The Evidence

Season 1 Episode 8

And the Envelope Please

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 01, 2006 on ABC

Episode Recap

Case number: #0736522: Victor Kaye

The evidence items: 1. Five envelopes containing 22.000 dollars in cash. 2. Cigar cutter, traces of blood and human flesh on blade. 3. Colour photo of Caucasian male, partially obscured by blood. 4. M7-CL digital console mixer. 5. Body of Caucasian male, several toes missing.

Back in the past

The dead is working as a DJ in a club and the people are enjoying the sound. Some girls get a closer to each other.

A girl comes up to him and tells him: Victor, I didn't know you could spin like this. They talk, if the manager is around and she tells him, that he is and Victor has good changes to get a job. They kiss.

On the street a red car stops in front of a house. It's Victor who comes home. His wife waits for him and is happy to see him. He complains that he now has to go and clean the club. He still hopes to become the DJ. She takes off to go to work.

He starts composing. Then he goes outside, when a man gets out of his car and asks for directions, but then takes out a gun and takes Victor with him. Outside of a house: Screams come from the inside. Victor is tied on a chair covered in blood and screams to stop. The man who took him cuts of one of Victor's toes.

The Evidence

Bishop explains Cole's life. He tells him that he has no style. Bishop changes the radio station and starts to sing. Cole takes his gun and shoots Bishop twice, but he doesn't stop singing. The pager beeps and Cole wakes up in his bed. He picks up Bishop and Bishop starts to tell Cole what he's doing wrong. Cole looks at his gun and Bishop stops.

The police have found Victor dead, covered in blood. Junkies did break in and found the body. Bishop finds the picture in Victor's mouth.

In the morgue, Goldman gives a first statement. Above Cole and Bishop question Victor's wife. She cries. They question her about drugs and enemies. She tells them that he was the nicest persons and only wanted the make music and so worked at the club called BANG.

Cole and Bishop talk with a colleague from the drug investigations and she tells them, that the club is a major place of drug dealings. She tells them that Victor is clean.

On the street Cole and Bishop are guessing what might be the reason behind this murder. Crystal Meath. Bishop answers his phone and it's his brother. Cole is angry and tells Bishop that his brother doesn't deserve any help. They run into Goldman who waits for them to enter the club. The search parts of the club. The club owner tells them that he fights the drugs in his club, but Goldman collects traces of them. The club owner tells them that Victor only played once, so they will not find much in the turntable station. They order the video from all the security cameras.

In the station they question on of the waitresses from the club. The one we've seen in the first scene who told Victor that he's doing great. She tells them, that Victor and she aren't drug dealers and that she was hooking up with Victor – an affair for a couple of months. She tells them that she helped Victor and Cathy, his wife, to find a place to stay when they moved to S.F.

Cole and Bishop suspect Cathy of murder. In the morgue Goldman tells them that Victor was tortured to death. They find out about Victor's private studio.

Bishop asks Cole some rhetorical question how to dump a body. They break into Victor's studio. They find a top class professional recording studio. About 40.000 dollars, but Cathy said, they were broke.

The next morning; Cole and Bishop get the information, that the photo was restored. They question Cathy at her home. She doesn't know about the money. They also question her about the affair Victor had. She doesn't believe that. They start to look around. They find a lot of cash in the freezer. She tells them that she never saw that money.

In the morgue, Inspector Sykes speaks to Cole. She asks questions about the case of his wife's murder. They obviously don't like each other.

Cole thinks that their current case might be the job of a hired killer. They learn that Cathy received a lot of phone calls form a former housing inspector. It turns out that the guy on the photo, found in the victim's moth is this former inspector. They go out and search him. They find him on a construction site. He has alibi. He admits that she sold him drugs, but he's clean now. They learn that the waitress didn't have an affair with Victor.

In the station they question the waitress again. She admits that she didn't slept with Victor, because she's into women. Cole questions her further and she wants a lawyer. She admits that she was dealing drugs. They find a similar case from several months ago. They find the involvement of a corrupt owner of a huge construction company. They question him on the street.

Cole and Bishop go to eat lunch and Bishop's brother shows up. Bishop gives him some addresses. Cole gets angry again.

In the club, there's party again. The owner tells Cole and Bishop that Cathy came in once and begged him once to give Victor a spot and gave him 10.000 dollars to do so. Victor didn't know something about that. They start to guess about Cathy's involvement in everything.

They question Cathy in the station. She tells them that the money just came over the post. Every week she got an envelope with cash, but she doesn't know where the money came from. She got 50 till 60.000 dollars. She bought stuff to give Victor a chance to make music. She kept the money for Victor. Cole believes her and Lt. Brenner as well.

So Cole and bishop question the mailwoman who tells them, that he saw these envelopes but they weren't delivered by him. These envelopes came long before Cathy and Victor moved in.

The landlord tells Cole and Bishop that he doesn't know who was in the previous customer, because he got enough money as rent.

They question the waitress again. The housing inspector lived in Cathy's place first.

They figure that the money was for the former city housing inspector and someone got angry, when other inspectors showed up. They figure that this inspector is still a target.

That's really the case. The murder shows up at the house of the former inspector and starts to torture him. Cole and Bishop rush there to save him. They get them, and Cole shoots the hit man in the leg so they can arrest him.

Goldman recaps the case.

They find out that Cathy can keep the money. She doesn't want the money anymore.

Cole gets the complete case file from the murder of his wife – unofficially – when the inspector comes over. He shows her, what else he found: The entire garage is full of evidence collected by Cole. He starts to read the official case file while she looks at his information and discovers things that went missing from the official case file and other things she didn't know of.