The Equalizer

Season 1 Episode 13

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Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 18, 1985 on CBS

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  • Make the Equalizer Great Again!

    This episode is very heartfelt, just for the holiday season, Guthrie Brown character reminds the viewer of a younger version of Donald J. Trump. Beautiful episode of the human spirit and the heartless character Frank Converse plays. This episode should be required viewing for the Holidays.
  • When McCall is hired to protect the elderly residents of a run down apartment block, who are being harassed by the block's banker owner, he also discovers that the man has arranged to have his estranged wife murdered. A quite good Christmas-set episode...

    This is a pretty good first season episode. Although still serious, it also has a few more light hearted scenes than other episodes.

    The story is set around Christmas (and was originally broadcast just before Christmas in the U.S.), and – by 'The Equalizer''s dark, edgy standards – is quite a warm tale for the holiday season, with McCall helping the elderly residents of a run down apartment block.

    I like George (Charles Hallahan), McCall's burly but kind hearted contact whom McCall sends in to house sit with the harassed tenants to keep an eye on them. It is a shame this is the only episode that George appears in, as I would have liked to have seen more of him.

    The sequence where McCall hands out $20 bills, and buses all of the elderly block residents in to cause chaos at the bank, is also a good scene, especially with McCall donning his old man disguise (seen previously in 'The Defector') again. [Minor spoiler] I wasn't completely sure how the plot of crooked banker Guthrie Browne planning to have his wife murdered fitted in, but it makes for an exciting climax, as McCall must rescue Browne's son from the building fire that Browne has arranged. [End of minor spoiler]

    All-in-all, I found this to be a likeable, enjoyable episode that was well executed, and a good one for the Christmas season.