The Event

Season 1 Episode 21

The Beginning of the End

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 16, 2011 on NBC

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  • One of the best episodes yet, making it all the worse that it's been canceled! (SPOILERS)

    This has been one of the most 'eventful' episodes thus far, which is only expected considering it's the last episode before the season - or should I say series - finale. Up until this point, the Event has been so back and forth and nondirectional (in a way) that you never really knew where they would ultimately take the series at the end of this season. Now that we're finally able to see some things come full circle we see that the show has much more potential than I had thought. That is, in my opinion at least. I'm sure many others feel the same way, though. Anyhow, Vicki and Sean finally meet face to face with Simon and Blake in a search for Sophia and hopes to uncover her plan. Elias wakes up! He immediately starts making moves toward bringing that snake President down. Preparations are being made for the arrival of the other...well...aliens I guess haha. What an intense episode!