The Event

Season 1 Episode 21

The Beginning of the End

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 16, 2011 on NBC

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  • One of the best episodes yet, making it all the worse that it's been canceled! (SPOILERS)

    This has been one of the most 'eventful' episodes thus far, which is only expected considering it's the last episode before the season - or should I say series - finale. Up until this point, the Event has been so back and forth and nondirectional (in a way) that you never really knew where they would ultimately take the series at the end of this season. Now that we're finally able to see some things come full circle we see that the show has much more potential than I had thought. That is, in my opinion at least. I'm sure many others feel the same way, though. Anyhow, Vicki and Sean finally meet face to face with Simon and Blake in a search for Sophia and hopes to uncover her plan. Elias wakes up! He immediately starts making moves toward bringing that snake President down. Preparations are being made for the arrival of the other...well...aliens I guess haha. What an intense episode!
  • Thrilling!

    The plot is set for a decent series wrap up in Sean and Kathy's race to thwart Sophia's people intentions to commit genocide and bring their people to Earth. Sean and Kathy have finally catched up with Blake and Simon, but Leila has fallen ill in Sophia's hands, who wants to see how a hybrid would evolve to the viral plague she's planning to spread on humanity to decimate it and get her people as the dominating species on earth. President Martinez has been brought back from his coma, saved from poisoning thanks to the intervention of Simon, and the set is prepared for a proper season finale... What is "The Event" tho?
  • Poorly written, good cast, but predictable and lame.

    This started as a great series, but the writing had gotten worse with each episode... I can't believe I've watched through so many of these episodes. There was a break in the middle around mid-season, and since then the show has become atrociously bad. Its laughable action, of the worst kind. I am hopelessly not looking forward to the season finale cliff hanger... I was very excited about this show to start, and watched all beginning episodes, blogged about the show and was an avid reader of reviews. But now I just want this to STOP. I feel the writers started this show with a cool concept, but no real story behind it. Perhaps they are trying to recreate success from other shows (Lost) with their vagueness. But this is no Lost, it's not even a show worth watching at this point
  • Careless research versus good casting and action

    This show has descended beyond ridicule for me. The Spanish Flu did not kill 20% of the population, best estimates are between 3-6%. I don't recall any modification to the virus yet somehow it will now kill 98% of all humans? And the super-advanced aliens carry around the lungs of a dead victim to spread the disease? Hahaha. Not to mention this flu can now be treated and vaccinated against and is mostly fatal to young adults, not the young or elderly. Stupid! At least glance at wikipedia before writing such drivel. They deserve to be cancelled for this alone.

    Criticism of this aside, the cast is terrific and it has ample action, though I'm tiring of seeing the amateur kid out-gunning and out-fighting professional killers. This had so much potential but the writing has become ludicrously bad.

    Another egregious error that could have been avoided is that the alien sun is going supernova yet they have up to a year before it wipes them out. The only way to tell if a sun is going supernova is when it does, then it's a light-speed trip till the radiation destroys life on their home world. Not a year, try 30 minutes or less. Sci-fi should at least deal with a little of the known science I think.
  • The Beginning of the End

    The Beginning of the End was a good episode of The Event. I did enjoy watching this episode as there was a lot of action, drama, intrigue, suspense, heart-break and recovery. It was interesting to see how Sean and Vicki get caught up with Sterling and Agent Lee. There were some great scenes with these characters. Sophia also had some interesting dreams and I wonder what will happen to her as things progress. The Whitehouse seems as though it will soon be in chaos. The series seems to be wrapping things up appropriately. I really look forward to watching the next episode of The Event!!!