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The President is prepared to release a group of detainees who have been held in U.S. custody since World War II. However, on the day that he prepares to make the announcement, unknown conspirators force a pilot to hijack a plane and crash it at the President's compound. However, when the plane disappears in mid-air, the mystery begins. Struggling to resolve the matter is the pilot's son-in-law, computer programmer Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) investigates the conspiracy, which has abducted his fiancée, Leila Buchanan (Sarah Roemer). Meanwhile, President Elias Martinez (Blair Underwood) realizes that some of the detainees' people escaped capture, and are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the release of the others, including their leader, Sophia (Laura Innes). He must deal with threats within and without, as the conspirators seek to ensure the detainees are never released, while the free detainees and their leader, Thomas (Clifton Collins, Jr.), use their advanced technology to force the President to yield to their demands.moreless

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    • Had potential

      By episode 5, I was skipping every scene with just Leila and Sean -I couldn't stand the melodrama.

      I hated Leila, just everything about her say; post episode 2.

      I hated the convoluted way they shoehorned her into the alien plot.

      I hated that they are trying to make a comp sci geek who's only other skill is swimming; into an action crusader hero ala Jack Bauer.

      I hated the justification for why her father was shoehorned into the alien plot -because diverting commercial planes over super top secret CIA/military bases is something that totally happens.

      And yes -the show can be said to be a 24/LOST hybrid, unfortunately -they decided to include the most annoying things from both.

      We got the randomness and pointless mysticism from LOST and the competence-schizophrenia from 24 -individual and organizational competence seems to change just because 'plot'.

      The show would have been a lot better and may have even survived if that whole Leila and Sean drama ended within a handful of episodes with them disappearing or dying and the show was just about the aliens and the government.moreless
    • One of the best

      Its one of the best and mystic sci fi shows out there. Its a shame it was cancelled.
    • More Than An "Event"

      Though short-lived, NBC's sci-fi series The Event delivered a thrilling and action-packed adventure. The show follows several characters whose stories intertwine as a terrorist name Thomas attempts to force the President to free a group of detainees from another world who are being held at a secret . prison. The storytelling is a bit problematic with time jumps and switches to seemingly unrelated character stories. But by mid-season this is tightened up and becomes more fluid and engaging. The show also does an impressive job at creating interesting characters that have some ambiguity, and switch between hero and villain as the season unfolds. Still, there are a number of failed subplot and mysteries that are never answered or don't add much to the overall story arc. While it was problematic at times, The Event ultimately proved to be an exciting and compelling series worthy of more than the one season it got.moreless
    • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

      Let me guess, you've never heard of the Event? The show was yet another networks answer to Lost and this one had a real shot at success. The initial ratings were high, leading NBC to pick the show up for an entire season. As has become common place on NBC, after four episodes they took it off for weeks to promote some God awful reality show, and when they brought it back, it was on a new night and the rating plummeted. The Event had a terrific premise and has been called a meeting between 24 and the 4400, I couldn't agree more. 66 years ago, an alien ship crashed in Alaska, and the aliens aboard were not strange creatures, but were in fact nearly identical to us. The only difference being that they age at a much slower rate than we do. About half the crew escaped and tried to peacefully blend into society, but it was hard since they barely age, and often had to re-start their lives. The other group was locked up by the . government until such time as their true reasons for being here could be explained. The series starts when a new President (Blair Underwood) takes office and learns of the prison. His first reaction is that they've never done anything wrong and he's planning to reveal them to the world and set them free, but someone doesn't want that to happen. This unknown force orchestrates this huge conspiracy to assassinate the President, while painting the aliens in a much different light. Most episodes are split into three separate stories that all relate to one another. The White House angel looks as though it could be right out of 24, as it is so similar to what we saw on FOX for 7 seasons. The aliens go from friend to foe and the President and his men, those who are actually his men, will stop at nothing to find the rest of them. The next part shows the aliens themselves lead by Sophia (Laura Innes) who has many different goals that frequently change and surprise you. It's this part of the storyline that I found to be the most enjoyable and interesting part of the show. The third sequence follows an ordinary couple that just happened to get caught in the middle, but may ultimately be the key to this whole thing. The writing for this show is as good as you will see on Television, it's not in quite as much detail as 24, and the timeline can be somewhat hard to follow, but never the less it's very well done. Unusual for this type of show is also the fact that there is no one person who you can call the star. Jason Ritter is the face that is most associated with the show, but he's not more important than anyone else, leading me to believe that his looks have something to do with it. Overall, The Event is another terrific show that was killed by network mismanagement. I sometimes wonder if these executives actually watch the shows they put on the air and realize what they have. There is no doubt in my mind, that if NBC hadn't put it on an 8 week hiatus and then changed it's time slot, that this show would be in the top 10 by now. Instead one of the most interesting shows to come along in years is another Nielsen casualty. For fans of the show, there is still some hope as for the past two years, the Syfy channel has been interested in doing a mini-series, with the possibility of re-launch should the ratings call for one. I am one of the people who will definitely be keeping his fingers crossed for that.moreless
    • The Event - changes the rules for me!

      I have to say I enjoyed the series. I wish it hadn't been cancelled, and I feel a little let down by the whole viewing experience. It's akin to going to the cinema and watching a movie, only to be told at the 3/4 point, the rest of the movie does not exist. This seems to have occurred a lot recently to the point where it seems crazy to invest the time and effort in a show with a long story arc, unless you know that the show will reach a conclusion. For me the show changes the rules, now I plan to only watch series which I know have been completed. I think in the overall picture of things, it probably changes the rules too and I think there will be less shows with ambitious story arcs, and more shows taking the episodic view where a story is started and finished in 45minutes.

      I do recommend The Event but be aware from the start you will be left feeling disappointed and possibly cheated. The show has a great premise and the start of the series with the flashback method of story telling was really good. It did take a little getting used to, but it worked for me and I enjoyed it. The fact that for most viewers it was too much effort says a lot about us. I think this show along with other good series like Dark Skies, Firefly etc. will go down as a cult show, with many viewers wishing there was more and it being recommended by word of mouth to those interested in SF and conspiracy type stories.moreless

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