The Emperor's New School

Season 2 Episode 11

The Emperor's New Musical

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Dec 03, 2007 on Disney Channel
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The Emperor's New Musical
Yzma comes up with the ultimate way to prevent Kuzco from graduating! She wastes school funds and the academy goes bankrupted, and Yzma tries to tear it town. Malina convinces Yzma to give them two days to raise enough money to save the school and she decides to do a musical. The plan seems to be ruined prematurely when no one is good enough to be in it. However, things are saved when Yata manages to get pop superstar Dirk Brock to perform in the musical. Now that Kuzco can't star in the musical, he tries to get rid of Brock (as does Yzma), but his advances could push Malina away from him.moreless

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  • A different kind of musical... but it's The Emperor's New Groove, what did you expect? Noone's going to burst into random singing here. No sir-ee. Well... you might.

    As many have said, this must be one of the greatest episodes to ever come out of The Emperor's New School. And considering the series itself is a fantastic (and the most well-made, in my opinion) tv-series from a Disney movie, that just makes it tip off the scale. The scale of pure awesome.

    After much awaited agony, I finally had the chance to see the episode (several times). My first reaction was "Is this a finalé episode?" because of its classy designs, hardcore catchy tunes and overall well-written script. The second time I saw it I was hooked on the episode, I wanted to see it again and again. The third time I was jumpng around to the songs and the episode could pretty much be assigned to one of the greatest highlights of the show.

    Allthough I have not been a fan of the the new-found love interests and overall romance that's been added in the show (as well as Kuzco's sudden change in attitude conserning it), I have to say that the development has been carefully added since the last quarter of season one and that this episode had, well, a break-through for the characters and their relationships.

    When's the last time we saw THAT in series like Lilo & Stitch, Timon & Pumbaa or Tarzan? I'm not dissing them, I'm just reffering to them as they are also tv-series adapted from movies. The Emperor's New Groove just stands out to me.

    So, overall. Amazing episode. My favorites so far has been Kuzclone and The Bride of Kuzco, but The Emperor's New Musical just placed as #1 in my book. All the voice actors did a terrific job and so did the storyboarders (especially with "KUZCODANCE") and the writers. The jokes made me laugh to the point of crying and the songs made me want to get up and dance. The romance actually made me aww. Kudos to all who worked on this masterpiece, and I hope they'll top it in the future of TENS.

  • I'm happy that I accidently changed channel, and begun to watch this episode. I was not sure if I were becoming a fan, but after that - OH YES.

    Before starting my review, I'd just want you to know that I didn't see the beginning of the episode. I came in somewhere before the Kuzco Dance Dream. Fell in love immidiately.

    I believe that this always will be the best episode we've ever seen. Maybe not for the Anti Kuzlina people, but I'll just ignore them.

    Anyway, it was a truly touching,lovedazing and hilarious episode. The touching part was when Malina and Kuzco was behind stage, when she told him that she started to like him and he tries to save the musical. I almost cried at that part, because I'm such a Kuzlina fan. ;w;

    The lovedazing part was... well, obviously the part when they kiss. I've been waiting for that for a long time now. If we ever see more episodes, might they go further and become boyfriend/girlfriend? That would be great! But oh, poor, poor Guaca.

    And the hilarious parts, such as Kuzco's Dance. That cracked me up. I looked it up on youtube, and the best version I got was in polish. And I'm happy with it. Weird me.

    "Oh, Please, Malina

    Won't you be my queen-a?

    I like trampolinas~"

    That was weird. BUT LOVE!

    Disney Channel Crew did a great job on this. Thanks for finally coupling these two together, such as you did with Brandy/Mr.Whiskers (at least the last episode.) and Kim Possible/Ron Stoppable.

    I bet the english version of "The Emperor's New School Musical" was even better, but I watched it in swedish so none of the voice actors was really singers. Especially not Yzma, I'd love to hear her song.

    Thanks for reading my review! I'll go watch the Polish Kuzco Dance!

  • This episode caught my attention. This is exactly why i started watching the series.

    When I started watching the episode, I tought "This episode is gonna be boring", and when I watched Dirk Brock singing, I hated it more. But then I saw the funny Kuzco scene where he and Yzma try to get rid of Dirk Brock. I loved that when somebody says 'Dirk Brock' a lot of girls scream. I loved 'Kuzcodance' it's really funny. I loved the last song, It looks like in 'High School Musical' they end singing 'We're all in this together' well in this episode they end singing 'Our Academy'. And I never expected the kiss! It was the main thing that caught my attention, since I am a Kuzclina fan. The end is hilarious! I loved it!

    I give it a two thumbs waaaaay up!moreless
  • A musical episode for the Emperor's New School!

    Kuzco and Malina try raising 5000 kuzcoins for the academy or it will be shut down. (Yzma spent all the school's money having it moved one inch to the left) They held auditions for a musical but everyone stunk. Kuzco wanted to be the star, but Malina was considering Dirk Brock for the star. Kuzco tries ruining Dirk's chance with a laryngitis potion. Kuzco tries to cure him after Malina got mad at him. In the end, they raised 5000 kuzcoins.

    When I first saw the commercials I thought it was just another way to put "High School Musical" into one of their shows. I was wrong. The auditions were really funny and I was shocked when Malina had agreed to kiss Kuzco! This was an amazing episode!moreless
  • Was definately the highlight of the show!! Two thumbs way up!

    Having heard about this episode at first made me think it was going to be just another cliche "musical" boy sings with girl to get her away from other musically talented boy" scenario. But after seeing it, it was definately nothing that it was expected to be, it was the complete opposite and more! The writing was creative and the sons were sticky enough to get them stuck in my head all day. Joey Lawrence and Eartha Kitt were phenomenal in their last song. And the "Kuzcodance" was the funniest grooviest cartoon tune that I've listened to in a very long time! Overall, 5 stars and kudos to the entire cast and crew for such an amazing sucess and for the couple of Annie Nominations!!! That makes me wanna sing!moreless
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