The Equalizer

CBS (ended 1989)





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  • good days

    ive got all 4 seasons now 6 dvds per box set he made 88 shows i dont know why the the pilot is not out realy he made 89 shows season 4 come out the 29th october for 28 pounds from amazon uk freemedia same box sets made for minder dont it hurt to now know hes dead all my fav celbretys have died thares not mainy left tv and music will never be good as the old days and free 3d suxs hurts my eyes thare never be good tv shows like that againi so miss them days 80s 90s good old days dont know if it just me but its just not the same no more somethink missing to mutch tecnolagey now days i loved minder too now have all boxed sets in 20 years time this world will be in more of a mess the new genaraion are mostly lazey crooks look and the police in 20 years time it will be corupt coppers and paid of the new genraion are starting to work and they are verry bad ppl.