The Entertainer

Sunday 10:00 PM on E! Premiered Jan 23, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • USO Performence
      USO Performence
      Episode 12
    • Whatever Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong
    • Whatever Can Go Wrong Will
    • Street Performing
      The performers head downtown, where Wayne presents their next task: they have to raise money for charity by performing on the streets of downtown Las Vegas.
    • Vegas Tourism Commercial
      How do you celebrate a win in Las Vegas? By gambling! The winners of the lounge-act challenge--Delisco, Jennifer, Dave and Theresa--spend an evening playing blackjack with $1,000 of free money. And then it's time to get to work again... This week's challenge requires each team to write, produce and star in a commercial about Las Vegas. And guess what? The mayor of Las Vegas is judging who did the best job capturing the glamour and excitement of the city. Oh, and no pressure, but the teams have three hours to get the job done. The Black team--Nathan, Theresa and Dave--struggles to work together, to get the shots they need and to play fair with their colleagues. Guided by Jennifer, the Red team works better together...except for that part when Delisco erases some of their tape. And then Joe and Sarah and Dave and Theresa all get married. For the commercial, silly. (Although Wayne did suggest that at least one of the marriages was legal!) Finally, after all the drama, Mayor Oscar B. Goodman watches the commercials and makes the call. The Red team wins, and Nathan--who had taken too strong a role and suggested that the team play less than fair--got the ax.moreless
    • Dueling Lounge Acts
      Roses? You shouldn't have! This nail-biter of an episode begins with Joe sending flowers and a note to Sarah and...getting a hug. Where is this relationship going? You'll have to keep watching to find out, huh? From there, we accompany Nathan as he dines with Theresa, Jennifer and Sarah to celebrate winning the last challenge. And Nathan, being the charmer he is, starts trying to shake the confidence of Theresa and Sarah, while Jennifer, who is on to his game, watches. Overall, a nice evening, which is good, because the crew get their most difficult challenge yet--putting together and performing a one-hour lounge act. As Wayne points out, anything can and will happen in a Vegas lounge, and he tells stories of bottles getting thrown and people dying in the audience. The cast looks ready...and a little nervous. No audience members die in this episode, but a few of the performers look like they might, as they struggle with their performances. Sarah, Theresa and, most notably, Jacquie forget the words to their songs. Dave, Joe and Nathan delivered strong showings of their usual acts, while Delisco and Jennifer particularly shine with a duet of "Georgia on My Mind." Delisco also demonstrates a knack for arranging, giving his "Autumn Leaves" a bouncy kick that elevates it to one of the show's best performances. The end result? Jacquie--who not only forgot the words to "Mack the Knife" but went onstage with her guitar out of tune and told a long story that didn't connect with the audience--gets to make the long walk out of town, as the crew prepares for next week's challenge: to produce a commercial for Las Vegas.moreless
    • Job Swap
      Job Swap
      Episode 6
      You know who works hard in Las Vegas? Everyone, that's who. And this bonus episode is a tribute to the good folks who make all the fun stuff happen in Sin City--from bellhops to singing gondoliers. This time out, the cast gets divided into four teams, and each team has a different task designed to demonstrate the hard work that goes into doing a job well. And what a variety of jobs! Joe and Paul become squires for jousting knights, Nathan and Theresa don bellboy outfits and cater to the needs of hotel clientele, Sarah and Dave join the cast of Lance Burton's magic show, and Delisco, Jacquie and Jennifer get their feet wet (literally) as singing gondoliers. Though all face challenges, the one major snafu comes when Sarah forgets her cue and walks off the stage with a needed prop during Burton's show. It is enough to get her singled out for elimination, but in keeping with the unpredictable nature of the show, Wayne gives her another chance. And does she take it--singing her heart out and saving herself from elimination. Keep your eye on this one, folks.moreless
    • Episode #2
      Episode #2
      Episode 5
    • Concierge Challenge
      Wow, talk about drama. This episode kicks off with some high-stepping excitement, as a pair of sexy showgirls escort the gang to a party in the penthouse--complete with entertainment, beautiful Australians and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Then the cast heads out to Wayne's estate, where he escorts the contestants around the grounds. And what a tour it is: Wayne shows off his horses, his fleet of cars and trophy room with notes, photos and memorabilia from friends and fans, like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole. Oh, and we meet Charlie, Wayne's penguin. Yes, penguin. Then on to the challenge. Nat and Theresa choose teams that will perform the duties of a concierge. Nat's team must plan and execute a bachelorette party, while Theresa's group has the challenge not only of planning a couple's renewal of vows that involves a four-legged ring bearer, but they must also compete without Paul. Both events succeed--don't miss Joe's contribution to the conclusion of the bachelorette party--and though there's some tension over who might be eliminated, Wayne sets his sights on the Paul. Wayne tells Paul that he will learn more from his mistakes than from his successes, and then he eliminates him.moreless
    • Episode #2
      Episode #2
      Episode 3
    • Sixty Minutes and You're On
      In the exciting debut episode, 10 hopefuls come to Las Vegas in search of stardom and a shot at being called the Entertainer. The ultimate victor wins a slot in Wayne Newton's show and a headlining contract at the Las Vegas Hilton worth more than $1 million. While the performers are still getting to know each other, they get their first challenge: Put on a show in one hour. Divided into teams, they struggle to work together in order to put on a good show. Theresa and Jacquie change plans at the last minute, throwing the Black team into disarray. The Red team misses their first cue, and Dave must stroll out onstage to begin the show in front of a live audience. After the two teams have finished, it's up to Wayne--with a little help from his advisers Scotty and Francis--to decide which team won and which member of the losing team must go. Red wins, and Wayne narrows down the Black team to Theresa and Marla before making his final decision: Marla is going home.moreless
    • Episode #1
      Episode #1
      Episode 1