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The Evidence

ABC (ended 2006)


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The Evidence

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All the evidence of a crime is presented at the beginning of each episode in a videotaped evidence log. The story then goes back in time and shows each clue as the crime is committed. The Evidence stars Orlando Jones as Inspector Cayman Bishop, Rob Estes as Inspector Sean Cole, Martin Landau as Dr. Sol Goldman, and Anita Briem as Emily Stevens. Created and executive-produced by Sam Baum and Dustin Thomason, The Evidence is a John Wells Production in association with Warner Bros. Television. The show was cancelled during it's evaluation break after the first four episodes aired. If the other four produced episodes ever will air, isn't official yet. Broadcasting details: The first four episodes were aired on Wednesday 10pm, before the show went into a break where it got cancelled. The next four episodes aired on Saturday at 10pm.
Anita Briem

Anita Briem

Emily Stevens

Martin Landau

Martin Landau

Dr. Sol Goldman

Orlando Jones

Orlando Jones

Inspector Cayman Bishop

Rob Estes

Rob Estes

Inspector Sean Cole

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  • I blinked so I missed it. I wish I hadn't.

    I'm not exactly sure if i'm qualified to write a review for this show. I've never actually seen it. I did see previews for it and was very intersted in watching it. But I forgot the time and day it was on and it sort of slipped my mind and then it ended. I never got to see one second of it. But I wish I had, even back in early 06. Because this was a great concept. It reminds me of clue, the way you get to piece the story together as you go along. It would have been such fun, guessing whodunit the whole episode. I really would have loved this show. It sounded great during the ads for it, and I saw Orlando Jones go on "The Martha Stewart Show" to promote it. Without ever seeing "The Evidence" I can say it was a great show which just didn't click with the audience.moreless
  • It's a good show.

    I realize that supplying the \"evidence\" at the beginning of the show is just a gimmick, but it doesn\'t detract from anything. It would be interesting if the revelation of the evidence somehow made the show a bit more interactive. But I\'ll settle for just a good show. In this case I like the characters and the actors who are portraying them.

    I was sad when I thought the show was taken out of the lineup and was glad to run across it again. I think programming directors make a mistake by putting shows on hiatus that they think might not be hitting the the desired rating numbers. It confuses the viewer and then, if and when the show is brought back, it could slip in unnoticed and run the risk of not making the numbers again.

    I really do like this show. I hope it lasts for a while.moreless
  • I've only missed one episode of this show, and I'm glad that I've got them all on video so I can watch them over again.

    I think this show is great!! The relationship between Cayman Bishop and Sean Cole is phenomenal; that\'s how two men should show love for each other. The show itself is funny and touching, sensitive to supporting players, and all around just a great show. Why ABC is pulling the plug on it is just ludicrous. Bring it back, ABC; you\'ve got a great show there. Give it another chance!!! I want to know what happened to Sean\'s wife, and is their boss involved in her murder???moreless
  • You are given "the evidence" at the beginning of the show. Can you guess who the killer is?

    Orlando Jones and Rob Estes play two San Francisco detectives and best friends who investigate various killings. They go thru the show collecting the evidence that you are shown at the beginning of the show. Add Martin Landau as the Medical Examiner and you have a fabulous cast! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! It is a shame that ABC is too blind to see a good show!
  • Great show but just wasn't given enough time!

    I think that it was too early to pull the plug

    On this show which I thought would had been

    Given enough time had it made last fall's line-up but most

    Shows don't really do good when they are given mid-season spot as they don't let it grown with time and the audience.

    I loved this show as it was a guilty pleasure of mine.

    Just wished that it would have been given time to grow!moreless

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