The Event

Season 1 Episode 2

To Keep Us Safe

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 2010 on NBC

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  • Done and Game Over

    The minute you put E.T in the story and start using " we need the truth" followed by silence, then you know you got a show that is pretty much same old same old. lots of useless enigmas with likenesses to the 4400 Nowhereman and a little of Lost. I was right...this show is already dead. Who cares now what happens.Two groups, one saving, others wanting something different and a third that want chaos.Must be weak minded to not understand that they came back to save us from something...just like the 4400. Aliens Hybrids here to fight for control.Next time fly a little later say like in Egyptian times. You will not get detained by Americans...hahahaha. Thank you at least for not yaking our chain for 6 seasons and amount to nothing just like LOST. Still am wondering why the Prez would come out and tell people that around 100 people they have detaned from 1945 are Aliens or close to it .What is the point of that? Why does sofia so advocate to go all out to reach out to the new Prez and then just remain in inuendo.That is some serious ill thought writing there. I mean they guy must have asked..ok you guys are not human right.So why are you here.Actually let's wait for a plane to crash on my camp and then i will ask that answer but for now let's free you.