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  • Had potential

    By episode 5, I was skipping every scene with just Leila and Sean -I couldn't stand the melodrama.

    I hated Leila, just everything about her say; post episode 2.

    I hated the convoluted way they shoehorned her into the alien plot.

    I hated that they are trying to make a comp sci geek who's only other skill is swimming; into an action crusader hero ala Jack Bauer.

    I hated the justification for why her father was shoehorned into the alien plot -because diverting commercial planes over super top secret CIA/military bases is something that totally happens.

    And yes -the show can be said to be a 24/LOST hybrid, unfortunately -they decided to include the most annoying things from both.

    We got the randomness and pointless mysticism from LOST and the competence-schizophrenia from 24 -individual and organizational competence seems to change just because 'plot'.

    The show would have been a lot better and may have even survived if that whole Leila and Sean drama ended within a handful of episodes with them disappearing or dying and the show was just about the aliens and the government.
  • One of the best

    Its one of the best and mystic sci fi shows out there. Its a shame it was cancelled.
  • More Than An "Event"

    Though short-lived, NBC's sci-fi series The Event delivered a thrilling and action-packed adventure. The show follows several characters whose stories intertwine as a terrorist name Thomas attempts to force the President to free a group of detainees from another world who are being held at a secret . prison. The storytelling is a bit problematic with time jumps and switches to seemingly unrelated character stories. But by mid-season this is tightened up and becomes more fluid and engaging. The show also does an impressive job at creating interesting characters that have some ambiguity, and switch between hero and villain as the season unfolds. Still, there are a number of failed subplot and mysteries that are never answered or don't add much to the overall story arc. While it was problematic at times, The Event ultimately proved to be an exciting and compelling series worthy of more than the one season it got.
  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    Let me guess, you've never heard of the Event? The show was yet another networks answer to Lost and this one had a real shot at success. The initial ratings were high, leading NBC to pick the show up for an entire season. As has become common place on NBC, after four episodes they took it off for weeks to promote some God awful reality show, and when they brought it back, it was on a new night and the rating plummeted. The Event had a terrific premise and has been called a meeting between 24 and the 4400, I couldn't agree more. 66 years ago, an alien ship crashed in Alaska, and the aliens aboard were not strange creatures, but were in fact nearly identical to us. The only difference being that they age at a much slower rate than we do. About half the crew escaped and tried to peacefully blend into society, but it was hard since they barely age, and often had to re-start their lives. The other group was locked up by the . government until such time as their true reasons for being here could be explained. The series starts when a new President (Blair Underwood) takes office and learns of the prison. His first reaction is that they've never done anything wrong and he's planning to reveal them to the world and set them free, but someone doesn't want that to happen. This unknown force orchestrates this huge conspiracy to assassinate the President, while painting the aliens in a much different light. Most episodes are split into three separate stories that all relate to one another. The White House angel looks as though it could be right out of 24, as it is so similar to what we saw on FOX for 7 seasons. The aliens go from friend to foe and the President and his men, those who are actually his men, will stop at nothing to find the rest of them. The next part shows the aliens themselves lead by Sophia (Laura Innes) who has many different goals that frequently change and surprise you. It's this part of the storyline that I found to be the most enjoyable and interesting part of the show. The third sequence follows an ordinary couple that just happened to get caught in the middle, but may ultimately be the key to this whole thing. The writing for this show is as good as you will see on Television, it's not in quite as much detail as 24, and the timeline can be somewhat hard to follow, but never the less it's very well done. Unusual for this type of show is also the fact that there is no one person who you can call the star. Jason Ritter is the face that is most associated with the show, but he's not more important than anyone else, leading me to believe that his looks have something to do with it. Overall, The Event is another terrific show that was killed by network mismanagement. I sometimes wonder if these executives actually watch the shows they put on the air and realize what they have. There is no doubt in my mind, that if NBC hadn't put it on an 8 week hiatus and then changed it's time slot, that this show would be in the top 10 by now. Instead one of the most interesting shows to come along in years is another Nielsen casualty. For fans of the show, there is still some hope as for the past two years, the Syfy channel has been interested in doing a mini-series, with the possibility of re-launch should the ratings call for one. I am one of the people who will definitely be keeping his fingers crossed for that.
  • The Event - changes the rules for me!

    I have to say I enjoyed the series. I wish it hadn't been cancelled, and I feel a little let down by the whole viewing experience. It's akin to going to the cinema and watching a movie, only to be told at the 3/4 point, the rest of the movie does not exist. This seems to have occurred a lot recently to the point where it seems crazy to invest the time and effort in a show with a long story arc, unless you know that the show will reach a conclusion. For me the show changes the rules, now I plan to only watch series which I know have been completed. I think in the overall picture of things, it probably changes the rules too and I think there will be less shows with ambitious story arcs, and more shows taking the episodic view where a story is started and finished in 45minutes.

    I do recommend The Event but be aware from the start you will be left feeling disappointed and possibly cheated. The show has a great premise and the start of the series with the flashback method of story telling was really good. It did take a little getting used to, but it worked for me and I enjoyed it. The fact that for most viewers it was too much effort says a lot about us. I think this show along with other good series like Dark Skies, Firefly etc. will go down as a cult show, with many viewers wishing there was more and it being recommended by word of mouth to those interested in SF and conspiracy type stories.
  • Great premise. Poor execution.

    Great premise.

    What a great story idea. A gold mine that could have yielded so much.

    Poor execution.

    Willingness to delay gratification? Sure. Long attention span? Sure. But not without limits.

    The Event, with its endless flashbacks and revelations, delayed long beyond any reasonable viewer's expectations, simply wore out too many viewers.

    The end of season revelations should have occurred by mid season.

  • Hope it returns

    The event was well scripted show with lots of action and a few twists the kept me coming back for more. I do hope the show continues and isn't left hanging.
  • The Event is the best show ever!!

    I just finished watching the first season of the Event on netflix.

    I barley watch tv other then the shows i record or find on netflix we like. I am so disappointed to see it end. had a wonderful plot and awesome actors. My family and I were entertained the whole time! I am so sad to see it go. It left us with a heck of a cliff hanger . I really hope it comes back bc we cant find anything else to watch :( thats actually good.
  • unreal

    I can't believe NBC! Shame on them. I hope somebody picks up the show so it will continue because I like it! We all can't watch television at the convenience of the station. but I think it was a great show and would really like to see more of it!
  • WHY.???

    why they canceled this show. it had great rating and it's one of the best show ever!!!!

    they enough to go on at leat one more season. it's too bad....
  • Fun, unique, and actually possible!

    I really love this show. It has kept me very interested from the beginning, mixing ideas, action, romance and politics into one show. For example, I really liked the westwing because of its detailed look inside the white house. Well, this show has that too. Also, I liked 24 for its suspense and action. Again, here, we have constant action, and suspense. You cannot watch just one at a time. I wait for 5 or so to be ready on hulu, then watch them all, like a movie.

    The show has far out possibilities, and creative ideas, but in a sense (with poetic license), they are possible, and present us with "what if...." and we get to see how the humans in power deal with the crises. We learn about our species, ourselves. I think this is my first tv review, and I am writing only because I really hope this show does not get cancelled.
  • "Canceled" is spelled with ONE 'l', not two. The show? It's quite interesting and very fun to watch.

    So people are saying it's predictable? Really, what show isn't? What I mean is what show doesn't have predictable aspects from time to time or even every episode? Even elite shows like House can have predictable plots from time to time.. Some might even say "especially* House." Who really spends the entire episode attempting to predict the ending anyway? To me that takes the fun out of watching series..

    This show definitely has a bit of a niche. Say what you will about the plot, the characters are great! While this show might be doomed for a showdown with the canceLation bear, I think it would be worth your while to sit down and sample the first couple episodes. However, be warned! The first couple episodes give a confusing first impression..the show takes a few turns along the way that maybe even these prediction blokes wouldn't expect!
  • A funny and sometimes frustrating attempt by NBC to provide a alien themed show.

    A funny and sometimes frustrating attempt by NBC to provide a alien themed show. The program had some promise with visitors who crash landed in Alaska and who never age. From there we have a national conspiracy and awesome alien powers on display. Sadly from there we got bad acting and even worse story lines. The characters routinely did things that were outright ridiculous or just when we thought we knew them would act out of character to progress the bad plots. I also don't think it's getting to scientific to not be happy about a planet parking itself between the moon. Yeah it would destroy the Earth the aliens are supposed to want to conquer and if they are powerful enough to move a planet across the universe why couldn't they save it to begin with? Well all in all it had action and pretty people doing stuff enough to prompt us to suffer though to the end.
  • Fun!!!!!!!

    The Event isnt perfect, the acting isnt great, the dialoge can be silly, the chracter can be wooden and the events that occur can feel abit or very daft, but the one thing that the event is, is fun, each and every episode is exciting and fast paced with lots of action, So if you watch the event dont expect a master piece or emmy worthy peformance's just take it for what it a fun tv show that entertians dont thing to much about the confusing plot or you will make yourself crazy just sit back and enjoy it! x
  • Sean Walker, Simon Lee, Blake Sterling and Vicky Roberts set off to stop the spread of the virus. President Martinez is reinstated as acting President and the portal brings something you wouldn't expect through. Leila also has something to tell Sean.

    OMG! The last episode of The Event was AMAZING! I am glad that Sophia backed down but really only beacuse she had nothing else to do once they had neutralised all the virus points. And then at the end there we were thinking how would Sophia and the sleepers bring 2 billon plus of their people to our planet. Maybe in space crafts through the portal? But who knew that they would bring their WHOLE PLANET through. And the First Lady at the end when her and Mr Presidents child says 'What is it'and she says 'home'. Also Leila being pregnant I think will have an important role in the next season. I LOVED it! Season 2 now!!! I can't wait.
  • Man, the way NBC can advertise these days.

    SO after grieving the loss of FlashForward, I decide to find a new, intruiging show that could entertain me. I happened to be watching NBC one day and saw an advertisement for The Event. Somehow these advertisements always pull me in. I said why not, I want to know The Event. To keep it short and simple, it fails miserably. All shows are cliffhanger produced and in the VERY first episode they decide to give away this so called Event.Honestly if I told a 5 year old to write a story, it would probally be better than the Event's plotline.
  • Interesting, albeit predictable, and sure to be cancelled at the end of the season due to poor ratings.

    Like others on here, I find it hard to commit to a show once the ratings come in and they simply are not up to scratch. I hate the lack of closure, If Ive sat through 12+ hours of a show, I have clearly enjoyed it, please do not urinate over my invested time!

    US Networks have let me down so many times in the past.

    Now, what should happen is...

    Simple idiot proof solution, Two endings, I don't care how lame they are. That way you are not going to get a bunch of people just stop watching mid season because they know the show THEY like is going to be cancelled anyway. /rant, back on topic.

    The show takes a little time to get going, and the constant jumping forwards and backwards through the timeline feels a little overdone in the initial episodes. It does seem to calm down somewhat though.

    The story is slow to develop, and each episode teases you with a little more information, and intrigue.

    It's not the best acted show out there, but it does have a solid lead character, and a couple of good support cast members.

    I found some of the scripting to be a little odd though, but to reveal them would be a spoiler.

    I enjoy the show, many others will too, it just has a certain inevitibility in it, and well, what's the point? You could watch it to its close (22 hours in total) Or you could spend the day you saved doing something else.
  • Sort of slow,Boring and sometimes painfully predictable... but I cant stop watching

    If you get through the pilot... which is painful with its flashbacks forward, sideways, and forwards... then you will sort of enjoy this show more than most other junk that's on television... and with the cancellation of shows such as Caprica and Stargate Universe... there arent any sci-fi shows left aside from V... another above mediocre show.
    The acting is fairly flat... even DB Sweeny, suprisingly... the writing is getting better... i am thru episode 6... but it is still slow and not too exciting or EVENTful... but it is a little bit suspenseful and seems like it could be cancelled at any moment... but i am somehow drawn in... not so much because the show is great or exciting... but due to the fact there arent many other sci-fi options out there right now...
    and this show doesnt exactly exude a large sci-fi presence thus far... aside from the fact that the visitor detainees are aliens who share 99% of our DNA
  • I've only watched up to episode "16 you bury other things to" This show is by far better than most things I've seen on Tv . It has twists and amazing special effects and the Story line tops shows like "24" "Flashfoward" I believe it has alot of potential

    This show would be awesome to see continue , Just imagine if there was for real an Alien human race with only a 1% genetic difference , and how the world would really react. Can tell the writers have really thought through the story line. Alot of causal uninformed people in the world don't relize how much this story line could be very near nonfiction, Considering Genesis 6 where Angels or the Nephlim mixed with humans , brought forth hybrids , the reason the Almighty one brought a world flood to begin with ,understandably because our human gene pool was infected by the fallen ones.

    Interesting note that a total of 20% of the world population believe aliens exist and live amoung us. And these so called true believers have been told all across the board that Christ wasn't God and the only way into Eternal life. Funny how Aliens would travel across the universe to deny the only true way. Pretty easy to see the Red flag there, Also can see how alot people will be tricked into believing miracles and wonders of these fallen one, when all our media is protraying that we should embrace any alien race,and that they have "human rights" be It the "Avatar's" be it the "Vulcans" , be it "Rosewell" be it even the children from "Alf" to "MOrk & Mindy" to "ET" , When people really open there eyes and see that "Satan is an angel of light" He wants total dedication to him , how better to train everyone to believe aliens are just like us. The Truth is Satan has infiltrated our race and wants the world to worship him and if it takes abuctions and gene munipulation to do it, to having humans stand up for his race , what better way to fight against the creator. He thinks he has it all figured out , and believes his own lies. Can't wait when the Lord returns and sets up his kingdom for a thousand year riegn
  • I stopped watching before it finished because of jumping back and forth between 20 minutes ago, present, 3 days ago, present, 6 months ago, present...

    Occasional flashbacks are OK -- I loved Buffy and Angel flashbacks, but this show seems like it's trying to flip-flop from present to past more than Heroes and Lost did. I'm sure it makes sense to The Event writers, because they're probably graphing it on a timeline, but the writers need to keep in mind that viewers don't have the writers' timeline to keep track of what the H is going on.

    At least Heroes and Lost started out mostly chronological.

    Also, I refuse to get involved with another iffy NBC series, after they canceled Heroes and Surface without any closure whatsoever! It seems to me they have plenty of airtime to close out a series that didn't become a big hit. I think all series that make it at least one season should be closed out properly, even if it's done with only two shows.
  • slow and confusing at start but gets better and better

    im just gonna review this fast so i at the beginning it was really slow and confusing like Lost and The Event felt like it quite didn't know its place to be what Genre to be but in later episodes it all gets cleared and i am not confused anymore. Around after episode 12 it really gets interesting and has alot of action from Prison break to uranium hijacking and alot more and its fairly enjoying. Damn i just have to say ****spoilers here**** that Thomas was my favorite character and his character really had alot of development through the series and was kinda sad to see him go :(. And it's funny to see how every character change in the show either for the better or the worse. from villains to anti/heroes or vice versa.
    I hope it gets another season i really do.
    Looking forward to the next episodes.

    -and sorry if my english is bad my main language is not english ;)
  • I smell fail.

    The characters are boring and they seem a bit new to acting or they are just bad at it(?)

    The story try to be special by jumping in time and it makes it just silly. OMG! They jumped 10min! Oh! Oh!... NOT!

    I'm sure this show will be axed soon. The story is just silly and the acting is bad, the graphics the same. The camera work is also bad and old. Here they could maked this show more fresh by use of camera angle, blur effects, zoom in and out, colors etc to make it more spceial and Sci-fi. When watching this show I get a feeling they don't know what to do with it, so they start to jump in time to make it different and by that they fail.

    For me this show was nothing special, nothing that made me wanna see more. No "wooow omg" feeling at all. Not even the characters make me follow it.

    I smell fail.
  • The replacement for Lost, tries to hard and fails too much.

    The Event was billed initially as the replacement for Lost, which is understandable. One of the biggest shows on TV (Lost) just ended, and NBC needs another winner. In addition, 24 also ended last year, and perhaps they wanted to replace that. However this forces a comparison of the two, and that's the beginning of the problems with The Event.

    The good, the characters are interesting except for the "lead" of Jason Ritter, he's uninteresting, not due to bad acting, but due to bad writing. The whole girlfriend, sister, father idea of the lead character is decently boring. On the other hand, The president is impactful, the "others" are strange, and the various conflicts get developed well.

    But then there's the bad, and there's a lot of bad. The show is trying to be a better Lost. But Lost was great, due to the formula, you always want a little more. Lost was criticized for not giving enough answers early on, yet they did, they just never gave the whole answer, which is what kept the show going. The Event on the other hand fails in this respect. It consistently asks a question in a show, and then answers it less than 40 minutes later, there's no chance to debate the answer, no questions, even the overarching conspiracy doesn't feel interesting.

    What often happens is something interesting is hinted at and then it gives it up. Where Lost might be considered a overly long and drawn out strip tease, the Event is as if a dancer gets on stage and opens the robe and walks off for the next dancer to do the same. It doesn't build suspense, and doesn't build interest, which is unfortunate because the answers are compelling, just not when it's immediately given as if it's a punchline to a joke. The bigger issue is the show is structured in the same way as "Lost" Main story from all characters, Flashbacks from one characters that develop the character more. The issue is the mini-flashbacks in the Event from the characters in this show are uninteresting and predictable. They don't develop the characters as much as explain obvious character points. So basically, the story is weak, a third of the cast is boring, and the structure is imitating something that was great because of the uniqueness, and even the imitation is unsuccessful. The Event COULD be good, but it's failed, and unfortunately after half a season it's clear the show has no legs to go more than a season, and the many problems of the first episodes probably are unrecoverable.
  • Awesome start for a new show. Try not to compare this to Lost if you are fan of that show.

    I've already hate some of the reviews people are posting "It's trying to hard to be the next LOST, etc". I'm going to be lynched for this but I HATED LOST! Too many question not enough answers. A few of the writers have said they have learned their lesson from LOST and plan on answering question as quickly as possible but still give you new ones to ponder. I really liked the pilot and I hope they can keep it interesting. This show will die if more people compare it to LOST. LOST is OVER! Move on!
  • I'm sorry about the bad press this show seems to be getting lately - it's not as bad as some shows and certainly better than some others.

    I was intrigued by the dual thread of the beginning episodes - the disappearance of an entire airplane and the strange detainees who were about to be released. I liked the "conspiracy" that was and is beginning to unfold - a powerful group of people interested in E.B.E.'s because of their ability to stay young, and the agenda of the aliens, whatever that may be. I'm hoping when the show returns at the end of February that unnecessary characters have been let go and that we will see better writing and therefore better episodes. There is still a chance that this show can be turned around.
  • An extraterrestrial take on Guantánamo Bay.

    Is it human to ensalve an alien? Is it constitucional to deny them rights? Is it their right to fight back? A most intelligent take on false imprisonment begins when President Elias Martinez - son of Cuban refugees - decides to expose 97 prisoners held on Inostranka base for the last 66 years. The catch? These aliens are of extraterrestrial origin.

    Less than 1% different from human DNA, they have been imprisoned under the assumption they are the only ones of their kind, assumption that shatters to pieces as the rest of their people wreck an assassination plot on, what they believe, is the only President willing to release their own. This is only the tip of the iceberg in a massive event that so far has ruined the lives of the passengers of Avias Airways Flight 514, Michael Buchanan's family, Simon Lee - a CIA agent revelead to be an EBE himself - and several little girls who may or may not be descendant of the EBEs waiting the release of those held on Inostranka.
  • I want to give this show a chance, I really do. It just didn't deliver.

    Maybe NBC doesn't understand Sci-Fi. Cause let's be honest, Sci-Fi just doesn't work on network TV. Maybe NBC is just hiding the Sci-Fi nature of the show under conspiracies and political intrigue. That's not hard to believe cause they did that with Lost. What happened in the final 2 minutes is already a weak overly done storyline. There was zero WOW factor.

    I liked the choppy pacing of the show. It treated the viewer to a disorienting experience, which is what the characters were showing through out the first episode. In true Pulp Fiction style, telling the story out of order enables them to give out certain information that the audience needs without spoiling plots right away. This type of story telling has already blossomed more than a handful of debates as what really is "the event", who is involved, and why certain elements happened. But that is all this episode was, just an introduction of characters with a twist ending, that wasn't really a twist. Sci-Fi only goes as far as the story being presented, and as of now, the story hasn't been folded properly yet. You could have saved the entire waste of an episode and just played the final 2 minutes. Any of these introductions could have been handled across multiple episodes, not jammed into a single mishmash'ed one. Aliens? Time Travel?!? Oh dear lord NOOOOO! So sick of the same tired Sci-Fi poor story lines.

    As for the final 2 minutes. They haven't even shown "the event" yet. Wah? This is what we just couldn't miss? This is what we have been waiting for? A hundred different Sci-Fi shows use similar plot devices all the time. It's nothing new, and certainly nothing to be on the edge or your seat, "waiting all summer for". Meh.

    I'll give "The Event" it's due, and give it until the 8th episode (as i do all shows) before I jump ship for good. But the first episode alone barely gets a pass by me simply because of the over-promotion. It set itself up for an epic fail, before it even aired. You have to do MUCH better than that NBC.
  • No Mystery but another time waster and crossover

    After the pilot, my enthusiam for this show is down. Everything is already obvious. My money is on some kind of Time travel. Show looks to merge Flash Forward , 7 days the 4400 and a lot of other shows.i see the parallels of 24 and Lost incorporated to attract and deceive people. Anyway we can see that this show cannot last 2 or even 3 seasons because as soon as the mystery is revealed, it will turn out into an ordinary Sci Fi show but if they milk it(i know they will have to since they have no substance but to make us run around), they will lose the audience because people would not want to go through another Lost again with false pretences and promises.
  • Not impressed.

    Having TIVO:ed the first 5 eps and started looking through them just now, I kind of liked the two first eps.
    But starting on the 3:rd I was immediately disappointed. A RV coming out of nowhere, with all the time in the world to brake, T-boning the FBI-car? A civilian driving a stolen policecar pulling up at a motel without being reported? A FBI-agent with a big piece of shrapnel just removed from her shoulder moving around as if it was nothing? A civilian hiding in the trunk breaking into a FBI-building finding the server room just like that?

    I had hopes for this show, but now I'm not sure anymore...
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