The Event

Season 1 Episode 2

To Keep Us Safe

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 2010 on NBC

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  • Exciting follow up the the pilot with questions answered and asked, Plenty to keep people interested.

    This episode provided crucial answers like for example where the hell the plane went and why but raised the questions of who and how - Sure it may have been the aliens who escaped in '44 but where are they and how'd they do it?

    The episode started to connect the dots so to speak with Simon clearly becoming a CIA Agent so he could watch over his comrades and feed Sophia intel and of course it helps that the i*iot Intelligence Director put him in charge of the alien hunting and exterminating squad - Conflict of interest much? And then of course there's still the question of how Simon and Sean got involved, I was hoping that'd be revealed this week but guess it'll be next week since they are both now in Nevada

    Sean started to come to terms with the grips of the conspiracy after being tipped off by Michael that the choppers weren't there to help boy was he ever right and even though we got to see how Michael was forced into flying the plane you still have to wonder why they chose him and Leila, Presumably they didn't just grab some random pilot out of the phone book. It was also revealed that the chance meeting last week between Sean Leila Vicky and her boyfriend wasn't all that random, Since Vicky is holding Leila hostage it would seem she was an integral part of the plot but if that was so why was her boyfriend gutted like a fish? Was he just a patsy or was he sacrificed?

    We still need to learn how Sean discovered who has Leila and why but presumably that will come soon.

    It was also revealed Sophia's people are apparently not all on the same page, While Simon seems content to follow her plan whatever that is his brother and others are apparently fed up and want to take some more direct action which also raises one other question were those choppers sent by the government or were they aliens or both? Should be interesting to see how Simon manages to find Sean, Help unravel the conspiracy and keep his own family in line, I think Sophia has a lot of influence but after being locked up for 60 years does that count for anything anymore?

    That of course brings up perhaps the biggest question of all, Why did they come and what are they up to? And why is it when aliens land on earth they ALWAYS crash land they never just land do they.
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