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  • Nothing epic about it other than the epic misuse of the word epic

    A pair of idiotic teen boys going after the girl of their dreams but not only do they fail every time nor do they go on any real adventures. The acting is awful, the plots go nowhere, the humor is either dry, cheesey, or just plain lame; the characters are either annoying or dumb but are all underdeveloped at best, the names were dumb, and the whole execution of the show was a waste and leaves viewers with good tastes and normal intelligence with headaches from watching this eyesore. Who would name their child Bucket or Skinner? Maybe it sounded good on paper but someone should've known that this was a lousy concept that was being made. What were the Nick executives and producers thinking? Thank goodness this lackluster was axed. Not only does Nick need to hire people with actual talent and taste but they need to look up words in the dictionary and in a thesaurus if they need to find a good synonym. This show is quite dull and doesn't live up to the title.
  • This is one of the worst nick shows I've ever seen

    Lemme see what this show is about....

    Two Idiots who goes after the girl of their dreams but of course fail miserably. What else is acting is horrible, it's not funny, and the total douches of the show (aka enemies of Bucket and Skinner) Bucket and Skinner? Wtf you call those names! Nick I am not pleased with you right now....
  • Bill and Ted's Mentally ill Clones

    This show is as stupid as it gets. It mainly focuses on 2 idiots who work at the beach stuff, I guess. The show went absolutely nowhere with it's dumbed-down humor, annoying and atrocious characters, and jokes that will have you rubbing your temples for the next 5 weeks trying to cure the headache it gives you.

  • Stupid

    Their names are dumb. Bucket and skinner are not real names! They always had dumb looks on their faces and cheesy jokes. Pointless
  • Lameee

    This show is just really bad. I'm glad Nick cancelled this show because it was terrible as hell. These are my opinions: The little girl, Piper, is a brat. I thought she was cute at first, but she turned turned out to be really selfish. She wants everything for herself. Bucket, lame character. Skinner, lamer than Bucket. Aloe, lame. Kelly, she's okay, but atleast she's better than the rest of the characters. This show does NOT have epicness. It has NOTHING. This show is sooo fake.
  • Bucket and Skinner's Epic Failures

    This is one of the dumbest show ever created. Whoever made this must be on drugs. It is a ripoff to Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure with dumber characters and is unfunny, and if you have absolutely no damn clue what Bill and Ted is, look it up.
  • So dumb

    This show is pointless and thats why it sucks
  • Pointless Show

    Very dumb and pointless. It has no humor and Disney Channel would have been better if they would have kept playing all the good shows from along time ago. And not this crap they call a show.

    Its just stupid and immature.
  • The title is completly wrong

    They are copying from ed edd and eddy, in ed edd and eddy they had ed in the name of every episode. Same thing here, for example, epic escape, epic wingman, epic cuffs. And the tile is completely wrong their adventures arn't epic. an epic adventure would be finding the holy grail. Their adventures can happen to anybody. Also the cameras are so old it looks like it was fimed in the 1970s.

    0 out of 10
  • To be honest here, B&S feels more like a TV show you would expect to see on Disney Channel. The mood of it feels like so. I wouldn't be surprised if Disney bought it from Nick.


    I've watch about 4 or 5 episodes the least, and I can say I'm not a huge fan of the show. It's got decent potential, but not enough for me to watch it all the time. I mean, Ashley Argota is a great actor on Nickelodeon but she can't save the show alone. The girl who plays her younger sister is also a great part of the show, too. In fact, I would much rather haver the two of them rock their own show on Nickelodeon. Even though we already have two shows that star female characters.

  • FINALLY!!! a comedy show that actually isn't created by Dan Schneider

    Let me just day that I love this show. Most of the episodes that I have seen have cracked me up very hard. The only unlikeable character in this show is Piper. She thinks that she can get whatever she wants and wants play her own game until she gets what she wants which angers me about that character. The rest of the characters in this show are likable including Aloe. I usually hate bullies that are in television shows such as Sam Puckett in "iCarly" and Jade West in "Victorious. Aloe isn't your typical bully or anything like that. Aloe is actually funny and can be likable. He does annoy me sometimes but most of the time makes me laugh hard. Bucket is a funny character who is a very nice but shy character that has a crush on Kelly. Skinner is the stupid but funny character which makes me laugh hard. Kelly is the girl that Bucket has a crush on and she is very pretty. Ashley Argota as Kelly in "Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures" is so incredibly amazingly beautiful. Same thing when Ashley Argota is Lulu Johnson in "True Jackson VP", she is so beautiful. And last but not least, he have Three Pieces who happens to be Bucket's uncle that is manager of the surf shop and has Kelly as his employee. Three Pieces seems like a strange name but I like characters that have strange named. Anyways, he makes me laugh very hard. So far, he has been the only main character in this show that is absent in some of the episodes. Overall, this could possibly be Nickelodeon's new hit show and this show beats "iCarly" by a lot... the laugh tracks are actually tolerable here and they don't have any corny and awkward jokes that "iCarly" makes and it's finally good to see a comedy show that actually isn't created by Dan Schneider. 10/10
  • Awful, just awful... :/


    Bucket and Skinner have been best friends ever since they were in their diapers learning to surf. The beach buddies may be as different as night and day but they have three goals in common: stay friends forever (check!), always be near a beach (surf's up!) and never do anything that requires

    long pants (gnarly!). Their perfect day includes wicked waves, an epic taco and of course, meeting cute girls. But Bucket and Skinner quickly learn that avoiding a life of hard work is hard work!

    Broadcast History:Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventurespremiered with two back-to-back episodes on Friday July 1, 2011 at 8:00pm (ET) as a part of Nickelodeon'sEpic Weekend. Two new episodes premiered the following Saturday and Sunday at 8:00pm (ET) and 7:00pm (ET) respectively. New episodes were slated to premiere Sundays at 7:00pm (ET). However, several episodes premiered after special episodes of Nickelodeon's other series, includingSpongeBob SquarePants,iCarlyandVictorious. New episodes currently air Fridays at 8:30pm (ET).

    No offense to those that love the show, but this show sucked!!! It is just awful. Enough said about that. The people who created could have come up with a better idea. I saw promos of it and I knew this show would suck. I just freaking hate it. Also, it is kinda too hyped. I want T.U.F.F. Puppy, Penguins, or FOP air new episodes on Friday than this drek. Overall, this show is just awful. Avoid it, y'all. 1 out of 10.

  • Oh look, another Nickelodean reality show, I'm so surprised.


    Bucket and Skinner have been best friends ever since they were in their diapers learning to surf. The beach buddies may be as different as night and day but they have three goals in common: stay friends forever (check!), always be near a beach (surf's up!) and never do anything that requires long pants (gnarly!). Their perfect day includes wicked waves, an epic taco and of course, meeting cute girls. But Bucket and Skinner quickly learn that avoiding a life of hard work is hard work!

    Alright, I'll say it, I have stopped watching Nickelodean and Cartoon Network ever since they began doing this reality show shit, it has gotten really irritating due to the channel names, NickTOONS and CARTOON Network, overall, since it's a reality show on Nick, please avoid it and never watch it, unless you want to be bored out of your mind. Bucket and Skinner SUCKS

    1 out of 10

  • Look at Disney. Now back at Nick. Now Disney. Back at Nick. Nick will never have comedy like Disne- oh wait, what's this? .... what kind of names are "Bucket" and "Skinner"!?!


    Disney has always had a certain kind of show. I don't mean the old Disney of Mickey Mouse and Kim Possible, even Lizzie McGuire.

    I mean Shake it Up, the So Random kickoff show. The shows that don't seem to do that well, or more so do much better with little pop-star princesses, but not anyone 13 and up. Too simple, to the point of foolishness. All fame and fortune, "This could be you". Comedy of a certain... caliber.

    Nick has avoided that for the most part, with 90s "classics" like All That, Rugrats, The Wild Thornberries. Aaaaand in walks Bucket and Skinner. Here to stay? I hope not.

    Compared to what I see as the network's two most popular running shows (not counting Spongebob) of iCarly and Victorious, this show just cannot compare.

    It focuses on two surfer-buddies, both kind of ditsy. Kind of annoying to have girl main characters like that, even more annoying to have two boys act like that.

    There are moments where both of them are as thick as bricks. The "depth" of their characters was not established when the show started, and the laugh track ruled over every little line. If a show is good enough, this can be ignorable, although notably (think Phil of the Future) a show doesn't need a laugh track to be entertaining.

    The plots of the episodes are a little too silly, the kind that should be reserved for animated characters. The dialogue just sounds silly coming out of real people.

    That's it. There's not much to talk about. It's kind of awful. I watched the first few episodes to give it a chance, but felt like my brain was rotting out.

  • I don't even know what "epic" means anymore.

    What do you get when you take unoriginal plots, overused character personalities, corny lines and jokes, and put them all together? No, I'm not talking about Shake It Up. Answer: Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures.

    B&SEA is about two best friends named Bucket and Skinner who go on random misadventures while trying to survive school life. Original, right? The episode plots aren't original, either: trying to win an election, sneaking into a party, trying to meet a celebrity, etc.; it's all been done before.

    As if the plot wasn't lame enough, the characters are just as bad. I don't have a lot to say about Bucket, except that he likes surfing and trying to win the heart of a girl named Kelly (more on her later); the latter has been done to death. Skinner is Bucket's best friend and also loves surfing. The problem? He's a complete bonehead. I can take a character who's just dumb, but super-stupidity is not the slightest bit funny. Kelly's okay, but still nothing special. Piper, Kelly's little sister, is another unoriginal character: a smart, manipulative little kid. Three-Pieces (Bucket's uncle) is a former surfer who now owns a surf shop. He's fat, tries to impress girls, and turns to Piper for advice sometimes; nothing special. Aloe is your stereotypical jock; popular, vain, tries to make Bucket & Skinner's lives a living hell, you get the idea. Also, WTC is up with their names? Bucket? Skinner? Aloe? Who came up with these?!

    The weakest part of the show is the humor. All the jokes (or lack of) on this show fall flat. Most of the jokes were already used on other shows (and they're not as funny the sixth or seventh time), some new jokes are thrown in, too. Sadly, they also suck. The jokes wouldn't be that bad if it wasn't for the acting. Skinner is the worst offender in that category.

    Clearly, Nickelodeon was trying to reclaim the awesomeness they had with other buddy-comedies like Drake & Josh and Kenan & Kel. They failed. Big time. Just ignore the show and maybe it'll get canned.
  • If Kenan and Kel spawned Drake and Josh and it was mediocre. What will a spawn of Drake and Josh be like? One step below that.

    I don't know exactly who this show is geared towards but it doesn't look entertaining to anyone still watching Nickelodeon wide eyed with hopes it will improve any time soon. Drake and Josh was the last real 'guys messing around' sitcom with the part exception of iCarly which doesn't seem to fit the bill just right. Kenan and Kel truly created this Genre for nickelodeon (even then there were sitcoms like Pete and Pete which were still catching on) and they did a great homage and relight when they created Drake and Josh. This show, however, is kicking a dead horse and spitting in the face of the older viewers. Both of the main characters are boys that look like girls with a seemingly gay relationship, and casting characters from the failed Tru Jackson doesn't make sense as it failed for a reason.

    It seemes like Nickelodeon just threw Naked Brothers Band and all of the other 'sitcoms' together into a blender mixed with a list of things they think kids like and this is the result we'll get.
  • Another uninspiring sitcom that relies heavily recycled plots, stereotypical characters, and many other clichés.

    Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures is yet another attempt at recreating a loveable male duo, Kenan and Kel perfected it, Drake and Josh added their own little spin, but Bucket and Skinner fall flat on their faces. As much as I like giving new shows a chance, there is nothing redeemable about watching this mediocre comedy. First, let's talk about the main characters.

    Bucket is the straight man of the two, he's competing with a bully to win Kelly's affection. I can easily say there is nothing memorable about this character, he's the straight man and nothing else. He isn't funny, he never does anything important, it's just all easily forgettable.

    Skinner is the dimwitted and main comic relief of the show, he's an unintelligent surfer who uses stupidity as his main form of getting laughs. I don't mind "dimwitted" characters as long as they are done RIGHT, and in most cases, they fail to amuse anyone. There's only a handful of stupid characters that are memorable, and Skinner is definitely not one of them. He talks in an annoying stereotypical surfer tone, and it's just painful to listen to. His jokes aren't funny, and are heavily overused.

    Kelly is Bucket's love interest, and that's pretty much all there is to her. She is probably the most tolerable character on the show, but that's mostly because she feels more like a tool rather than an actor. She's just there to be the love interest, nothing else.

    Piper is Kelly's little sister, if you've seen Drake and Josh, you will already see Piper is trying to be a Megan rip off. She's intelligent, sneaky, and knows how to get her way. I can see her as the character who always gets the last laugh, and as much as I'd want to like her, she just feels like she's borrowing two much from Megan (played by Miranda Cosgrove)) in Drake and Josh.

    Aloe is the bully, not much to say there. Like Kelly, he is just a tool and nothing else. He really over acts his lines, I do know this is purposely done, but it just isn't funny in his case. He seems very one dimensional.

    Three Pieces is the owner of the surf shop, I've seen his role done so many times, only much better.

    Overall, everything in this show has been done to death. They tried absolutely nothing new, and instead, relied heavily on recycled plots and characters. Honestly, look at the plots that they are using, boy auditions in play to kiss the girl, unpopular boy runs for election, boys sneak into a party they are uninvented to? These have been done to death! I am tired to seeing pointless sitcoms, if you want to make a sitcom, that's fine, but at least TRY to make it original.
  • another wannabe teen actors

    horrible, bad acting, like all the other shows.. kinda sad that nick made a show just as bad as all the diseny shows.

    the actors have no talent, and are either from other failed shows or just random people from the street. half the charactors use stereotypes to form them, and the writer uses the same plot as all other teen shows
  • I can't say I hate the show, but I can't exactly call it epic.


    On one of my later blogs I posted that I'll be reviewing this show when I get the chance. Well, after watching a few episodes, I decided to put my mind to this review. The show is decent, but it's no Drake & Josh either. Now let's begin the real review. First, let's start with the premise. I would say it's OK, but it has been done many times before. The plots for me, are very weak and have been done before as well. Now let's begin with characters. Some of the acting is done well by some characters, but the other characters have much to be desired. Bucket is a funny character. Skinner is stupid and funny at the same time as well. Piper is really annoying and not funny at all. The girl (can't remember her name) is OK. Aloe is annoying, and is somewhat funny. The only thing that did save the show though from it's failure would have to be the humor itself. So far, for me, the humor has been very enjoyable for me at most parts. But my main is the fact that there's too much humor. I mean, you hear the laugh track about two seconds every time, and it really starts to get you annoyed.

    Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures may not look good at first, but it's the humor that keeps it up, as well as some of the acting and characters. While I must say that this show is nowhere near as good as Drake and Josh, it does beat most of the garbage Nick has today.

    Presentation: 5/10 Premise has been done before, and the plots are rehashed as well.

    Characters/Acting: 7/10 Most of the acting and characters are good, but the rest are what keeps this score down.

    Entertainment: 7.5/10 While I must say it's enjoyable, their's too much of it, either.

    Lasting Appeal:7/10 It's not exactly as epic as you thought it would be, but it does make a pretty decent time filler.

    FINAL SCORE: 6.5/10 Fair

  • Gotta say, this show has me watching the reruns already, that's how funny it is and that's how much I love the characters...

    I think setting a kids' show in Hawaii is a great idea. There are such strong characters that contrast eachother so greatly and yet work so well together, its a masterpiece...I LOVE IT!! Such a great cast and great writing!! Aloe's catch phrases are hilarious and perfectly executed, whether it be his entrances, his exits, or simply him saying "Aloe out!!!", he certainly know how to get a laugh. Bucket is certainly a guy everyone can relate to or atleast like, and you find yourself relating to their high school situation and having to deal with all the pressures high school and liking girls and making sports' teams, there are characters everyone can relate to.
  • AMAZINGLY AWESOME! A TRUE NICK CLASSIC!.... I saw a lot of people were rating the show poorly before it even aired? That makes no sense to me because this show rocks!

    AMAZINGLY AWESOME! A TRUE NICK CLASSIC!.... I saw a lot of people were rating the show poorly before it even aired? That makes no sense to me because this show rocks! If your a fan of comedy, "Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures" definitely delivers. What I really loved about this show was the fact that the situations the actors found themselves in were crazy! Also the antagonist, Aloe, isn't your typical bully. He's actually hilarious, but he still manages to get his agenda across. I haven't had a dull moment yet and I honestly don't think I will. Thank you Nick for bringing back the goods!