The Evidence

Season 1 Episode 3

Borrowed Time

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 05, 2006 on ABC

Episode Recap

Case number #0525145: Jack Miller The evidence items: 1. Brown body paint spray with attached note. Flash of the body's feet 2. Men's synthetic hair piece Flash over the medical instruments over the corpse 3. 11 rolled marihuana cigarettes. Flash over the corpse, camera is moving towards the head 4. Single sport man protein drink, traces of blood visible. 5. Body of Caucasian male, with second degree burns and several brushings. Flash into the past The victim is kissing a wives neck and she smiles. It looks like they are a couple, married. He leaves to play basketball and tells her the will work the night shift. On the street a car stops and the guy enters. A few blocks later the driver (Frank) of this car opens the guy (Jack Miller) the door. A woman waits for them, she sends the driver away. Flash the city by night We see the Jack working on some electronic power lines. He looks tired and drinks the protein drink (similar to the evidence one). Another worker steps by to congratulate him on his promotion. Their discussion is a bit unfriendly, but Jack tells him nobody has to worry about him much longer. The camera shows some kind of industrial building by night The workers come back from their break. Electric sparks everywhere They start to run, because Jack lies on the power lines and is getting electrocuted. Flash of the dead body The Evidence Credits start Cole is at his desk in the office. He makes sure nobody looks at him. He takes some photos of his dead wife out of his desk and looks at them flashes of those pictures, newspapers and some memories. He logs in to the file, but with Bishop's log-in. The file he searches for isn't there anymore. The phone rings and he answers. The bay and the city in the morning The camera moves over the industrial building we saw by night, before it shows Bishop talking to Emily. She informs Cole and Bishop about the body: dislocated shoulder. She informs them also that the power line has 10'000 volt (where Jack lied on) and the electic chair only has 2000 Volt. Cole takes a look at the protein drink flash of the evidence. The blood on it has to be from someone else. Bishop looks at the body and sees the heavy burnings. They question the shift crew that was there last night. So Cole and Bishop talk to the guy we saw arguing with Jack. He tells them that he had lunch when it happens and the argument was all a misunderstanding. They were friends for a long time, but didn't hang out that much anymore, because Jack is now married. The guy confesses he had trouble with violence earlier, but since he doesn't drink anymore he hasn't done anything anymore. Flash of SF downtown Cole and Bishop are somewhere uphill. They talk about the city's new salary rules, where they can't take a day off for overtime. They ring at a house. A woman shows up. Inside she tells the inspectors that they were married for just one year and three weeks. She tells them that everything was perfect. They talk about the promotion, but she doesn't know anything. He worked overtime so she could stay home. She just tells them that he was perfect since they got married. She tells them also about the basketball game. flash of Jack on the street with the ball They take a look around. They find a box with a note. The initials on it are not the wife's, but it is written love on it: Love SL. They also find the body paint spray. Both evidences flash up from the evidence room commercial break flash through the evidence Back at the station Cole and Bishop talk over the case. They find out who bought the body spray. They drive to that him. They speculate meanwhile if Jack was hiding an affair with another man. They talk to the guy (Frank), the driver we saw in the beginning. He tells them that he drove him to his boss (Susan Legato) all the time (note initials: SL). He picked the spray up for her. They speculate about Frank's and Susan's relationship. Flash over the city Cole and Bishop visit Dr. Susan Legato. They talk to her. She tells them that she was only friends with Frank. They met on their 15 year high school reunion a year ago and since then they stayed in touch. They indicate an affair, but she doesn't like it. Memory flash of her: Jack tells her that he can't do it any longer. In the evidence room: Somebody is cleaning a table with a lot of blood, and then Emily and Dr. Goldman look at the body of Jack. They take of his hair piece. It's almost perfect and apparently very expensive. Cole and Bishop join them. They tell them that the trace of blood on the drink wasn't the victim's and whoever is injured might have killed Jack. flashes of the evidence They start to collect DNA samples: from the wife and the co-workers. Cole talks with Jack's wife outside. He tells her that Jack might have an affair. She takes off. She doesn't know what to do. Cole doesn't understand. He thinks that he overreacts, because he wants to know more about his dead wife too. Before she takes off she gives him the 11 marihuana cigarettes and tells him that Jack never took drugs. Flash of the evidence He didn't even drink. Commercial break Flashes of the evidence Dr. Goldman starts to listen to a classic piece of music on a gramophone. Cole enters. Dr. Goldman looks a bit confused. They talk about music and Goldman tells Cole how perfect Beethoven's music is. He tells him that he hasn't heard this music track since 63 (!) years. Cole is surprised and leaves again. Pictures of the city and the marina The evidence team finally takes samples of the co-workers for the DANN tests. Bishop talks to the boss of Jack. She tells him that Jack was offered the promotion, but turned it down. Camera moves over Golden Gate Back at the station, Bishop and Cole still think that Jack and Susan were a couple. They also think she didn't kill him, because of the present. They think they miss something. They look at the evidence again. They start thinking about a new theory. They put the facts new together: 1. Dr. Susan Legato is doctor in radiology. 2. Might it be medical marihuana? 3. She might have been his doctor. 4. Might he have had cancer? She might have done his radiation. 5. He was hiding it: Body paint against the pale skin, marihuana against the pain and the hair piece against the hair loss. 6. He drinks the protein drinks, because he looses much weight. They think that he was hiding it from his wife. He stopped drinking and started to go to church after they married. In the evidence room Goldman informs him about Jack's cancer. Commercial break Camera flight over the city Cole and Bishop talk about the case in the street: Jack had liver cancer and only one month left to live. He was hiding it. Cole is upset, that he didn't take holidays to spend the rest of his time with his wife. They visit Dr. Legato again. They question her about Jack's medical condition. She kept only private records. She tells them their history, back to their reunion. She diagnosed him five days before he got married. Jack wanted to keep his wife happy. He didn't want to see his wife grieving. Camera moves through the streets Back at Jack's wife: Cole and Bishop tell her that he was seeing Dr. Legato for treatment not for an affair. They still don't know how Jack died. They tell her about the date of the diagnosis. They ask her about the possibility of suicide. She denies that. She is shocked about the date. The inspectors try not to tell her, but they have to, because she insists. She starts to cry. She doesn't understand anything anymore. Cole agrees with her that she would have done so much different. Bishop tells them that that might be the reason Jack didn't tell anyone. Outside Cole starts arguing about this last theory from Bishop made inside. Cole tells him that there is no excuse for not telling her. Bishop doesn't agree with Cole. He thinks Jack wanted his wife happy for as long as possible and married to a man and not a walking dead. The mourning had to come one way or another, so one year later. Cole is angry. Bishop tells Cole that he would do it the same way. Cole can't understand that. Flash of city hall and downtown In the office Lt. Alexa Brenner talks to Cole about the log-in attempt to his wives case file. She warns him. He asks about the missing file, but gets no answer. Flash of downtown again In the evidence room Goldman tells Bishop and Cole about Jack's shoulder. Cole thinks it was suicide, because he thinks that Jack couldn't handle it anymore: He couldn't tell his wife and couldn't handle the pain anymore. Cole acclaims Jack of being a coward, he gets rude and made about Jack not telling his wife a word. Goldman is getting angry. Cole tells him that he would have given anything for only a few minutes with his wife. He thinks Jack had this opportunity for those last moments and didn't use it. Goldman takes the side of Jake. Goldman tells Cole that he didn't had to make Jacks choice, so Cole tells Goldman that he wasn't lucky enough to do so. Cole goes further: When you know you're going to die and hide it, it's unethical. Now Goldman attacks Cole! He tells Cole that he has no idea about this and has no right to judge over Jack. Cole says that when you loose a loved one it marks you for the rest of your life. Goldman looks at Cole with tears in his eyes and asks him: Don't you think I know that? Cole is surprised. Cole runs into Emily and she informs him that it's Jack's co worker he had an argument with (Billy Evans). Meanwhile Goldman has to clear his mind and cool off. He looks at his left arm. There are numbers tattooed into it on the under side. Goldman looks hurt. Commercial break Golden Gate by night Billy Evans gets out of his car and says goodbye to his wife and wants to go to work, but the police arrests him. In Goldman's office he listens to Beethoven again. He cries. Cole enters and apologises for before. Goldman apologises too. Then he starts to tell Cole to sit down. He tells him he had some rough days. Then he starts talking about his past: Goldman: My father new that he was going to die, and he lied to me about it. But he was no coward Jean [Cole]. We were living in Nauheim, a small town outside of Frankfurt [Main]. I was ten years old and I had a great gear for the violin and I played very well. And one day my father came home and told me that I was doing to a boarding school for music. I was thrilled. He said that the school was very strict and all I could bring was my violin. So I put it its case and we travelled in the trains for three days to get there. But I could barley contain my excitement. (Cole smiles) And my father said that as soon as we arrived I should take out my violin and begin play a Beethoven concerto for the teachers. So when the train pulled in I stood in the snow playing this Beethoven concerto in D and then my father came up to me and whispered in my ear and said: Never stop playing. Never stop playing. Then two men in uniform pulled him away and pushed him into a long line of people and I didn't know what was happening. I mean I was confused and frightened, but I kept on playing. Then suddenly I felt something cold pressuring against in neck. It was a revolver and a man screamed at me, pressing the gun at my throat. Before he could pull the trigger another man in uniform waved him away and shouted at him, that Beethoven was a great German hero and a patriot. That man was a Gruppenführer, a major general in the SS army. For the next year and a half I was at Auschwitz. I was his personal musician, entertaining at SS officer parties. The Nazi officers revealed the music of German composers, especially Beethoven. And my father knew it. (Goldman starts crying) That's last I ever saw him. He lied to me saved my life. An employee steps in and informs Cole that Mr. Evans is here. Cole leaves Goldman with respect and finally understands him and the others at some part. Evans is interrogated by Bishop. Cole joins them. Evans tells that he didn't do anything. Cole offers Evans a bet. He offers him freedom, when he wouldn't be correct. Cole bets that the wound of this blood is on Evans arms. Evans starts talking. He tells he didn't kill him. When they talked about the promotion, Evans didn't understand him and he was angry. When they talked again Flashes of this scene, where Jack can barely stand. Jack falls on the power lines, because he hasn't enough power to stand up. Evans falls besides him and hurt him. Evans tells that he was afraid and took off. >He shows his elbow. Jake was dead before he hit the power lines. Emily gives him right. Cole and Bishop clean up the case files. Jack's wife cleans up Jack's clothes when she finds a video cassette. Goldman takes his violin out of the closet (maybe the first time since he was in the concentration camp). Cole enters his garage where still the murder notes of his wife hang around. Pictures of this case. Lt. Alexa Brenner takes a look at the file Cole was missing. Jack's wife starts to watch the video. It's Jack who tells her that this is for her when he's dead. He tells her that he wanted to be happy with her. Goldman takes a look at his violin. His hands are shaking.