The Emperor's New School

Season 1 Episode 7

The Lost Kids/The Big Fight

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Mar 03, 2006 on Disney Channel
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The Lost Kids/The Big Fight
The Lost Kids: Pacha and Chicha decide to go to a spa for their wedding anniversary. Since no one else is able to babysit they ask Kuzco. Kuzco agrees, but only because he wants alone time with Malina. Then, while Kuzco thinks they are sleeping they disappear! They have gone off to find the spa and give their parents their gift. Kuzco and Malina search for them, but the kids end up in Yzma’s lab!

The Big Fight: Kuzco teases a student named Kavo thinking he is just joking around. Kavo, who gets mad about it, decides to beat Kuzco up. Kuzco then hides all over the school and even turns himself into a cat to avoid Kavo.

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  • Lack of character with the first episode, but the second one was action-packed at a smaller scale.

    "Above Average" only because an average episode (with lack of character) and a really good one are under the same roof. In my option, there was a really poor story to tell in "The Lost Kids". . And besides, looking at Kuzco at the end of the first movie, "The Emperor's New Groove", and the second movie, "Kronk's New Groove", Kuzco doesn't look like a kind of person who'd become irresponsible when it comes to babysitting, even if he could call Malina unnecessarily whenever and for whatever reason. He's supposed to have learnt a lot ever since he became friend with Pacha, since the first movie.

    But in "The Big Fight", the story was funny, especially with Kuzco unable to shut his mouth while facing Kavo face-to-face at school. I even enjoyed the part when Kuzco and Malina tried to talk to Kronk into fighting with Kuzco (but not for real though, only to scare off Kavo from hurting Kuzco by sunset), especially when the "Meathead" could not understand what his role was in this. At least, Yzma and her "secret lab" weren't present for a change.moreless
  • The First Episode I saw of this Show

    Pacha askes Kuzco To Babysit the Kids when he goes on his second honeymoon the Kids forgot to give their aniversery gift Then Kuzco and Malina Try to find the Kids but they Turn into Monkeys they only have a minute to change the Baby Back Can they turn him Human.Kavo Challenges Kuzco to a fight because he teases him Kuzco think Beating up Kronk will work but Kavo Beated Up Kronk Can Kuzco stay alivemoreless
  • Strange. Different from the rest, and not in a good way.

    Is it just me, or did this episode seem to not make sense or end with a good conclusion? I loved the meaning behind both of the stories, but it was missing something. And I should say an important something. I'm happy that we got to meet a new character, Kavo, and also got to see another appearance from Pacha's wife, Chicha. The episode needed some more work done on it before it was aired. This is probably one the worst episodes of the series. Just when we were rolling, we came crashing down! The episode just didn't flow. Strange.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In this episode we find out that Chicha's and Pacha's baby's name is Yupi.

    • When Chaca, Tipo and Yupi fall into Yzma's secret lab, they get down by means of the roller coaster. However, when they run out of the lab, the roller coaster has turned into stairs.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • (After Kuzco receives a blackeye from making fun of Kavo)
      Kuzco: Great idea, Malina! Why didn't I think of that? Oh, oh, I know. Maybe because it just got a thousand times worse?
      Malina: Well, it was a great idea. You messed it up.

    • Kronk: I work by skill, you pay by bill.

    • (End credits are showing)
      Kuzco: Ahh... look at the little monkeys. They look so snug and happy. And why shouldn't they? They have the bestest baby-sitter in the world. Me. Hmm... any second now they're gonna wake up and jump into my arms yelling, "We love Kuzco. We love Kuzco!" Yep, that's what they're gonna do. Gonna jump right up any second now.

    • Kronk: Kuzco?
      Kuzco: No one's home. Oh, it's you.
      Kronk: You don't have to hide from Kavo anymore. I got you something.
      Kuzco: A present for me? Yay! Gimme, gimme, gimme. Better not be re-gifting my alarm clock. Oh, a potion? How nice.
      Kronk: Not just a potion, four potions. From Yzma's top shelf. That's the best ones, grabbed all of them. A couple of drops will change you into something tough enough to take on Kavo.
      Kuzco: Ooh, like a gorilla.
      Kronk: Oh, yeah, that would be good.
      Kuzco: So, which is it?
      Kronk: Yeah, I don't know. Yzma's still not labeling these things. Like gorilla, how hard could that be? We'll have to try them all.

    • Kronk: You want Kuzco to beat me up? Ha! Back to planet Earth, lady. I mean, look at the guy. He's a toothpick. You don't stand a chance.
      Kuzco: Yeah, uh, quick emperor question, how does this help?
      Malina: Kronk's going to throw the fight.
      Kronk: Throw it where?
      Kuzco: Oh, I get it! He takes a dive.
      Kronk: So we're swimming now?
      Malina: No, Kronk, you and Kuzco pretend to fight, and you let Kuzco win. Then Kavo will be afraid of Kuzco, and leave him alone.
      Kronk: Yeah... What's Kavo got to do with this?
      Kuzco: He wants to fight me at sunset.
      Kronk: Well, I'm not surprised. You're cruel and insensitive, makin' fun of him all the time. It's not nice. Good for Kavo.
      Kuzco: Yeah, but bad for me, meathead.
      Kronk: See? That's what I'm talking about! It's on, buddy! You, me. Throw down.
      Malina: No, no, no! You've gotta let Kuzco win, or he's going to get the snot beat out of him!
      Kronk: Ew.
      Kuzco: Do you have to be so graphic? Let's just get this over with.
      Kronk: So... What are we doing again?

    • Kuzco: Anyway, I guess I'm sorry that I made fun of how you talk, and I promise I'll never do it again.
      Kavo: That good. No fight.
      Kuzco: (imitates Kavo) Me happy-happy. You Jane. Ha!

    • (Kuzco hangs picture of Pacha's family on wall and draws red mustaches on them)
      Kuzco: Ha! Couldn't resist. Okay, Hasta.

    • Pacha: Oh, hello.
      Kuzco: Oh, uh... (deeper voice) Howdy, Pacha! I mean, stranger! (normal voice) More steam, please!
      Pacha: Ah, vacationing, too, huh? Uh, where y'all from?
      Kuzco: (deep voice) Uh... Wisconsin! More steam!
      Chicha: Oh, I see you brought your kids. What are their names?
      Kuzco: (deep voice) Uh... Bobby, Billy-Bob, Bobby-Bill, and... Bill-Billy.
      Chicha: That's four, and I only see three.
      Kuzco: (deep voice) Um, Bobby-Bill-Bill-Billy is our third child. And is his middle name. Steam!
      Pacha: What an odd family.
      Chicha: Yeah. Ugly kids, too.

    • Tipo: Are we there yet?
      Chaca: No.
      Tipo: Are we there yet?
      Chaca: No.
      Tipo: Are we there yet?
      Chaca: No!

    • (Kuzco pauses screen)
      Kuzco: Okay, I know. I just tipped the scale of self-pity way past 10. So to spare you any more of that ugliness, I'll perform the rest of the scene with... hand puppets. (Malina puppet) Oh, Kuzco. Stop worrying about poor little you. You gotta find the kids. Everything isn't always about you, you, you, you! (Kuzco puppet) You're so right, Malina. Sometimes all I care about is me, me, me! But I'll be better now. I'll get the kids back. (Malina puppet) And I'm coming with you. (Kuzco puppet) So, let's hug now. Smoochy-smoochy. Kiss, kiss, kiss. Okay. Enough of that. Let's move on!

    • Kuzco: (reading comic scroll to children) "And so the handsome emperor Kuzco made everything better. And everyone, especially emperor Kuzco, lived happily ever after. The end." Wow. Malina's gonna be impressed. Gotta admit though, baby-sitting isn't easy. It's like work. Not the bad kind. Good kind. (bell dings) Hey! I've already learned my big important lesson for today. Cool. This is gonna be a short episode.

    • Kuzco: (makes beeping sound) That was test of the emergency Malina system. That was only a test.

    • Kuzco: Welcome to the Kuzco Hall of Fame. Yep, it's all about... (spotlights come on) me. Check it out. I've been a courageous astronaut, a red-eyed tree frog man. A successful male model, yep, lookin' good. But there's one thing I haven't been.

    • (Opening scene)
      Kuzco: Hola! This is where I pop up and entertain you. Wait I'm the emperor. You should entertain me. Now, how's that gonna work? Oh, well. Theme music!

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