second language so he doesn't take time to pay attention in Squirrel Squeak Class and he is about to fail. In order to ensure he passes, he is assigned a tutor who just happens to be Bucky the Squirrel.

Kuzco Fever: Kuzco is getting fed up of his new peasant lifestyle However, he learns that he can gain access to the Royal Funds and palace properties only if he's sick, so he decides to fake his illness by coloring orange spots on his face with an orange crayon. However, Yzma plans to have turn the tables by impersonating a doctor and giving him a bubble bath that will give him a real disease.moreless

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  • Storyline was good, could use some work. This episode was better than others.

    This episode is only the second episode of these series and I'm kind of getting mixed emotions about it. This episode was okay. It had a decent storyline and plot, and there was some funny parts stuck in random places throughout the episode. The episode did flow and was quite understanding. I particularly think this episode is the best so far. I think the creators, directors, and writers, need to do a little bit more planning and configuring, so we can have some good quality episodes. Like I said before, I see the show like "Dave the Barbarian." Here and then gone!moreless
  • Disney is the worst!!!!

    I only watched Kuzco fever and it was the worst. How the heck could Disney do this after funny \\\"Flim Flam Fever\\\" on Brandy and Mr. Whiskers. Thats classic, especially how Mr. Whiskers tries to pick the right flower so Brandy can get well. I know that Disney is bad, but they can do better than this. If Brother Bear the series ends up like this, I\\\'m seriously starting to send hate-mail to disney toonstudios. Shame on you Disney and your just-made-forcahs-and-moohlah shows!!!!moreless
  • Did not intrest me one bit.

    This episode was not good at all! It just shows that the rich will get their way no matter what.

    Kuzco is not doing to well in one of his classes, Squirell Talk I think, so his teacher has a squirell has to tutor him! In the end he passes his class. Meanwhile, Yzma was plan on failing him by putting his tutor to sleep.

    In the other story, he pretends to be sick so he could have "royal treatment." When Yzma gets him sick, he has to eat stew the he hates, and he gets better and goes back to school. so it really was not that great.moreless
  • The Emperor's New School is yet another attempt by Disney to milk as much as they can out of their hit movies. I loved the first movie, didn't like the second movie all that much and now...this just seems overkill.moreless

    I saw the Pilot Episode for this series and blanched at the repetitive jokes and horrible David Spade voice-a-like they hired to play Kuzco (I'm not sure if that's how his name is spelled so please bear with me). I'm very glad that at least TWO characters in the show have their original voices (Kronk and Izma). It is always wonderful to hear Ms. Kitt's seductively hilarious rendition of Izma. I would have been upset if they replaced her for sure. And, of course, Disney goes with their power player, Patrick Warburton, who has also appeared in voice in such popular series as "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" and "Kim Possible" to name a couple off the top of my head. I know he does a LOT more voiceovers (VO's) for Disney but I just can't remember them right now.

    I am just wondering how much real originality they could put into this series. I mean, it was the first episode and already they were harking back to the movie, turning him into an animal, doing the old "wrong lever" joke, showing the roller coaster in Izma's lab (I still like that one...but it could get old quick) and when I heard the abomination that was Pacha's voice...I shuddered. John Goodman has a very distinct voice and the actor who's portraying him...sorry, Disney, it just doesn't cut it for me.

    My advice, if Disney asks for it which they never will, stick with original ideas. We need more of those. Down with Recyclables!moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (11)

    • Kuzco: If I ever have another bowl of Mystery Stew, I'm going to loose it!
      (But at the dining table)
      Chaca: Yea! Mystery Stew.
      Kuzco: I've lost it!

    • Yzma: Kuzco, I'll squeakity-squeak-squeaken you yet! (bites the Magical Apple, and falls asleep)
      Kronk: Like I said, Magical fruit, trouble.

    • Kuzco: Hi there! Squeakity-squeak, Squeaker-squeak, Squeak-squeaker-squeak, Squeak-squeak, Squeaker-squeak, Squeaker-squeak. In Squirrel speak, that means "Theme Music!"

    • Kuzco: Yeah but Squirrel Speak is completely useless. What, like I'm going to save someone's life by going, "Squeaky squeak squeak?"
      Mr. Moleguaco: I doubt it. You just said, "Go ahead, jump into the shark tank.

    • Kuzco: Get out of the way. A mango cart is going to squash you.
      (Bucky stares at him)
      Kuzco: Stupid squirrel doesn't understand People talk.

    • Yzma: Pull the lever, Kronk. (Kronk pulls it, and a stone bust of Yzma falls on her)
      Kronk: I found your big bust.

    • (Yzma thinking of evil plan)
      Yzma: I know! I'll climb the highest mountain, and put a snow potion in the clouds. Then, it'll snow on the mountain. And they'll have snowball fights. And build snowmen. And drink hot chocolate. And make snow angels. It's a winter wonderland!
      Kronk: Sounds like fun!
      Yzma: Fun? We don't want to have fun!

    • Kuzco: I'm stricken with an ailment, somebody call a bank!

    • (Kronk goes into Principal Amzy's office)
      Amzy: Can't you see I'm busy thinking of ways to crush Kuzco's chance of graduating?
      Kronk: But you're the principal. Aren't you supposed to help the students?
      Amzy: You still don't get it, do you?
      Kronk: I don't get it? Do I want it? What exactly is it?
      (Amzy pulls off disguise, showing underclothes, and regular clothes.)
      Yzma: I'm YZMA! Now what do you want?
      Kronk: Wait, I'm still getting over the shock.
      (Silence for 10 seconds)

    • Yzma: (On deciding not to choose the Magical Apple) Too wicked witchy.

    • Yzma: Pull the lever, Kronk!
      (Kronk pulls the left lever and nothing happens) Take the stairs?
      Kronk: Right. Why not?

  • NOTES (1)


    • The song Kuzco sings while taking a bath is a play on the popular kids song B-I-N-G-O.

    • In Squeakened at Bucky's, Yzma uses a magical acorn to put Bucky into a deep sleep. This is very similar to the wicked queen/witch in Snow White. When looking for the perfect food, she looks at an apple and even says, "Too wicked witchy" which makes it even more of a reference to Snow White.

    • Title: Squeakend at Bucky's
      The title is based on Weekend at Bernie's, a 1989 movie about two friends who pretend that their deceased boss is still alive in order to not become murder suspects.