The Event

Season 1 Episode 2

To Keep Us Safe

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 2010 on NBC

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  • The blanks begin to get filled in

    The story was fleshed out a lot in this episode. We find out the background to Sean and Leila's relationship and also what really happened on the cruise ship, at Leila's parents house and to the plane and so much more. We also find out who or what these people are who are being held in Alaska. Again for me the story is really interesting and I am looking forward to finding out what happens next.
  • Spoiler Alerts Ahead!

    Of course, aliens. Should have seen that one coming. In one episode The Event went from being a mystery show to an alien show. Fortunately we got some more information on what's going on with the plane, that old lady, and whats-his-face's girlfriend, which was the one thing I really wanted to find out and ended up being the best part of the show. We got some new characters, lost some new characters, and got more freakin' background information than needed. Lost had a lot of characters, so all the back stories were cool, but there aren't that many characters in this show, yet have of it is flashbacks. So now the main character has been arrested, we got an undercover alien hunting for hidden aliens, a plane full of mysteriously dead people and a president who just stands around and listens to people give him information. I hope this gets better, there's nothing else to watch on Mondays.
  • Done and Game Over

    The minute you put E.T in the story and start using " we need the truth" followed by silence, then you know you got a show that is pretty much same old same old. lots of useless enigmas with likenesses to the 4400 Nowhereman and a little of Lost. I was right...this show is already dead. Who cares now what happens.Two groups, one saving, others wanting something different and a third that want chaos.Must be weak minded to not understand that they came back to save us from something...just like the 4400. Aliens Hybrids here to fight for control.Next time fly a little later say like in Egyptian times. You will not get detained by Americans...hahahaha. Thank you at least for not yaking our chain for 6 seasons and amount to nothing just like LOST. Still am wondering why the Prez would come out and tell people that around 100 people they have detaned from 1945 are Aliens or close to it .What is the point of that? Why does sofia so advocate to go all out to reach out to the new Prez and then just remain in inuendo.That is some serious ill thought writing there. I mean they guy must have asked..ok you guys are not human right.So why are you here.Actually let's wait for a plane to crash on my camp and then i will ask that answer but for now let's free you.
  • Axe it!

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    This show is so bad. People in porn movies can act better. The story is also poor and again the FX are poor and look ugly.

    I'm not going to follow this one anymore and I hope it will be axed soon.

    I don't like the remake of V, but that show is waaaay better then this one.

    How can people like it? I just don't understand that. What's so special? Whats good?

    It don't have any characters you like or wanna see. Not even sexy or anyhting.

    Pilot was bad and so is the second episode.

    1 out of 10 again.
  • The story continues...

    Another great episode picks up from where the first episode left off. As more of the disparate parts of the plot are explained, the blend of action and suspense keeps the pace and overall tone of unfolding teleplay to level that is much better than FFwd - something that probably caused its cancellation. In TE however, the execution is of a far higher standard. The same flashback and jump to present format as the previous episode is helped by the change of perspective, as each of the main characters gets enough screen time to unravel a little more of the overall picture. It really kept me enthused enough to keep watching. Hope it keeps this up. I dare say though that if more unexplained "minor" events keep happening throughout the show, it will fair better than FFwd, which lagged after mid-season. Whats more, as with the finale cliff-hanger in the first episode, the one at the end of this episode is more than worthy of me or you to come back and watch another. The writers really aren't pulling any punches with this drama. Lets hope they keep the quality in these storylines.

    From what Ive seen, I expect that this show to reach a level between Fringe and FFwd. Hope it gets right up to Fringe's level of quality.
  • Exciting follow up the the pilot with questions answered and asked, Plenty to keep people interested.

    This episode provided crucial answers like for example where the hell the plane went and why but raised the questions of who and how - Sure it may have been the aliens who escaped in '44 but where are they and how'd they do it?

    The episode started to connect the dots so to speak with Simon clearly becoming a CIA Agent so he could watch over his comrades and feed Sophia intel and of course it helps that the i*iot Intelligence Director put him in charge of the alien hunting and exterminating squad - Conflict of interest much? And then of course there's still the question of how Simon and Sean got involved, I was hoping that'd be revealed this week but guess it'll be next week since they are both now in Nevada

    Sean started to come to terms with the grips of the conspiracy after being tipped off by Michael that the choppers weren't there to help boy was he ever right and even though we got to see how Michael was forced into flying the plane you still have to wonder why they chose him and Leila, Presumably they didn't just grab some random pilot out of the phone book. It was also revealed that the chance meeting last week between Sean Leila Vicky and her boyfriend wasn't all that random, Since Vicky is holding Leila hostage it would seem she was an integral part of the plot but if that was so why was her boyfriend gutted like a fish? Was he just a patsy or was he sacrificed?

    We still need to learn how Sean discovered who has Leila and why but presumably that will come soon.

    It was also revealed Sophia's people are apparently not all on the same page, While Simon seems content to follow her plan whatever that is his brother and others are apparently fed up and want to take some more direct action which also raises one other question were those choppers sent by the government or were they aliens or both? Should be interesting to see how Simon manages to find Sean, Help unravel the conspiracy and keep his own family in line, I think Sophia has a lot of influence but after being locked up for 60 years does that count for anything anymore?

    That of course brings up perhaps the biggest question of all, Why did they come and what are they up to? And why is it when aliens land on earth they ALWAYS crash land they never just land do they.
  • See Summary

    To Keep Us Safe was a good follow up to the season opener of The Event. The storyline continued to jump from different times to give more details about the backgrounds of different characters. This is good as we get to know more about the characters, but it can be slow at times as well. It is hard to tell exactly what is going on, or what the nature of the detainees may be. I suspect that they could be Extra-Terrestrials or Time Travelers perhaps? In either case the answers are not immediately clear, so until the next episode I am stuck pondering the possibilities, and can't wait to find out more!!!!
  • If the second episode indicates anything, it's that it likely won't follow the same mistakes that Flashforward and other failed serial dramas did.

    The first reviews coming out after this episode states that tonight's episode frustrated them and made them not want to watch the show anymore. They claimed to be frustrated at the fact that the answers we were given were simply to hold us over until the next set of questions. Overall, the consensus seems to be a bit negative, but I must say.. for a show that only has two episodes having aired, I'm willing to overlook some flaws and plot holes and being left hanging and focus on the good. The good is that we were given answers at all. There was some development, and while it was slight, at least it was a nudge in the right direction. There was some good action sequences, some new characters, and at least two great reveals including a haunting ending. It doesn't make sense how people complain about shows not answering questions enough and then complaining when the show answers questions.

    Tonight picks up right where we left off last week. The plane reappears in (we learn later) Arizona and Sean and the rest of the crew is able to get everybody off safely. However, Laila's father claims he needs to leave right away and avoid the slew of helicopters approaching them. Sean gets away, suffers from heat stroke and wakes up in a hospital. Meanwhile, back in Florida, President Martinez, Blake Sterling and the rest of the President's men attempt to figure out what happened. Sophia, the leader of the prisoners, refuses to give them much information, but Sterling finally admits something to Martinez. He admits that the prisoners in Alaska are extraterrestials of sorts. They're human-like, except they age slower than us and seem to have more technological capabilities. Think the aliens from "V" without the whole lizard thing. Martinez is shocked to learn this and pushes for the truth.

    These two plots anchor the episode, and peppered throughout is some flashbacks and explanations of characters. We learn a bit more about Simon Lee, a character who I thought was pointless last week. However, with the revelation of these new prisoners and how they seem to be aliens of sorts, Lee takes on a whole new level of importance. Watching him pull the tube from his arm after drawing blood was irksome but interesting. Knowing Lee is undercover in the FBI could change the way things work. And Clifton Collins Jr.'s character seems to be responsible for the plane's disappearance and everything else following. His motives are unclear.. but then again, would this show succeed if they let us know everything he wanted to do right off the bat? Who knows.. maybe it would, but at least we have something to look out for while watching.

    As with most serial dramas, there are issues with the episode. There are times when these characters do not feel fleshed out at all, which makes it hard to care for them. I enjoyed seeing how Sean and Laila met. It made them more human and believable instead of just two empty characters we didn't care about. I also liked learning a bit more about the circumstances in which Sophia's people were found before they were imprisoned. The show certainly is avoiding a lot of the mistakes Flashforward made, but then again, every serial drama that's not Lost or Damages seems to make the mistake of focusing all on plot and not enough on character. The first season of "Lost" asked us questions and made us wonder, but we also had entire episodes that revolved around specific characters. So far, I haven't care enough about these characters to be truly impacted if they died. The writers need to work on this.

    Overall, the episode was a nice addition to the pilot. The show just needs to work on character development and not letting the questions grow too much. So far, so good, but then again, a lot of shows began great and fizzled out. Let's hope The Event doesn't.
  • Nothing new......

    Nothing really new so far...I guessed from the start Lee would be the "bad guy" so to speak. Turns out he's the undercover alian. Geesss when the nurse was taking his blood I told my husband "I bet he has a tube of someone else's blood in his arm" ( this was already done on one of the Law and Order shows) So nothing original there. I do like alot of the actors and that's the ONLY reason I'm giving this show a chance. Can't wait to see who Jon Voight's character will be. I guess I've seen so many shows that there probably isn't anything that will surprise me.....hope I'm wrong.
    It IS irritating though....what IS the Event....that whole thing has gotten old. Just tell us or the announcer could shut the heck up with each intro into the next week!! Gessss BRING back the original Law and Order NBC!!
  • On a bright note, we got some good explanations. On a bad note, we have plot holes you can drive an airplane through.

    One of the things that impressed me right off the bat was the explanation of the aliens. They crashed here, some got away, they age slowly, and their DNA is only 1% off from human. Great stuff, very well done. The scenes with the aliens, the president, and the advisers, top notch. The downside, Sean's scenes were so cliched I almost Tivo'ed past most of them. Sorry, I really don't care how he and his fiance met. We've already established their relationship, it's not really necessary to go back to the day they met. Now, what happened with the cabin, VERY important and well done. Because we also see the rent-a-cop from the previous episode is in on the fix. Nice touch and well done. However, we get to the plane and when I saw the helicopters coming over the horizon I was betting anyone who'd take it that all the passengers would be killed, and they were. More blood baths (or bloodless in this case) yeah, how original (sarcasm off). And will someone PLEASE wake up and wonder WHY Sean was in the desert? No car, dressed inappropriately, no water bottles, backpack, or anything to indicate he was on the run. He asks to call the police? Does that sound like something a killer on the run would do? A man appears in the desert out of nowhere and no one is even wondering HOW he got there? The call, the chase, the cuffing and even his explanation all annoyingly cliched. You're FBI, you can't over ride the local sheriff and go a couple hundred yard down the road to at least verify his story? Really? REALLY? REALLY??

    I hope the 3rd episode gets better, I'll be watching.