The Event

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 2010 on NBC

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  • Great ending!

    I just saw this epsisode. Had to watch it on the computer. Wish I'd seen the ending on my large screen TV! Excellant ending. The show finally had me on the edge of my chair! I'm hoping Simon survived.....didn't see the preview for this week. Logically no one would have survived ..when they showed how the whole building collapsed but still happy some did make it out. Just once again, hope Simon made it. Love that actor. Seeing Salome Jens after all these years was very nice too. It was a real tearjerker....all those lost years and lost love.
    I liked Sean's story at it's pretty boring. To sum it up....the BEST part was the last five minutes. Bravo to the writers, special effects etc. Can't wait to see the next episode!!!!
  • Awesome episode.

    This show is really starting to raise the bar. With Loyalty, I really started getting more Lost vibes, with a bit of 24 mixed in.

    This episode focused on Simon and how events in his past shaped up to fit in with the present situation and molded the decisions we saw him make. The whole story with his girlfriend and how she recognizes him 40 years later, leading to their eventual conversation was very moving.

    Meanwhile, Sean and Leila are finally finding out about the conspiracy and what Leilas father has to do with the "aliens", as the journalist called them (I still think they're time travellers). Can't wait to see exactly how the father ties in to everything.

    The ending was a great cliffhanger, and the next episode previews looked great as well. Seems like the detainees still have a lot more to them than we think ;)
  • What an ending!! Very moving and powerful episode, at last they delivered a great one.

    Well, there's always a first time. This is my first review of a tv show, for an episode that had his first great episode. For the first time I was moved by the characters's stories, and indeed I was impressed by the powerful love story of Lee's past. I loved the way things work in this one: How Lee tried to confuse the gobernmente intelligence, how they unfold the past of Lee and how that past lead him to make a hard but sincere choice, and how Sean and Leila received a great amount of info about the real truth behind everything. With all that action and development, I was already loving the episode, but the final 5 minutes are exactly what I've read someone said on this same website: "one of the best choreographed action sequences on television in recent memory". I was totally blown away by that terrific ending. Just great direction and cinematography (oh and good visual fx..better than my beloved Lost indeed). So, what else could I say. I want everyone see this serie, because with this episode, it has earned his right to be seen. Kudos to the makers of this great episode.
  • I really liked this episode for three things:

    1- It had us "forget" about Sean and his beloved "Leila" for a while and focuse more on Agent Lee and his past and story. Now I am really excited to know how can Lee help the president and his team crack down the "aliens".
    2- It had us wait for a long time to reveal what's really was going to happen in the episode in that building that we saw the past week in the preview.
    3- I am getting more excited about the show for another reason, which is that the show is giving us clues and answers about many different situations quickly, and in this point it really beats my favorite show of all time "Prison Break".
    I am really looking forward to watching the next episode in two weeks time with the hop that it is going to deserve the waiting.
  • Loyalty

    Loyalty was another exciting episode of The Event. This episode was very entertaining because we learned more about the characters, whats going on, and there was lot of action and suspense. I think that this episode revealed a lot, and the way the writers release information is still keeping me interested. I was on the edge wondering if any of the characters would be caught, or found out. The ending was kind of crazy, and I'm left waiting to find out what happened until next week, thought the previews offer a little information. This episode brings the series and story to a new level. Things keep getting more interesting, and I look forward to finding out what happens next!!!
  • Best episode since the pilot.

    More and more, The Event is pushing forward and proving itself to be a show worth watching. I'm hesitant to actually say that the show is great, because the truth is.. it's not. There are gaping plot holes that could fit the entire six seasons of Lost through it, and some of the decisions the characters make are a bit ridiculous. However, the show proved tonight that it has the ability to combine thrilling moments with emotional ones and showed that the characters back stories may actually carry some interesting stuff that makes them more than one-dimensional characters.

    Tonight found the show focusing on Simon Lee and his past and present endeavors. Simon Lee was introduced early in the pilot and has been relegated to the background throughout the first five episodes. However, tonight gave us some details about him that helps make him a bit more likable, even though he is siding with the EBE's. We see his love life in 1954 and how he was yanked away by Thomas to continue helping him get Sophia back. When he meets her nearly fifty years later, I found it to be an extremely believable scene that lead more credence to Simon Lee being an interesting character.

    Meanwhile, President Martinez and Blake Sterling continue to track Sophia, hoping that she'll lead them straight to Thomas. However, Thomas has Simon Lee send them off-track and this leads to Sophia getting away. The episode's events culminates in a breath-taking scene where the building that Sophia, Thomas and Simon are in collapses due to some sort of extra-terrestial technology and Simon finally makes the choice to stay behind instead of going with his friends. It appears he's more human than just his appearance. The scene at the end that lasted about a minute and a half of Simon and the injured cop leaving the building was incredible and may have been the best cinematography the show has seen to date.

    That being said, for the first time in the show, I wasn't interested in Sean and Leila's plot. They're safe, and instead of giving them a chance to breathe, they immediately set off, leaving the poor FBI agent behind with the bad guy.. seemed a bit strange. At Leila's house, they not only discover that her dad knew about the plot to fly the plane through the portal for quite awhile, but that there was a journalist who has knowledge of a lot of this stuff.. a woman we meet at the end but know little about.

    This was definitely the most solid and consistent episode of The Event to date. There were constant feelings of "24" here, and that's definitely a good thing.
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