The Event

Season 1 Episode 19

Us or Them

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 02, 2011 on NBC

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  • I have a feeling show writers are 10 yr old kids. Some of the things are quite inexplicable. You watch the entire episode and it leaves you exactly where it started.

    The two kids entrusted with the job to save the world let go of the virus girl so easily. They had police all around, they could have raise a shout or something even simpler to stop her. But instead they go behind her quietly in a deserted car park. Did they not know someone would come to pick her up. And Sophia sends a car with one man only? I mean for someone carrying that important virus, a whole bunch of crooks must have come at least.

    The Director got fired from his job, and don't know what he was thinking. If he had the proof, he could have contacted Chief Justice and get the PM removed or questioned. No, he just goes, talks and resigns. Over. This girl Leila is now more irritating than any one else. She screams more than she talks. Her lines are so bad and her expression even worse, always the same look. It's not that the show did not had potential. It had a couple of decent actors, the storyline is good, but the writers and the Director are messing it up big time. The story needed to move faster, each episode something needed to happen. Right now, it all seems stuck and I have a bad feeling the season finale will be another big disappointment.