The Event

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 2010 on NBC

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  • What an ending!! Very moving and powerful episode, at last they delivered a great one.

    Well, there's always a first time. This is my first review of a tv show, for an episode that had his first great episode. For the first time I was moved by the characters's stories, and indeed I was impressed by the powerful love story of Lee's past. I loved the way things work in this one: How Lee tried to confuse the gobernmente intelligence, how they unfold the past of Lee and how that past lead him to make a hard but sincere choice, and how Sean and Leila received a great amount of info about the real truth behind everything. With all that action and development, I was already loving the episode, but the final 5 minutes are exactly what I've read someone said on this same website: "one of the best choreographed action sequences on television in recent memory". I was totally blown away by that terrific ending. Just great direction and cinematography (oh and good visual fx..better than my beloved Lost indeed). So, what else could I say. I want everyone see this serie, because with this episode, it has earned his right to be seen. Kudos to the makers of this great episode.
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