The Emperor's New School

Season 1 Episode 21


Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Nov 11, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Yzmopolis my mopolis lol

    this has the best bad guy song ever!!!

    mable kuzco not that bad a i don't really like purple lol why would kuzco wish that he'd never been emperor

    malina saw him trying to still the test and she grabed them out of his hand the teacher walled in he was mad and malina failed bad when she is a A+ and oather things

    so he wen't up to the temple of the skygod kuzco says why can't it be down the streat god lol he gets there wish that he'd never been emperor he stops the show and says somthing about high specal
  • Kuzco wishes he'd never been emperor.

    This is my favorite episode of The Emperor's New School. It had very good references to the movie The Emperor's New Groove. Plus it was interesting to see how life would've been without Kuzko. Even though no one remembered Kuzco he still had an inpact on people. Alright one of the best parts of this episode was when Yzma did the Yzmopilus song that was hilarious. My favorite line of the song was "cause when i'm dead you'll bow your head, to an Yzmummy of me!" It's hilarious. So over all this episode is a great example of the famous phrase "be careful what you wish for", and was a great season finale.
  • First review!! Yeeeaah! This episode...

    This was a good episode. It accurately shows what would have happened if Kuzco not only was not emporer, but never was at all. I also personaly enjoy episodes where characters make wishes. Sometimes I enjoy musical sequences, and this is one of those cases. This is an original episode not like the others, where all they do is reuse humor from the original movie, which was funny then, and bringing down their impact by depicting them in a different way. Anyway, I liked the way things happened when Kuzco became emporor again, too. That was funny. One of my favorite parts was after the wish when Kuzco said "Wow, is that gonna cost extra? We've never had stuff like THAT on the show before!
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